Top Ten Ever After High Students

Keep a reminder that these are The students in the show not any random character.

The Top Ten

1 Madeline Hatter Madeline Hatter


By far of all the characters Maddie has to be my favorite while raven was really close to winning the top spot. Maddie is a great character being the daughter of the mad hatter she had to be a great character. - Dinglehopper

2 Raven Queen Raven Queen

As I said raven almost took my top spot. But I am confused on one thing if raven is the daughter of the evil queen who was snow whites step mother does that mean that raven is snow’s step sister? - Dinglehopper

3 Hunter Huntsman

Hunter huntsman has to be my favorite male character in the series he is so kind and brave I guess - Dinglehopper

4 Briar Beauty Briar Beauty

She was a spoiled brat when she roasting Apple on Thronecoming

My favorite part of briar is when she roasts apple that was a good roast. Anyway I think briar has one of the hardest destinies in the school becuase you have to sleep for 100 years. Anyway I have another question what story of the fairytales are they following if their following the original fairytale then that means that briar has two brothers that got eaten pretty dark right. Also I think that they are following the Disney 1959 classic. - Dinglehopper

Dark Fairy is really her step mother?!?

@dinglehopper I’m pretty sure that they are making there own version on the fairytales becuase is they were following the 1959 Disney movie then Maleficent died in the movie so how could Faybelle be her daughter?

5 Ashlynn Ella Ashlynn Ella

I think it would be a tie between her and briar becuase I like them both equally. - Dinglehopper

6 Kitty Cheshire
7 Dexter Charming
8 Holly O Hair Holly O Hair
9 Apple White Apple White
10 Daring Charming

The Contenders

11 Hopper
12 Cerise Hood Cerise Hood
13 Alistair Wonderland
14 Lizzie Hearts Lizzie Hearts

I love her hair!

15 Cedar Wood
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