10 Forgotten Cartoon Characters Who Were Cut From Their Shows

Adding or removing characters from a cartoon is pretty easy they just aren’t drawn anymore. Many popular cartoons have created new characters only to have them disappear from stories and create mysteries as to their true locations. Look back to see how many forgotten cartoon characters you remember from your favorite shows. Enjoy :D
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1 Scooby Dum (Scooby Doo Series)

Scooby Doo was a very popular back in its day so when it started to lose viewers it need to add something new then just teens and their dog solving mysteries... so they change it up to teens solving mysteries. We could talk about Scrappy Doo but there was another dog that joined the crew and he name is Scooby Dum. He was as dumb as dumb could be. He was so dumb he didn't know how to spell dumb right. He only appeared in 4 episodes and then he disappeared. - AdiJack

I loved him as a kid.

2 Ms. Sara Bellum (The PowerPuff Girls 2016 Series)

When we heard the new PowerPuff Girls Series we were so excited, right. Well we were disappoints when we saw all the changes they made. First of all they changed they girls into some villains fighting girls into some drama twerking brats, they changed the girls voice actors for no reasons, and they took out Ms. Sara Bellum for no reason. :C WHYY!? - AdiJack

3 Mona Lisa (TMNT Series)

For Your Information I am talking about the 1987. In that series there wasn't a lot of romance in the show, so they added Mona Lisa in it. She was the love interests for Raphael, and things were looking good. She even moved to New York to live with them, but after that episode *Poof* she was gone. Luckily she returned in the 2012 series and Raphael and Mona Lisa shared a kiss. - AdiJack

4 Sparky (Fairly Odd Parents Series) Sparky (Fairly Odd Parents Series)

To be honest with you I didn't think Sparky was such a bad character. He might have been annoying but he was ok to me. I think the main reason why most people didn't like him was because The Fairly Odd parents kept on adding characters and taking out some of their old ones. They brought him in to freshen up the show in season 9, but he had so much backlash, he disappeared in season 10. - AdiJack

5 Miss Grotke (Recess Series)

She was the main teacher for the kids of the hit show Recess. She was always there to teach the kids about life lessons and she was just a caring teacher. She was teaching the kids until season 6 where she suddenly disappeared. :c the kids didn't get to say goodbye. - AdiJack

6 Tucker (Hey Arnold Series)

Hey Arnold has a lot of nice and cool kids in the show, one of them being Tucker. Tucker was a basketball star and he was the son of the couch in the basketball team. The couch (I forgot his name) told the kids to only pass Tucker, but in the end everything is better. After that episode, he never appeared again. He just disappeared. Luckily he made a cameo appearance in Hey Arnold Jungle Movie. - AdiJack

7 Herb (The Simpsons Series)

The Simpsons have a lot of missing characters, but I am gonna say a character not too many people talk about. Herb Simpsons. He is Homer step brother and he has a better life than Homer does. HE EVEN HAS A FULL SET OF HAIR! In the episode they fight but then they make up. He appeared in a few other episodes but then he just disappeared. - AdiJack

8 Bosko (Looney Tunes Series)

Bosko is a character that a lot of people don't remember. He was supposed to be in the Looney Tunes line up, standing with characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. The reason he was cut because some people thought he was looking like a blackface so Disney toke it out. I honestly wish they would add him back just change his look oh well - AdiJack

Then Buddy came after Bosko in 1933, and then Porky replaced him in 1935 and 1936. Then Daffy came in 1937, though Porky still existed, obviously. Bugs came along anywhere from 1938 to 1940, depending on who you ask (officially, it's 1940) - KalloFox34

9 Orbitty (The Jetsons Series)

Everybody loves pets right, and The Jetsons family already had a awesome pet dog. But the The Jetsons Creators wanted to shake things up by adding Orbitty. Orbitty is a little alien that appeared in the season 2 reboot of The Jetsons but when the 3rd season rolled on, he disappeared. - AdiJack

10 Nephews (Popeye Series)

Popeyes Nephews really didn't need to made but what ever. There names were Huey, Dewey, and Lou- oops wrong Nephews. I mean *ahem* Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye,and Pupeye. Not even lying. They appeared in a few cartoons but disappeared without a trace. - AdiJack