Best Forms of "Physical" Therapy

Therapy: A form of stimulation to help relieve from disorder or depression. To help build up character and to relieve your mental mind.

Personally, I think therapy is quite important. And there are various forms of therapy, such as physical forms, which I will be covering up today. And what I mean by physical, I mean doing something that involves physical activities, such as sports or exercising. And lastly, this list is free to be edited, so have fun :).

*Note: Visual therapy may be included, but only if it does have something to do with physical action. On a side note, speaking of visual therapy...
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1 Jogging Running is a method of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. Running is a type of gait characterized by an aerial phase in which all feet are above the ground.

Having a run is fun, especially at a bright sunny day (I suppose). So, just pump your knees and dash around. Not only does it help your physical exercise, but it also allows for stress relief and a breeze of fresh air. Therefore, you're getting a good amount of time outside whilst regulating your body. Overall, fun and refreshing. And after a long jog, you could do nothing but smile for a moment. It could be fulfilling at moments :).

You want fresh air you don't wanna be a home 24/7 take a jog, but be warned for crazy heads out there.

2 Playing music

Both physical and visual. Helps in developing a new skill whilst at the same time appreciating the sound you're creating yourself, which can make you happy and proud. I'm sure aspiring music artists or bands can relate to this.

Playing the piano, the easiest instrument to play badly. However if you want to excel, it is a workout for the brain that really pays off! Tickle the ivories!

I may be bias towards this because I am a musician but I know it's mental benefits. And playing guitar so much as a teen kept me out of a lot of trouble

3 Writing a book

Helps in releasing your imagination and giving you some movement. Personally, I think writing a book is both physical and visual when it comes to therapy. Its fun and writing your own stuff down can help you with satisfaction. And lastly, once you finish it, there's a huge achievement you're ought to be proud of. by the way, I'm writing a novel so I could see this as a relatable one :).

Don't get me wrong jogging is a good thing, but writing helps me better and I enjoy it a bit more. Plus I love writing my own stuff because then it gives me complete creative control (I don't like working with others) and no one tells you what to do.

4 Hitting a punching bag

A punching bag works best when you're angy to be honest. At least a bunching bag can benefit you from a lot of things besides venting out your anger, such as improving your physique and letting out stress. You could get exhausted though, but make sure its for a satisfying reason.

Honestly, I think my favorite physical therapy is the punching bag, although jogging might be favorable towards others more, but that's just my opinion.

5 Playing sports

I'm not good at sports nor am I sporty. Though I do sometimes enjoy my PE sessions as it's a way to help better yourself physically and earning respect from elders and fellow students. Aside from PE, sports is a very refreshing activity. While not all are fond of it, at least respect it for what can do to empower different individuals. And there's a good reason why its popular. It makes you determined to win and you stop at nothing to achieve it. As a result, you move your body constantly, doing whatever it takes to make that winning score. You might hurt your body (probably), but once you win, you'll have a big smile and everyone will love you for what you've done :D.

6 Building stuff

Building things is actually quite mathematical. As a result, I consider it both physical and visual therapy. You'd learn what would be needed to assimilate something and you'd be wise what to choose. Sometimes you'd fail, but that could make you better at thinking what to do in the near-future. You'd be willing to finish what you started, which is pretty satisfying when you see the final product :).

Help a kid to learn how to build. You will be surprised how satisfying that is! This way you do something for yourself and the kid. What a great deal!

7 Playing video games

OK Wii Sports is physical, but video games are not really "physical"

8 Working in a team

Boosts your morale and reputation amongst other people and yourself in general. It also helps to socialize with other people and getting to know each other better. So I guess being in a team is really fun and fulfilling at times.

9 Visiting someplace natural
10 Visiting an interesting place
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11 Having sex
12 Working out
13 Dance
14 Working at a job
15 Acupuncture
16 Cooking
17 Reading a book
18 Watch funny videos
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