The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

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1Clothes that are Too Small

Looking like a stuffed sausage is never a good thing. No one wants to see a muffin top.

I agree, but you could argue that 'too small' is subjective. What some North American folks call too small, Europeans might call a tailored look.


I totally agree. I can't believe that men in my state still wear them. I thought it was a joke when we first moved here.

3VPL's (Visible Panty Lines)

Please just tell me WHY guys still do this or do it at all? They look retarded! And I've questions the ladies that are their ages (College town) and asked if they thought that was hot or something figuring that's why the guys are doing it. They've all said NO! They thinks it gross! So guys, WHY do you do this?

News Flash! No one wants to see your butt, or watch you waddle around like some absurd penguin. The only good thing about it is that the cops have a better chance at catching you when you attempt to run.

This is an odd sense of what looks cool. No one whats to see what kind of underwear you prefer. Plus it give's people a sloppy, poorly dressed, no respect for other people sort of vibe. It's just gross.

I LIKE seeing a man's butt defined in proper fitting jeans! The saggy diaper look is about as sexy on a man as it would be on us ladies!

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5Wearing a tie with a short sleeve shirt or polo
6Casual clothing for a business meeting

Anyone can be casual. It takes real effort to look good, and evidence of real effort is impressive in business. Use every advantage.

7Cowboy hats in places that don't call for them.

Sorry guys, this is not a hoedown... or Texas Roadhouse. - chunkymonkey2330

8Camel Toe

Please do not, I repeat DO NOT wear too tight pants that make you have a camel toe! It is the most disgusting thing to see out in public! And check before you actually buy pants or jeans!

10Tight pants and sagging butts on guys

Guys, please, why do you all claim to hate Justin Bieber yet you emulate his atrocious style? If you want to be all sexy with tight pants, make sure they at least fit your butt well, but not so tight they cause embarrassing little "hard on"

The irony is that sagging makes pants look baggy, but they're wearing tight jeans.

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11Fanny Packs

No one can honestly say that they have seen someone that looks good wearing a fanny pack. You are not any kind of marsupial. Kangaroo, Opossum, or otherwise. Just looking at the name Fanny Pack makes me grimace. Fanny. No accessory should be named after a rear end of anything. If that wasn’t a red flag for you, you should probably reexamine why you feel the need to look like an out of place tourist

They make too much sense. Alternative is to cram sunglasses, wallet, keys, and any other stuff you need to carry into your pockets. Quite frankly, bulging pockets are less attractive, less comfortable, and less functional than a decent fanny pack.

There is nothing important enough that you should be carrying around that merits carring it around in a fanny pack.

Eew, that's sick who would ever think to wear one of those!

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12Big Ball Caps worn crooked on the head

Seriously, it makes you look like a thug, or simply somebody with a bad attitude. You don't look cool, you look unapproachable. Same thing goes for guys who wear their hoodies on their heads all the time. Exactly what are you trying to hide or hide from?


13Skanky Clothing

Just not cool anymore. Blame the women who wore it, and shouldn't have. Modesty is in now, show a little class.

Every girl has curves, that's nothing new. What's different is a girl that doesn't have to rely on those curves to get a guy.

Sometimes its fun to be a skank, but you've still got to leave a little to the imagination so we'll go with the new club look of a modest skank.

Yuck! That was never cool.

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14Un-tied Skater Shoes

Especially With those tight pants boys, (and girls) It makes you look like a PEZ dispenser, not a good look.

OMG! lol. i agree with the PEZ despenser comment! lol. too true :P

15Wife Beaters and Prison Tats
16White after labor day

I thought it was acceptable now.

17Wearing no belt when tucking shirt into pants with belt loops

One should always wear a belt with Pants or Jeans if you are tucking your shirt in (if belt loops are available). This act of "tucking your shirt in but wearing no belt where there are loops" is referred to as the fashion "Cardinal Sin". It is a very popular faux paux in the South.

It looks so weird without a belt.

18Shoulder Pads

Isn't the whole point of a women's outfit to make here look her best and most FEMININE?!? Exactly where do the Incredible Hulks shoulders fit into this equation?

Possibly the ugliest and most ridiculous 80's fashion icon.

19Muscle Shirts

If you are really ripped enough, it will show anyways.

20Mesh shirts

What ghastly pieces of 'clothing'. Thankfully I hardly ever see people wearing them. Seriously cringing!

Men, no one wants to see your nipples.

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