Top 10 RuPaul's Drag Race Runway Queens

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The Top Ten

1 Violet Chachki - Season 7 Violet Chachki - Season 7

Being one of the youngest winners ever, we didn't know what to expect from Violet Chachki, however we were suprised to find out that she served some of the most amazing looks in RPDR herstory in just 1 season. Her 2 in 1 tartan eleganza look was so iconic that it was inspired for a runway in All Stars 2. After that we became so excited to see what else she had in store for us, from her 'Bearded and Beautiful' to her 'Hello Kitty' look we always had our jaws dropping, especially when we saw her 'Death Becomes Her'. Her best look however happens to be the best in RPDR herstory as she served 'Demon Queen in the Season 8 Finale, the season after she won. This queen even made RuPaul look basic and she stole the entire season in just a few seconds with that look! GAG! Infact she served up so many iconic looks that she is the only queen in RPDR herstory to be featured twice on the 'Top 10 Best Runway Looks in RPDR' from MsMojo. She deserves this top spot more than anyone. - EJLEE0602

2 Raja - Season 3

This tall, dark beauty was known as a makeup artist on ANTM, so obviously this queen knows somethings about make-up and also fashion. In the first design challenge she served up a sickening Christmas look, which helped her to win that challenge. She would also go on to win another design challenge with her Chocolate Lava Cake runway look, although it was not her best. However she served up some iconic looks which helped her pave the way for other future look queens. Some looks which became loved by many are her, hair ball looks, her money ball dress was instant couture, but her best look would have to be her Coco/Maria Antoinette look, this look was EVERYTHING as this look was very couture that it earned a spot as the 3rd best look in RPDR herstory on MsMojo's list. - EJLEE0602

3 Aquaria - Season 10

Season 10 definitely had some look queens, Kameron Michaels for example after her 'Feather Runway', Blair st Clair after her 'Best Drag Runway', Monet X Change after her 'Sponge Dress' (JK). But Aquaria was definitely the best of the best. In fact some of her looks were so cohesive and unique, because she often thought outside the box. For example she had a different take on the feather runway look and the mermaid fantasy runway, giving us a feather runway which showed a bird being shot down by arrows and an oil spill mermaid look, which was without shadow a doubt her best look that season. But it is undeniable that practically every look she served was amazing except for the makeover look, but she served u so many iconic looks that she had to be in the Top 3. - EJLEE0602

4 Kim Chi - Season 8

As soon as this queen walked into the work room, she was without shadow of a doubt the look queen of the season, although she had some competition such as Naomi Smalls and Acid Betty. Kim Chi slayed the challenges but most importanly she slayed the runway, her hair ball look became instantly iconic that she won the first challenge that season, then she went on to serve some more SICKENING looks. Such as her 'Movie Premiere Realness' was a favourite and her 'Roller Girl' was instantly stunning. Her 'Black and White' runway and 'Best Drag' both were iconic. Her best look may just be her 'Mother Inspired' runway as it looked so beutiful, well detailed and constructed that is was the favourite look from Season 8, apart from Violet Chachki's finale look. - EJLEE0602

5 Tyra Sanchez - Season 2

Tyra Sanchez was mostly known for her nasty attitude, abrasive personality and for hyperventilating on stage after she won. But she was definitely a look queen. Her curtains look and also her wedding dress look were very memorable as she looked sickening in both of them. Her finale look and also her looks in the designer challenge were so amazing that they helped her to win the designer challenge and also her lipsync against runner-up Raven. It's a bit of a shame that her runway looks were overshadowed by the fact she was a complete bitch! - EJLEE0602

6 Trinity K Bonet - Season 6

Trinity K Bonet had quite the struggle during her time on the show, she had trouble with her confidence which often ended her up in the bottom, but if Trinity should be remembered for something it is her stunning runway looks, week after week Trinity served up one sickening look. As soon as we saw her space inspired princess runway in her first week, we had a good feeling she would serve up some incredible looks and yes she did. Her black and white, 'crazy, sexy cool' and her RuPaul inspired look showed some much beauty from her. Her best look however is the look she was sent home in by Adore Delano, her exotic bird runway look this outfit was so gorgeous that it was an honorable mention on MsMojo's Top 10 rpdr runway outfits, to be honest thought it should be a crime to be sent home in an outfit THAT SICKENING! - EJLEE0602

7 Manila Luzon - Season 3

Manila Luzon is easily one of the campiest and favourite queens in RPDR herstory. Shangela thought campy queens could never be glamour, but Manila proved her wrong. Manila Luzon has served up so many campy looks as shown on her YouTube channel by taking small things such as Pineapple, Bumble bee and Sesame Street character Big Bird and created some of the most famous looks in RPDR herstory. Her style of drag is so unique and so memorable which helped her become a superstar despite not winning her original season. Oh did we mention her Elequance after Dark look in All Stars 4. That look is EVERYTHING! - EJLEE0602

8 Roxxxy Andrews - Season 5

Roxxxy Andrews was quite unlikable during her original season on RPDR, due to her bitterness towards Jinkx Monsoon, but it was undeniable she was a total look queen. She did have competition however as queens such as Detox, Alaska, Jinkx Monsoon, Lineysha Sparks, Ivy Winters, Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards each served some looks which could be considered amazing. She became the look queen however in week 1 when she was able to sew a couture dress made from material found in a garbage bin. She would continue to serve looks week after week. She gave quite a stunning Pink dress runway look, her best body part look was nice and also her spanish inspired look was sickening, but her best look would easily have to be her Licorice look as it showed off her curves amazingly and it helped earn her a spot in the Top 3. - EJLEE0602

9 Miss Fame - Season 7

Miss Fame was one of few look queens on Season 7 and she definitely served some amazing looks, whilst she was not talking about chickens and being asked "How's your head? ". She was serving some amazing looks. Her Harley Quinn inspired 'Bearded and Beautiful' runway was so gorgeous and also her 'Autumn and Spring' looks helped her earn a spot in the Top 3 that week. Her best look however would have to be her 'Green Runway' look, although it is the color Michelle Visage hates the most, this gown was everything as it looked like she was going to a red carpet and she looked incredible that week. - EJLEE0602

10 Valentina - Season 9

Season 9's Miss Congeniality or Fan Favourite was perfect, beautiful but most importantly she looked like Linda Evangelista. Valentina knew how to serve looks every week during her time on the show. Her faux fur, white party and big hair looks were incredibly glamorous. Her madonna look was such a shocking look, but was incredible as it was different and it showed off her amazing body. But her best look might just have to be her naughty nighties look, as she looked both sexy, sultry and looked like a Victoria Secret Model. - EJLEE0602