Top 10 Things the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Did Better Than the Original SW Trilogy

The Prequels get a lot of undeserved hate. The funny thing is people never seem to notice the flaws in the OT or point out what the Prequels did better than the Originals. I hope this list makes people appreciate the Prequels more.
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1 The Prequels have a more complex plot The Prequels have a more complex plot

I'm certainly not the first person to say this, but you can't deny the Originals had a more simple plot. The Originals was just about good Vs evil and had no real major twists other than Vader turning out to be Luke's father. Anakin's transformation into Vader was much more epic and a better twist if you hadn't seen the OT before than Vader revealing he's Luke's father in my opinion. The OT didn't have as much character development as the PT and because of that the complexity of the plot suffered. The various situations the Rebels got themselves into were also usually quite simple compared to the situations the Jedi and Sith got into in the Prequels. - JamesNicholls

2 The Prequels were more dramatic The Prequels were more dramatic
3 The PT has better action scenes overall The PT has better action scenes overall

Lmao true! The in the originals, they mostly just took pokes a their opponents. I mean everyone is saying vader is stronger than maul but you see with all those jumps and dodges and light saber skills, and then you see vader trying to poke obi wan in IV. - wren6

4 The Prequels were more emotional The Prequels were more emotional

The Prequels (particularly ROTS) are much more sadder, you genuinely feel great loss and sadness when Anakin turns everything that happens afterward in ROTS. The Opera house scene and Anakin killing the Tusken Raiders and ranting about them to Padme about them afterwards sometimes gives me goosebumps and makes me emotional. - JamesNicholls


5 PT worlds looked nicer PT worlds looked nicer

Coruscant looked amazing it looks like what a city from hundreds years from now would look like, so futuristic. Tattooine is full of character and aliens of all kinds and Naboo is simply beautiful. I also really loved the look of Mustafar. - JamesNicholls

6 PT had Better Characters

The Prequels had plenty of interesting Jedi and Sith characters plus Padme, the two classic droids C-3PO and R2-D2, Grevious, Jango Fett and Nute Gunray. The Originals had a smuggler, an ambitious farm boy, a Princess, two Sith Lords, two Jedi Masters, Boba Fett and a smuggler's friend. I much admit I do think the Prequels overall had the best characters. - JamesNicholls

7 The PT has more memes The PT has more memes

This at Number 7...

It's treason then.

8 The PT had more of a variety of ship designs The PT had more of a variety of ship designs

The ship's had more variety in the Prequels, every type of ship in the Prequels was very unique. Podracers, airspeeder, Jedi starfighters, Naboo Starfighter were all brilliant ships/racers. - JamesNicholls

9 The PT had much better lightsaber duels

The PT lightsaber duels were undeniably better, especially compared to the Obi-Wan Vs Vader duel in Episode IV. The Obi-Wan Vs Anakin duel in Episode III is the best one ever. The Prequels also had way more lightsaber duels than the Originals, the Prequels had 9 lightsaber duels whereas the Originals only had 3. - JamesNicholls

10 The PT had hotter women

In my opinion Padme and Shmi are hotter than Leia and Mos Mathma. Beru Lars was also younger. - JamesNicholls