Top 10 Worst Moments from Arthur

Arthur is a great show but a great show like this is not without its share of really bad and horrible moments, moments that left you either annoyed, angry or just made you feel a little uncomfortable, expect to see a lot of D.W. moments on this list.
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1 D.W. cries until Arthur agrees to let her come with him and Dad on their fishing trip (Cast Away)

If that were me, she could keep on crying until she tires herself out as far as I'm concerned. If she already intruded on Arthur and David's trip to the museum, that should be more than enough for her and she has the nerve to say that it isn't fair that she can't go on THEIR father-son fishing. It doesn't matter how old the kid is, she needs to told firmly that no means no.

The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Read prioritize DW over Arthur is absolute disgraceful. This episode proves it. Arthur was supposed to have two trips for just him and his father and DW fake cries (no tears are shown in any of the scenes from her) until she gets what she wants. At 4 years old, she should know not to throw tantrums like this. In life you cannot always get what you want. All Arthur wanted was some father son time, and because Mr. and Mrs. Read don't tell DW "no" is unacceptable. I'm not saying that Arthur is a perfect angel, as he has times when he is unlikable, but they are very far and few between. DW is almost never likable in my opinion, and this episode demonstrates just that. I think the only thing I actually like about this episode is at the end when Arthur got to see the whale at the lake, so he at least somewhat won at the end of the episode.

2 D.W. throws a massive tantrum and gets no punishment (D.W.'s Very Bad Mood)

We all know that being left out sucks. It certainly does, no matter what age you are. D.W.'s parents still should've done more to control her since she was basically insufferable throughout most of the episode.

D.W. acts like a complete brat for the entirety of the episode and the show expects us to sympathies with her oh and she is never punished and instead gets to go to Francine's birthday party to make Lisa and her friends the girl who's party she wasn't invited to jealous.

Yeah, that's one of the reasons why D.W. sucks.

3 Arthur bullies Sue Ellen (So Funny I Forgot to Laugh)

Sue Ellen has always been my favorite character and she's arguably one of the nicest. Her own friend bullying her till the point she cried was heartbreaking, Arthur absolutely does not deserve her.

Was not like Arthur to do that sort of thing..

Even Mr. Ratburn tells Arthur that he's acting out of character.

4 D.W. receives no punishment for wrecking Arthur's model plane (Arthur’s Big Hit)

Even though she's only four, she's old enough to be punished for what she did and was also told numerous times not to touch the plane. Don't let little kids off easy because of the so-called "cuteness factor" or any nonsense like that. If they do something wrong, then they need consequences. Simple as that.

This should indeed always be considered the worst moment in all of Arthur ever like she didn't even know or understand that a model plane is not made or meant or built to fly itself like just for pretend with make believe. That's just like kind of and sort of similar to and resembling Buzz Lightyear himself not a flying toy.

5 Muffy makes a biased web video about Arthur (A is for Angry)

Muffy was never really a favorite character of mine. With the things she does, it's a wonder how she still has any friends at all. If I had a friend like that, you can bet I would drop that friend REAL fast. Arthur got annoyed with all those unnecessary pep rallies and crap and who could really blame him? Real friends would be considerate and back off if asked nicely.

After Arthur gets super angry at everyone after they endlessly pester him during a rally over a checkers tournament Muffy makes a very biased web video portraying Arthur negatively and replaying the footage of him yelling at the top of his lungs.

6 D.W. tricks Vicita into using the swear word (Bleep)

D.W. learns a bad word after overhearing an older kid, the Tibbles, tell her that adults hate it because it turns them into mindless slaves. Not believing them, she tests it out by tricking her neighbor, Vicita, into using the swear word while she watches to see what happens. While this is happening, Mom calls her down for dinner. Annoyed by this, D.W. actually uses the swear word on her mom after seeing Vicita use the word and getting in trouble with it. As D.W. then realizes that she too is in trouble, Mom shows up shocked by what D.W. just said. But the most unsettling part of the episode is at the end when all the little kids begin using the swear word and then thank D.W. for teaching them the word.

7 D.W. uses Arthur as a slave (For Whom the Bell Tolls)

It's understandable that if someone's not feeling well and they need tended to. But, sometimes even some of the unwell can take too much advantage of someone waiting on them hand and foot. The best way to handle that is to get them a couple of things so that they can occupy themselves for a little while. If I were Arthur, that's what I would do for D.W. and I would tell her plainly not to ring the bell unless there's something she really needs.

D.W. loses her voice and Arthur's mom makes Arthur take care of D.W. by giving her a bell to get Arthur to do or give her anything she wants, then Arthur finds out she got her voice back and makes the foolish mistake of barging in on her as D.W. continues to fake being sick so Arthur will continue to be her slave.

8 Muffy gets invited to stay with Francine and her family and acts rudely towards them (Poor Muffy)

Another example of Muffy being such a crap friend. Acting like such a baby when staying with Francine and her family just because the accommodations weren't good enough for her. She was nothing but ungrateful and if she expected "The Ritz", she could've gone elsewhere with the wealth her family has.

One of the many reasons why I really don't like Muffy Francine is kind enough to invite Muffy to stay with her while they're fixing the carpet and Muffy acts so spoiled and rude to everyone only thinking about her needs only and this gets summed up in one line "Let me get this straight, I can't have food I like, I can't watch the T.V. Channels I Want, and now I can't play my music".

9 Francine abuses everyone during rehearsal (Francine Frensky Superstar)

I almost wished that they all threatened to drop out unless Francine cut her crap. It was pretty satisfying, to be quite honest, for her friends and classmates to sabotage the dress rehearsal on purpose, to get back at her for being such a tyrant.

10 Muffy gets angry at Francine for not attending her Christmas party and then offends her by telling her that Hanukkah is not as important as Christmas (Arthur's Perfect Christmas)

I hated how inconsiderate Muffy was. Francine told her 28 times that she couldn't attend her Christmas party because she had plans of her own. To think Muffy saying Francine was rude when she's the one being rude, she thinks she's the exception. Muffy was a major creep in this episode.

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11 Buster steals a toy (Nerves of Steal)

I would say it is a really terrible episode. It deserves to be backlashed. Arthur shouldn't had gotten in trouble along with Buster. Only Buster alone should have gotten in trouble because he stole the toy, not Arthur.

12 Buster makes fun of Arthur's glasses (Arthur's Eyes)
13 The Tibbles break the Reaper model Arthur borrowed from Buster (Ungifted)

It's about time that their grandmother finally chastised them for their behavior. She means well, but she's got to put those two gremlin grandsons in line more often. It's no wonder nobody, other than Arthur will look after them.

I'm glad Mrs. Tibble, Their Grandma scolded them for the damage.

14 George Lundgren acts mean and bossy to his friends (The Hallway Minotaur)

Ms. Tingly is pure evil, & what worst is that George is completely out of character & at the end, he never apologize to his friends for being rude. Also, Mr. Haney should have leave Lakewood, & Binky would have been a better Hall Monitor than George!

Just a rip off of the Hey Arnold episode where Phoebe becomes a hall monitor

15 Ladonna and her family move away (When Duty Calls)

This is more like a rip off Arthur's Faraway Friend. The ending was very bad because The compsons left Elwood City. The episode would have been better if The Tibble Twins move away to Oregon instead, & Ladonna & D.W. Would be in Fern's role.

This episode would have been better if The Tibbles move away instead of the Compsons so Ladonna & D.W. will still appear but in Fern's role.

16 D.W throws a tantrum because her puffy unicorn crunch got eaten (Cereal)
17 The Tibble Twins made fun of D.W. about her haircut (D.W., The Queen of the Comeback)

It was mostly Jane Read's fault for demanding D.W. To get rid of her toys before all this happened!

18 The Tibble Twins wreck all of D.W.’s toys (Never, Never, Never!)

The Tibbles are completely at their worst! I felt bad for D.W. for what for the torture

19 Mr. Ratburn comes out as gay (Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone)
20 George is mean to his friends (The Hallway Minotaur)
21 Francine calls Arthur four eyes (Arthur’s Eyes)
22 Fern bullies Francine and everybody joins in on it (Draw!)
23 Francine gets sick in the school cafeteria after making fun of George’s nosebleed (Vomitrocious!)

Not a terrible episode but the subject matter is too unnerving for me personally.

24 D.W's mom makes fun of her and embarrasses her on purpose (Revenge of The Chip)

It was quite inconsiderate of her to have done that. It's unbelievable that Jane said yes to Bitzi about putting it in the paper. How hard is it to keep your mouth shut and not embarrass the kid. I know sometimes parents do embarrass their children unintentionally, but after D.W. confronted her mother about it, Jane said she'd never tell that story again. Only then when they go to "Wonder World", Jane blabs about it to Mrs. McGrady and that results in D.W. running off in tears. You'd think that she get the message after her daughter asked her to stop the first time.

25 Ladonna and her family leave Elwood City (When Duty Calls)
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