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Goku - Dragon Ball Z
Goku is very inspirational and funny... His innocence is what makes people adore him... At the same time he is very strong this is what makes him a perfect main character... I wonder why he is not number 1.. On this list..
I've look ever where to find Large amount of people who hate this character, to tell you the truth... Goku will forever be the number 1 character to hit the anime screen!
The Best And the one who was praised by vegeta(he is known for his sarcastic character)as he surpassed vegeta
[Newest]Goku can destroy planets during battles.
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2L - Death Note
I know that L died in both the manga and the anime because of Light, but he didn't "lose. " He already had his next step planned and in the end it was Light's loss. Even the creators admit that they believe L was the smartest character (look it up on Wikipedia), and you have to admit, he has charisma. A lot of it. And he's funny, in a weird, totally awkward way that was still cool.

I guess this is the long way of saying L had his own style, and was no way inferior to Light Yagami. I personally liked L because there are no other characters with his personality. Light... I've seen, watched, and heard too many characters with his style.
So cool and so clever. He has something very attractive. His style when he sit or eat is so great
L: person.

Light: psychopath.

L: the best detective.

Light: Best murderer.

Elle Lawliet!

[Newest]Nice character but I prefer Near
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3Uzumaki Naruto - Naruto
Naruto is the best of the best man. He has the whole classic 'Underdog' thing going for him. What I really love is that he's bin thru hell and back again n' is still the light, upbeat guy we all love. Well, most of us love. I know he's sometimes... Stupid, but when it really matters, he's there. Supporting. Helping and being the best he can be, and that's Naruto. He can't be Naruto without his comrades, without the people he cares for. I really hate it SO MUCH when people prefer Sasuke over Naruto. I know Sasuke's got this whole 'jaded' look to him, the whole damaged prince thing. But what put's Naruto above it all is that he's NOT damaged. He's above being damaged, stronger than that, better than that. It's really inspiring to read about Naruto, even if he's a fictional character. Naruto doesn't let anything get to him, and he always finds the right way. Naruto doesn't let hate control him, doesn't let the darkness consume him, while Sasuke DOES. Out of all the anime characters I know of, Naruto takes the cake. Sure, Naruto can be stupid looking sometimes, but he's got this adorkable, strong charm to him.

Needless to say, Naruto is the best.
Naruto is the best, he is similar to a lot of main characters from different manga/anime. He is optimistic, kind and is willing to die for his friends. What makes him different is he had a harsh past, however he is still a positive, upbeat, inspiring character.
Naruto will beat everyone here. Him and Goku should be first. Whoever thinks otherwise does not know manga. Naruto is useless but strong willed and Goku is innocent and will fight to the death to protect his friends. The same as Naruto
[Newest]I love Naruto's character. There are a lot of things about him that I can personally relate to. I was someone who was pretty much an outcast when I went to public school, and Naruto helped me have hope that things will get better if I work for it.
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4Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass
There are some people who say that Lelouch sacrificed everything for others, but that's not completely true.
Yes, he had sacrificed things for others but its also for himself
Lelouch had said so himself "i need a reason to live"
He wanted to do something, something that will show that he has a need to live, a reason strong enough that he can sacrifice everything to reach this goal. This is the reason he was prepared do die and receive the consequences of killing innocent people and dirtying his hands.

This is not a flaw or weakness, in fact, this is what makes him so special and attractive. There are many characters out there that say "if its for them, I can sacrifice my life" "if its for my friends, I can throw away everything"

In many animes this is shown as "hypocritical" words " naive or great" words in others

However Lelouch has never said any sort of words like that.
He has sacrifice for his friends, family, world. This is a very narrow pointed view on code geass and Lelouch. The reason that he is so spectacular and unique is because he had done it for HIMSELF and still remained sane and caring for others (unlike Light who threw himself in insanity. )

He does not say naive words and even till the very end he kept his sins of shedding innocent blood and causing grief to people who has been affected by his war and Geass closely to himself.

Even to his death he had punished himself by dying a meaning full death that did not go to waste.

He was greeting death SINCE THE BEGINNING.
Lelouch: "It wasn't me who was wrong. It was the world. The world needs to change, so I'll change it. You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty. "
I watched dozens of animes and none other character didn't even closely affect me like this one. He changed my view of the world.
Lelouch is just on another level, other characters like light and Edward are cool and all but! They just are not even close to how Lelouch is. Lelouch did not just have to fight against his own family, he 'had' to kill people he loved like Euphimia (i cried when she died) and that was not enough Lelouch was betrayed more than once first by his friend, Susaku, then by the dark knights, but he didn't not give up, but then if that was not enough to bring him down the truth about his mother just being a selfish bitch that abandoned his children was revealed and so many other thing he had to go through, to tell you the truth no other character would be able to handle it even Light whom I think is the closest to Lelouch cracked and strayed from his path and became a murderer.

So does anyone need a reason to believe why Lelouch is the best? I you do I think you need to watch it again, I know I did =), because you can't miss it Lelouch is just on another level, next to Goku hahaha.
[Newest]How badass can this character be? - Changed the world just for the sake of his sister to be able to live peaceful life.
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5Monkey D. Luffy
Best manga character ever. Funny, stupid and more. He is serious when he wants to be and is loyal to his friends and helps anyone who needs help and are true to their heart.
Luffy is a superstar in the world of pirates throughout the anime. He has a very high leadership. Different from Naruto, Luffy's my favorite of which he is the only main character who never wanted to be a hero, realizing very bad reputation, but he's still helping people who need help and said, " IF YOU WANT TO CONSIDER OUR HEROES OR CRIMINALS, YOU ARE SET SELF". Different from the other groups in anime such as Bleach and Fairy Tail is still considered a hero or Natsu or Naruto who wants to support the people and is considered a hero. The purpose Luffy is not a hero but wanted to show how free he is venturing across the seas freely with extensive crew to get ONE PIECE AND ACHIEVING THEIR DREAMS.
Definitely. If One Piece is the best manga of all time (See Japan's 2011 polls), then the main character of One Piece is the best main character of all time. Makes sense, no? Luffy is the hilariously dumb and combat prodigy of One Piece, captain of the Strawhats, and he can stretch. Plus, he likes meat. Well... I just gave you his entire biography, didn't I...
[Newest]Best manga character? Is there still a need to ask that? Of course it's LUFFY! The man who will become the Pirate King someday!
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6Light Yagami - Death Note
Light Yagami is the coolest hero that has ever been in shonen jump his evilness is beyond compare! Goku has to shoot some weird energy beam, Light just has to write down your name. Who uses more effort?


Goku. plus without his death note he can't fight Goku even if he is smarter
While most people who've seen the anime Death Note write Light off as a bad character I do the opposite. Light is actually a well-rounded character in my opinion. He started out with good intentions, such as purging the world of evil. However, unlike other anime protagonists, Light's good intentions are twisted by human greed and ambition. Due to this, Light becomes the so-called "villain. " This, I think, sets him apart from the rest of anime characters and signifies him as unique.
My favourite character ever! Most people prefer L but Light is much more complex, he starts as a hero but due too his hunger for power and god complex he then becomes the villain, and basically you are watching a series about a villain trying to get his own way! Simply amazing, really smart personality and I guess many people can relate to him in a certain way. I've always supported him since he IS the protagonist, and I also saw L as an obstacle which had to be eliminated. Light is just perfect and no other anime character will ever be such unique as him.
[Newest]I think he is much deeper and more original than someone like Luffy. So he should be above him.

7Uchiha Sasuke - Naruto
He is destined to suffer (what sucks) and all things he did wasn't his fault however. Itachi's. ELDER'. Orochimaru's. Madara's (however I still believe he has some kind of plan... I believe his IQ... It's have to be really high... Look at Deidara vs Sasuke fight ), but not his.

EVERYBODY he loves was murdered by his OWN will-to-be-adored-beloved-brother! Whom, to crown it all, chose him(seven years old child... Yeah it's 'genius' stuff =. To kill him.

From the beginning he is push to be 'great-Uchiha'. Own father seams to not see him, nobody spend time with him, but told 'maybe you will be that great as your brother some day'. Everybody want him to be like Itachi... And than Itachi's betrayal... Other thing he just left him alone after all. Like some trash.

I think, he also was forbidden to spend his time with guys outside his district. I mean... Uchiha was very snobbish, after all. If Madara persuade some of them to betray Konoha... They have to had BIG pride, however.

And when he needs somebody to talk to, AFTER massacre... They also LEFT HIM, damn it! SEVEN YEARS OLD CHILD, WHOM WAS BRAINWASHED by his idol and have to take it himself.

I'm not really in shock, that he is not 'in love' with Konoha. This people ARE SO SHALLOW, just from the start.

Everybody take look on his abilities, looks, coolness.. But nobody want to TALK with him.

And when they started to see his troubles, it's too late... And still... When he was! TWELVE! Sandaime was still alive and could told him... But no. It wasn't so important to tell him, that Itachi's cared for him. It's still amazed me, WHY everybody in the world(or most of people) think, that if one human suffer it means less, than when suffers hundreds. To this ONE human his world is ending and than nobody cares about others.

I'm truly sick of to hear that 'Naruto also has sad life, but is so god(to puke)'.

Uzumaki had nobody from the beginning and I understand, that it's not so cool have this type of 'pet' in him, but... He himself says that 'friends saved him'. If not, he will end up like young Gaara. And Sasuke COULD have NO friends. Why? Oh... Nothing big. He just have to kill his friend, if he want to have chances with Itachi. He don't want to be like that, so he push people away and drown in hatred.

There only one person, whom seams to see HIM and not his fan on t-shirt, but if he sincerely told 'yeah, he's my friend', it's like 'yeah - I have to kill him to gain MS'.

That's when 'uncle' Oro appeared and mark him. Sasuke's cursed. Literally and lyrically. By Orochimaru, and by his fate. What other thing, you think, he will do after seeing EVERYBODY precious to him was killed? Live his life and say 'Ok. I will move on'?

Please... Itachi made sure, that he wouldn't forget or forgive.
Yeah. You will say 'but he know what he do'. So... Yes and no.
He is totally sane(however many people think he gone nut) with his decisions.

He went to Oro(whom firstly give him curse, what f'ed up his mind. Seriously! If he STILL see what is in one of chaps, this little child, whom accused him, that he didn't do anything to stop Aniki... He has this mark on him something like...4 years or so. Orochimaru could drove him insane).

In all this state, when he always was told 'he's not good enough', NARUTO, this lame, little Naruto, started to be better than him( it was most like KYUUBI is better than him, because Uzumaki has some leavel ONLY when Kurama appeared! - But Sasuke don't know all of it)

So HOW he can let his parents, all clan to rest in peace, when he is so pathetic? And Orochimaru only make him to suffer even more... It's no weird, that he gone away from Konoha( why, o why, Akatsuki didn't crush all this laying villages out? )

And. Finally. He. Done. It. He. Erase. Himself...

That's moment, when TRUTH is showed up to him. He kill just last person whom he loved, because... Come one! It was his beloved brother, anyway.

Shortly: He can't love, have to hate, can't have friend, have to kill, and go further and further with doing things, who will give him some rest(in his opinion). He's suffer...

More lamely : He's smart as hell (I love his fight with Dei - it's show his genius so bright! ), have 'human' moments - like when he forbid Hozuki to kill 'random guys'...

Did I mentioned, he's HOTTEST MANGA CHARACTER EVER?! I'm so much more interested in HIS future, then "I-lick-every-ass-ever-Naruto's'

Excuse me my English
From here he stands everyone is mediocre. He had to make pretty tough choices trough is life that made him the great ninja he is. He killed Orochimaru, one of the three sannins, and is brother Itachi because he killed his own clan! He is obsessed with revenge and there's no way to stop him! I would vote for naruto but I think sasuke should be higher!
I think sasuke is the best. Sure, there is no denying that Naruto is an amazing and inspiring character and I love him but sasuke's my personal favorite. A lot of people seemed to think that he'd gone nuts in shippuden but I don't think that was the case. He was sane and everything he did involved his sense of justice. He definitely made some unwise desicions but if you look at his past and everything he had been through, you can't exactly blame him. Sasuke's character is so complex and interesting and his past was heartbreaking. He would be just as cool even if wasn't so good-looking.
[Newest]Sasuke is by far the greatest anime character.
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8Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta is an ultimate bad-ass, the only one to top a man like this would be Roronoa Zoro. Both of these Characters have been down played so much due to then not being the 'main' characters in their respective show. No matter how much training a secondary character does they can still never be as strong as the main even when the main is laid back when it comes to getting stronger. Secondary characters are better than main characters 85% of the time.
Examples: Beyblade, Kai. Beyblade metal fusion, Kyoya. Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi, Bleach, Captain commander Yamamoto, Fairy tail, laxus. Etc
Vegita is probably one of the coolest characters ever. He is really strong, has a lot of pride and of course his rivalry with goku will always be remembered. He never gave up even though deep down he knew goku was better because he was more talented but that didn't stop him he kept on training and training and always managed to be around equal strength with goku.
This character is truly one of the best and although I love Goku I have to say that Vegeta has a real life edge to him that Goku probably don't. Now I know many people will probably send me smoke bombs for this but just take a second to think about vegeta. Vegeta shows growth, he flawed, he works on those flaws, he redeems himself, expresses how he feels and what he thinks, end up respecting (at first hating and wanting to kill) the main character his rival goku and despite fights and humiliations of almost every type that still didn't stop vegeta from becoming one of the most popular characters of anime. Talk about character development laugh out loud! Vegeta personifies it 100% and then some. PRINCE OF ALL SAYIANS ROCK!
[Newest]I like Goku and Vegeta the same amount

9Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail
Natsu Dragneel... Strong Like a Dragon, and Warm-Hearten Like the Summer. The Best Anime Character Ever Made. He Has All the Materials of a Perfect Protagonist. He's Strong, Funny, Friendly, Loyal to His Guild, Humorous Respectful, Considerate, Comedian, a Total Bad-ass, Kind Yet Furious, has a Cute Weakness and What Not?

There are Lots of Similarities Among the Protagonists, Like Naruto, Natsu, Luffy, Goku, InuYasha, Elrich etc. But Natsu Alone Has Those Qualities Altogether. You Don't Often Get to See Humorous Acts Done by Anyone Even When You're in a Life or Death Battle. Well... That's NATSU for ya.

And... Whenever You'll See Him Getting Furious over His Enemies 'cause His Friends Where Hurt, You'll Get to Feel This Strong Sensation within You Which Only Natsu Can Produce. He'll Just Drag the Emotion outta Your Concrete Heart. To Me... That's How Every Anime Protagonist Should be.
Natsu Dragneel? The Strongest Boy I Have EVER Seen... He Has Inside And Outside Beauty. He Is Funny And Cute. He Loves His Friends More Than His Life. Natsu Is The Most Amazing Anime Character I Have EVER Seen.
I love Natsu Dragneel! He is so strong and cute at the same time! I would like to have a friend like him! He is one of reasons I love anime and he is the only hero that make pinky hair look badass!
[Newest]He is kinda like All in one, he is naive, pure hearted like Kid Goku, he strong, doesn't know when to give up, funny, trust worthy.

He has got the characteristic of every successful manga/anime protagonist

Except the perverted nature. He is the perfect protagonist.
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10Edward Elrich - Full Metal Alchemist
I'm his biggest fan. Even though he is quite selfish, he always settles others problem than himself.
Edward is a selfless unapologetic unconventional state alchemist! Who can deny his prowess and his ability to push limits? You go Edward, you go.
What he went through from beginning to the last episode all his selfless acts n putting everything on his shoulders getting better n stronger before our eyes but was always the same hard nosed yet compassionate person who showed he cared but would pity to no one because everyone has a strong pair of legs get up and use them, he's smart n just a badass he's just as much of a genius as anyone else on this list but this wasn't the type of anime that shows he's a mastermind those astory lines make the main characters look so cool its more the story then the character himself but the fullmetal alchemist was cool through his actions not the story
[Newest]He is amazing! By the way his last name is spelled Elric
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The Contenders

11Itachi Uchiha - Naruto
Amazing character! Reminds me of Byakuya from Bleach - calm, logical, flawless and just hard out! He is the rogue ninja that killed off his clan and joined the unbeatable organisation made of S-classes criminals - and he still stands out! Should be much higher!
Ultimate symbol of sacrifice. Best brother. Should be hokage.
Strongest character in Naruto aside from Madara, he has such a sad and deep story. As powerful as Sasuke is he only won because Itachi was sick, and let him win.
[Newest]No one can defeat his techniques for sure..

12Roronoa Zoro - One Piece
He steps out from the cliché touches of the second to main protagonist. He does not have the scenario of switching from good to bad or vice versa, he does not have insecure quarrels with the main protagonist (goes to Usopp), he’s not stupidly in love with the main female (goes to Sanji). If Sasuke is distinguished by hatred and Vegeta by arrogance then Zoro is distinguished by discipline and determination. He is his own character just like Luffy, Goku, Naruto, Vegeta and Piccolo.
I think that he is after vegeta the most badass character with the strongest ambition, to become the greatest swordsman.. But that isn't all because he is honest to what he believes in and that is that Monkey D. Luffy will become the Pirate King and that's what makes him awesome..

He wants to throw away his own life and ambition so that the strawhats can live on and he wants to become stronger for luffy and asks Hawkeyes Mihawk to train him and that's the one that stands in his way to become the best swordsman
The most badass character ever. He's better than vegeta in the sense that he isn't driven by his arrogance. His back story is epic, his sword style is epic, everything about him is epic. He never gives up, and never stops fighting, even when he's about to die. Definitely the most badass edgy character in anime.
[Newest]Badass Vice Captain anime character ever!

13Himura Kenshin - Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin
The most human and relate-able character ever. His life and personality make him the most understood character I've ever seen. Everybody has things they wish they had never done and regrets they try to make up for in every day life. I think that's what makes Kenshin Himura such a powerful character. I mean he spends his youth in a war he somewhat believes in, but he realizes once the war is over all the death and chaos he created. He tries to atone for what he's done by not killing again, no matter who the person is but things unfold that constantly make him brake his vow. However no matter what happens he always tries to protect the ones he cares for without causing his opponents death. He is a LEGEND.
A peace-loving, humble, soft-spoken gentleman who is the most feared and strongest man. A legend who made revolution possible. He saved thousands of life by killing hundreds then he regrets about the lives he has taken even in a war. He showed the truth by risking his life to every single bad guy to save their life.
After saving thousands of life; as a living legend he is still washing dishes and clothes preparing meals and playing with kids. What a personality.
How he could love and protect these people who are already owe him so much.
%99.9999 percent of men would expect worship unlike Kenshin does
Kenshin is an excellent and interesting character with a dark and tragic past. At first when he appears, he is an almost perfect character but his past catches up with and he learns valuable life lessons through these experiences and he always wins the battle with it and the ultimate and ancient teachings of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. The story of Rurouni Kenshin is an enthralling experience!
[Newest]The best anime I have ever seen

14Kakashi Sensei - Naruto
I am shocked to see hatake kakashi this low. Although I agree in most of the top 10, but to see Rukia and Roronoa Zoro ahead of Kakashi is absurd. Come on guys, seriously? Let's put it this way, if we're in a ninja world, and you're about to be a ninja for any country. You gotta hope that you'll be like the Leaf's genius Hatake Kakashi, or aspire to be half as good as him. He's the standard of a very good shinobi, very smart, cunning and a superior user of all jutsu types! That's how great he is. Though he has an average chakra levels, his intellegence and battle prowess makes up for it, because he doesn't need to fight long to finish his opponents.
Kakashi has the Best Style, But I really can't understand, that there is no character from ONE PIECE! Its Like Big Joke!
Schan awesom character. My favourite.
[Newest]He is my most favourite character in Naruto and best Anime character ever because he has a great style, always seems to be cool, has the most interesting and one of the most sad background story. I think he would have potential to have his own series

15Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach
Love her! She shows that women are capable of being a BADASS as well. She's unlike the ordinary heroines that are being portrayed. More of the independent-like type of girl and not like the ones all with the puppy dog eyes and cries when in trouble.
She's the coolest and cutest female anime character for me. She's so lovable. And yes she's a bad-ass yet she knows how to make the lead character go wild and be strong. She's the light.
Ya... A tough girl, rukia.. She became strong because she wants to protect her friends..
[Newest]She is so perfect that I can't explain in words laugh out loud

16Gohan - Dragon Ball Z
He also great as Goku
Gohans pretty awesome besides Goku and Vegeta.

17Levi - Attack on Titan
Ahh yes the best character ever in the history of time!
Levi is just such a badass :3
Awesome just epic number 1 run for your life
[Newest]Can't believe he got higher than the main characters but Levi is awesome too

18Hibari Kyouya - Katekyou Hitman Reborn
I love the way he says "I'll bite you to death." And that line of his isn't just for show, he really does it, figuratively, of course. He's ready to take on any battles that come his way, and also the ones that don't. He's so strong, I bet he's the strongest in the whole manga and anime. I love the way he carries his pride, the way he's brave, the way he's intelligent, the way everyone fears him, the way he looks. I go all dreamy eyed when he comes. After all, I'm a girl!
His Cold attitude makes me crazy...
"I'll bite you to death"...
I love his that line of his...
So cool...
He's aloof, strong, handsome, mysterious and intelligent... The typical Bishounen.
But what makes him amazing is skills and catchphrase 'I'll bite you to death! " (that line will always make the girls swoon, because of how wrong it sounds)
[Newest]So lovely. It's impossible no love him laugh out loud

19Hei - Darker Than Black
Hei's pretty epic.
I don't want to say too much, just go read darker than black; his type of personality is only good when the story reveals it.

And his name means black in Chinese
He's a badass with with the ability to manipulate electricity, come on now, how is he not awesome. He's smart and cunning and he's so hard not to love. Plus, he looks so good with Yin, just saying'


Hei is the badass and intelligent protagonist that everyone can't dislike, much like Yagami Light from Death Note.
[Newest]Chinese Electric Batman enough Said.

20Shanks - One Piece
Shanks is the best
He entrusted his Straw Hat to Luffy. He also sacrifices an arm to save Luffy when he was a child. This shows how strong their bond is.
He is the best character ever. Shanks is bigger than those children Above!

21Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop
WHY IS SPIKE NOT HIGHER?! Cool, Bad-ass, calm and with an interesting past... I am really surprised. Not to mention his AMAZING voice actor...
You don't put other characters above Spike, period. Seriously, where else can you find a character that's not only cool beyond all hell, but also incredibly complex and well-written?
There's injustice in the world when Spike Spiegel is not at the top of every "Top Whatever Number Anime Characters"

22Portagas D. Ace - One Piece
Ace IS one of my favorite anime charcters ever.

He is selfless, passionate. And loyal. One of the biggest proofs is the way he died, he died fighting for Whitebeard's honor, he died protecting he's little brother, he died thanking people for "loving someone as useless as him", He died smiling.

And That is why Portages.D. ace is one of the best anime charcters EVER!
Awesome. No further explanation needed.
He is the son of the pirate's king: Gol D. Roger! He is the adopted son of Whitebeard and the captain of his second fleet, he have an extraordinary power, it's cool and very strong, his death was very dramatic and sad..

23Haruno Sakura - Naruto
A clumsy, dependent young girl has grown into an attractive, brave, independent, strong woman. She is the next Tsunade


Vote her I very love her
She should be in the top 10! I love her

24Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho
"Makes you fall in love with the anime with all the action, humor, friendship, and tear filled moments. "
Me and my brother love this show! They only know 9 anime and I know 234 anime!


The best fighter out there and human no less
[Newest]Gets stronger day by day

25Mikasa Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin
Mikasa is number 1 once and for all!
She's so pretty and badass
She should be better than Levi lol

26Piccolo - Dragon Ball Z
From a former villain to one of the key members of the Z fighters, Picollo has been a mentor, a father figure to one of the major characters, not to mention sharing his fate with the title objects of the series. Piccolo have dedicated himself to the forces of good through his fist and wits. Only if the series gave more spaces for other characters like him, he could been much more higher on the list.
More brainy than brawny. Former villian changed into a key Z fighter, a mentor, a father figure, and definitely sharing his fate with the title of the series.

27Oga Tatasumi - Beelzebub
Child Rearing Badass for the win
Come on oga is number 53!? He should be in the top 10.
Oga is... Simply amazing!
[Newest]Oga is the very definition of Badass

28Kurosaki Ichigo - Bleach
Kurosaki Ichigo is a complex character that needs years to be built. I myself has some things similar with Ichigo's personality. Not simply because he is strong or handsome (which he definitely is), every characters has their own strength and weaknesses, but what makes Ichigo a respectable character is his determination.
Somewhat like Naruto, he has his honor, pride, and people that he needs to defend. He also has a strong sense of justice, no matter who his opponent is. And what makes me admire him as a man is because he has his destination. He has a goal in his life and he is determined to make the goal become reality. In reality, we often wavered on our decisions and determinations that we often failed to grasp the opportunity and lost ourselves to doubt. Ichigo become a realistic character because he also his own downfall and not all the time hero, a hero sometimes needs to be rescued, and his humanity is what wins Ichigo. His humanity makes Ichigo a victor.
He's is the best man in the whole world. He's needs more fans for his mange! SCREW YOU PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO HUMOR!
He is. Hot. He's amazing! Ichigo vowed to protect anyone... He's amazing like that. He wants to protect his sisters, ever since his mom died... I think that's why ichigo kurosaki is so amazing!
[Newest]Kuchiki is higher than Ichigo, why?

29Madara Uchiha - Naruto
Naruto has this amazing story of love between brothers.. Itachi-sasuke hashirama-tobirama and now madara.. He got up agaianst his best friend to save his brother's future
He has epic hair. That is all.

30Killua Zoldyck - Hunter x Hunter
Killua.. Son of the dark. Has a beautiful art and cool appearance. I love the way he kills his prey. Also I love the way he hates his own habit to kill. His friendship with Gon is very cute.
This guy is just a great creation! He belongs to a better position! He is the proof than a boy with a very bad eduction can become a hero! Everything is changeable, but for that you need a hand and it's named Gon!
. Killua's character is one that makes you love him instantly, and want to know all about him, and after the end of Season 1, where we find out about the Zoldyck family, you can't help but feel sorry for him.

31Eren Yeager - Attack on Titan
I love how Eren is so determined to kill all the titans for his mother's sake. I definitely reccomend Attack on titan! It's a badass show.
Are you kidding me Eren on 24?

32Kiryuu Zero - Vampire Knight
"zero should be on top! I really admire how he truly love yuuki, and 4 me his really hot and handsome, zero is my super crush!
Likes bad guys! Refreshing! He is even greater than kaname... For me! Number 1!
Zero is really cool! His experience is unbearable but it only makes him more strongerand powerful! He did not lose his sanity which make's him more cooler!

33Krillin - Dragon Ball Z
Why is Krillin on this list? He dies all the time!

34Renji - Bleach
It's easy to empathize with him. I have a great affection for him.
His backstory is one of the best of the manga, and he is a very human and credible character. Plus his design is really good and attractive.

35Deidara - Naruto
Best character ever to me, yet so underrated! He deserves more love!
Deidara is such a great character. He has a most pleasing appearance with his long blond hair and cute face, a habit of saying 'hmm', and a fun and free personality. Deidara is an artist who creates clay creatures, used for flight and explosives, and he's a member of the fascinating Akatsuki. I really love Deidara, he's an all-time favorite.
The Art is an Explosion! Enough said

36Usui Takumi - Maid Sama!
But usui is so strong! Plus he's so caring hot and sexy. Why is he not the strongest anime character? And he is simply gorgeous <3 <3 I love him
He's the best character ever no one can disagree againest that. He's my fave in all mangas I can't believe he's not at the top
How can this guy not be at the top of the list? He is amazing!
[Newest]He is the guy with every talent and is very smart.. of course he he cool good looking to whom I really admire...

37Pikachu - Pokemon
oh my gosh pikachu is awesome! everybody loves that little guy!


Pikachu is really cute! He is a loyal pokemmon to his trainer (Ash) and is protective pikachu is the best mouse pokemon ever
! Pikachu Is Really Really Really Cute! Please Vote For Pikachu! I really want pikachu to be number 1! Not like death note its boring making me sleep! Pikachu is the BEST one Ever!
[Newest]He's the most adorable character ever and I don't know why he's not in the top ten

38Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail
Come ON. I am sure that he is a man with skill and looks. What more do you want? If not the top, he surely deserves to be in the top ten. He is surely better than most of his teammates. He ROCKS!
Handsome, nice body, great skills, despite of his habit. But that's what makes people like him, right?
Gray Fullbuster, being the handsome and tactical man, DESERVES to be at the top of the list. He has touched and froze hard throughout the entire series and chapters. Let him on the list!
[Newest]I agree! Gray Fullbuster is my favorite character in general because he has a cool attitude and is extremely loyal to his guild.

39Erwin Smith - Attack on Titan

40Shikamaru Nara - Naruto
Whats not to like about this genius. He is simply incredible
The shadow is his kingdom

41Gaara - Naruto
Gaara should be first... He is a villain turned good man.. I love this type of character
Gaara should be on first! Luv this guy he's so hoott!
Love his hear! And after being lectured by Naruto, I just love his atitude; calm, a bit cool and specialy sexy ;D
[Newest]Gaara is a good person inside his heart. Everything that he wants is love and care of the others. After realizing the value of himself, he became so cool and strong

42Tomoya - Clannad
Tomoya have a lot good sides. His kind heart and humorous sides is my favorite. And he's handsome too, perfect character you know!
He's cute and weird
Tomoya Okazaki is such a cute, deep and all round awesome character! I don't know if he's the best anime/manga character but he's definitely one of my favourites.
His background is very saddening and his relationships with Yohei Sunohara and Fuko Ibuki are hilarious, as well as his relationship with Nagisa Furukawa with is just adorable. He has such a calm and sarcastic attitude to things which makes him a cool guy, it's sad that he doesn't share a lot of his feelings with people but that's what makes him such an intriguing character.
Clannad in general is a great anime/manga and all the characters are so well thought of

Alucard is by far the coolest manga character I've ever watched on an anime serie (Hellsing ultimate OVA) : great voice acting, great style, great powers, great personnality... Just pure awesomeness!
Alucard kicks all ass (plus its Dracula spelt backwards)


This guy scares Chuck Norris. Also why isn't he in the top 10? He is so awesome!
[Newest]Alucard should be in the top ten. He's sexy, smart, and powerful all at the same time. He's a badass! And he's a vampire so he's very difficult to kill. I love this guy!

44Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
The most amazing woman I've ever known!
The best character I have ever seen. I love You erza scarlet. Never give up
One of the best most USEFUL female protagonist ever. She can be shy yet kick ass the next day.

45Inu Yasha - InuYasha
I'm addicted to this! I can't help but think about this show all the time!
Really stupid at times, loyal, cute, acts like he doesn't care but actually does. plus his weapon (Testusaiga) owns.
I lalalalalalalalallove inuyasha so much... Every scene in it, I do love, especially those quarrels of Inuyasha and Kagome... Haha <3 very romantic love story yet its different from others... Very unique and intersting... Love you two InuKag

46Clare - Claymore
Clare is a really good character because she can change her personality so quickly QUOTE:
"One minute us Claymore's can blush like an aristocrat and another smile like a prostitute would you like me to show you? "

47Kazuma Yagami - Kaze No Stigma
Kazuma is really awesome. He's so laid back and has lots of fun getting in Ayano's face and making her look like an idiot. He is so "Like a Boss" with his contracter wind powers. He has a very distinct personality, which I think is something every main character should have (Most of my favourite characters do, inculding Edward Elric, Light Yagami, Mato, etc. ) and I love the way he will just do whatever it takes to get on Ayano's nerves. But yet he can still work with her. He is a character that you just have to like and he is what makes Kaze No Stigma an anime that should be on everyones watch list.

48Ryuk - Death Note
Simply just funny, scary looking but really weird and funny once have seen him "in action". Such an apple lover.
Sarcastic. Funny. Apples. Best shinigami ever

49Sakata Gintoki - Gintama
He is quite honestly, the epitome of awesome. Does everything from finding a lost cat to being a lawyer. He's the man that made drinking strawberry milk look sublime.
How can you NOT love this guy... I mean, he's PERFECT (funny, strong, loves Jump).. If you watched at least one episode of Gintama, you'll love him without any second thought
I wonder why this guy is down here, I thought he would be at the top or at least in top ten grade. He's absolutely pecfect - the most hilarious guy in the world. I supposed that you watch just watch one chapter in gintama, you will definitely love him -the way he acts, the way he thinks
[Newest]I think He was the best. what happen Here?

50Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji [Black Butler]
What can I say he's awesome... And not to mention smokin hot... for an amine/ manga
And even though he is bound to Ceil by a demon contract the loyalty is just amazing! =3
I really like Sebastian Michaelis he is really cool, cute and devilishly handsome. But most of all he's great show of loyalty to ceil is honorable. I sometimes hope the author didn't make him as a bad-eating soul and merciless demon but a demon whose main goal is to save the innocent and only like to see the happy faces if the innocent kids or maybe he'll stand an orphanage using his great skills
This dude is seriously skilled... But as Bassy (Sebastian) would say he's simply one hell of a butler


[Newest]I LOVE SEBASTIAN so MUCH! He is one hell of a butler I ship him and Ciel

51Near - Death Note

52Saitama - One-Punch Man
He is strong and poor, a hilarious combination
He's bald and he kills with just one punch! What's not to like?

53Trunks - Dragon Ball Z
He is under rated. He was a 8 year old super saiyan! Plus he is the CEO for capsule corp. The largest company in that world! He's traveled through time. He wouldn't stop until his dad accepted him. So he can kick almost anyone's ass, is a genius, really sweet, and is super hot! Why is he not higher!
he is very terrible. I like his move and so cute I think he is the best not goku because he is the best.
he is awesome...
and a very good man he is my favorite character of all time nice

Trunks is so amazing and the best looking anime guy in history he's SMOKING HOT!
[Newest]He is super strong and cute and definitely not like his father he should be in the top 10

54Happy - Fairy Tail
Happy is the perfect character for the sidekick role, he is willing to help, has comic battle methods, always lightens the mood, and has information on almost every kind of magic
Happy is loyal, a cutie, funny, and an overall best friend and character. "AYE, SIR! "
Happy is neko the yo...

55Hiruma Yoichi - Eyeshield 21
All can be done with hiruma

56Mei Misaki - Another

57Android 18 - Dragon Ball Z

58Domeki Haruka - xxxHolic
His relationship with Watanuki is very particular, I love them

59Ryner Lute - The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Ryner Lute is the perfect character! I love how he has a dark back story, and powers that everyone fears. He can't control them, either! Oh- and he's HOT!

60Lucy - Elfen Lied
Lucy is amazing. She is strong, badass, had a hard life, but she still cares.
I love this anime I definitely recommend this if you like a good storyline. :)
THE best female anim character... EVER!
[Newest]She is the queen of many things, and most badass character ever is one of them


61Ran Mouri - Detective Conan
Although the lead character is Edogawa Conan,
Maybe I like this character better.
Conan may be Then main character, but Ran is so strong, so brave. Waiting for Shinichi even if it takes years! It's so sad...
She just too awesome! And how he really love Shinich and still waits for him even if it seems Shinichi wont come back! That's what I call TRUE love!

62Kamina - Gurren Lagann
This character was funny, strong, and inspirational. His innovative thinking leads many characters within the anime to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. No matter what he stands up against he remains unafraid and confident and never backs down. <3
This guy. His seemingly nonsense and irrelevant quotes really hit you deep. Hard to explain.
Best bro. He teaches every man how to live!

63Lag Seeing - Tegami Bachi

64Chihiro - Spirited Away

65Hinata Hyuga - Naruto
She is a shy girl, with a lot of potential. She is very empathetic, kind, serene and yet powerful. A very important characteristic of her is that she never gives up and is always trying to improve her skills and be acknowledged by Naruto.
Hinata is my faverate charecter in all the anime charecters... The way she is really great.. It's better to give some more importance to hinata in Naruto..

66England (Arthur Kirkland) - Hetalia
England is amazing One of my favorite characters in Hetalia! He may not be able to cook or express his emotions very well- but whos cares! He is awesome and one heck of a pirate! IGGY for the win!
He is the hotess pirate/police officer/waiter/angel hell he is hot in every clothes and one of the best character of the series. Iggy for the win
England. He's the best, kind, funny and sweet, he's been through so much pain and suffering, and yet he still manages to face America after the Revolutionary War, brave, and caring. Also, he's a nation, for heaven's sake, so that makes him virtually immortal. He-llo?


[Newest]I love him! He's just one of a kind.

67Cell - DBZ

68Haruka Nanase - Free!
The obsession of water makes him such a lovable character.
Sassy and classy dolphin.

69Dante - Devil May Cry
He's so cool! He's obviously the best!


70Hinagiku Katsura - Hayate the Combat Butler
My favorite female character of all time! She's rich, president of the student council, amazing fighting abilities, smart, and does not let her emotions control her. She deserves to be loved! I love Hina!

71Toshiro Hitsugaya - Bleach
He's just so undeniably cute!
Great captain of 4th squad!
I want hinamori for him.!
To put my long comment short

I LOVE HIM! Super!
Who can forget our little captain?

72Mavis Vermilion - Fairy Tail

73Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight

74Dai - Dragon Quest

75Syaoran - Tsubasa Chronicle
YES! Someone that ACTUALLY PUT UP SOMEONE NOT FROM Naruto, Bleach, and all that other CRAP! Syaoran is SO CUTE! BEST HERO EVER! HE'S so CUTE! I love how he LOVES Sakura SO much! Syaoran and Sakura= Best couple of all time! They just OWN Sasuke and Sakura! Syaoran = PRUSSIA
Best hero ever. He's quick and smart. His love for sakura is endearing.
I love tsubasa and syaoran he and sakura are so cute he will do anything to protect her is just so cut I love syaoran HE SHOULD BE IN THE TOP TEN! ❤

76Lina Inverse - Slayers
Lina is the most powerful and intelligent anime character ever! She can beat everyone easily.

77Revy - Black Lagoon

78D - Vampire Hunter D

79Hanji Zoe - Attack on Titan

80Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji
Epic and just amazing. He's spoiled but he's been through a lot. He's only 12 and he is super rich without much help. Especially his butler, Sebastian Michaelis.
It's amazing that the mangaka created this kind of character and anime even though he was only 18 at that time! This character makes the story unbelievably marvalous!
He's just an amazing character.
He may seem cruel and spoiled but you can also see his kindness you know?

81Taisuke Kano - Alive: The Final Evolution

82Future Trunks - Dragon Ball Z

83Sailor Moon - Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Heck yah sailor moon fights evil that tries to drain all of humans energy to give to their dark lord to give them power. But usage comes turns to sailor moon and kicks butt and saves energy of humans, not to mention finding the other sailor guardians
How can you not love the blonde, bun-headed Sailor Moon? She is loveable, funny, kind, relatable and not to mention the hero that protects the Earth. It doesn't matter how old you are, or if you're a boy or girl, but we all know Sailor Moon has changed us in some ways.
Usagi aka Sailor Moon is an ordinary underachiever turned superheroine. What's not to love. Plus she has a very cute and iconic hair style.

84Kenpachi Zaraki - Bleach
Zaraki must be up in top he is able to beat all this punks up and down here

85Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic X
He is so handsome!
The part when he tried to kill Cosmo I was like 'Yeah! Punch up Tails! '
When he disappeared, I literally cried! I LOVE YOU SHADOW! DON'T LEAVE!
His cold attitude is what draws me to him... Red and black how awesome. He is without doubt stronger than sonic... Immortality!

86Guts - Berserk
It pisses me off that Pikachu is listed way above a character whose existence forced me to change my perspective. guts has a motive, and a reason to live for it. This man would storm through Hell to do what he must, and he'd leave mountains of demonic corpses in his wake.
^He actually did.
Berserk's world is one where you must either be a bootlicker or a beast to survive, and Guts made himself a new class. "Heroic Monster! "
Listen, guy scrolling through these comments, you NEED to read Berserk. The character of Guts alone carries such depth and emotion, as well as fun brutal ass-kicking.
He isn't like your everyday protagonist, he is very dark, realistic, and a super badass swordsman!
Well frankly he should be first. A really good manga not for childs with great plot and characters. Guts is the most badass swordman ever and a very dramatic figure. MUST read
[Newest]What the guy below me said


87Yami Yugi - Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yami Yugi was an amazing character! He was so complex and always mysterious whether he was dueling or just thinking about something on a date with Tea. He should be way further up than 32!
Just as bad as Yugi

88Senju Hashirama - Naruto

89Tetsuo Shima - Akira
To have a list such as this without mentioning Akira is a shame. Not arguing with the other nominees. But Akira is the one anime or manga that if someone says "I've never seen an anime before, aren't they all just like Pokemon and stuff? " That I run to find in my collection and submit them too.
Test up is just awesome. He is powerful and intelligent and provides insanely interesting story lines. He is a quality character, and is a great addition to Akira! Long live tetsuo!

90Toshio Ozaki - Shiki

91Edogawa Conan - Detective Conan
There's is a statue for him in japan
what a guy... Great anime contains action intelligence and sense of humor... Conan/sinichi main character is so intelligent strong and likes challenging and always winning...
Thank you japanese people for creating such nice characters peace peace peace
I have been watching anime for more than 10 years, and I have never ever got addicted to any character more that Conan. He's really cool, genius, strong, cute, and has much more traits that can't be discribed simply. No character can ever surpass Edogawa Conan~
[Newest]He is so talented, his deduction skills, so amazing, theirs no criminal that could escape from him. Please watch case close. Until In the end. Thank you.

92Gokudera Hayato

93Goro Honda Shigeno - Major
a determined, strong willed, great baseball player who influences others that baseball is a great and enjoyable thing to do. He even outstands the manual of Kaido and became a representative of Japan


94Allen Walker - D.Gray-man
He is the BEST EVER! Nice, and kind, loves his friends, strong willed, all that I can get, but along with all of that, he is also strong, funny, and good looking (yea, I think I'm in love, but don't just take my opinion) But, seriously, you have to have seen him to believe him! Allen~ 'keep moving forward. '
I love him and he is awesome, he has a good personality and he is super funny
Why is he not higher on this list? He should be in the top 10 at the least!
[Newest]Why is Allen not higher on this list? He is better than most shounen main characters.

95Tsunayoshi Sawada - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Tsuna's one of the best characters I've seen, and the most realistic. He doesn't just get a giant sword and go attack evil. He starts out as a "no-good" person, but is willing to fight to protect his friends. He wonder if he is doing the right thing, and has a big heart that is full of acceptance. Tsuna matures greatly throughout the series, and is definitely my favorite character, however cliche he may seem.
Reborn is the best because its so funny that your head will fall of from laughing.
He never gives up and loves his friends and family.

96Kyou Fujibayashi - Clannad
Kyou might not be the main character in clannad but she definitely has one of the greatest personalities on the show. She's funky and feisty, yet has a sweet and kind side to her. She is definitely an iconic anime character

97Kid Buu - Dragon Ball Z
Destroying Earth and countless other planets just to track down the protagonists, then hilariously taunting them during the fights, not bad for a villian who's just a "kid" with almost no lines.

98Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop

99Rin Matsuoka - Free!

100Tsume - Wolf's Rain

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