Top 10 Ideas for The Loud House Season 4

Some ideas for the Loud House for the fourth season assuming they get a fourth season.
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1 Lincoln Runs Away

The Loud Sister will be hated by other people for blaming and harming Lincoln because is always a bad idea, and he run away from home to find a new place to stay for a few days and nights, taking Clyde, Andrew, and other classmates along with him after he disowned them.

Yes, I know Lincoln running away is used a lot in loud house fanfiction, but I voted for this because I want to see what would happen if Lincoln ran away in a one hour episode. It also could be the season 4 finale, with a song from HOME Dreamworks 2015 movie.
(The song that can be used is towards the sun by Rihanna.) Also, the perfect time to use the song is the cilmax of the special, and for most of the song, Flashbacks of episodes from the first 2 seasons play in the background.

2 The Loud Siblings Meet The Genderbent Louds

Why I voted for this, is because I want another episode featuring Linka and her brothers. Also, what the people that work on loud house can do is give Linka a female voice actress, find new voice actors for most of the brothers, (mainly because the voice actors for most of the older brothers are no longer with Nickelodeon, and I disapprove of the voices for Lars, Lexx, and Levi.

I would really like to see another or more episode featuring the Genderbend Louds. Cause, to me, One of The Boys won't be the last episode they will appear. Maybe their going to return in a future episode on season 4

3 The Great Prank War

To take a quote from Matilda "When a person is bad, that person has to be taught a lesson! " and Luan defiantly deserves be taught a real hard lesson and face the wrath of all the people she has hurt with her dangerous pranks.

4 Freakier Friday

One of Lisa's experiments goes wrong which switches the Loud siblings minds with one another - Lori with Leni, Luna with Luan, Lana with Lola, Lynn with Lucy, and Lisa with Lincoln. Worst of all, the siblings have to perform their siblings' tasks while in their body. For instance, Luna has to perform at one of Luan's party gigs, and Luan has to perform a gig for Luna. Lynn, while in Lucy's body, has to perform in a poetry contest, and Lucy has to take Lynn's place while playing on Lynn's baseball team. The jokes pretty much write themselves.

5 Lincoln Goes Bad

Those sisters would have had it coming after all the crap they put Lincoln through I would love to see him retaliate give them all a taste of their own medicine.

He should go bully the other citizens of towen and not just his sisters. and then PEE in their moths too

6 Lincoln's Wonderful Life

May I add these plot ideas?

Begining: family hosts some kind of party for everyone. Lincoln comes in and ruins it unintentionally. The family feels embarassed and try to think of good things he has done for them.

Plot: he then seeks some kind of weird being who shows him what everyone is like without him. Almost everyone he knows is suffering to an extent.

Ending: the family admits to all the good things he has done.

Sorry if it bad I'm kinda tired

I know I discovered a fan fiction based on this idea, but if it was an episode, then I would like it, and that is why I voted for this.

7 Lincoln's Birthday
8 The Haunted Mansion

Lincoln makes a new friend and he invites Lincoln for a sleepover at his mansion. But at 12am Lincoln starts experiencing spooky things in the mansion. Lincoln finds ghosts, zombies, vampires and monsters but realizes that his friend is actually a mix of those four things. At the end, Lucy comes and saves Lincoln and turns his friend back to human. The friend reveals a backstory about an evil witch that trapped him in the mansion and made him haunted. NOTE: This should be a half-hour special

9 A Loud/Casagrande Christmas

I think this a really good idea. Hopefully it actually happens

10 Lucy Loud Eyes
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11 The Ace Savvy Movie

Good idea. Although maybe take out the sisters being mean to Lincoln scene because thet is too out of character and sounds pretty bad. For scene suggestions, there should be:

1. Lynn refers Lincoln by an insulting yet funny name, which gets Leni excited. Lincoln in revenge, roasts Lynn badly and she goes 'aw HAIL no'

2. While filming, Leni is chased by a weird looking dog that likes her but she deosnt and chaos ensue

If there was a continuation of kings of the con, I would be excited, and if the episode was made, I would give it a 10 out of 10. And here's what the alternative title would be like.
kings of the con part 2: the Ace Savvy film.

12 The Genderbent Louds Episode

An entire episode centered on the Genderbent Loud universe as we see Lincoln's female counterpart Linka Loud and her 10 brothers who are the male versions of Lincoln's sisters.

13 Night of the Living Mr. Coconut

This would be part of a Halloween anthology episode that would be loosely based of the Goosebumps story night of the living dummy where Luan stars getting blamed for a series of pranks and the siblings having their stuff destroyed and Mr. Coconut begins saying really horrible things about them without Luan saying them and it turns out Mr. Coconut is actually alive and is the one doing all these things and getting Luan blamed for them and of course nobody believes Luan.

14 Lincoln Finds a Dirty Magazine

That would be pretty interesting.

15 Luck of the Loud

This would almost make up for that crappy episode No Such luck.

16 Lincoln Beats Up Lola

Finally fed up with Lola always bossing him around and yelling at him Lincoln takes a stand and begins to bully her.

When Lincoln drinks a potion that makes
him feel like a bully, he starts to pick on Lola, making everyone
in the Loud House family think that he is having bad day.

17 Lola's Rival

Lola is faced with a new pageant rival who is more ruthless and more determined than her to win.

18 The Loudest House Party

Honestly, I don't know why I voted for this, but the plot could be a part 2 to party down.

19 Lincoln and Sam

Lincoln and Sam accidentally get stuck together thanks to one of Lisa's experiments which couldn't be at a worst time as Luna and Sam were suppose to go out together that night which forces Lincoln to tag along with them, during the night Lincoln and Sam end up bonding and becoming friends similar to a Fair to Remember which leaves Luna feeling like the third wheel.

20 Lori Wants to Learn Spanish

After seeing Lincoln being able to speak Spanish after learning from Ricky one of the gang members he hung around with from the episiode where he ranaway Lori too wishes to learn to Spanish from Bobby but has a much harder time learning than Lincoln did.

21 Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Go On a Date
22 Big Brother Lincoln

Lincoln takes part in a big brother program for a class project and begins spending a lot of his time being a big brother to an only kid which makes the younger sisters Lola, Lana, Lucy and Lisa incredibly jealous that Lincoln is giving all this attention to this kid and ignoring them.

It would be cool to see Lincoln as a teenager and the others grown up.

23 Star Wars Parody

Probably one of the most over done ideas, in this three part episode arc that parodies the first three Star Wars movies A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi with Lincoln as Luke Skywalker, Lori as Princess Leia, Bobby Santiago as Han Solo, Clyde as Lando, Lisa as Yoda.

Sounds like an idea that will probably be made, although Lorey isn't really fit to be the princess. I think she would be more fitting as Jabba The Hutt or something. I would like to see other suggestions on what roles other TLH characters would take on.

24 Lana Loud Pet Detective

Lana decides to start her own pet detective business and gets her first major case.

25 Loud House Kart Double Dash
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