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Barack Obama
Where to begin? 1) No experience and it shows. 2) Considered a weakling by EVERY foreign leader, friend or foe. 3) His "recovery" was worse that the Bush "recession" and why? - more unemployed now than under Bush, and considerably more poverty than in the GREAT DEPRESSION! 4) Rammed through the stupidly named "Affordable Care Act" that simply won't work and will probably be the final nail in the US Economy. 5) Acts like Benghazi never happened despite the fact that the sole remaining err, "Super Power" just got it's foreign mission in Libya destroyed with 4 dead Americans, but hey, who's counting? And to boot, did nothing about it. Oh, did I mention he was hurrying to a Las Vegas Fund Raiser during this fiasco? 6) Hides and protects his equally IQ-Free Attorney General after the Benghazi disaster during Congressional hearings while putting an Executive Gag order on all documents, memoranda and E mail transmissions. 7) Railed against Bush as a then Candidate in 2008 about the loss of our moral compass via torturing suspects. Yeah, that was nasty wasn't it? Then proceeds to become the Drone-meister-in-chief slaughtering thousands BEFORE capture; that is to say-BEFORE getting any valuable intel from them. I guess this is why they gave him the Nobel PEACE Prize or as I now laughingly call it: The Jack-the-Box, Money for nothing' and yer Presidency for Free Prize. 8) Authorized the NSA to basically mind rape the entire country -and that is a fair interpretation of what those spooks are doing - via reading every E mail, listening to every phone call, etc. 9) On top of all of that, he remains a brazen, narcissistic, ego-maniac, out of touch, imperious RULER from on high who actually, for-real, thinks he's the greatest thing since Lincoln.
Yes my friends, we have here the Blue Ribbon, Gold Medal winner of the single biggest Presidential election BUST of All time. And let's not forget he's finally replaced JFK as also the #1 most Overrated President of all time. And he's still got the bulk of his second term to go. God help us.
Obama signed the NDAA into law- one of the most dangerous laws ever created in the history of the USA! The NDAA effectively shredded our Bill of Rights! He has a kill list and has murdered innocent men, women, and CHILDREN around the world! He circumvents Congress and the Constitution by use /abuse of executive orders! YEP- I'd say puts him in the top ten, but since he now has more power than any POTUS has ever known AND has used it to dismantle our Republic and take our liberty then that to me makes him the #1 WORST POTUS - so far! Oh yeah, let's not forget that now federal government now has control over our health and bodies through "Obamacare. " And GONE is all privacy between patient and doctor-or all privacy for that matter! I can't think of anything scarier than that! More loss of privacy and freedom has happened under Obama than any other POTUS! It has now become very dangerous to live in the USA! Oh yeah, and the continued bailouts and out of control government spending-more debt accumulated faster under Obama than any other POTUS! AND still no budget after four years! The fed. Continues over-printing the funny money and the extortion of the American people through the (euphemism for this extortion) "quantitative easing! " Total failed economic policy! And he is a war monger! (Who received a Noble PEACE PRIZE? How ridiculous is THAT! Elections have just degraded to celebrity popularity contests between puppets! )
What has he done? NOTHING! He seems to want to plunge us deeper in debt. It's sad we even consider him for re-election.
Um, seriously? I don't even know where to begin with the guy. But the list is never ending. Just look at how the country started before he was president and how it is today. No one can convince me one thing has gotten better and if it has it wasn't due to this incompetent man. Someone impeach this law-breaking, unconstitutional "man" already.
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2George W. Bush
George W. Bush was a complete disaster and the worst president this country has ever had. He was an embarrassment and a mistake that never should have happened. We'll be decades trying to repair the damage this man caused our great country. He pushed our economy into an oligarchy, he destroyed our freedoms by trying to turn us into a third-world theocratic state, he destabilized the Middle East, was far too careless with the lives of our troops and with our nation's finances, and ruined our reputation abroad. Plus, he was horrible for our national unity. The hatred Americans feel for each other was stirred up to a fever pitch by Bush's policies. I believe Bush may have been well-meaning in some areas, but he had incredibly faulty judgement and the worst leadership skills of any president in memory. He never seemed to be in charge and let Cheney get away with all sorts of corruption.

The only thing that George W. Bush achieved was to make his father look like he had a stellar legacy in comparison. George H.W. Bush was far from a great president, but he was at least a competent one, and he's been a very good ex-president. His son hasn't even stepped up to the plate in that regard. I hope no one will ever come close to being as horrible a president as "Dubya" was.
Bush's administration, I can't even name all it's blunders. It seems like any new issue that arises these days can be attributed to him. Most recently, becoming aware that the oil and gas industry is EXEMPT from the clean air and clean waters acts! That's like saying all fast food restaurants can be exempt from health inspections (maybe I spoke too soon, wouldn't be surprised if Cheney threw this into a bill somewhere for us to discover). Then we have all the blunders we all know about, 9/11 (where CIA officers were resigning left and right because the administration would do nothing to prevent it), the Iraq War, Scooter Libby (who Bush pardoned), the list never ends.
Got us in 2 unpopular wars for unjust causes (looking for weapons of mass destruction remember). Cut taxes for the wealthy (and they did not produce many jobs) which cost the American people trillions of dollars in revenue. Is totally responsible for 3/4 of our deficit (heck of a spender). Oversaw the great economic collapse of 2008 and did nothing to try to prevent it plus had no clue how to solve it (he said no one could have saw this comming even though economist & news shows kept warning this was going to happen). The first few day's he did nothing for the victims of Katrina because he had other priorities (raise money for the GOP party). Even Castro of Cuba offered to give donations telling the world press that the U. S does not help it's poor people during a natural disasters. in finale Bush left office while the U. S was losing three hundred thousand jobs a month, economist said at that time it was going to take many, many, years for the U. S to recover from this economic disaster. Yes sir George W. Bush, one of the worst presidents of all time.
In my opinion, GWB was the worst President of all time. He just wasn't intelligent, and was a poor speaker. He relied on Cheney, Rumsfeld to direct him. He was out to settle a personal score to impress his father. I could never take him seriously as a leader of this country. One of our worst mistakes ever.
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3Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter is the WORST PRESIDENT EVER! Here are my top 3 worst.

1. Jimmy Carter- not a leader, raised the gas taxes, and did nothing. (he is worse than obama and jackson which I both hate)

2. Barack Obama- hey, you are leading our country EXTREMELY BADLY. DID NOTHING GOOD.

3. Andrew Jackson- a jerk and loser, a MEAN GUY. I know what you say, what am I thinking. well think about this, if you were a native American and a loser like a puny andrew jackson saying you have to go to Indian territory (aka Oklahoma) which was called the Indian removal act. HE COULD HAVE RECEIVED MORE LAND LIKE JEFFERSON WITH HIS Louisiana PURCHASE, a HUGE SUCCESS BY THE WAY. instead, he behaves like a jerk and is a bully to the native Americans

If you don't like this, JUST don't PUt THUMBS DOWN, ok
Jimmy and Obama, one and the same
WOW! How could you even wonder?
He could have done so much more as a President. He certainly had the intelligence for it, but not the personality.
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4James Buchanan
Bush was an idiot but seriously? This guy basically caused the civil war
He's universally accepted as the worst president the country has ever had. End of story


Anyone who thinks Obama is the worst president is obviously bias for several reasons, but the most obvious reason is that he is the current president and since Nixon time it has been cool to hate on the modern president. I don't think he is a great president but at least he didn't let the nation literally fall apart under him. Enter James Buchanan who pretty much basically let slavery spread and did nothing to prevent the Confederacy from forming. It is lucky that we had Lincoln afterward or else the United States wouldn't be the same.
Seriously, at least Bush was funny.
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5Richard Nixon
He was half and half. Great in foreign policies and installed the Clean Air Act. If he wasn't so paranoid and ended the Democrat's mess of Vietnam, he would have been regarded as a far better president.
Get your facts straight. Nixon was not impeached. He resigned when Congress was preparing to impeach him. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached.
1st president to resign in disgrace and when he was in the navy during ww2 all he did was play poker and win money and lost to a man (JFK) who had less life expierence than him
Would have been a good President if not for Watergate.
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6Lyndon Johnson
Why this President isn't number one is beyond me. He didn't lead anything. The CIA is the one who pulled his strings. In fact if Kennedy wasn't killed, he would have been the first Vice President in history to go to Jail just like his grandmother said would happen. He was saved by the CIA who he then owed everything to and let them lead the country for those four years that put this country in the dept that we are in today. He was the one who started it all. In fact, we would have been dept free if Kennedy's plan would have stayed in place. By Johnson not being number one, shows me that the American public doesn't know exactly what this man has done in the history of our country which is a shame.
A cowboy who sent thousands of young america to die in Vietnam because he couldn't keep his ego and pride in check. To loose kennedy and get shacked up with this man is perhaps the worst political event that has ever taken place within america.
A person who sent millions of troops to die in Vietnam, a unwinnable war in the first place. Far worse then Bush, who I thought was OK.
He basically used the Vietnam war to distract the American people while he pushed his ideals on our government. Plus I believe he was responsible for jfk's assassination
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7Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson has to be the worst US President this country has ever had, and if you know your history you will agree. First, he wasn't even elected, he was VP when Lincoln ( who could be our best President or at least top 3) was assassinated. He was the first president to be impeached, and after the Civil War when the country was in shambles and violent riots and revolts popping up all over the country; he did more to extend the period of nationality disunity and contention then he did to heal the wounds of the war and state of the overall country.

Also I do not believe Obama should be rated number one worst president, don't get me wrong I do not think he is a good president but there are definitely worst presidents in our history.
You think invading the Middle east is bad? How about forcing people, who's land you already took and who have adapted to your culture, out of their land because of their skin color?


People are only putting Obama because they are ignorant and he is the current president. Our country almost always hates our current president, but Andrew Johnson is by far the worst.
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8Woodrow Wilson
I disagree. The guy who talks about Woodrow Wilson causing WWII obviously has no idea what he's talking about. The Treaty was signed by Clemenceau and Lloyd George as well. As a matter of fact, Woodrow Wilson was the least harsh in that he wanted to avoid punishing Germany too severely for fear one day they might backlash.

Secondly, Wilson was actually quite progressive for his time period. He's indirectly responsible for the UN and was keen on seeing other countries gain independence. Although not the best president, he certainly doesn't deserve the title as "worst president" either.
Woodrow Wilson was a racist and only backed women suffrage for the votes. He also passed Sedition Acts that not only contributed to the Red Scare, but allowed it to run rampant in government. He encouraged self-determination, but only for European, or, rather, white nations. He denied the right for African and Asian countries then under imperial rule the same opportunity to choose their own leader and government style.
Federal Reserve Act of 1913, signed into law by none other. This and the NDAA are the two worst bills in US history, making Wilson and Obama the two ABSOLUTE WORST PRESIDENTS EVER!
Wilson foolishly led the USA into the War to End All Peace. He made the world safe for dictatorship, and his actions paved the way for Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.
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9Herbert Hoover
Hoover was not a bad president, he did not create the Great Depression. In fact, he tried very hard to prevent it. But an economic collapse of the stock market is uncontrolable. Hoover saw the nations economic boom in the 20's; and knew by the way it was going things were going to be bad, but not as bad as it got. He tried many different strategies before and durring the great depression to prevent and recover. Hoover was just in office at the wrong time. If people actually studied him, they wouyld realize that Hoover was a good president. Naturally the man in office durring the Great Depression would be the blame. Not fair.. So don't point fingers to quickly until you study the subject of the matter.
DAMN HOOVER! Not Hoover Dam
Cause of THE GREAT DEPRESSION. How can bill clinton, george washington and abraham lincoln even be on this list? They are three of the best presidents along with FDR and kennedy fifth.
Worst of worst make him #1 he almost destroyed America
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10Bill Clinton
Yeah, he cheated on Hillary, and that was horrible but he did do some good things for the country so I'll give him that.
Republicans in the house and senate haves the country a surplus and a fantastic economy and Clinton takes credit for it
My main problem with Billy Bubba is not the fact that he got a BJ that is between him and his wife. The problem was he disrespected the office of the President by doing it in the oval office and then lied about it under oath. That is what bothers me.
Clinton had the intelligence, the personality and all that it implies, but he didn't know discretion. He should have kept his affairs out of the public arena and out of the Oval Office. Also, when confronted with the affair with Lewinsky, he should have just admitted it rather than lying about it. Geez. For someone that smart, he made a dumb move.
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The Contenders

11Warren G. Harding
Harding was clearly one of the worst US presidents, although he is relatively unknown today. I believe his own words were, "I am not fit for this office and should never have been here. " Harding enjoyed being liked more than he prized being a good leader. While president, he busied himself with golf, poker, and his mistress, while appointees and cronies plundered the U.S. government. (They were dishonest cheats, who came to be known as "the Ohio gang. " Many of them were later charged with defrauding the government, and some of them went to jail. )
He cheated on his wife, only played golf and poker, and drank during Prohibition. Also, along with Coolidge, was the cause of the Great Depression. Horrible president.
Warren was a great president! He gave the rights for women to vote! If it wasn't for him, you girls like me couldn't vote probally!
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12Andrew Jackson
I honestly think that the whole "Indian Removal Act" was a blackmail from the bankers, I mean come on!
-JFK was blackmailed for going after the bankers, he was said to had an affair with his spouse, and the whole "Monroe" scandal. Not to mention he got killed by the bankers.
-Abraham Lincoln went after the bankers, got killed.

Andrew Jackson won against the bankers, and you guessed it, he got blackmailed... with the whole removal act against the Indians.
I am related to this maniac. No seriously, if you go far enough back into my family tree you'll find his aunt or something.
Jackson should be in the top ten. He was way worse than George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
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13Franklin D. Roosevelt
FDR fundamentally changed the relationship between the individual and the government and quite possibly eroded the democratic process (pertaining to the individual) more than any other president. Two thumbs way down.
Ultimate big government socialist. Failed New Deal policies which let Great Depression extend years beyond what it needed to be. Prototype of a bigger, harder left, Obama failed presidency.
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14Ulysses S. Grant
This man lead one of the most corrupt presidencies in our history
He was not a good president

15James Polk
The only president to support the extermination-not just treating unfairly-of actual citizens. See Mormons being hunted and eventually kicked out of their homes in the early to mid 1800s.
He was an all around idiot
Broke every treaty he made with Native American tribes.

16George H. W. Bush
Inarticulate, oblivious, a stooge of the far right, a legend in his own mind, replaced leadership with photo-ops, huckster, charlatan, not a Republican but a radical, a Reagan wannabe without the leadership skills


A crook, a person who has manipulated and stole from people since day one. Everything he has ever done has been done in secret and by cheating someone else. A terrible President and an even worse person. Not to be trusted.
I agree with this bush has to be the worse president that. We have had
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17John Tyler
He diid not work his way up to bulid the courty of america and nothing as change seen he become a prident

18Martin Van Buren
Was known as the Little Magician
Was president during the panic of 1837
Enforced the Indian Removal Act
This man was a basterd who was a rasist

19Millard Fillmore
Millard Fillmore created the can't help a slave escape law or something in the times of the Underground Railroad that's just mean
Stupid not a part of history.
Well unfourtunetly I had to do a report on him. However, he did not belive in slavery but again he did support slavery in some way

20Gerald Ford
Get a life and win a election clearly
Just a do-nothing President.

21Franklin Pierce
Franklin Pierce behind FDR? FDR is arguably our nation's greatest president! Pierce was a drunkard in the War of 1812 and couldn't even fight. He basically won the presidency because his good friend wrote a book about him. Let's not also forget the Kansas-Nebraska act basically spread slavery out west.

22Zachary Taylor
If he had lived longer perhaps history would have judged him better. As the last US President to be a slave owner, he was just on the wrong side of history.


23Harry S. Truman
He bombed Japan not the USA
He made us look like the bad guys
You should study history before making uneducated comments. He bombed mainland Japan because they refused to surrender and we wanted to end the war without an estimated 300,000 more allied deaths.
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24William Harrison
He was alright even though he served a month
Served a month, cheap.

25Benjamin Harrison

26John Adams
John Adams was an amazing man, but he wasn't a very good president. He didn't spend enough at the capital, he never really did anything for America, and worst of all, he passed the Alien and Sedition Acts which were terrible.


He was a great president, he stopped us from starting a war with France.
He did okay.. He shouldn't have passed the Alien and Sedition acts.
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27William Taft
He should be higher on the list than 22. You seem to forget he almost destroyed the Republican Party. He was non existent as President, and was responsible for raising tariffs and breaking treaties. In fact he was so unpopular at the time that his mentor, Theodore Roosevelt ran against him, bolted the Republican Convention and ran as the Progressive Party candidate. Thus led to the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson.
Fattest president that ever lived he was the 27th president he was 350 the only thing smart he did was add more banks for Delaware since he said that was the best state Delaware was also the first state.

28Chester A. Arthur

29George Washington
Whoa whoa whoa! Why is George on this list? He's technically the reason why we're a free country!
There wouldn't be a UNITED STATES if it wasn't for him we would have probably lost the American revoulition and if somehow we did there would be a king
For all of you idiots who think he should be on this list, let me give you a newsflash. The reason this country even exists is because of him! Without him the revolution wouldn't have started, and we'd still be under Britain's heel for much longer than we were.
Amazing general, one of the best in history, but a bad president. And it's not his fault! He was the first ever president! Wouldn't you crumble under the pressure as well? I take it back, he was really not a bad president, but he was not a good one either. He was mediocre.


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30John Quincy Adams

31David Rice Atchison
Although he only served as president for one day due to zachary taylor's "issues", dude was a huge pro-slavery guy and was very violent during bleeding Kansas.

32Vladimir Putin
I don't care if he isn't a U. S president. He deserves to be number one on this list.
The best leader in the world, god bless america
This guy wasn't a US President.

33James Madison

34Ronald Reagan
Are you for real? He was a great president. 1. ) He basically ended the Cold War 2. ) Helped get the Berlin torn down
Iran-Contra, raising taxes on the poor and middle class, Savings and Loan scandal, Busting the PATCO--the air traffic controllers' union--the union's complaints were legitimate), catering to the Religious Right, ignoring AIDS, refusing to crack down on Wall St excesses, reducing funding for college students, attempts to dismantle reasonable environmental laws, tripled the national debt, forced all social security disability cases to be formally reviewed because he believed that most of the beneficiaries were cheats (cost a lot more money than was saved. ) spent money on Star Wars missile defense system that was regarded by expert scientists and engineers as unrealistic and risky, promoted 'trickle-down economics'--which put a lot more money in the hands of the wealthiest.5% with little benefit to the rest of us... Closed the mental institutions and woefully, inadequately funded community mental health centers, creating a huge homeless population.
Ronald regan rules one of the best not worst stupid list how bad are you what's next lincoln
One of the worst. Probably had a touch of Alzheimer going into his Presidency. He was a B actor for God's sake. He said what his people told him to say. He is responsible for this country becoming a service country rather than a manufacturing one. He gave to the rich and took from the middle class, as they have all done ever since. He was a horrible President.
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35Dwight D. Eisenhower
Though Eisenhower was a military genius, this man's response to ANYTHING was to nuke it or overthrow it. Chinese conflict at Qeymoy Island, "Let's drop a nuke! " Lebanon Civil War..."Drop a nuke! " Democratically elected officials who WERE NOT murdering their people in Iran, Guatemala, Tibet, Indonesia, Cuba, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo! Some of these countries had just democratically elected new leader, but their new leaders could pose a threat for some corporations in the U.S. so Eisenhower had them overthrown. Some of these coups were epic failures causing the deaths of many innocent civilians and led to wars that caused the deaths of millions more. More than Truman ever "killed" during the atomic bombings.
He also refused to do anything about Senator McCarthy and his witch hunts, nor did he even touch the crumbling situations in the American South.
This man was not a great president and should go down in history as such.
One of the best. He was truly concerned for the country and it's people.

36James A. Garfield
THAT beardy guy died on his 200TH DAY.
What is he, an ORANGE CAT?!


37Theodore Roosevelt
He shouldn't be on this list, wanting to preserve nature, helping stop the Russo-Japanese war, shot in the chest and gave a 90 minute speech, wanting some equality between whites and minorities.
Why is he on this list?
I am glad no one is dumb enough to vote for him. Why? Because he is one of the best presidents
1. Created a lot of national monuments, memorials, and parks
2. Made the president be active and agreeable.
3. Knew that you need to please both parties.
4. Wanted equal rights
5. Passed the FDA, which made food safer
6. Uncovered the gilded age, and uncovered the corruption that were bad trusts.
7. Progressive

38Thomas Jefferson
Owning slaves doesn't make him a bad president, it just makes him a huge jerk.
He owned slaves and slept with a slave. an had her kids work for him till they turned 18

39Abraham Lincoln
Your kidding me? Lincoln is awesome! GET LINCOLN OFF THIS LIST!
The person who put Abraham on this list needs to smack themselves in the face, Lincoln is AWESOME!
You got to be Kidding me Lincoln rock Way Better than Obama.
Noticed a lot of you, instead of explaining WHY he was a good president, you just said, "Yeah, he's awesome! Why is he on this list? " Well, to be honest, if you would RESEARCH, he was not really a good president. He was NOT anti-slavery as many people believe, in fact some believe that he actually OWNED a slave! He also abolished the Constitution! Basically, he is no better than Obama!


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40Grover Cleveland
Simple he was elected once lost office than regained office. why does that seem mind boggling to you and I'm a ten year old.


This is in possible that he was president 22&24
With a name like grover he had to be a dork.
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41John F. Kennedy
Y the hell is JFK on here
Kennedy could not simply handle his own family "issues" and his own "cravings"/"temptations" so why trust him to be the head of your entire nation!?!? He was better than most and LBJ was a murdering traitor, who surrounded himself with only his kind! See who LBJ's buddies were and you will find the root of evil in your country! The problem is the US government, it is no where democratic, and even the days the people vote mean nothing! The elections are won before the first vote is cast... Largest campaigns, the richest friends... I mean Baby Bush wins both elections... Laugh out loud... He was not where he was out of popular vote or by intelligence! Fixed elections and daddy Bush was good buddies to LBJ and another traitor, Nixon, and oil money!
I do believe that he is overrated, if you read "Killing Kennedy" you will see why. He put many personal issues above his presidency. But this does not necessarily make him a bad president. Definitely overrated, but not bad at all.


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42Calvin Coolidge
I'm just voting for him to try and push Lincoln out of this list..
Created the trickle down theory which Regan used that rocked America
To be the worlds greatest country hands down!
Just by that he shouldn't be on anybody's worst list.
The funny thing is... you didn't even spell his name right.
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