Top 10 Things that Hardcore South Park Fans Should Stop Doing

I love South Park, but some of the toxic fans have gone too far with their obsession with characters, rivalries with other shows, and attacking other fans on the later seasons of the show. This not to attack the entire fandom, but to call out the vocal minority of elitists in the community.
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The Top Ten

1 The Yaoi fanart

I'm not against Yaoi, but these are children. - ShadowHawk18

Its art 🤣 not a photography of a real person if you don't like it ignore it - Psyluv

You can't use "YU JUSS DONN UNNERSTAN ITT IDZZ ARTT11111" as an excuse. Pedophilia is pedophilia. End of discussion. "DON LIKKK DUNN LUK11111111" Hard to do when it's being shoved down your (CENSORED) throat. "BUD ROOOL TURDY FORE1111111111111111" Teletubbies, classic literature, arthouse movies, Choose Your Own Adventure, lost media in general, Pong, nature documentaries, Demented Cartoon Movie, Birth of a Nation, Twilight Zone...all would like to have a word with that...and that's just for starters. Thank you, and good night. (MIC DROP)

Yaoi to the world - Maddox121

2 The fandom war with Family Guy and its fans.

The war between hardcore fans of both shows needs to die already. I love both shows, but the fan war has gotten out of hand for years thanks to Cartoon Wars. I still love those episodes though. - ShadowHawk18

War between multiple shows can create some interesting conversations and ntm awesome crossover episodes to enjoy why can't one ignore it intead a lot of us don't see a problem with it - Psyluv

3 The shipping wars

Same as above. They're children. - ShadowHawk18

Fantasy is legal thinking about something is what we all do besides no real people are being forced together its just a fantasy of drawn animated characters - Psyluv

4 Attacking other people who don't like South Park or have a different opinion towards the show.

Some of the fans have gone way too with insulting others with different opinions about South Park. - ShadowHawk18

Crybabys and complaining if they arnt violently attacking each other then all there doing is arguing making fun of you why can't you ignore it intead of trying to dictate how other people act - Psyluv

5 Over analyzing the format of the later seasons

I love the serialized plots over the past few years. The episodic ones are too, but I prefer serialization over standalone episodes nowadays. - ShadowHawk18

6 Over praising overrated characters like Cartman or Randy.

I love all the characters, but Stan and Kenny deserve more screen time. Randy and Cartman are beyond overused. They need a break. - ShadowHawk18

Ok episode of stan is finished with him jacken it in san Diego I think it was while episodes with randy usually him trying to change things or might end up with wife arguing while kenny loves of dying is very pure comedy kyle will he's proven to be just as bad as cartman if not worse cartman is always the best character been that way sense the beginning next to Kenny - Psyluv

7 Dismissing other people's reasons why they think that some of the episodes are out of focus.

South Park has many great episodes throughout the past 2 decades, but there are some episodes that the more logical fans hate for good reasons. - ShadowHawk18

8 Overhating other shows with similar tastes and disrespecting their fans as well.

Shows like Family Guy, American Dad, Rick and Morty, and many other adult cartoons have toxic hatedoms and fandoms. South Park is no better. - ShadowHawk18

9 The Yaoi fanfiction

South Park is not an Anime. It's an American cartoon. - ShadowHawk18

Every cartoon can easily have yaoi yuri fanfiction a lot of the fans work can be really good or terrible if it exists there will always be porn based on it - Psyluv

10 Complaining about the show not going back to its roots.

Trey and Matt should do whatever the hell they want, not what the fans want. - ShadowHawk18