Greatest WWE Wrestlers of All Time

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The Top Ten

He is legend of WWE

He is undefeated man at Wrestlemania
He almost beat every superstar in WWE
He can beat every one
He is the man who never die
UnderTaker is the best wrestler forever
With out undertaker, no WWE!
BECAUSE with out legend no one want/like to watch WWE

And, his return at Raw 21 Feb 2011 make WWE again best show in all over world

And triple h is also good wrestler but, he can't beat undertaker at wrestlemania

But if he want to try it so OK
BECAUSE he was try at wrestlemania, nut he can't

So one more chance he has to prove his ability
But I know, you know, and all people in world know he can't beat him.
No only he, no one can beat UnderTaker

Who cares if he lost to brock lesnar at WrestleMania xxx, he is still the greatest of all time
Simply the best of all time, this guys is a true complete package, he can wrestle and give great matches with whoever he face, big guys, small guys, high flyers, grapples, hardcore wrestlers, bret harts, HBKs, kurt angles, batistas, yokozans, hbk, mick foley, rock, Austen, jbl, sid, hogan warrior, bid daddy v, big show, lesner, H, henry, batista, kamala, rey etc... , he is the master of hell in a cell, he competed in 11 hell in a cell matches, he had plenty hardcore match classics, with mankind at hell in cell, boiler room, with Brock Lesner at hell in a cell etc... , he can give great tlc matches (with edge), he is the innovator of buried alive matches and casket matches, he is the owner of wrestlemania and with 19-0 including some of the greatest matches of all time, this guy can do things that other men cannot do, very agile, very deadly, the pace of The Undertaker matches are BRUTAL, he destroy you bit by bit, his hells gate submission is brutal, his chokeslam is legendary, his last ride is a back breaker and his tombstone is the greatest finisher ever, this guy innovate and refreshes himself and cope well with each ERA, he is the best pure striker in the history of pro wrestling, he has the greatest gimmick, persona and entrance in history, he is the LEGEND, the DEADMAN, the PHENOM, The Undertaker

The greatest of all time
UNDERTAKER is the best no one can reach at his position or get close to him he is greatest legend of WWE of all time without him WWE couldn't have gotten that position...
[Newest]The face of fear...

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2John Cena
John Cena does so much for the WWE and is a really hardworking person he cares about fans he's funny and entertaining.
He is the best wrestler in WWE history
He never gives up
He can kick out anybody finishing move
Just watch out John Cena is here in this world
John Cena is the best wrestler he has almost beat each and every wrestler in WWE and we can hope that john is the one who will break undertaker's streak, as you have seen john's increasing his status day by day, he is the one who will defeat The Undertaker and he is the one who will defeat the rock...
[Newest]Cena tap out fighting with chris benoit
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3The Rock
Are you guys crazy?!?! The rock is the MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN ALL SPORTS! He kicked undertakers ass and kicked John Cena's ass and will kick it again at wrestlemania 28 and not to mention that he WILL LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN ON EVERY WRESTLER'S CANDY ASS that faces him in the ring
Oh yeah! It is the greatest one, danger man of world wrestling. No one is like him. He is totally different than any other wrestlers. His attraction works into the left side of the heart of the people and this is why he is the champ of people. Only the rock is able to electrify when he plays. He is perfect with his body shape, body language and his height. He is also a good speaker with good logic. His entrance is a threat of all wrestlers. The rock has come back to win over everyone. Nothing can stop him. The rock will bring it.
I don't think anyone is here in WWE to match-up with the rock.
[Newest]You are like real rock also
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4'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
I love stone cold steve austin they will never have another wrestler who can have the crowd of their feet with just the mention of they name. He is just the best they ever had
Why should Stone Cold be on the top of this list? Because Stone Cold Said So. He was the best badass the WWE has ever seen. He was way better than any wrestler. I mean come on, how many wrestlers bring a beer truck near the ring and hose Mcmahons and the Rock
Come on when he pointed the gun at Vince's head it was one of the all time greatest moments in television history. I mean stone cold saved the WWE at time when wcw was hot on the trail of toppling it. While there's been a few glimmers here and there of new stars to take his place no one has made the WWE as interesting as Austin did back in the late 90s. Everyone was watching Monday night raw and dreaming of being able to do to their bosses what stone cold did to Vince. It was the best story line in wrestling of all time. I mean when he drove the beer truck into the area. It was pure brilliance
[Newest]Come on... He should be at least number two...
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5Shawn Michaels
The most charismatic WWE superstar of all time! #3? Are you kidding me?
Hbk is the greatest wrestler of all time, hands down. He could beat anyone anywhere. He beat undertaker in the first ever hell in a cell and was in the first ever ladder match and he also came the closest to beating The Undertaker at wrestlmania. HBK FOR LIFE
Yep HBK the best of best the cream of the crop the master of master the legend of legend one of the most favorite wrestlers seen I think it is so totally safe to say that HBK The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is the greatest Wrestler Ever!
[Newest]Miss the greatest wrestler and entertainer.
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6Triple H
In the past 16 years of his career he have owned all other superstars ranging from The Undertaker to John Cena he should be on the top already. H is the best superstar to ever step foot in the squared circle.
If we start dissecting wrestling into single skills (in-ring abilities, mic skills, etc) Triple H is not the best at any particular aspect, but yet he embodies the spirit of wrestling like no others in my humble opinion. His charisma is outstanding and he can be awesome both as a heel and as a babyface. Although he was mostly (as a heel) a self-absorbed, arrogant character, he actually made a whole lot of other talents shine (Shawn Michaels, Batista, Orton, Cena just to name a few) and never refused a job. No single wrestler in the world (except Ric Flair) can match his career (in terms of longevity and accomplishments). For all these things he is the greatest (in my humble opinion).
He's coming back at the Rumble or b4 Christmas


[Newest]He is a triple man
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7Hulk Hogan
Hulkster must be @ #1.. He made the wrestling more popular.. WWE ran into a billion dollar industry and paved way for today's high paid stars.. He ruled Wrestling over 2 decades. Hogan is beyond icon in the wrestling world. You ask anyone who he is and they know for the most part.
His ability to sell tickets is unmatched by anyone. His past matches basically have proven that if you work a program with this guy, then you are going to get noticed.
He has never been the best worker and he has the tendency not to put people over, but face facts, fans, there is nobody more charismatic than this man.
Hulkamania is a legend... He made the wrestling more entertaining... Even Arnold is a huge fan of him... Hulk Still Rules BROTHER...
This Man Is The Real Maneger Of The WWE He Should Back To His Company.
[Newest]I mean come on Hulk hogan got WWE were it was today, He body slammed Andre the giant and beat him. He had an Awesome brawl with The ultimate warrior and he will always be remembered as one of the best the world of wrestling has ever had.
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8Randy Orton
Randy is the best... And at the age of 24 he become the youngest world champion ever... He the perfect champion... The apex predator... THE VIPER randy is the best wrestler ever been born in the WWE better than John Cena, under taker, shawn michels, batista, and every other super star, at the end HE CAN BEAT THEM! No body is safe from the viper he will kick anyone in the skull if he just tried to stand against him actually nobody can, randy is the best you must all admit that... What you think doesn't matter because he is the best wrestler ever and the best champion ever
Randy is the super champion of the WWE who can beat great wrestlers like cena, sheamus, batista, 3 h, shawn Michael, taker, batista
First place! Great champion! Best superstar! No competition! Unmatched! Unbeatable! Better than cena!
[Newest]He is the youngest champ
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9Rey Mysterio
He is very small but he can even defeat the bigger players like undertaker easily by using moves like by rolling moves like tornado dot, monkey flip, bull dog etc and flying moves like moonsualt, west coast pop or etc and his best move 619
The Giant Killer, The Biggest Little Man, The Masked Maestro... He is the 2 time world heavyweight champion, former WWE champion, 4 time WWE tag team champion, 3 time cruiserweight champion, 5 time WCW cruiserweight, 2 time intercontinental champion you GOT to love him...

If he's not in the top 5, I committing suicide!
Man, he is awesome
[Newest]Small but fast the master of 619 is class
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10CM Punk
One of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE. CM Punk is the total package and he is incredible on the mic.
CM Punk deserves to be on the top ten because Punk is the Best in the World. There are a few Superstars as influential to the WWE Universe as CM Punk. Always controversial, Punk has never been afraid to speak to his mind. Having won multiple World Championships, Punk has the skills to back up his words and the ambition to inspire change in WWE. He caused an uproar in 2011 when he left the company with the WWE Championship in hand. But his controversial absence paid dividends, as he became a fan favorite upon his eventual return.
This pisses me off, CM Punk is the Best in the ring and on the mic. He can cut promos better than Stone Cold, The Rock, John Cena, and everybody else in WWE of all time. He has put on great matches that will be remembered for ever. He is the only two time Money in The Bank Winner! He is the greatest WWE Champion of not only the modern era, of ALL TIME. 434 days as WWE Champion, more than John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels. PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES CM Punk HAS BEEN THE BEST IN THE WORLD SINCE DAY ONE GIVE HIM SOME RESPECT ALREADY.
[Newest]Best wrestler ever. WWE didn't give him the opportunity to show the world what he is capable of. They just lost the only unique superstar of recent time who has the best fan following.
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The Contenders

11Bret Hart
Best wrestler ever. no one defend the title night after night like Bret did.
Won the WWE champion and could have won the 1996 royal rumble but the ref didn't see him eliminate steve austin and made stone cold quit in a I quit match.


Of course he is the best, he is number 1 because of everything:intellegent, respectful, tallent and love.
[Newest]He is the Best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. He never gave up and his sharp shooter was awesome and his rivalry with HBK was the best!
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Goldberg is the Man. He is very powerful and he beat all of WWE wrestlers. He beat batista, triple h, the rock, jericho, kane, batista, randy orton, ric flair, sid, hogan, sting, kevin nash, scott hall and...
His strength is in his jackhammer on big show.
Not #1 but he is the strongest id say replace rey mysterio with him I think goldbergs jackhammer is awesome so much strength in him
[Newest]No one can ever beat Goldberg without their tag team partner.
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13Brock Lesnar
Super powerful, he had to retire because he was too dangerous in the ring and caused many injures. Now he's in UFC. I don't envy whoever he fights.
I Love this guy because the beast brock lesnar most dangerous former ufc. Wwf. WWE mma on then WWE world heavyweight champion brock lesnar
His power and confident make him powerful and one of the best wrestler in WWE
In real no wrestler in WWE could even stand 10 seconds in a match with brock lesnar. He has honed the skill of mixed martial arts which makes him even more dangerous than when he arrived to the scene the first time. Cena is at no- 2 in this list only because lesnar left WWE at his peak if lesnar as been around the last decade in WWE the his stature in WWE would be even bigger than that of taker, hogan, Michaels etc. Moreover let me tell all the cena fans that the fu now (aa) is just a cheap attempt to copy of f5 don't believe me than check the record. Brock lesnar once broke the ring by slamming big show from the top this shows how much strength he has.
I think there are wrestler that can beat lesnar in fact Cena and HHH done it
[Newest]I love to see the Brock Lesner wrestling.

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Actually Edge is is a 12-time tag team champion including an unprecedented seven reigns as World Tag Team Champion with Christian. He won the 2001 King of the Ring Tournament. He is the first money in the bank winner.
He has won the royal rumble and has some elimination chamber records
He is the 11 time world heavyweight champion and 7 time WWE champion.
Edge.. should be 1 and ill tell you why. Win or loose half of WWE'S greatest moments would not have happened without him. The rated R superstar is the best. Here are just a few of his greatest moments, Spearing Jeff Hardy from a 20 foot ladder, Headlining wrestlemania against The Undertaker in an amazing match, cashing in his money in the bank against Cena, Cashing in ANOTHER money in the bank against Undertaker (winning both of them) Created the TLC match, AND HAS MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ALL THAN ANY WRESTLER EVER! Why he is only 13 is beyond me, lets get him to the top!
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15Chris Jericho
This really pisses me off.. Jericho 21!? Can I remind you that he is a multi time world and WWE Champion! 9 Time Intercontinental Champion! First Undisputed Champion by beating the rock and stone cold steve austin in the same night. Chris Jericho has beaten the greats like Undertaker... Kane... CM Punk... Steve Austin... Rock... Edge... Randy Orton.. Rey Mysterio... Hell He beat Shawn Michaels on consecutive occasions in the same month including defeating him to retain the world title
Who are you so ; tell chris jericho to fight greatest player of all time stone cold steve austin
Y2J is the best at what he does. This guy can play all sorts of matches-ladder, steel cage, last man standing. Plus he is one of the greatest heels of his generation along with triple H.
This is the man who defeated The Rock and Stone Cold at the same night to win the Undisputed champion man!
[Newest]Chris jericho can't beat stone cold steve austin I know he has beaten and now he can't he is a looser
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Batista is definitely #1! He's been in hardest match ever and won. One sentence he said was " You don't know what it's like to be in a cage with animal. "
You are best wrestler in WWE! Batista when you defeat randy Orton the face of randy Orton is really very funny! And I am so angry on your friend rey mestireo I never accept this but I want to know why you friend ship is broken. I know this have great reason your oppnents do this I will never accept this but maybe this is randy orton I want broken face of under taker because I know you are a legend of WWE you have to defeat every superstar of WWE
This guy is great at wrestling, and that what I just said was one of the reasons I came here. But the MAIN reason why I came here was that 2 weeks ago from now, I had a little feeling that I was going to get a little bit POed. And that feeling just came true. And you know what it is? I'll tell you. People on the Monday Night that Batista returned started to tweet that "The Animal" will WIN the royal rumble. Which is exactly what happened last night. Now I start seeing people tweeting how Batista shouldn't even have won it or didn't even deserve to win it. Now I start hearing people booing Batista tonight? PEOPLE, What did Batista do? He's only been in the WWE for a week, and at least get a little bit more respect than this. He only won the Royal Rumble, which is impressive because it was his second royal rumble win. My point is, He's a very talented wrestler and a very athletic man. Just stop criticizing him. He didn't even do anything wrong!
[Newest]Who let the animal out

Kane is one of the true faces of the WWE, and are we forgetting 2001? 11 eliminations, he is 3 eliminations away from breaking Shawn Michaels record for most eliminations of all time, 13 consecutive Royal Rumbles? Most of all time. Kane has a lot of history and records
Kane had the best storyline buildup to a debut more than any other gimmick in the sport of Professional Wrestling. And intentionally only being a temporary gimmick at the time, just to shock the wrestling world with his skills and physic and his hight. But the Mask played a major role in his success. Kane was not a talker, just a destroyer. Even without the mask, he showed a demented side to his persona, Destroying Raw GM Eric Bishoff, Tombstoning WWE Owner Linda Mcmahon on the steel ramp, Electrocuting Shayne Mcmahons Testicles, Setting Jim Ross on fire, just to name a few.

But Kane also has humor in different ways, like when he showed up during the Minis Matches when he had the mask. His night of destruction (which is my favourite moment of Kane), owning both The Rock and Hulk Hogan in one segment, to Anger Management where Kane was asked to tell his life story, witch everything he said was actually true laugh out loud.

But even though Kane was more of a mute with the full mask on. Kane's underrated Mic skills really showed in 2010 when he was feuding with The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio. Even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in mine, Kane is one of the greatest all around performers in history of the business. from having all those terrible gimmicks, to having a temporary gimmick and making it into a main eventer. Not many Wrestlers can do that. Kane will always be a legend in WWE. And Kane-A-Nites like myself will never let the legend disappear. Kane has earned the right.
The kane is very strong and the kane is first who won the match of kane vs Undertaker.
[Newest]A great man like him disgracing him self. why can't they be like John Cena. He too is depending on the authority team. I wish my opinion arrive to them
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18Daniel Bryan
Goat face, just the best!
Daniel should be number 1!
#1 contender for the WWE title. He is the best and the fastest in momentum gainer
[Newest]Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

19Jeff Hardy
Jeff hardy is the outstanding player and no one could do the stunts and move like him
This man made me watch wrestling. He is the most extreme superstar that I ever seen. He can jump off 20 feet to the ground, no one will do that except Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy should be the WWE Champion right now.
His stunts were the awesome and his extremeness was the best of the best definitely deserves my vote. He was the reason I watched WWE and when he left I stopped watching
[Newest]Good wrestler in WWE and tna
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20The Ultimate Warrior
He is the best. he could win every time and everybody, except his unfair enemies
He Is The Most Prominent Wrestler And His Place Is On Number 2 because He Is Most Strategic And Full Of Stamina I Love His Style He Should Be At 2 After Goldberg
Beat hulk hogan in peak hulkamania mode. Dominated undertaker in 91. Dominated andre the giant. Beat every1 that mattered in WWE from 88 to 91. Created a super hero type character with the greatest intensity
[Newest]Why is the ultimate warrior number 20 if I remember the ultimate warrior has beat The Undertaker so the ultimate warrior should be in the number 1

21Ric Flair
The Greatest WWE/F Wrestler Of ALL Times. 2 time WWE champion. 3 time tag champion. Hall of Fame. Royal Rumble.
I love him from childhood. Most voters here are kids who don't know much about the past. Ernest Okojie
You are so awesome ric flair your a lengend WO
[Newest]Has. All. The. Women

22Kurt Angle
True, the fact that, in real life, the Olympic champion would beat any one of these guys in combat is probably not reason enough to give him the vote, but add that he's one of the best in-ring performers, that he can be a hilarious heel or a likable face, and that he has the best theme music EVER, and that's more than enough to give him the vote.
His intensity is unmatched... Very few have such intensity and integrity to compete in a wrestling bout like him. Never ever count out the Olympic winner! He should be in the top 10 for sure. This current ranking (24) is actually an insult to what he's done for all these years.
[Newest]Stone cold stone cold is the best

Sheamus has been the WWE champ and United States champ. Plus he has beat John Cena in a table match. He was breakout star of the year in 2010.
He is the best in whatever he does. He almost ended Cenation. He is very courageous and does not fear anyone
Sheamus is the hottest thing on Smackdown right now. In the beginning he said he would become Smackdown. He was right. He's the missing link to wrestling. His brutal, tough Celtic ways are new and exciting. He's also very easy on the eyes and lets not forget about that marble body. What can't you love about him. He is the ultimate wrestling warrior.
[Newest]10 beats or bodhran huh, more like 10 beats of PURE AWESOMENESS! Sheamus is the best wrestler

The fact that sting isn't even in the top 20 on this list just shows how much of a joke it is and should not be taken seriously. Easily one of the best of all time with a perfect combination of athleticism, wrestling talent and charisma. His crow gimmick is one of the best gimmicks in wrestling history
Sting is the ICON! A man who the WWF has relentlessly pursued for such a long time. He is seriously on par with the likes of The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and Jake "the Snake" Roberts.
Gotta be in the top 6 or 7. Nothing like watching Sting putting the Scorpion Death Lock on unfortunate opponent!


[Newest]Sting is my favorite wrestle

25Eddie Guerrero
He was the Latino Heat. Remember him as the one winged angel!
His energy in the ring was beyond ordinary men
Simply the most beloved and charismatic Mexican wrestler ever in the WWE! Paved the way for future Mexican talent!
[Newest]I cry and smile every time I remember him

26Andre The Giant
Andre The Giant doesn't have great wrestling skills but because of his size and 15 year win streak I feel Andre should at least be in the top 10
15 years undefeated that's longer than most careers on this list
The 8th wonder of the world is the greatest wrestler of all time, everyone stood in awe of this man and nobody could truly beat him, he has the longest undefeated streak in the history of wrestling, he truly is the champion of champions.
[Newest]I can't believe Andre' the giant isn't still alive he was to good to die

27Big Show
He's actually incredible. He's so big and strong, he has a great song to walk on to, he's INSANELY tall, and he's one of the most famous wrestlers in the world. Imagine walking into him in a dark alley and you had no idea who he was... YIKES! Laugh out loud


Big show is to strong he did beat the streak of the great shoe khali hope jack swagger is next
Hey he is they best EVER people he almost beat The Undertaker in the world champion game he should be in the top 10 at least he can beat edge and Mark Henry the so called world strongest man
[Newest]A big man like him still looking on the authority team. I am shame of him.

28Randy Macho Man Savage
Macho without a doubt was the entertainment of all his matches, he kept you on the edge of your seat on all his matches. When he was a bad guy you didn't expect him to turn good and vise versa, all the other wrestlers especially four moves hogan you knew what the outcome was gonna be right away. I know I stopped watching wwf wrestling once he left.. It really became lame.
Ooh yeaahh non like him; unique, entertaining, athletic.
Not even close. By far the best WWF/WWE wrestler ever!
Ooh yeah!
[Newest]Greatest Wrestler of All Time

29Rob Van Dam
So totally awesome! He is really good at dodging hits, kicks, dives, signature moves, and finishers. He is very flexible. He is also very good-looking. He was a cute baby!
He is simply the best high flyer ever in WWE or the impact he is just an all around beast
He is my favorite wrestler of all time and is the greatest. I have no doubt that if van dam was still in the wee he could easily match up to greats like The Undertaker or John Cena!
[Newest]Rob van dam is awesome

30Chris Benoit
I would say excluding what happened a few weeks ago you can never take away his pride dedication and hardwork to wrestling truly should be on this page
He is small but hard soldier in the ring. No one can beat him easily. In WWE history he is one of the most famous person.
How can anyone put someone like John Morrison ahead of Chris Benoit, this guy is a ' legend, man. Gotta put him in the top 20 at least, I mean he went from number 1 in the royal rumble to win it in 2004, and beat Shawn Michaels and Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, and still, someone like John Morrison gets in front of him, when will you people learn.
[Newest]Best technical wrestler in the world.

31Roman Reigns
The powerhouse of the shield with an amazing super punch the future face of the WWE
Don't think it'll be long before this guy shoots on up the list!


He is stronger than every one. At wrestle mania 2015 he will face dangerous brock lesnar who had defeated John Cena. But Roman reigns will defeat Brock lesnar
[Newest]He must be #1 because he is my best wrestler.

32Mick Foley
There are a lot of people voting who are apparently too young to have ever seen Cactus Jack or Mankind in the ring. If they had, Mick Foley's rating would have been much higher. This man completely sacrificed his body in every match. In the ring, a few good throws and a choke slam might stop him; in real life, you would a half dozen Marines and a bulldozer.
One of the coolest (funniest) costumes I've ever seen on a superstar. He is really Mick Foley, one of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived. He is also Mankind who got chokeslammed off of a cell by Undertaker onto an announcers table and lived to tell the tale. His incredible finisher and wrestling make him one of the greatest.
The classical wrestler of all time... & he is a good writer too... Best hardcore wrestler...
[Newest]A living hardcore legend

33Bruno Sammartino
This list shouldn't say "best WWE wrestler of all time;" it should say "Best WWE wrestler of the past 10 years." All time means since the beginning of the WWE, folks. That goes back to 1963. Sammartino held the title for a total of 12 years, dominated the promotion like no one before or since and was known, for good reason, as "the Living Legend." People who say a list covers all time but only go back 10 or 15 years need to get a reality check.
Nobody ever held on to the WWF (what the WWE used to be known as) title longer. Bruno didn't need a theme song, he didn't need to be showy, he just kicked butt.
Nobody sold out madison square garden more than Bruno, the same can also be said about the boston garden. Bruno Samartino never lost a steel cage match and never had to rely on steroids like today's Wrestlers.
In my opinion if there was no Bruno there would not be a WWE today.
[Newest]The greatest and super legend of All wrestling corporation..

34The Phenom/The Undertaker
The best in the world and has kicked randy orton rko at the wrestlemania
The real guy who face like man to man.
The strict, undefeated please come back to wrestling because you are the best 20-0

35Sin Cara
Even he is new, he must be from the top 10, he is a great wrestler that'll probably bea champ when he will be given a chance. And he hadn't been defeated since he begun.
This guy is better than rey, he's more athletic and skillful. Sin Cara will definitely be a MASSIVE superstar in the future...
Sin cara is awesome but he has lost to Rey but he has defeated him also so we can, t say sin is better than rey and nice info
[Newest]He is a Mexican high flier.

36Kofi Kingston
Kofi kingston will be down for the bet high flyer ever he was a a legend superfly intercontinental champion and he's my favorite wrestler even more than The Undertaker
Kofi Kingston I first heard about kofi Kinston when he was on Disney on kickin it. And I love his catch phrase I can fly
Kofi Kingston is very good and the best highflyer and I like him
[Newest]Kofi you don't know how to fly but still you are a good bird

37(The Game) Triple H
Triple H is the best wrestler in the history ever!
He is a 13 time world champion. BOW DOWN TO THE GAME!
He has won basically every title! And beaten basically every one! He deserves to be number 1 for the many times he has beaten The Undertaker!
Laugh out loud now he is the CEO of WWE. God, this guy is RIPPED! Don't let the game get a hold of a hammer, or else he shall batter your brains with pleasure. He looks like thor and he is pretty much as dangerous as him! Laugh out loud go triple h
[Newest]Beat Brock Lesnar is awesome feel.

38Mark Henry
He's a power fighter with he's 400 pounds and he's the worlds strongest man.


Why is he that behind he is the strongest man in the world... These ratings are not at all upto the date
No one can macth with Mark Henry he is really the world's strongest man he is simply awesome. I only watch the WWE to only see his Face
[Newest]He is the world strongest man

39Dave Batista
Batista is the greatest Filipino wrestler in the world that have an amazing wrestling talent! You are the greatest the coolest and the cutest (same as John Cena) wrestler I'd ever seen on my life! :) wish you will comeback!
A very strong and powerful wrestler. A 7th time World Heavy-Weight Champion and 2 time WWE Champion. The Batista Bomb is his finisher.


Biggest superstar and strongest superstar every
[Newest]Batista won royal rumble 2 times

He played a part in the creation of one of the best match types ever, TLC. He's a great guy and deserves to be a bit higher
Christian is really awesome. he can beat everyone. he is the champion of world.
Christian is awesome. He is a 2 time world champion he has been intercontinental and United States a lot of times. He had the longest time holding the ECW championship and has become tag team champion lots of times. He deserves more than this.
[Newest]Christian you need to take yourself to the other side

41(The Immortal/Hollywood) Hulk Hogan

42Randy Savage
His death was a tragedy.
Won the World Title in a tournament.
Never won Rumble.
IC champion a few times.
Hammered Crush & Flair.
Certain Hall of Famer.


43(Devil's Favorite Demon) Kane
The big red monster has defeated many huge superstars! He is a must for top 20! He even defeated The Undertaker!
Scary and may have a dead brother The Undertaker
He will send you to hell with a chokeslam

44Dolph Ziggler
He is the show off. Of course hé id good
He is one of the best in the whole wide world
This guy is hashtag yellow swag. Future WWE champ
[Newest]Show off that's what he get

45John Morrison
Most unique moves ever!
The moves he does are absolutely extraordinary... Starship pain is one the best and high flying finishers I have ever seen.. He has got the looks, the charisma, the talent and what not!... I hope one day john morrison will be WWE champion!..
He is good but can beat shemus in a tlc match. in 2010 he broke shemus throuhg a ladder. if you are reading this john morison I am going to vote for you always. I am your biggest fan like ever. I really like your theme song. I hope you are the next WWE champion because the miz and alex riley are th worst superstars in all of WWE universe. this is hat the miz should say I'm the miz and I'm awful the miz sucks and john morison rocks. how many times have been to wretlemania. every time you jump you like like fire. tell miz he sucks and the all the athouer WWE and wwf superstars inclouding you. okay bye bye hope I get your atougraph.
He is the best. Most athletic/most experienced and no show to kick but. Better than Rey/Punk and Hardy. I'm a Friday night delight fan and I say he's the best.
[Newest]I dint see you from many years come back

46Matt Hardy
He has the best finisher ice pick and twist of fate those finishers can give big injuries to other wrestlers and knock them out
1 x world champion us champion and tag camp and part of the hardy boys
He is the best he can use high flying moves submision moves brawler moves and he has made up a lot of tricks as well
[Newest]Two words: Matt Hardy

R-Truth is the real deal, he can wrestle and as a heel on mic he is the best and that's the Truth
A funny fighter with whats up r truth has set you free he's a acrobatic fighter.


This guy is an idiot. He pinned Bo Dallas right when he got to the ring.
[Newest]He should live Miz

48Kevin Nash
One of the top dog of nwo former champion 7'0 over 300 pound like come on
The people who made Kevin Nash 43 tore their quads
One of my all time favorites of all time I love you Nash @wesome

49Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
For me, one of the best legends of all time! Many people don't know him but he was one of the greatest superstars in his time.
The acrobatic superstar high flyer high than Jimmy Snuka

50Razor Ramon
Hey yo! No love for The Bad Guy? Razor's Edge is the greatest finisher of all time!
Razor Ramon is awesome that's the only thing I have to say
He is the most of the most stylish wrestler of all time.
I am the biggest fan of razor ramon...

51Roddy Piper
Hot rod! How dair this list he came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass but he is all out of bubble gum
Hot Rod! He rocks. He'll easily beat Owen Hart in a match. (Bret as well)!
Hot Rod is Top 10 and at 94 this list is a shame... Absolutely no crediblity! Andre, Hulk then Piper you guys have no idea!
[Newest]Roddy Piper hosts piper's pit

He is the heviest WWE champion of all time

53Owen Hart
Rip hart you will be missed by a lot of people including me you see I was the biggest owen hart fan ever
The whole hart generation was good at wrestling but mainly Owen hart and Bret hart
How could you put bret in front of owen owen is better than bret

54Stone Cold
The rattle snake stone cold is the star of the attitude era he made WWE big and he helped WWE rise to the top as a matter a fact nearly everyone on this list did. Also who can forget his rivalry with Mr McMahon, Give me a hell yeah!
Stone cold should be real #1
No one beat the streak stone cold steve austin
[Newest]Stone cold beat the streak undertaker

No body will mess around with the wrestling god...
I wish jbl return to WWE now.
JBL will be a great WWE cheater of all time
JBL is a great WWE superstar of all time
He got everything he got fame, money, limo as well
JBL is a true peace of work... Laugh out loud
Jbl has the talent and power
He is my favorite #1 WWE cheaters of all time
If someone mess around with the wrestling god, he will kick him in the butt

56Alberto Del Rio
He is new but he is strong and he is also the 2011 royal rumble winner he's also the new WWE champion and the had also tried well for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT championship and he is the raw money in the bank winner. Now he is the superb and also very tough wrestler in the WWE
A great Mexican wrestler he have's a nice face and nice music not a favo of fans but a great wrestler he's new and his announcer is ricardo rodriguez and he's have talent and wins from great wrestlers


He must have been in the top he defeated big
[Newest]He deserves to be the Mexican greatest expert.

57Bob Backlund

58British Bulldog
Awesome gave us British fans something to proud of. Legend in my eyes
The British Bulldog should be in the. Top ten because he defeated his brother in law Bret Hart
Davey boy smith is cool and he got swag

59Ultimo Dragon
Ultimo Dragon is by FAR the best Lucha-Libre Wrestler of all time. He is better than Mistico! JUST! When Mistico versed Ultimo Dragon, Ultimo kicked BUTT! His finisher called the Asai DDT is the absolute BEST finisher in the WWE (WWF) and Lucha-Libre EVER! WHAT... Wait a minute! 86th in the list! Whoever made this list should GET A LIFE! He should be in the Top 10 at least! HE IS the BEAST!

60Mickie James
Shes so beautiful and her own special moves and always does what she wants when she wants. She has amazing skills and good jumps I think she has a special talent but now she left for being treated wrong. I think Mickie James should come back! I LOVE HER!

61Rated R Superstar Edge
What the hell is this what is this edge should bea at least on the top ten this list is very very STUPID
Edge should NOT be at number 61. He is a hall of famer and has pretty much done EVERYTHING! He's a 4 time WWE champion, the 2001 king of the ring, 7 time world heavyweight champion, 5 time intercontinental champion, a 1 time United States champion, 14 time tag team champion, the 2005 money in the bank winner and the winner of the 2010 royal rumble. EDGE IS A GOD.
Oh god no respect for him come on are the voters driven insane
[Newest]He is rated r and from Toronto half an hour away from my home

62Harley Race
I guess there's only kids voting in this list because they don't know who Harley Race is. A true legend

63The Miz
Miracle haha miz is not awesome
He is awesome and I am his biggest fan
Miz beat Randy Orton several times

64Gorilla Monsoon

65Seth Rollins
One of the greatest Superstars in years. I really enjoy it, when he is in the ring. Can't believe that guys like Reigns, Miz, Slater and Gabriel are on higher spots than he is!
Seth should not be number 74, its just not right. he is mr money in the bank and will win the championship in the royal rumble against John Cena and brock lesnar. He has been in 2014 is top best matches, like shield vs evolution 1 and 2, against dean ambrose in hell in a cell, which him and dean both FELL OF THE CAGE, WHICH HE WON, AND TEAM CENA VS TEAM AUTHORITY, WHERE THE ICON STING MADE HIS FIRST DEBUT IN WWE. AS MUCH AS SOME OF you HATE HIM FOR SELLING OUT THE SHIELD, HE REALLY DOES HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD OF HIM
Seth Rollins, the future of the WWE and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion deserves to be much higher than 73!


66Bray Wyatt
Good Wrestler beware of him sister abigail finisher. He has the talent to beat any wrestler. Very strong man born in 1987 may. His Father was also a wrestler IRS.
He is actually really good
He is the future of WWE.
He's got the whole world in his hands!

Rikishi is the best

68Dean Malenko
Raven is a good hardcore champion.
A great technical wrestler and could make anyone tap out.

69Justin Gabriel
Cape Town South Africa's best Daredevil
Seems like Justin in the top hundred is a mistake
He is better than all wrestlers

70Alexander Rusev
He is good with a bad character
Great in ring ability. Great wrestlers overall
You are very very loser


72Matt Morgan
He is really very good wrestler in the world he is a honest wrestler he also wins heavy weight champion in the ring king
Randall been great since he made his debut in 2002 against hardcore holly

73Damien Sandow
Damien Sandow he must be top of 30. Damien wins the money in the bank qualified. Maybe in the future he will be the superstar on WWE
Saviour of the mascots
The lies he tells

74Antonio Cesaro
He should at the top of list
The wrestler who can defeat big giants of the WWE with so ease should be at the top of the list. currently he is the best wrestler in the WWE
Extremely powerful and talented. Truly underutilized.

Sabu is amazing the bombayen WWE superstar will bust your face open with his finisher.

X PAC is a sexual boss

The strongest WWF/WWE Divas in WWE history! 2x WWE Intercontinental Champion and 1x WWE Women's Champion. She is the real champ! She deserves to be THE GREATEST WWE WRESTLERS OF ALL TIME!
She is Queen Of The Ring! Love her so much

I don not like fandango. I love him.
Hate him he is a wrestler not a dancer. He is always with cheap girls
I didn't like this man because always come with the cheap girls

To be honest Lita is one of THE BEST divas there ever will be! Just the energy and good vibes was sick! :D

80Ezekiel Jackson

81Ken Shamrock
He's a beast, he invented ankle lock. Shame that he didn't win wwf major champion. He's the best fighter, UFC legend.

82Road Warrior Animal
Solid looks solid stlye WWE ono of the most powerful wrestler

83Bam Bam Bigelow

Glad she is in WWE! Has the best photos ever.

They destroyed everybody roman reigns beat kane when he eliminated 13 people in the royal rumble they destroyed evolution dean ambrose former United States champion undefited at wrestlemania roman reign is the player
Oh god the shield is on 69 my friend just fainted after seeing this ranking
They r gonna have a break up and Seth Rollins is gonna hit Ambrose and reigns with a steel chair and will join the authority

86'Ravishing' Rick Rude

87Ivan Putski
Look's like this list was created by a ten year old. Putski is a top ten wrestler by anyone who saw him. Stone cold would be scared to face Ivan in the ring.
I don't know who thiof WWE superstar is but from what I do know he is not a amsing WWE superstar but I do think he became WWE champ aan I think he kick lodes of pepoles asses

88Ted DiBiase
Is this the son or father
One of the best heels ever, with the evil laugh

89Shelton Benjamin
Bet he knows how to fight

90Big Boss Man
That's not a guy

91Jinder Mahal
He should be lower and he is a terrible wrestler

92Jim Duggan
I can't believe he's this far down. He is one of the best!

93Tito Santana

94Tyson Kidd
Tyson has a good choice of girls... Natalya is great.

95Trish Stratus
In my mind greatest diva ever

96Lance Storm
He is good fighter but now any one can defeat him

97Mil Mascaras
Next to Mexico's greatest "Santos", Mil Mascaras was next in line as the greatest Mexican wrestler of all time. Love
By so many, a true champ and gentlemen.

98Dynamite Kid
One half of the British Bulldogs tag team, but had HUGE success in Japan ^^ Canada. Was Benoit's hero ^^ Bret Hart has called him pound for pound the best ever in the ring.

99Lord Tensai
He is the most powerful and fearful and carefully player and the devils biggest ass

100Greg Valentine

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