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1Goku - Dragon Ball Z

Goku is very inspirational and funny... His innocence is what makes people adore him... At the same time he is very strong this is what makes him a perfect main character... I wonder why he is not number 1.. On this list..

I've look ever where to find Large amount of people who hate this character, to tell you the truth... Goku will forever be the number 1 character to hit the anime screen!

The Best And the one who was praised by vegeta(he is known for his sarcastic character)as he surpassed vegeta

He maybe is the only one capable of being an adorable badass in all anime / manga!

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2L - Death Note

I know that L died in both the manga and the anime because of Light, but he didn't "lose. " He already had his next step planned and in the end it was Light's loss. Even the creators admit that they believe L was the smartest character (look it up on Wikipedia), and you have to admit, he has charisma. A lot of it. And he's funny, in a weird, totally awkward way that was still cool.

I guess this is the long way of saying L had his own style, and was no way inferior to Light Yagami. I personally liked L because there are no other characters with his personality. Light... I've seen, watched, and heard too many characters with his style.

So cool and so clever. He has something very attractive. His style when he sit or eat is so great

L: person.

Light: psychopath.

L: the best detective.

Light: Best murderer.

Elle Lawliet!

I believe L should be at the number one spot because he is very inspirational to anyone who is different. L has strange habits and a messy look but never less is the worlds number one detective and has earned a very special place in my, and many others, hearts.

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3Uzumaki Naruto - Naruto

Naruto is the best of the best man. He has the whole classic 'Underdog' thing going for him. What I really love is that he's bin thru hell and back again n' is still the light, upbeat guy we all love. Well, most of us love. I know he's sometimes... Stupid, but when it really matters, he's there. Supporting. Helping and being the best he can be, and that's Naruto. He can't be Naruto without his comrades, without the people he cares for. I really hate it SO MUCH when people prefer Sasuke over Naruto. I know Sasuke's got this whole 'jaded' look to him, the whole damaged prince thing. But what put's Naruto above it all is that he's NOT damaged. He's above being damaged, stronger than that, better than that. It's really inspiring to read about Naruto, even if he's a fictional character. Naruto doesn't let anything get to him, and he always finds the right way. Naruto doesn't let hate control him, doesn't let the darkness consume him, while Sasuke DOES. Out of all the anime characters I ...more

Naruto is the best, he is similar to a lot of main characters from different manga/anime. He is optimistic, kind and is willing to die for his friends. What makes him different is he had a harsh past, however he is still a positive, upbeat, inspiring character.

Naruto will beat everyone here. Him and Goku should be first. Whoever thinks otherwise does not know manga. Naruto is useless but strong willed and Goku is innocent and will fight to the death to protect his friends. The same as Naruto

He is the rightful hokage ever

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4Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy is a fictional character and the protagonist of the One Piece manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

Best manga character ever. Funny, stupid and more. He is serious when he wants to be and is loyal to his friends and helps anyone who needs help and are true to their heart.

Luffy is a superstar in the world of pirates throughout the anime. He has a very high leadership. Different from Naruto, Luffy's my favorite of which he is the only main character who never wanted to be a hero, realizing very bad reputation, but he's still helping people who need help and said, " IF YOU WANT TO CONSIDER OUR HEROES OR CRIMINALS, YOU ARE SET SELF". Different from the other groups in anime such as Bleach and Fairy Tail is still considered a hero or Natsu or Naruto who wants to support the people and is considered a hero. The purpose Luffy is not a hero but wanted to show how free he is venturing across the seas freely with extensive crew to get ONE PIECE AND ACHIEVING THEIR DREAMS.

Definitely. If One Piece is the best manga of all time (See Japan's 2011 polls), then the main character of One Piece is the best main character of all time. Makes sense, no? Luffy is the hilariously dumb and combat prodigy of One Piece, captain of the Strawhats, and he can stretch. Plus, he likes meat. Well... I just gave you his entire biography, didn't I...

One piece is the best anime

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5Light Yagami - Death NoteLight Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

While most people who've seen the anime Death Note write Light off as a bad character I do the opposite. Light is actually a well-rounded character in my opinion. He started out with good intentions, such as purging the world of evil. However, unlike other anime protagonists, Light's good intentions are twisted by human greed and ambition. Due to this, Light becomes the so-called "villain. " This, I think, sets him apart from the rest of anime characters and signifies him as unique.

Light Yagami is the coolest hero that has ever been in shonen jump his evilness is beyond compare! Goku has to shoot some weird energy beam, Light just has to write down your name. Who uses more effort? - polarwolf9

Goku. plus without his death note he can't fight Goku even if he is smarter

My favourite character ever! Most people prefer L but Light is much more complex, he starts as a hero but due too his hunger for power and god complex he then becomes the villain, and basically you are watching a series about a villain trying to get his own way! Simply amazing, really smart personality and I guess many people can relate to him in a certain way. I've always supported him since he IS the protagonist, and I also saw L as an obstacle which had to be eliminated. Light is just perfect and no other anime character will ever be such unique as him.

I guess we can't blame him... Absolute power is absolute.

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6Lelouch Lamperouge - Code GeassLelouch Lamperouge, whose real name is Lelouch vi Britannia, is the title character and protagonist of the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

There are some people who say that Lelouch sacrificed everything for others, but that's not completely true.
Yes, he had sacrificed things for others but its also for himself
Lelouch had said so himself "i need a reason to live"
He wanted to do something, something that will show that he has a need to live, a reason strong enough that he can sacrifice everything to reach this goal. This is the reason he was prepared do die and receive the consequences of killing innocent people and dirtying his hands.

This is not a flaw or weakness, in fact, this is what makes him so special and attractive. There are many characters out there that say "if its for them, I can sacrifice my life" "if its for my friends, I can throw away everything"

In many animes this is shown as "hypocritical" words " naive or great" words in others

However Lelouch has never said any sort of words like that.
He has sacrifice for his ...more

Lelouch is just on another level, other characters like light and Edward are cool and all but! They just are not even close to how Lelouch is. Lelouch did not just have to fight against his own family, he 'had' to kill people he loved like Euphimia (i cried when she died) and that was not enough Lelouch was betrayed more than once first by his friend, Susaku, then by the dark knights, but he didn't not give up, but then if that was not enough to bring him down the truth about his mother just being a selfish bitch that abandoned his children was revealed and so many other thing he had to go through, to tell you the truth no other character would be able to handle it even Light whom I think is the closest to Lelouch cracked and strayed from his path and became a murderer.

So does anyone need a reason to believe why Lelouch is the best? I you do I think you need to watch it again, I know I did =), because you can't miss it Lelouch is just on another level, next to Goku hahaha.

Lelouch: "It wasn't me who was wrong. It was the world. The world needs to change, so I'll change it. You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty. "
I watched dozens of animes and none other character didn't even closely affect me like this one. He changed my view of the world.

He is just the masterpiece!

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7Edward Elric - Fullmetal AlchemistEdward Elric, commonly nicknamed Ed, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series created by Hiromu Arakawa.

I'm his biggest fan. Even though he is quite selfish, he always settles others problem than himself.

Edward is a selfless unapologetic unconventional state alchemist! Who can deny his prowess and his ability to push limits? You go Edward, you go.

What he went through from beginning to the last episode all his selfless acts n putting everything on his shoulders getting better n stronger before our eyes but was always the same hard nosed yet compassionate person who showed he cared but would pity to no one because everyone has a strong pair of legs get up and use them, he's smart n just a badass he's just as much of a genius as anyone else on this list but this wasn't the type of anime that shows he's a mastermind those astory lines make the main characters look so cool its more the story then the character himself but the fullmetal alchemist was cool through his actions not the story

Best character for manga! I like him better when he was short!

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8Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta is an ultimate bad-ass, the only one to top a man like this would be Roronoa Zoro. Both of these Characters have been down played so much due to then not being the 'main' characters in their respective show. No matter how much training a secondary character does they can still never be as strong as the main even when the main is laid back when it comes to getting stronger. Secondary characters are better than main characters 85% of the time.
Examples: Beyblade, Kai. Beyblade metal fusion, Kyoya. Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi, Bleach, Captain commander Yamamoto, Fairy tail, laxus. Etc

Vegita is probably one of the coolest characters ever. He is really strong, has a lot of pride and of course his rivalry with goku will always be remembered. He never gave up even though deep down he knew goku was better because he was more talented but that didn't stop him he kept on training and training and always managed to be around equal strength with goku.

This character is truly one of the best and although I love Goku I have to say that Vegeta has a real life edge to him that Goku probably don't. Now I know many people will probably send me smoke bombs for this but just take a second to think about vegeta. Vegeta shows growth, he flawed, he works on those flaws, he redeems himself, expresses how he feels and what he thinks, end up respecting (at first hating and wanting to kill) the main character his rival goku and despite fights and humiliations of almost every type that still didn't stop vegeta from becoming one of the most popular characters of anime. Talk about character development laugh out loud! Vegeta personifies it 100% and then some. PRINCE OF ALL SAYIANS ROCK!

The bad guys turn good guys are always the best.

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9Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail

Natsu Dragneel... Strong Like a Dragon, and Warm-Hearten Like the Summer. The Best Anime Character Ever Made. He Has All the Materials of a Perfect Protagonist. He's Strong, Funny, Friendly, Loyal to His Guild, Humorous Respectful, Considerate, Comedian, a Total Bad-ass, Kind Yet Furious, has a Cute Weakness and What Not?

There are Lots of Similarities Among the Protagonists, Like Naruto, Natsu, Luffy, Goku, InuYasha, Elrich etc. But Natsu Alone Has Those Qualities Altogether. You Don't Often Get to See Humorous Acts Done by Anyone Even When You're in a Life or Death Battle. Well... That's NATSU for ya.

And... Whenever You'll See Him Getting Furious over His Enemies 'cause His Friends Where Hurt, You'll Get to Feel This Strong Sensation within You Which Only Natsu Can Produce. He'll Just Drag the Emotion outta Your Concrete Heart. To Me... That's How Every Anime Protagonist Should be.

Natsu Dragneel? The Strongest Boy I Have EVER Seen... He Has Inside And Outside Beauty. He Is Funny And Cute. He Loves His Friends More Than His Life. Natsu Is The Most Amazing Anime Character I Have EVER Seen.

I love Natsu Dragneel! He is so strong and cute at the same time! I would like to have a friend like him! He is one of reasons I love anime and he is the only hero that make pinky hair look badass!

His motion sickness makes him even MORE like a real human being.

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10Itachi Uchiha - NarutoItachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Amazing character! Reminds me of Byakuya from Bleach - calm, logical, flawless and just hard out! He is the rogue ninja that killed off his clan and joined the unbeatable organisation made of S-classes criminals - and he still stands out! Should be much higher!

Strongest character in Naruto aside from Madara, he has such a sad and deep story. As powerful as Sasuke is he only won because Itachi was sick, and let him win.

Ultimate symbol of sacrifice. Best brother. Should be hokage.

He isn't the strongest, but gave strength to both Naruto and Sasuke. I think his title should be 'honor of the shinobi'

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11Uchiha Sasuke - Naruto

From here he stands everyone is mediocre. He had to make pretty tough choices trough is life that made him the great ninja he is. He killed Orochimaru, one of the three sannins, and is brother Itachi because he killed his own clan! He is obsessed with revenge and there's no way to stop him! I would vote for naruto but I think sasuke should be higher!

I think sasuke is the best. Sure, there is no denying that Naruto is an amazing and inspiring character and I love him but sasuke's my personal favorite. A lot of people seemed to think that he'd gone nuts in shippuden but I don't think that was the case. He was sane and everything he did involved his sense of justice. He definitely made some unwise desicions but if you look at his past and everything he had been through, you can't exactly blame him. Sasuke's character is so complex and interesting and his past was heartbreaking. He would be just as cool even if wasn't so good-looking.

Sasuke Uchiha has always been my favorite character he is a result of a destroyed clan and does his absolute best to achieve his goals, his skills are more rounded than anyone elses and his intelligence and keen sense are his advantages, he never loses focus and is always carrying a heavy burden, his tendency to react irrationally whenever his brother or his clan is mentioned is understandable and prideful. He is truly the definition of ninja he endures.

Sasuke has a hard past. He's not really the villain since he has reasons on why he wants to destroy the village. Go UCHIHA!

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12Kurosaki Ichigo - Bleach

Kurosaki Ichigo is a complex character that needs years to be built. I myself has some things similar with Ichigo's personality. Not simply because he is strong or handsome (which he definitely is), every characters has their own strength and weaknesses, but what makes Ichigo a respectable character is his determination.
Somewhat like Naruto, he has his honor, pride, and people that he needs to defend. He also has a strong sense of justice, no matter who his opponent is. And what makes me admire him as a man is because he has his destination. He has a goal in his life and he is determined to make the goal become reality. In reality, we often wavered on our decisions and determinations that we often failed to grasp the opportunity and lost ourselves to doubt. Ichigo become a realistic character because he also his own downfall and not all the time hero, a hero sometimes needs to be rescued, and his humanity is what wins Ichigo. His humanity makes Ichigo a victor.

He's is the best man in the whole world. He's needs more fans for his mange! SCREW YOU PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO HUMOR!

He is. Hot. He's amazing! Ichigo vowed to protect anyone... He's amazing like that. He wants to protect his sisters, ever since his mom died... I think that's why ichigo kurosaki is so amazing!

He should get HIGHER position! at least big 3!

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13Roronoa Zoro - One PieceRoronoa Zoro, nicknamed "Pirate Hunter" Zoro, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

I think that he is after vegeta the most badass character with the strongest ambition, to become the greatest swordsman.. But that isn't all because he is honest to what he believes in and that is that Monkey D. Luffy will become the Pirate King and that's what makes him awesome..

He wants to throw away his own life and ambition so that the strawhats can live on and he wants to become stronger for luffy and asks Hawkeyes Mihawk to train him and that's the one that stands in his way to become the best swordsman

The most badass character ever. He's better than vegeta in the sense that he isn't driven by his arrogance. His back story is epic, his sword style is epic, everything about him is epic. He never gives up, and never stops fighting, even when he's about to die. Definitely the most badass edgy character in anime.

Zoro, he ate the badass badass fruit except that he didn't lose his ability to swim but he sense of direction. A character that shows great determination and has his moments in the show. By far my favorite anime character alongside alexander the great (Fate/Zero).

Go look at that chapter where he took all of Luffy's pain and just stood there in a pool of his own blood without falling over and then tell me he isn't the most badass character of all time.

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14Himura Kenshin - Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin

The most human and relate-able character ever. His life and personality make him the most understood character I've ever seen. Everybody has things they wish they had never done and regrets they try to make up for in every day life. I think that's what makes Kenshin Himura such a powerful character. I mean he spends his youth in a war he somewhat believes in, but he realizes once the war is over all the death and chaos he created. He tries to atone for what he's done by not killing again, no matter who the person is but things unfold that constantly make him brake his vow. However no matter what happens he always tries to protect the ones he cares for without causing his opponents death. He is a LEGEND.

A peace-loving, humble, soft-spoken gentleman who is the most feared and strongest man. A legend who made revolution possible. He saved thousands of life by killing hundreds then he regrets about the lives he has taken even in a war. He showed the truth by risking his life to every single bad guy to save their life.
After saving thousands of life; as a living legend he is still washing dishes and clothes preparing meals and playing with kids. What a personality.
How he could love and protect these people who are already owe him so much.
%99.9999 percent of men would expect worship unlike Kenshin does

Kenshin is an excellent and interesting character with a dark and tragic past. At first when he appears, he is an almost perfect character but his past catches up with and he learns valuable life lessons through these experiences and he always wins the battle with it and the ultimate and ancient teachings of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. The story of Rurouni Kenshin is an enthralling experience!

The best anime I have ever seen

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15Gohan - Dragon Ball Z

He inherited his father's greatness and power as well as kindness, even surpassed him at some cases.

I didn't like how he was handled after the Cell Saga. One moment he is stronger than everyone, the next he is a downright weakling, and finally he becomes the strongest in the universe but still doesn't do crap. what, Akira Toriyama?

He's a weak little kid who likes this piece of Trash characters

Gohan is the best dragon bal z character ever

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16Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop

WHY IS SPIKE NOT HIGHER?! Cool, Bad-ass, calm and with an interesting past... I am really surprised. Not to mention his AMAZING voice actor...

You don't put other characters above Spike, period. Seriously, where else can you find a character that's not only cool beyond all hell, but also incredibly complex and well-written?

There's injustice in the world when Spike Spiegel is not at the top of every "Top Whatever Number Anime Characters"

Cowboy Bebop is good for grownups to watch!

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17Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach

Love her! She shows that women are capable of being a BADASS as well. She's unlike the ordinary heroines that are being portrayed. More of the independent-like type of girl and not like the ones all with the puppy dog eyes and cries when in trouble.

She's the coolest and cutest female anime character for me. She's so lovable. And yes she's a bad-ass yet she knows how to make the lead character go wild and be strong. She's the light.

Ya... A tough girl, rukia.. She became strong because she wants to protect her friends..

She is so perfect that I can't explain in words laugh out loud

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18Hei - Darker Than Black

Hei's pretty epic.
I don't want to say too much, just go read darker than black; his type of personality is only good when the story reveals it.

And his name means black in Chinese

He's a badass with with the ability to manipulate electricity, come on now, how is he not awesome. He's smart and cunning and he's so hard not to love. Plus, he looks so good with Yin, just saying' - Pandaheart16

If you have seen even a slight bit of this anime, you just cannot but love this character. - Undistinguished

Chinese Electric Batman enough Said.

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19Inu Yasha - InuYasha

I'm addicted to this! I can't help but think about this show all the time!

Really stupid at times, loyal, cute, acts like he doesn't care but actually does. plus his weapon (Testusaiga) owns.

Why is this 53? INUYASHA IS THE BEST ANIME but not the best character in it Sozzy but Sesshomaru and Koga Take that cake :) Seriously though BEST ANIME with the BEST CHARACTERS!

He Looks Pretty Cool.

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20Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho

"Makes you fall in love with the anime with all the action, humor, friendship, and tear filled moments. "

Me and my brother love this show! They only know 9 anime and I know 234 anime! - fruitsbasketcrazy123

You are my hero man!
Reygan is the best attack of the anime... Toguro he is invencible

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