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21 Hymphatic Thabs

How a rapper from Lesotho became the god mc in South Africa may sound amazing but it's not. If you'd listen to his lyrics you might see that he's been Africa's most hidden treasure. Listen to "Tell The Youth" from his classic album Age of Horus (2006). Even the album itself was one of the best I've heard. Go and listen to it. It's so ahead of it's time, and album message is still relevent to this day. - Aliwal

Southern Africa's rap god. I'm don't easily throw the word classic around but Age Of Horus (2006) was a classic album ahead of it's time. Best rapper to ever come outta Lesotho along with Konfab

22 Manifest

The best

Only two rappers in Africa. M.anifest and no one in particular

Best Ever African Rapper, all the list of the rappers must respect him in his bars n ryms, he is Ghana godmc of rap game, his style is incomparable, I tink he must b the first to second list

An all round rapper.
Rapper with sense.
prolific rapper with quality lyrical flow.
mixes rap with maturity

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23 Kwesta

One of the most blessed artist

He's so blessed he should probly feature jesus on a track

24 Jovi

Jovi is certainly the best of the best. His flow is perfect in French English and other dialects. Plus he is a producer.

Great inspiration smooth flow

He is so perfect


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25 Okmalumkoolkat

Good flow good rhymes and a great sense of humor

He is the worst rapper I have ever heard I don't know why he is in the list

"It's the Zulu Michael Jackson". "Smart Mampara" - Aliwal

Smart Mampara! International Pantsula... The best ever...

26 Chef 187

I don't think there is any rapper on this list with as much creative word play as this kid...

This rapper is just something else, with outstanding word play

27 EL

He rap

el no size

28 Octopizzo V 1 Comment
29 Rhoadust

This guy is the greatest underground rapper.. better than everyone else on this list

Who is the rhoadust? Haven't heard of him

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30 Riky Rick

Kip on bringin great music

31 iFani

Kinda reminded me of Jabba, JR & Pitch Black Afro back in the days. Highest selling rapper in EC. New King of E.C. - Aliwal

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32 Reason

All no sleep or bump the cheese up

33 Khaligraph

The best in Africa the best in the world

This rapper is greatest here!

The best rapper alive

He comes third after twista n busta worldwide

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34 Nash Emcee

Greatest - Ghostbale

35 Akon Akon Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, better known as Akon, is an American-Senegalese singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, record producer and actor.
36 Fid Q

The guy is a hiphop genius, compared to nyovest or maybe better - Ghostbale

The best rapper, especially on rylics n flow

37 Da L.E.S V 1 Comment
38 Yaa Pono V 1 Comment
39 Burna Boy

Reminds me of Flo Rida - DontMessWithDaddylonglegs

40 Stanley Enow

A hard core rapper, Cameroon's own rap beast good in flow I think he is de best in Africa

Incompetent rapper he can't compare with Jovi

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