Best X-Factor Contestants in the UK 2014

These are the contestants on 2014s X factor UK Live Shows who I'm my opinion are best to worst

The Top Ten Best X-Factor Contestants in the UK 2014

1 Lauren Platt

She was the most talented singer out of all of them and she deserved to be in the final at least. She was very mature for being only 17 while on it. She was very talented - Connorwilson22

She should ve won though this should be Ben Haenow Fleur East and Lauren Platt not Andrea Faustini he is overrated piece of crap no no no no no Lauren Platt has the most talent of the series she should've won not Ben Haenow Not Andrea Faustini Not Fleur East Lauren Platt should've won but yeah X Factor is rigged although I still watch the show so yeah that is how X factor should be that season so yeah

2 Ben Haenow

Very talented and nice person unique rocky singer - Connorwilson22

3 Fleur East

She was a very talented performer and dancer but not the best singer though - Connorwilson22

Fleur should have won. But I'm happy for Ben - RickyReeves

4 Only The Young

They were talented and different they should Have been in the final in my opinion - Connorwilson22

5 Stephanie Nala

Stephanie was very unique and distinctive she didn't get the chance she deserved - Connorwilson22

Stephanie was really good, but Cheryl chose the wrong songs for her - RickyReeves

6 Lola Saunders

Great singer should not have been out at week 4 however Kerrianne should have been the wildcard instead of lola - Connorwilson22

7 Stereo Kicks

Different group because there were so much of them great group - Connorwilson22

They were good, but not my cup of tea - RickyReeves

I love them there so cute

8 Jack Walton

Different with acoustic sound - Connorwilson22

9 Jay James

Okay singer went out at the right part - Connorwilson22

10 Stevi Ritchie

He was an entertainer... - gemcloben

Nice person and good to have in competition but not a great singer - Connorwilson22

He wasn't the best singer, but he was actually ok. He left at the right stage - RickyReeves

The Contenders

11 Jake Quickenden

I actually didn't like him for some reason... - RickyReeves

Good singer but did better in I'm a Celeb - Connorwilson22

12 Paul Akister

Good singer but seemed a bit moody at times - Connorwilson22

13 Andrea Faustini

Andrea is one the best singers I've ever heard! His voice is incredible, Stunning and unique!

Powerful singer just didn't do it for me - Connorwilson22

Why is Andrea so low? He's awesome! - RickyReeves

Well he can be low here but he has been voted the best of all contestant of any talent show at the National Reality T.V. awards, the people of the world voted and he won Best Performance on a reality 2014. He is unquestionably the best of them all, because his voice is outstanding and nobody else has a voice like he has.

14 Overload Generation

Okay group did not do well in sing off against Stephanie - Connorwilson22

15 Blonde Electra

They were like a female jedward glad they didn't last long in competition - Connorwilson22

What was Louis even thinking when he put them through? - RickyReeves

16 Chloe Jasmine

Not a great singer didn't get style and seemed a bit fake and was given opportunities that others weren't - Connorwilson22

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