Best African Rappers

The Top Ten Best African Rappers

1 Sarkodie

He's the 2nd best rapper in Africa. If this was tennis he'd be Nadal, a great champion one of the greatest of all time, to some the greatest but he isn't Federer. He isn't M.I.

Sarkodie is the best in African and he is the rap God of African. I just can't wait to see him murder AKA in rap battle. #sark is best

Sarkodie is real in his rap
Sark is the greatest rapper I have ever seen

He is the one that welds the microphone of legends
The beast who wrestled with rap legacy and came out victorious
Your mandems champion
Your cities champion
Your countries champion
Your world champion

2 M.I

THE King. The Alpha. The Godfather. The greatest to have ever graced the sport. He is undoubtedly the undisputed number one rapper in Africa. He is where it began and where it ends.

He is the Godfather. He is the beginning and end of Rap in Africa. He's the undisputed King of the game.

He is a leader in the world of Rap. He showed the way and others followed. He's the forerunner of true hip-hop in Africa

He resuscitation hip hop in Africa,he is the best I know, sarkodie might be the best rapper, but M.I is above the best


AKA is the best he proves this by the success of his song and his consistency

Best African rapper I've ever seen...he's taken the game on another level

Aka is the best rapper in Africa

Really talented but a bit underrated though


He may not be the best lyricist but In this whole list he's the biggest "musical genius".

All hail to the King of Africa's vernecular hip hop. This dude's style is not a copy of the western hip hop, he keeps it local with a fresh delivery and great charisma - cleff

"Wave Your Glasses", "Wayza", "Let The Beat Go", etc. This guy is best in Africa

R.I.P King Jabba. Gone too soon

5 Naeto C

Nasty has been an amazing artist for the year he deserves your vote

Nasty c all the way

My best rapper in Africa

A charisma like no other, a musician like no other, I just had to put him in - cleff

6 Modenine

It's obvious rap is something we don't hold with substance here in Africa but if only one can be ranked to rub shoulder with the best lyricist such as Eric sermon, talib kwali, Nas then it should be mode9. He is by far the best in Africa

Modenine is genuine rap

The best of the best

Ridiculous how out gunned other rappers are in front of this man. 7 times The Headies Lyricist on the Roll winner. Easily the best.

7 Ice Prince

Ice prince I hope he is the best rap in Africa in fit in the all world

Ice prince is he make hit

He is the best rapper

Best of the best

8 Khuli Chana

Ya'll can't seriously put Ice Prince over this dude. He's got a better taste in musicality, better charisma and he's been is more consistent. Give the legend the spot which he deserves

You a good rapper

The MotswakOriginator lost in time recently released one of the best rap album in RSA, "Lost in Time" or should I dare to say this decade's best rap release in Africa (so far). This dude has got the best charisma in the African rap game - cleff

2 out of 2 classic albums "MotswakOriginator" & "Lost In Time"

9 Cassper Nyovest

Filled up the dome (20 000 capacity) and Orlando stadium (40 000), something I doubt any other person on this list can do

Cassper is the best after sark

'Drops Hit after Hit, The only african hip hop artist to have 3 platinum albums'

Man you the best king nyovest

10 Lil Wine

Lil Wine Africa lyrics are merge with nice flow which makes him best rapper

Lil Wine Africa is the best I don't know why is not number 1

Lil Wine Africa is currently the game maintainer

I love lil wine Africa he is true big hip hop artist

The Contenders

11 Proverb

This guy was the first rapper the continent which I saw as a great inspiration. He's not only a great rapper but he's also got a great personality. Let me take it back to '05 when he dropped his first and best classic album (of three classic albums) Book of ProVerb. Tracks such as "Microphone Sweet Home", "Marry Me", "Women" & "Heartbeat" stole my heart and I never stopped listening to him ever since. Lyrical technicality takes a dump on any rapper or name you'd find on this list or another - Aliwal

Lyrically, no one can touch this man! - Nervflo

Most technical lyricist in Africa

This Is Why I Respect this Man

12 Scientific

He is the best rapper I have ever heard

Scientific is Africa all time best. Scientific always talk reality

I think scientific need to be the first on the list because he rap reality and his rap is standard.

He the best Because rapper are have ever see who rap is reality

13 Tumi

The best to ever do it in South Africa for me. He is lyrically one the most special MCees on the continent. He's easily in Africa's top 10 and for some top 5.

Voted South Africa's Best Rapper Of All Time by two hip hop magazines. This guy is the best lyricist in the continent. He's like the African Dream version of Nas - Aliwal

The most consistent rapper in the continent being placed @ number 12. Hell naw! The poet MC deserves better. This guy has shut down shows where he performed alongside The Clipse & The Roots. He's killing it in the rap battle scene (scramble for money) and also killing this new wave ("Bump The Cheese Up" & "Visa")

The best lyricist in Africa, every album or mixtape that this dude has ever released has been rated as a classic - cleff

14 Olamide

Olamide is the best

For he is the best and nasty c to must be placed here

Badoo is the best all time

Baddo na baba

15 Khaligraph Jones

The finest Rapper to have graced the music industry from Kenya real rhyme spitter, with levels that cannot be matched in Africa, a fast rapper ask Ice Prince how fast Khaligraph Jones can flip line after line

There is no match for you, you deserve the best and made it on top of this game.

Papa Jones African king #Khali baba yao

Best rapper. Can rap very fast in four languages. So far the fastest rapper.

16 D Black

D black is good in rap, how he arrange and the story line

D-Black is cool but he shouldn't be on this list...Hey,we are talking about best rappers in Africa.

He is one of the best rappers of our time. A Ghanaian by birth.

He's good, the p diddy of Ghana.

17 Phyno

Vernacular No. 2 King of Rap. He's the undisputed King of the Eastern part of Nigeria and is easily one of the greatest vernacular rappers EVER from Africa. He is second only to Sarkodie in my opinion.

Master of rhymes

He is good at rapping.

Best of all tym

18 K'naan

One of the best rappers in Africa, ya'll ever heard him freestyle. Stop sleeping on him. Somalia (is he from Somalia) has blessed us. Love him, love his music and I love his energy

Only rapper in Africa besides HHP to have worked with Nas - Aliwal

19 K.O

Best rapper in his crew, Teargas. They won the best rap album award in South Africa, 2 years in a row. He broke out and created the new trend that's ruling over Africa known as Skanda hip hop. Last year (2015) he was voted the 2nd best rapper in Africa (which led to a lot of criticism). He outshine your favourite rapper (AKA) on every track they've ever been on, and his best hit song has got more views (Youtube) than any song released by AKA. He changed the way kids in South Africa wore, (last year). Enough said. Father of Skanda

Best in Africa never seen a rapper like him before

He is a skhanda king best swag

All Time High

20 Hymphatic Thabs

How a rapper from Lesotho became the god mc in South Africa may sound amazing but it's not. If you'd listen to his lyrics you might see that he's been Africa's most hidden treasure. Listen to "Tell The Youth" from his classic album Age of Horus (2006). Even the album itself was one of the best I've heard. Go and listen to it. It's so ahead of it's time, and album message is still relevent to this day. - Aliwal

Southern Africa's rap god. I'm don't easily throw the word classic around but Age Of Horus (2006) was a classic album ahead of it's time. Best rapper to ever come outta Lesotho along with Konfab

21 Manifest

Only two rappers in the world
Manifest and the rest

The best

I think manifest should follow Africa best rapper sarkodie

He is simply the best after sarkodie is no more

22 heavychollo

Heavychollo beat those wacks above hands of all time

What is heavychollo doing on this spot...he should be om top 2

If am been asked to share my opinion here I think this guy merit the top spot.

My opinion still remains that heavychollo still remain the best

23 Kwesta

One of the most blessed artist

He's so blessed he should probly feature jesus on a track

24 Jovi

Jovi is the "realest" rapper I know. He sings his life, he sings his culture, he sings his country, continent... He has brought out a rap genre called "Mboko" from his local community, that, in my opinion, should be adopted as the African rap genre. Talking about rap in Africa without mentioning Jovi is a crime deserving public flogging.

He's fostered a whole new genre and through Mboko has given African Rap an identity the entire continent can get behind. And I mean, *entire continent*, because linguistically it covers both Anglophone and Francophone Africa as well as Creole. With over 10 projects out, he's a reference, and one of the greatest of his time.

The creator of African Raps. Same time MBOKO God, his prophecy comes from above all important messages to his people

He is the most Afrocentric rapper with unique beats. Africa should support Jovi and his art.

25 Chef 187

He has that spirit of rapping in vanacular regardless of the negative critics, telling him he can't make it if he does not rap in English. And he puts his rap on point with the mother tongue

He's just so super creative the word play, metaphors no one compares. The guy is smart

I don't think there is any rapper on this list with as much creative word play as this kid...

This rapper is just something else, with outstanding word play

26 Nasty C

Up with the weights I work, down with the park I roll... Nasty C is the best!

He is the best in Africa

He got the best wordplay in Africa

The best rapper in Africa

27 Okmalumkoolkat

Good flow good rhymes and a great sense of humor

He is the worst rapper I have ever heard I don't know why he is in the list

"It's the Zulu Michael Jackson". "Smart Mampara" - Aliwal

Smart Mampara! International Pantsula... The best ever...

28 Khaligraph

This guy has been really driving the African rappers rapper can be compared by Papa jone (OG) so far..

The best in Africa the best in the world

This rapper is greatest here!

The best rapper alive

29 Yaa Pono

He be my big bro he get skills

Lyrical beast

30 Fid Q

One of the best on the planet

The guy is a hiphop genius, compared to nyovest or maybe better - Ghostbale

The best rapper, especially on rylics n flow

31 EL

He rap

el no size

32 Akon Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, better known as Akon, is an American-Senegalese singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, record producer and actor.

He is the best successful rapper of all the time in Africa

33 Octopizzo

He is simply the best - nokay

Best rapper in Kenya

He is the g.o.a.t of kenya

34 A-Reece

Areece is the best

Man am candydollar and I tink areece shld be placed among the first ten

Reece he’s the G.O.A.T he’s flow is dope he’s lyrics are deep u need to understand English when listening to A-Reece

35 Falz

Falz is one of the best African rapper, he is the best African rapper, there is no doubt Falz is the best of the best


The best

36 Rhoadust

This guy is the greatest underground rapper.. better than everyone else on this list

Who is the rhoadust? Haven't heard of him

Great sense of humor

37 Burna Boy

Reminds me of Flo Rida - DontMessWithDaddylonglegs

38 Bobby East

An African rapper with out standing word play

He should be on number 20

39 Davido
40 Riky Rick

Kip on bringin great music

41 iFani

Craziest dopest rapper in Africa

Kinda reminded me of Jabba, JR & Pitch Black Afro back in the days. Highest selling rapper in EC. New King of E.C. - Aliwal

42 Reason

All no sleep or bump the cheese up

43 Da L.E.S


44 Kid X

Great flows you can ever imagine

45 Stanley Enow

A hard core rapper, Cameroon's own rap beast good in flow I think he is de best in Africa

Incompetent rapper he can't compare with Jovi

Stanley snow is the best

He awasy talk how yo work infact he encourage youth very were

46 Nash Emcee

Greatest - Ghostbale

47 Rabbit

This rapper is really cool - nokay

He's lyrics are on his DNA

King Kaka the Kenyan rap King

48 Zuluboy
49 Tay Grin

Probably the best artist

50 Pyone
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