Top 10 Worst Rappers of All-time

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The Top Ten

Lil Wayne
His voice is so annoying and he's ugly, why is eminem even on here
Lil Wayne shouldn't be here. Dedication 2 and No Ceilings are classics along with the Carter 3
The only reason he is number 4 on this web site is that some kids haven't listened to jay z nas 2pac and biggie
Wayne used to be good. Now he rappin about the same stuff in all his songs
[Newest]I hate rap music
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2Nicki Minaj
She is only popular because she is hot. Why the @%#$ is eminem on here?
Whole this fake rappers from Young Money should be on this list. What is Eminem doing here?
Man, I can't stand ymcmb... An 8 year old could write better lyrics than nicki minaj... Who just happens to be famous for being in ymcmb and having a ridiculously HUGE and FAKE a$$!
[Newest]She hates skinny people for no reason! Artists like her think that being curvy or slightly overweight makes them victims and they try to give skinny people a bad name. We didn't do anything wrong! If you insult skinny people then you're just as much of a bully as people who make fun of you because you're overweight.
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3Soulja Boy Tell Em
Soulja Boy SUCKS! Its not even rap! Lil wayne is also bad but the difference is lil wayne really raps, soulja boy speaks
I'm pretty sure to be a good rapper, you have to know the English language, and Soulja Boy doesn't really have a firm grasp of his native tongue. And his beats suck.


I don't know about or like rap but he's just so awful
[Newest]His only hit song is about masturbating

He isn't rapper just a pop artist who thinks he is a rapper. He writes bad, pointless lyrics, and he only talks about money and partying
He has an annoying south American accent and sings half Portugese, half English. Learn to rap mate.


Y'all sleeping on Pitbull. He's a dope freestyler! Google old videos of him on YouTube. He just found his own lane to make money. Finally he raps in Spanish and English, not Portuguese. I'm not a fan of his music; however I do know he was and is a dope lyricists. It's just that ish don't pay!
[Newest]All he talks about is pointless stuff like girls money and partying and about himself and his voice is annoying
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52 Chainz
He has the worst flow ever
Let someone who's never heard of him a sheet of his lyrics and ask them how much they would pay to sign him, and they would laugh at you and walk away.
Why is 2 Chainz not number one? It's b/c, in the world today, people think that every rapper is seriously talented and it's just sad what kind of rap songs are put on the radio. 2 Chainz' music ain't even rap, it ain't even hip hop. His music is pop and I dare anyone to say otherwise. Nas was right. Hip hop is dead and every time I hear 2 Chainz "rap", it just confirms my words.


[Newest]2 Chainz is the worst. Listen to "Birthday Song" and tell me that he doesn't suck.

6Sagopa Kajmer
Sagopa kajmer sentence engineer..!
Sagopa kajmer number one. Best of rapper. Rap ın king
Number one sagopa kajmer
[Newest]What's he doing on here? He actually has talent unlike any of these other phonies in the top ten.

7Insane Clown Posse
This is the most god awfulgroup to EVER exist. Their scratchy voices make hem sound like white ja rules. Plus their musics all just them cussing about them killing or torturing somebody
Fan base is completely retard and need to be put down
Ok I have to admit I do like Riddle Box, but everything else is god awful crap. They have dim witted lyrics that the Stone Age people could of have thought of. Their voices are annoying. Also, they have one of the most devoted fan bases of all time. I don't know how! I think they are called "juggalos". ICP fans also defend ICP no matter if the insult is true or not. My favorite rapper is 2pac and you could trash him and I wouldn't care. Some kid at school ( I'm 12 by the way) said that 2pac was garbage and that MACKELMORE! Is better! But I didn't care. If you want to listen to some good "horrorcore" then listen to Esham, not these guys (and sorry for rambling)
[Newest]They look scary.. :(

8Vanilla Ice
He can't rap. Ice ice baby is now just a song people imitate and laugh at
Just a 1 hit wonder who thinks he's better than MGK and eminem put together for some reason
He used to make a good one hit wonder, now he's a sellout. He tries to be horrorcore and sound like Mike Shinoda even though he influenced him but his sellout stuff is indescribably bad.
[Newest]Yo VIP, let's kick it.

He is the worst because he says the same thing over and over again in every song. He is also so very slow at it, I can't even stand to listen to any of his songs.
He pays to get on songs
He should never ever rap
[Newest]What grown man calls himself "Baby? "

He wouldn't last one minute in a gang war
"HELL NO, Drake is not ass. He has rhythm and skill and it don't matter if Lil Wayne has more money, the point is that Drake is the 9th best Rapper in this life time.
Drake is the most fake in the game. Not only does he make up about how his life was "so horrible" and that he he thinks that's he's all mean and gangsta , but I think he actually believes it. The biggest problem I have with Drake is "All Me". He claims that made it to the top of the rap game all by himself, with literally no help whatsoever. What? Drake was on Degrassi, one of the most popular teen shows of that generation. Also he was never under any circumstances "poor". Drake grew up lower middle class at worst. And even if he grew up in a ghetto, (and no offense to canadians) he has no idea what Canadian ghettos are like compared to American ghettos. Drake was never at "the bottom" but a longshot. Yeah Drake, you had absolutely the worst life of all rappers. You should be compared to Eminem. And by the way, that was sarcasm.
Drake has to be the wackest 'pop artist' of all time. I cannot consider him as a rapper because of his use of recycled or cliched lyrics. He tries to act so hard but he is too overly sensitive and claims that anyone that doesn't like him is a hater. No I don't hate him, I just feel that his music was made for 15 year old girls that don't have any taste in music. I hope that people forget about this loser so he could end up on dancing with the stars like the rest of the washouts.
[Newest]He has potential, but he wastes it.

The Contenders

He just stinks no one wants to listen to a kid who changes the lyrics to your favorite songs. He tries to act black but he's just a rich 10 year old
This kid is a disgrace to rap he is just a little rich kid who gets all of his managers and his parents to write the lyrics to his song but the lyrics are not even good he has very bad flow his voice is autotuned. Even lil wayne, rick ross, soulja boy, pitbull, drake, gucci mane, waka flocka flame, birdman, nicki minaj are better than him
This kid is only famous for 2 reasons. 1. He's rich 2. 10 year old girls/ creepy moms love him. He just screws up your favorite songs. Like a rapping kidz bop!
[Newest]Let's go, come on. Get him to #1

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12Waka Flocka Flame
He sucks. He has no talent at all.
He is nothing but utter trash!
There are so many rappers that are just too terrible to listen to: Drake, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, Vanilla Ice, Birdman; the list goes on and on...

But Waka Flocka Flame truly is the worst rapper on the planet. No one even comes close to how terrible he is. Horrible flow, trashy voice, and stupid lyrics.
[Newest]He sucks hard I hare he's videos

13Lil' Jon
What is wrong with you guys? Lil jon is awesome. Look up get low and throw it up to see what I mean.
Lil jon is NOT a rapper only what he do is YEAH
This guy is so annoying, he only screams some stupid crap around his songs and has ZERO flow, only songs good with him are Bend Ova, Turn down for what and get low cause of the instrumentals.

AND WHY THE HELL IS 2 CHAINZ ON THIS LIST ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WIT YA on another list he's one of the best newcomers and here he's on rank 4 what
[Newest]Shut up lil Jon is the best rapper ever even better than Eminem

14Wiz Khalifa
Wiz khalifa is not bad so all you people shut it
Haha I'm dying laughing at you guys. Really? If he's not bad I should smoke some pot and write down the first 20 words that come into my head and autotune it. If that means people think I'm good, then I'm in!
Shut up! Wiz khalifa is AWESOME!
[Newest]He looks like a homeless woman and sounds like a cat getting ran over by lawn mower

15Chris Brown
Only good beat he ever laid was on Rihanna.
"And she accidentally slip and fall on my dick. Oops I said on my dick. I didn't really mean to say on my dick. But since we talking' about my dick, all of you haters say hi to it."

Those are actual lyrics that he wrote.
He is not a rapper at all and a pathetic singer
[Newest]He needs to stick to R&B. Why he started trying to rap is beyond me.

16Chief Keef
Easily the WORST Rapper currently active.
Laugh out loud. Some of this list is just a joke. According to this list Chief Keef is better the Nas. Illmatic is literally the best rap album ever made, Finally Rich shouldn't even count as music.
People, who listen to his music is drunk-ass idiots and he's 17-18 years old. NO LESS!
[Newest]Sosa is number 1 and he always will be

17Gucci Mane
That fool made the few worst rap songs in hip hop history in 2010-2013

He not having coming up something different in his music, because all he talks about cars, woman, clothes and especially get wasted
It's hilarious when people like him diss the biggest rappers of all time. Many people dissed Eminem and the only one that drew attention was Ja Rule who should be at least top 10 on this list.
No words to say music is dead hip hop is embarrassed

18Trinidad James
Ok he is just a jamaican fool with no talent
He's only made two songs. That's how much he sucks.
He's so damn ugly.

19Iggy Azalea
She is just the worst most annoying rapper ever I never new there was a rapper worse then Nicki but there it is
This girl can't rap. Her voice is SO annoying! Girls can't rap, but she's a WHITE girl! Eminem is the only successful white rapper. This girl just repeats what she hears black dudes say in their rap songs, which the genre is from their perspective. Iggy, you are from Australia, not from the hood, do something else for a career!
Her rapping is not rapping. She is a rap wannabe who wont be remembered in ten years. She just sucks, simple.
[Newest]Why isn't she higher up? She's not a talented rapper, and I wouldn't dislike her for that, but on top of that she is also racist and homophobic.

20Ja Rule
Ha ha being on this list is what he gets for disrespecting the best rapper of all time... Eminem
This guy's responsible for every crappy rap "love" song from the early 2000s, many of which are downright creepy. Also, he sounds like he's doing a bad 2pac impression.
Ja quit playing knock it off your not 2pac! Its true, the guy thinks he's so boss and thinks he's so good he's like 2pac. NO BODY REPLACES 2PAC
[Newest]He looks like a dog.

21Lil B
He doesn't even really rap, he just talks & it's always about stupid stuff. He basicly the same thing every time.
He should be at least Top 5. He is trash.
His lyrics seem like they were written by a 4th-grader. He never makes any sense, has terrible nonsense metaphors, and frankly comes off as mentally challenged. He could possibly be the worst rapper of all time, even worse than Souljah Boy.
[Newest]Oh my god. This guy makes lil Wayne look smart. Most of what this raps about is caillou, ellen degeneres, Miley Cyrus, batman, charlie sheen, and eating planets. Eating planets? What are you John Cena 2.0?

22John Cena
I've heard him rap, listen to his song "Summer Flings", not so good for me
Laugh out loud John Cena really?
Laugh out loud he made one album with WWE why is on this list
[Newest]He does rap though

Just another worthless lil wayne copy with no uniqueness he just follows in the mainstream flow of things he probably doesn't even write his own raps
Yeah but tyga has a good flow and could kill the beat so he shouldn't be on this list
One of the worst "rappers" in the industry, I hate this guy so much, he raps about the same stuff in every song! Money drugs sex, like you seriously cannot rap about anything else?! A HUGE DISGRACE TO RAP, and only famous because of lil Wayne, another stupid rapper. And absolutely ZERO LYRICAL TALENT, and always doing that same stupid sound at the beginning of every song! That stupid" hach' he sounds like he's choking on something and trying to hack it up, HOW COULD ANYONE LISTEN TO THIS GUY HE HAS NO TALENT AND RAPS ABOUT THE DUMBEST STUFF, and why the heck is Eminem on this list he's the best rapper alive!
[Newest]He's a Lil Wayne wannabe.

Kevin Federline has got to be the worst of all time. For those of us who have seen rap emerge from its beginnings in the early 80s, Federline is the end. I know there are many weak rappers like Rick Ross and Lil Wayne but you need to go listen to some Federline raps before dissin these guys.
Where would he be without Britney?

25Kanye West
Overrated piece of crap


No! Kanye is a great rapper... Listen to his album College Dropout it's a classic. Kanye is awesome!
The Kanye before '08 was strong and lyrical and had thought provoking stuff. The Kanye after '09 is ridiculously lame. (Bound 2) is one of the sorriest rap songs of all time. He is even a poor judge of talent--he is the one who put Chief Keef on a contract.
[Newest]Listen to graduation or college dropout

He uses all autotune, he's not a terrible artists but he doesn't rap very often
Sounds like a wounded animal
All autotune garbage no flow horrible beats sounds like his voice is cracking when he raps overall sucks how is nas before this garbage
[Newest]He should be the past the way he sounds

27Rick Ross
He is fat and sucks at rapping, and needs nutrisystem or something because he is going to end up like BigPun!
Fat ugly and bad rapper oh god help dis dude!
He can't even rap. Jeh we no RICK got a lot of money. Because he keep reminding us in is lyricks. N he need 2 slim fast. He need 2 take a gym class. He is the worst rapper ever.
[Newest]You're crap Rick! 50 Cent eat you
Will.I. am (God, that is annoying to type) is not only an awful rapper, but an awful producer as well. The few Black Eyed Peas songs that have been released in the past few years that were at least catchy weren't even produced by will.I. am, really. (Run-on sentence approaching) He has been recently following the tired formula of admittedly decent choruses, usually featuring a guest artist with approximately as much musical skill as will.I. am himself, with musically unrelated verses consisting of a 4-note bass line over a bored, stoic 808 drum beat with half-assed rapping littered with repetitive rhymes and weak flow, and it becomes more and more obvious as time goes on that he does not care at all about his music. Give it up, Billy.
He's awful man stick to producing...
He sucks major ass


[Newest]Will.I. am voiced Moto Moto from Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Pedro from the Rio franchise. He could also voice King Boo from the Mario franchise.

29Puff Daddy
Puff daddy has no flow he's just rich. But why the hell are there legends like DR. DRE, EMINEM, SNOOP DOGG and NATE DOGG in this list and why is Proof down there, is it because he's dead? Almost nobody knows him and the most couldn't judge over him, because they never heard a solo-lp from him (sorry guys for my bad english)
I'm so glad this guy isn't really relevant anymore. He occasionally still ruines a few otherwise good songs here and there, but at least people are finally sick of his talking. He doesn't even rap. He just talks. If you took away the beat it'd sound like he's doing an interview or giving a speach.


All that made p daddy sound good was mase and biggie who did songs together and p daddy just got all the money and credit Puff daddy was a good producer though but he can't rap or sing.

30Flo Rida
I don't need to say anything about he, he can't rap only sing and make songs with annoyng sounds and voices
He has the cheek to call himself a rapper, when all he does is 'sing/rap/talk' in auto-tune. I think it's an offense that he says he's a rapper. He should call himself a auto-tuned pop star. None of his songs fit into the category of hip-hip...need I go on?


This is gonna be controversial, but...

"You spin my head right round, right round / when you go down, when you go down down"

31Gorilla Zoe
He's not even real rap music. It's like listening to a garbadge come down the street. Every time one of his songs come on, I scream and kick the radio really hard.

Hey he is the best Asian rapper he really raps whats wrong with you I'm not telling this because I'm an Iranian but he is fantastic ( I'm a rapper:Ali mystry)
Father of Rap of Iran

33Lil Wayne
So bad he's on here twice!

34Mac Miller
He'll be gone in a year or two
He has an annoying voice that makes him sound 15 xP awful rapper. His songs are childish and sounds like kids bob
He is a good rapper but he is only famous because of ariana grande
[Newest]He has no talent.

35Tyler the Creator
I am only voting for Tyler because I don't understand why he's so popular. As you can tell I'm not a fan. I'll be honest, I've watched interviews and other stuff and he's a cool guy. I also respect his artistry and originality. That alone might be the reason why he is so popular, and why I don't like the music he makes. Let me do a quick run down of the things I don't like in particular. First I don't quite understand where he bases him self as an artist, first he's in Odd Future (OF), then he's a solo artist? His YouTube channel doesn't really help clarify this, and is confusing. It wouldn't matter because the stuff Tyler makes that isn't "OF" still features members of "OF", which goes the same for some of the other members of "OF" like Earl Sweatshirt. Secondly I find his lyrics don't make any sense, every line is irrelevant to the next, and they rarely have anything to do with the song's title. Even if the lyrics did have to anything do with the song title, I assume it's inside info that only Tyler or the members of "OF" can relate to. Other than that, each song's music doesn't mesh well with the lyrics. In a few songs they drown the lyrics out to an overbearing extent. Now Tyler in the public's eye is a "good rapper" which I can understand, but for me I just don't think so, sorry. Now if I could only say one thing that would show my dislike for Tyler the Creator's music; it is this: I can't understand half of the words he says in almost all of the songs songs, I would literally have to read his lyrics off a lyric site in order to relate to the music in any way. This is the sole reason I haven't jumped aboard the "OFWGKTA" train that has swept teens all across the world off their feet. How they become or stay fans surprises me, how Tyler and "OF" sell records and sell out concerts is beyond me, but at the same time amazes me to the core, and is why I keep watching his videos and trying to understand him, and at that point; it's art. It's art which I respect, and it's all from a man who might be dubbed in my eyes "a bad rapper", but nonetheless a musician who's just Perusing his passion, and who's doing a damn good job at the same time.


He is one of the best rappers Alive?
Why is Tyler on here?! He's good and I've heard a lot worse
[Newest]He raps about the same crap as Eminem bad child hood and what he will do to people so yeah his garbage

WHAT?!?!?! This is Ludacris!
Excellent rapper this must be a mistake.
Whoever put this in either has a great taste of music or has a great taste of music, I cannot believe Ludacris's arrogance, Ever heard Rollout? "WHATCHA GOT IN YO BAG, YO HOUSE, YO GIRL THAT SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE JIASCNAOISCNAOISCNAIOSNCO" Is it even possible to have a PS2 in your car? No, so stop making up stupid raps and go kiss your girl which SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE JIASCNAOISCNAOISCNAIOSNCO!
[Newest]Why is he even on here

37Reza Pishro
The worst rapper in the world...
He is an awful Iranian rapper
King of rap reza pishro
[Newest]King of Persian rap

38Riff Raff
I don't even know where to start with this guy... Just the worst rapper of all time, and I'm surprised he's not on this list, but then again I guess it's good that he's not well known.
This guy is a white guy who thinks he's black. His rapping is horrible and you can't even understand what he's saying when he speaks.
Here's a not so fun fact. Soulja Boy promoted Riff Raff.

39Ca$h Out
I'd rather listen to gorilla Zoe.
This kid is awful..
The laziest rapper in music biz. I mean, he did'nt even try.

How is he below Kanye? Plies is ugly, gross, and you can't even understand what he's saying. (but when you finally can understand what he's saying, you realize that he's just talking about hoes, money, and weed. )
Trying to imitate 50 Cent. Awful all around.

41Lupe Fiasco
Best rapper alive out there. There's no one touching' him on his lyrics and anyone who thinks they are is just fake. Really. Just sit down and crack open some of his albums, you'll be hooked for good.
Beast rapper amazing flow
He is an awesome rapper, he has good flow and he is also humble as well
[Newest]Yeah man he's good.

42Shawty Lo
I disagree. His flava is reeel and his beats are dope. Shut up

43Cher Lloyd
Cher Lloyd is not a rapper
When she attempted to rap, my ears literally bled
Cher Lloyd is not a rapper. Snoop is a rapper. Cher Lloyd isn't. Parappa doesn't exist. But he is a rapper. And he is better than Cher Lloyd at that.
[Newest]She tried to rap in The Black Eyed Peas's "Where Is the Love". She sucks at rapping, but Princess Peach is the worst thing ever!

44DJ Khaled
All he does is lose lose lose no matter
DJ Khaled shouldn't even be considered a rapper. All he does is shout during songs and I don't think he has ever had a solo album let alone song and if he continues to put on weight, he could become the next Rick Ross.
He doesn't even rap! He just produces
[Newest]All he does is shout "DJ KHALED! "

45Lil Mama
Has been named on of the worst rappers of all time. tried to earn everybody's respect by comming back to play lisa " left eye" lopes with the best selling female group of the 90's tlc (one of my favorite groups) she did not pull that of well. RIP lisa " left eye " lopes tlc4eva never forgotten.
Just... Terrible! NO NO NO NO Kill it with fire
This girl is nothing but a " one hit wonder". She only made one album then disappeared for the longest.
[Newest]All guys whose name starts with Lil are all terrible

Nas is the best rapper of all time why is he even in the top 100 on this list. His flow and lyricism put together are legendary and he definitely holds his own with the best rappers of all time. "Illmatic" is the best hip hop album of all time, and he still has other great albums like "Nas is" and "Stillmatic". Also, the guy that said Nas has terrible lyrics, congratulations. You have officially proved that you are deaf and have no taste in music.
Nas is one of the greatest rappers of all time, what the fack is he doing in this list?
Are yall high nas is the best rapper ALIVE his lyrics are so good and you retards are so immature are so ignorant you don't even know real rap And I've seen worst crap on this website like EMINEM is better then tupac, biggie and nas wats this crap
[Newest]Why is he on this list twice? He's a legend. -__________-

47Mike Jones
All he ever says mike jones whats my name we don't care get new material case closed

Sucks all he does is use auto tune
More annoying than wayne.
Auto tone, auto tone, auto tone. That's all he ever uses.
[Newest]T-Pain could voice Yoshi. He has such a melodious voice in general.

49Sean Kingston
He sounds like a robot when he sings.

50Danny Brown
He has flow but his lyrics are pretty dumb. Listen to his verse in 1 train
Cringeworthy voice, no flow at all, songs like "Dip" shows he has no place in hip hop at all. most annoying rapper in the world. only listenable song is DNA
He's an Andre 3000 wannabe

51Juicy J
In his songs he thinks he has swag but, lets face it, he has nil.
He is not a good rapper like Eminem
This guy is dope his always on de flow I like him
[Newest]I love juicy j, best rapper.

I actually grew up with his music
Jadakiss is one of the best punchline artists there is he needs better beats but all in all I like hom
One of the greatest just got to listen and pay attention to what he says

53Jim Jones
Flow = Absent Skill = Absent
What has he ever done in his life anyway? I just wanna know what has this guy ever done after he made that song "Ballin'"?

54Arsız Bela
Laugh out loud. He isn't rapper. He says rapper yo himself. But he not :D
Somebody, please help him.
He is worse than the worst
Nobody knows what he exactly doing
[Newest]He is not just the worst rapper of all time his songs are the worst songs when I hear his songs I want to kill myself

Your only thinking about thrift shop dumbass. Lyrically he is amazing. Have you ever listened to otherside? He has the lyrical ability but he just does his own thing
Honestly, is he a rapper? He speaks more and raps less. Ever heard Thrift Shop? Who the Hell has such a makeup and look.
He is only hated really because they still have thrift shop stuck in there head if you listen to other songs and his lyrics they are pretty good
[Newest]Only white teens in the suburbs like macklemore

56Professor Green
It must be a mistake, he's got a good flow. Believe me, there are worse rappers than him
People just had him on the list purely by his name

57Ganksta N-I-P

Isn't he a basket ball player?
His first album was dope. I don't care what anyone says. Listen to "Outstanding."
Did you hear him rap in Kazaam? He was terrible.
[Newest]"Let's green egg and ham it! "-Shaq

I don't think I need to explain anything else.

59ASAP Rocky
R you for real A$AP Rocky is amazing
He is a stupid ass cliche rapper. There is no message behind any of his songs. And he is never EVER Eminem!
ASAP rocky kills it this whole list is wrong
What why is ASAP on here he's the face of rap now
[Newest]This is a joke. go look up Multiply that song is ill.

Yas? He's just Nas but worse.


Yas very nice. In Iran
He is fart in rap! Very very bad!

61Nick Cannon
Worst rapper I had someone ask me whose nick cannon and I said exactly you don't need to know its nick cannon
Hmm I wonder why all the failed rappers end up making flop horror movies or worst laugh out loud end up in flop movies like the fast and the furious.
He needs to leave the music to Mariah
[Newest]He only got famous because of Mariah

62Honey Singh
This dude just doesn't know what is rap and top of that he's a complete retard! He changed his name to "Yo-Yo" Honey Singh!
What the hell is he doing at number 65? He should be at first place. He just sucks, I doubt Indian industry which has awesome artist and singers made popular such a piece of crap. He's just sick, even I don't understand why people even listen to his songs? I just shut my eyes try my best possible not to hear even a word or next I'll be hospitalized, and his videos! My eyes just burn. All his videos are full of semi naked women who don't even realise that they are standing with the most annoying person. Please, leave this universe, or first quit rapping, you can never do that. AND PLEASE PLEASE STOP IMITATING Eminem FOR GOD SAKE, HE'S GOD, AND YOU'RE AN ASS.
This guy really needs to Shut Up. I wonder people are losing musical sense to this Punjabi Retard..
[Newest]The idiot only raps about girls. This lunatic calls himself the Indian Eminem. Eminem took rap to a whole new level. This dude sucks balls.

63Kendrick Lamar
Are you kidding me!
Kendrick is the best in the game at the moment both lyrically and his flow is insane
Good kid M.A.A. D city is a classic. This had better he a joke
Kendrick is the best new rapper what the hell are you saying he's awesome maad city is sick
Kendrick lamar is the new face of hiphop
[Newest]How. How can he be o this list. Just... How

One hit wonder looking boy.

Probably worst I've heard, wannabe
She's a signer chick. She thinks she's all badass by selling drugs when really she's selling pills to skateboarders and surfers.

66Roscoe Dash
Sounds more like a constipated old man trying to "push it out" if you ask me
Good rapper, well he's alright if you actually listen to him

67Gudda Gudda
He not only looks retarded but comes with retarded lyrics to match
Thank GOD he never started a solo career. His verse on "Bedrock" was bad enough.

68French Montana
This rapper is sorry he can't even rap. Excuse my english
Ruins any song he's on
You know that whole expression about never judging a book by it's cover? Well this guy is an exception. Him and Twilight. Whenever people say anything bad about Twilight, you better believe that stuff. Same with French Montana.

69Shahin Najafi
He is just a slave to sing everything his master wants. He is not really a Persian rapper.
All my voice... All my love

Bohemia the best punjabi rapper
Best punjabi/Indian rapper. Eminem of India..
Pakistani who don't know what is rap.. hats off for his raps :P

71Ray William Johnson
He's not even a rapper... The hell?
Ray William Johnson could voice Knuckles the Echidna & go back to the retired "Your Favorite Martian" project, which will be in selective dimensions (some 2-D, some 3-D, some 4-D) & nt just be a YouTube project.

Also, Axel Chains & Benatar could have younger, shorter sisters.
Although that would be hilarious if he was.
[Newest]He doesn't rap, or sing..

Mgk is good on some songs he also has some good beats
Mgk should not be on this list he is going to be big
Great lyrics favorite songs from him are wild boy, invincible, lace up etc

73Big Sean
That fool thinks he gets women just because he has money. MAN PLEASE!
His lyrics are weak and has repetitive words like "ass" by 15 times in one song.
He gets out-rapped on his own songs by featured artists. just a wannabe in reality he only got any fame for being featured himself on some popstars songs
His rapping is so bad he only made one good song and the rest is terrible

74Big L
Big l is the best rapper ever why the $&@! Is he on this list
Yeah why is he on this list, he's dead

75Soulja Boy
Should be number zero, then one because he is the ultimate travesty to ever see rap history
Could you believe Kanye West actually praised Soulja Boy one time?
He's so bad he's on here twice. Near the top

76Travie McCoy
Absolutely a bubble gum soft pop rapper, goody 2 shoes emcee..
What Eminem is no bubblegum ducking soft pop rapper. No one can rap like him.
Gay rapper with no special lyrics
[Newest]Sucks my 4-year-old cousins ass

77Norm Ender
He is worst rapper in world.
He is best rapper in world.

I'd rather hear the sound of a 5 year old child being possessed then have to hear redfoo and LMFAO music
I dressed as this dude for Halloween. I made him look cool.
This dude is a pop artist, not a rapper. And honestly I don't like "LMFAO". They suck. :/

79Bubba Sparxxx
This guy is so not real.
I'm so glad he's not around anymore.

He has good flow though, and you can't expect someone from Maybach Music to produce songs with decent lyrics, except Meek Mill
I love him you people obviously don't know anything you just put people on here and its majorly childish
Wale is really talented with his lyrics listen to his song ambition
[Newest]Oh come on, why, how does someone even think his name up while on this site!

81Young Berg
Dear lord do I really gotta explain.

82Trey Songz
Um? Why is trey on here?
Guys trey is a r&b singer
Yo USHER is better than Trey Songz and Trey Songz has been rapping and singing way before USHER
[Newest]He's an R&B singer not a Rapper

83Sean Paul
Can't understand a word this dude is saying especially in his song " temperature".

Is this a joke Slug is literally the freestyle with Eyedea

85Rae Sremmurd
These guys gave me a new appreciation for Soulja Boy. Yes, I'm serious. At least Soulja Boy had somewhat of an idea how to make dumb raps that are fun to dance to. These guys are just incompetent in every way, from their flow, to their voices that sound like 10 year olds, to their crappy beats, and finally their rage-inducing lyrics.
Please just stop. This guy, or group or whatever he is, (I haven't listened to much of it so I don't know or really care) is just horrible. No flex zone is the worst I've ever heard. He sounds just like Young Thug! So he is trash!
I don't get how people can even like bozos like these guys. They're awful!

86Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter is a child star who was irrelevant before he was 20, in fact he is a singer.
They don't let kids rap

I love some of his songs

88Aesop Rock

Eazy E is a legend what is he doing on this list
Eazy is good, but he didn't write any of his own lyrics. Ice cube was responsible for nearly all of his lyrics.
What Easy-E is one of the best why did they even put him on this list he is in the second best rap group and this list makes me mad they put Kendrick, Nas, A$AP, YG, and Rich homie Quan rich homie just started rapping what is Eazy E doing on this list I am mad at this yet this website says Eminem is the best
[Newest]He didn't write his own lyrics. :/

90Lil Kim
The most nasty, overrated rapper of all time. She has "NO" talent what so ever.
All she does is talk about her private part's.
I love Kim, best female rapper then an now... Now and still

This should be #1. I don't even know how he's able to be on universal music


93Nate Dogg
Nate dogg shouldn't be on this list he is a legend R.I.P. nate dogg
Are you for real! Who the hell put this guy up here? Y'all crazy and deaf!
Why is Nate dog on here? Are you retarded?
[Newest]I thought he was a singer who did hooks on other people's rap songs. He's a great singer, but he probably wouldn't be too good of a rapper...

94Tyler James Williams
What he is an actor
Effing terrible, and yes he does rap I know one "Guardian Angel" with Koko Jones

95Immortal Technique
Are you serious his flow is amazing. The stories he tell are dope af listen to Dance with the devil.
Listen to dancing with the devil
IT is better than many. Especially his rap battles

96J. Cole
Why is j Cole getting the ass here? I hope you listened to got me up all night
What J. Cole is gonna be a legend people
Well, first off, its called Power Trip, not got me up all night, although it is good. Secondly, whoever put 2pac, Nas, and J. Cole on this list needs to just die, clearly you wouldn't know good rap even if it slapped its balls in your face
[Newest]I like J Cole's new album warm up is a pretty good lyrical album.

97Rich Homie Quan
This guy should be Number 1. He's a watered down Future, he talks slower than the average human being speaking, he wears skinny jeans just like every other garbage southern rapper, and his beats suck. He makes Gucci mane future and waka flocka look like wu tang
This dude is awful.
He's like cancer, except worse
[Newest]This guy and Young Thug should both be #1. They can't even speak English.

98Lil Durk
Molly girl is a good song but he got dissed so hard by game
He should be in the top 40


99Asher Roth

Let me make a song where I say the first word that pops into my head 1000 times in one song and I'll be rich too!
How are these guys not No. 1? Versace has the dumbest excuse for a hook I've heard in my life.
How are these guys not No. 1? Versace is the dumbest excuse of a song I've heard in my life.

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