Top Ten Ugliest Actors

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1Daniel Radcliffe

He's SO charming during the early Harry Potter films, but now he looks like a shining armor, literally! - sdravenson

Ugh.. The most sickening face I have ever seen in my life, but I don't just hate him because he's ugly, all he ever does is enjoy hear himself talk

He is one of my favorite actors but he just keeps aging laugh out loud

Man is he pale and ugly! Terrible Actor as well trust me after Harry Potter he will never again play any major roles

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2Macaulay Culkin

even though he was an outstanding child star he is So UGLY omg I can't even say any more!

Gives me nightmares. /:

Steve Buscemi shouldn't be on this list, btw. - frostwiire

During childhood he was my favorite but now he one of the worst and ugliest

Good actor.
Creepy face. - jso11

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3Nicolas Cage

It's like he's permanently got this doofus look on his face, it pisses me off.. and the way he talks isn't any better. - squeakydeaky

4Robert Pattinson

"I know what you are. "
"What? "
"Vampire. "
"are you afraid? "
"No. "
I would be afraid, not because he's a vampire, because he's "rubbish" is what he would say about all the hot actors out there. He probably thinks he's a hunk. I want to hit him with a shovel. Thumbs up if you agree

Ugly, TalentLESS!
If only I could have something to create *Robert Pattinson Haters*
I'll Ask it. I believe it'll be so many poeple who agree with it.
If it already exist, then lets count how many haters he had. A lot right?!

5Steve Buscemi

I agree with the other people that have commented. His appearance works to his advantage in his acting career... So, in a weird way, its a good thing.

Yes, indeedy! You cannot get any uglier then this guy! Will never see him in a love scene with ANY WOMAN! (or man) - curlyqgirly

It doesn't matter because it works to his advantage

His eyes creep me out...

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6Ashton Kutcher

what a creep can't act at all what so ever god!

He can't act. He needs a lot of acting classes. Mabey 100,000

7Ice Cube

GAWD HE IS SUCH A SELL OUT LOSER! The three moles that he has look like tiny little bowling pins and if his nose got any higher we'd could see his brain.
- Oh-Yeah

A real poop, icky

8Jack Black

Creepy looking and talent less. What a dork!

And he's an atheist which makes him an even bigger loser!

9John Travolta
10Tom Hanks

What happened to his face?

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?Bill Cosby
?Seth Rogen
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11Owen Wilson

Oh, no. He is SO cute. Only people voting him up are jealous. No woman would put him on an ugly list.

that nose, sorry but he has enough money to get it fixed

12Eddie Murphy

Resist all the way

13Justin Timberlake

Acting, please don't quit your day job. His music sucks too

14Rowan Atkinson

Really, really do not like him. I just hate the entire 'Mr Bean' movies although I don't really mind blackadder... Still don't like him though. He's pretty ugly as well which doesn't really help.

15Arnold Schwarzenegger

Still isn't actor, but...

16Josh Hartnett
17Adam Sandler

I absolutely love him but he's got such squinty eyes and a cannon ball head!

Stupid overrated ass. Even his soul is ugly.

He is ugly inside and out.

18John Turturro
19Willem Dafoe
20Orlando Bloom
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