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How to Train Your Dragon
What can I say except go get this movie, now! Don't let the title fool you. For an animated movie, the graphics in it is one of the top best looking movie I ever seen. It reaches the graphical standards of a video game in my opinion. The dragons are filled with so much texture on the scales which makes them look like more believable dragons. The animations on the characters and dragons looks amazing. The story is cliche in the beginning but the execution later on is fantastic. Never before I seen a strong bonding between Hiccup and his father. Voice actors are good in this movie. They all sound like real vikings should be. The main character in this movie that stood out to me was Gobber as he was funny and a good friend to Stoick. There are few moments where the characters in the movie uses mild bad words and a phrase was cut short as adults would know what the character was about to say next which I don't mind because they are vikings. Its an one hour and thirty minutes movie, but overall to me, it felt like an two hour movie. The soundtrack, the soundtrack makes it a whole lot better as it boost up the experience in the movie by a lot. Great job John Powell for the beautiful sountrack. Even though I am not a kid, its my favourite movie of all time. Give it a chance as your children would like it.
It has Vikings, dragons and a great story. Also Hiccup and Toothless are one of the best human/non human friendships/teams In animation. I love them both. And having seen How to train your dragon 2 only yesterday, I have to say that movie also should be on top. Amazing sequal. Both movies together for tied first spot. ;) Everything else is fun and all, but nothing is quite like How to train your dragon. Shrek, kong fu panda, Megamind and Madagascar focus more on the humorand funny aspects then on the actual story in my opinion. There isn't enough balance. Basicly they are a bit silly movies. Awesome silly movies. But silly none the less. Which isn't a bad thing. Humor films are awesome, but movies focused mostly on humor will never have spot 1 with me. How to train your dragon is a good balance of humor, friendship, character growth and a decent plot that actually is about something serious. A lot of dreamwork 3d animation movies miss this balance and have more focus on the haha bits.

A Movie who doesn't focus to much on humor like HTTYD is Rise of the guardians. The characters are awesome (Pitch Black best dreamworks villain by far for me) however this movie can never be 1 for one simple reason. The plot was to weak. They could have done much better story wise I think.

Honorable mentions: The older 2d animation movies like Spirit, Sinbad etc. They where really good movies and the only reason I am not voting on those is because for some reason when people ask me to pick my favorite dreamworks movie, I only look at the 3d animated ones. I usualy don't compare 2d movies with 3d movies.. Don't ask me why because I don't really know. I guess I'm just weird that way. But that doesn't mean they are forgotten. Really great movies.
By far the greatest movie I have ever seen in my life! It has great humor, really deep moments, and perfect for all ages! 10 billion thumbs up for sure!
[Newest]Easy. I love the movie. I haven't seen two till now, but I love 1. The animation is superb, the screenplay, voice is also very good. It had a very good story, and I love the dragons. The vikings have a deep voice as they should. The sound effects are also very good as the sound of fire breathing actually sounds as it should
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I liked How to Train Your Dragon fine, however I'm a bit surprised Shrek did not make it's way up to number 1. Generally I dislike DreamWorks animated movies because the humor seemed more oriented at kids rather than making it fun for all age groups. Granted, these movies are geared toward children, but it's a much better experience when both the children and the adults enjoy the experience. Shrek manages not only to captivate both children and adults alike, it's one of the best animated movies period. The characters are humorous and well voiced, the plot is clever and is not gloated with extreme slap-stick humor (sometimes there is some here and there, but it's done appropriately) and just has a charming feel, especially with all the fairy tail characters (my personal favorite, the ginger bread man). Definitely an awesome movie and deserves the prestigious of number 1.


Shrek rules. Isa bob. Donkey is hilarious. And fiona is the worlds coolest princess
I think this movie is the best one in the whole entire world! I watched this movie 55 times one day and it still made me laugh :D... I think donkey is funny cause he likes to annoy Shrek and I think is hilarious... I used to own this movie but the DVD broke but I still watch this movie on youtube and I still laugh at this movie... I am like 18 years old and I still think this movie is entertaining! THIS MOVIE ROCKS!
[Newest]I love Shrek I have watched all films. But I am not a Shrek superfan.

3Kung Fu Panda
This is my favorite DreamWorks movie. The story is great, the characters were well-developed, and it had a powerful score. I also love animals. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. They seem like they created their own little world by developing every little detail.

The animation must have been a very difficult thing to pull of but it was great. The characters look so cuddly and soft. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a movie that is funny and has a lot of emotional depth.
Absolutely LOVED this movie. Characters are hiliarious, and so much fun for both children and adults alike!
Poh is so funny
Favorite line
"I thought it's just an ordinary peach" so funny
[Newest]My all time favourite animated movie.. I'm NOT kidding or exaggerating when I say that I have watched this a thousand times. And every time I watch this, I have the same magical feeling.. And unlike many other animated flicks, Kung Fu Panda can be enjoyed by both young as well as adults.. And that's the reason why a 20 year old like me still watches it and LOVES IT

4Rise of the Guardians
It has a very excitable and fun feel to it- although it may not be quite suited for the older audience, it was really cute and I loved it:) You will laugh, you will cry, and you will do everything in between. Also it had a wonderful story line and one of Dreamworks best animation; if you even look close enough, Jack Frost has a tiny little patch on the side of his jacket (^ω^)If you like this, check out Wreck it Ralph; instant favorite!
¡I can wait to see it, ¡It looks the best dreamworks film ever forever, I'm sure I'm going to love this movie!
This movie was incredible, beautifully animated, great stroy line my great childhood heroesin one movie, this movie definitely deserves the top spot!
[Newest]The best. Enough said.
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Its a funny movie
This movie is good very nice I didn't saw this much good movie of dreamworks did you like it
THe BEst fuNny movie! AnD has a good Story! I loved it! And I have watched AlL the part Of this MoVie!
[Newest]I like the song "I like to move it"

6Kung Fu Panda 2
Kungfu panda 2 has everything needed for an all round movie for kids and adults.

Apart from the beautiful animation and lore; the film draws in a complexity that adults can appreciate which children can also keep up with.

The storyline and character development is far more superior to the original. With additional characters added in to create a much more epic awesomeness, that Poh must adapt to as his role as the dragon warrior. All of this whilst battling his own demons to find his own self worth far exceeds that of a dragon warrior.

But last but not least; the fighting scenes were amazing!
Most sequels don't live up to the original, and even less surpass it. But this is a very rare case where the sequel actually SURPASSED the original. Why? To put it bluntly, the story is much better. It gets deeper into the protagonist's past, and allows more character development. The villain is so much better, so much evil and much more developed than the one in the original movie. And here, the story is darker and more serious, while at the same time maintains the same goofy humor we loved so much about the first movie. The verdict? See this movie at once. Even if you haven't seen the original, you won't be missing much, and even though Dreamwork's can go downhill with sequels like what happened to the Shrek movies, Kung Fu Panda is the exception.
I absolutely adored kung fu panda with its fantastic humour and also some breathtaking animations, but kung fu panda 2 has one extra thing: the emotional appeal. This film was really moving when they talked about po's life and the unknowingly residence of his parents and it was a very thoughtful story with an extra piece that made this film worthy
[Newest]Lord Shen enough said

Love this movie; as someone who loves to root for the bad guy this movie was a real treat; it had an original story with some twists and turns that I would not expect from an animated film; shame that this movie is overshadowed by Despicable Me; Megamind is 10 times better than Despicable Me; if Dreamworks has more great ideas for the franchise I would love to see the story continue with Megamind as a hero
When we watch movies we usually root for the good guys, but here the villain is the far better character. The hero is a rather arrogant guy who's really full of himself whereas Megamind is far more intelectual (except he really isn't).
Charming and personable, a plot which twists and turns and being very funny Megamind is an absolute must watch.
Hilarious movie. Animated movies are about character development and this one has lots of it. A villain who only cares about taking over the world turns into a hero with a best friend and girlfriend. DreamWorks should make a sequel.


[Newest]Believe it or not, this scarred me when I was seven, gave me extreme anxiety and kinda ruined part of my childhood, But I still like this movie...

8Shrek 2
Think this one was better than the first and way better cast and loved the ending for this one with the whole American Idol thing lol!


How is this so far down. Not only is Shrek 2 the best of the shrek series but the best movie that has come from Dreamworks.
This movie is so amazing. The original was genius, and this one was better. Up there with Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and Aladdin as one of the best animated movies of all time. This deserves #1!

9Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
I've loved this movie since it came out, and watched it hundreds of times. Spirit is my life movie; the motion pictures, the music, the storyline, it's all so beautiful, wild, and makes you feel free. This movie doesn't get enough credit, it's the best animated movie of all time. It will be around forever, and is an all-time classic.


Best movie ever! I LOVE Spirit, and the music is incredible!
Its a great horse movie and it shows how he's not afraid to try and makes a really good friend too the boy and makes a good leader for his heard
[Newest]This movie is crap.

10Over the Hedge
I'll watch this over and over and wont get tired of it


I hate these kind of movies but I love this one


I loved this movie. It had some humourous jokes, great voice acting and an interesting plotline. It had a few funny gags in it such as the explosions and the thanks deep note. Overall, I love this movie. If you haven't watched it, watch it. You will not regret.
[Newest]I love this movie

The Contenders

11The Prince of Egypt
I love this movie! It has beautiful animation, great voice acting, and a fantastic music score. This movie deserves more credit than it receives. The song "When You Believe" deserved to win the Academy Award for best original song.
This movie is one of my all time favorites. I wish that Dreamworks would create more biblical based movies such as one about the nativity and one about all of the miracles Jesus has performed and the Crucifixion.
This has always been one of my favorite movies generaly ever made with animation. The songs are teriffic, the animation is solid, and it's from the bible so there's not much to say there.
[Newest]I literally love only Avengers more in the entire universe of movies. The ONLY reason this isn't #1 is because not enough people have seen it.

12How to Train Your Dragon 2
Okay, I am SHOCKED that this movie isn't in the top 5. Its great that How to train your dragon is the best dreamworks film, but how to train your dragon 2 doesn't deserve to be all the way down here. VOTE people! This film was so strong that it made half the people watching it CRY (including me). It was amazing to see all the characters in their 19, 20's. A big shock was how the teens' appearances changed, and how they turned into young adults. I found it really interesting when new dragons were introduced, especially the Bewilderbeast and Cloudjumper. The graphics were the best I have ever seen out of all animations and the soundtracks were so good that I could listen to them all day. The sequel did not let us down, just like Dreamworks had promised. Really, this film was so breathtaking that the whole time you could feel shivers all over your body. Vote for How To Train Your Dragon 2! And if you haven't seen it, then make sure you do!
I must say I never expected a sequel so good. The first How to Train Your Dragon was a masterpiece, but the way this story get's straight to the point, the coming of age, and let's not forget the amount of darkness and emotion when compared to the original is just simply amazing how this movie pulled it off. It managed to top the original in many aspects. The score was brilliant as always thanks to John Powell, and while most would be worried on how a sequel would live up the already brilliant original film, this second part delivers big time. Highly recommended.
This film is darker and more mature than the first, and expands upon its own universe. It also doesn't treat its audience like they're stupid and dares to take risks. The way it takes trusts the audience and actually raises the stakes with deaths and whatnot. And its animation is awesome, with REALISTIC WOMEN! (Shock, gasp! ) Yes, Frozen, I was looking at you. I thought it would 2nd, under the first one. Yes, I am shocked this didn't happen so, yeah, please vote for it. No, watch it and THEN vote for it

13Puss in Boots
This is a hilarious movie... Puss with his "aw" eyes is so cute!
I love it and I know you love it too
Cute, hilarious, best movie EVER
This is awesome. I and bro love this movie.
Chicks dig Puss in Boots.

14The Road to El Dorado
This movie is so brilliant. The animation is beautifully done, the horse is, as always, a hilarious character, and the very obvious love between Tulio and Miguel could warm the heart of even the coldest person. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but this movie has always been one of my favorites :-)
This is a very unique kind of movie. How many good movies do yu find that are about exploring Central America along with comedy? Not many. The music is awesome too! One of my favorites of all time!
EL DORADO is the word which get etched in your mind for a long time. Animation is what I always liked and this movie has uplifted it to a greater level. I am a fan of its music AWESOME! A must Watch m/
[Newest]The first dreamworks movies' animation was hideous in my opinion.

15Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa
This movie was hilarious...


It's such a cute movie! I will never get tired of it. It is way better than the 1st one! It will never get old! " I will always love it! "
I think this one is better than the first one


16The Croods
I think Emma Stone would be a good voice for Roll Light from Mega Man: Battle Network series.
The Croods was very good! It was very well written and the monkey was hilarious!
It is an incredible movie!

17Despicable Me
It was made by Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment, thank you very much.
STOP PUTTING NON-DREAMWORKS FILMS ON THIS LIST! Despicable me was not by Dreamworks, it was made by Universal Studios! Great film though.
Who put Despicable Me on here? It was NOT made by Dreamworks. It was made by Universal Studios and Illumination!


[Newest]Um Despicable Me is from Illumination Entertainment. Idiots ( no offense).


18Monsters vs. Aliens
Power time. Most excellent! Movie is plentiful time for each and other.

19Chicken Run
Wonderfully plotted, memorable characters, with hidden historical references - POW camps and Communism! I love it!
This should be at least top 2.
This one is my personal fzvorite, actually.


20Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
Nice movie, even background score firework looks like its just made for the movie scene only!
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is a flawless, revolutionary comeback to the Madagascar franchise. I am betting Katy Perry and Alex the Lion are in love with each other. If they were in each others' realities, bestiality would then be liable to happen.
Should Be Higher. Best Movie Of Madagascar Trilogy


Madagascar gets 8/10 stars.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa gets 10/10 stars.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted gets 10/10 stars.

The Penguins of Madagascar gets 10/10 stars.

21Flushed Away
Seriously? This movie should be in the top ten! While it's not the greatest (Shrek, haha), it's definitely worth a mention. It has very clever humor (British humour, may I add) that you can't get out of any other DreamWorks film. The most underrated dreamworks movie by far.
Yes, this gotta be top 1! Even the GBA version!
Because of the slugs singing makes me laugh
[Newest]How Is This So Low? Its My Favourite Dreamworks Movie EVER!


22Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
I love the animation in this movie. It will wow you with spectacular colours and action.
One of my favorite Dreamwork movies, a good classic.

23Shark Tale
Growing up with two younger sisters, most of the movies that my family owned were for kids that were just younger than me. The two exceptions were this wovie and Race to Witch Mountain. From the time I was 9 to the time I was almost 13, I saw this movie dozens of times, and it was great. The story is enjoyable, the characters are likable, and the animation looks great. Highly recommended.
Shark tale is the bomb! It's very underrated but I personally think it is very good! It's very funny and I find the characters to be likable.
I watched this movie with my class I was preparing to hate it but it was a pretty good movie but It wasn't as good as finding nemo

24Ice Age
Ice 'age is not a dreamworks film, it is blue sky studio film


Who put Ice Age on here? It's a 20th century fox and blue sky studio film! And who put Despicable Me on here as well?


The Ice Age franchise sucks dick.

I love this movie!, and I havnt seen it for ages, I want to see it again


In a class by itself. One of the best animated films of all time.
Nice film, but the ants really give me the shivers!

26Bee Movie
This really deserves to be higher up the list as it is hilariously funny and I laughed at every single bee related pun (and there was a lot) since they were clever every time. Barry's relationship with Vanessa was quite creepy alright but the movie was still heart warming and shows you that how sometimes the things you want aren't necessarily what you need. It showed us we should not be greedy but also to fulfil your dreams and don't just go with the status quo, follow your dreams. I really enjoyed this film and still really enjoy it now.
The comedy of Jerry Seinfeld keeps me coming back for more. Patrick Warburton's character is hilarious. I see something new in the elaborate backdrops every time I watch.
Wasn't from Dreamworks I think. And is a silly and kind of boring film.
[Newest]I'd like to see Vanessa naked!
Well, her thighs are going to thicken as well as that makes her ass enlarge, so then she would have a pear figure.

27Despicable Me 2
This movie is not form dreamworks.
THIS IS NOT DREAMWORKS! IT'S UNIVERSAL STUDIOS AND ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT! You people have not idea what you are putting on here! You people are stupid. Think about what you are typing next time.


Best movie on earth! Very funny too! Be do be do be do be do be do be do be do be do be do be do!

28Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
This should be in the top ten! '!,

29Ice Age: Continental Drift
Despicable Me, Frozen, Epic, Ice Age, Curious George, Finding Nemo?! Really guys? THESE FILMS ARE NOT FROM DREAMWORKS! You guys need to see what you are typing first before you post it.


Despicable me, epic, frozen, and ice age
You people should see a doctor on movie studios

30Shrek Forever After

31Shrek the Third
Just like how in the Shrek franchise Shrek 1 and 2 are good and Shrek the Third and Shrek: Forever After suck, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time were outstanding Mario & Luigi games whilst Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team were both horrible. No wonder Shrek: Forever After and Shrek the Third were both not put on the list! Because they were not decent.
Bowser's Inside Story and Dream Team were no where near bad games the were both great
Sorry, but I think all the Shreks after Shrek 2 were terrible.


32Kung Fu Panda 3
Dreamworks so far has sort of been cursed when it comes to third movie installments because shrek 3. And Madagascar 3 were the worst in the series. I hope this does not happen to Kung fu panda
This isn't even out yet


Can't wait for the fuzzy bear!


[Newest]This will be much better than the prequels.

33Curious George
I just loved David cross performance
You guys are crazy this thing is not dreamworks
This is a Universal Studios film guys.


34Penguins of Madagascar
It is really funny and cool this should be in the top 20

35Joseph: King of Dreams

36Wallace & Gromit

Epic is an amazing film, but is NOT made by Dreamworks! It is made by Blue Sky Studios!
Epic is not a Dreamworks movie; it was made by Blue Sky Studios.
Funny, cool and awesome
[Newest]This is awesome movie

38Finding Nemo
The fact that you people think this is a Dreamworks movie is hilarious.

39Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Witty, comedic and heartwarming, Mr Peabody and Sherman managed to capture my heart ever since I saw it. It really deserves the Oscar!
Mr. Peabody xxx Yoshi

Sherman xxx Kirby

Penny Patterson xxx Diddy Kong

P.S. This movie isn't too good.
This movie is deserving to have an oscar

I thought dreamworks ran out of ideas when this came out, but compared to other crap like 'The Nut Job' (Which is a clone of over the hedge) this movie is ok but how to train your dragon 2 is amazing and I want to see peabody and sherman.


When I saw the trailer for this, I thought it was a joke. Then I actually watched the movie and I thought it was amazing.


I can't say anything except

For crying out loud people quit placing non DreamWorks movies on this list. This is a Disney movie not a DreamWorks movie
Is this the Dreamworks list or not? Seriously, it is so obvious that this film was made by Disney, NOT Dreamworks! Search on Google before placing Disney films on the Dreamworks list!
Many people mistake despicable me and ice age to be dreamworks, but you must be stupid to think dreamworks made Frozen,


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