Top Ten Alliances In Empire: Four Kingdom (India1 Server)

I am making a list of alliances of e4k, this time it is of India1 server.

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21 The Revolution

They were wings of Shiv Sena before, but they declared themselves free. Who knows what they are planning, they own some good authority. They are totally changed so I can't explain much - KingShourya

I'm In this alliance and it's great

22 The Devils
23 Deadly Lords
24 House of Heroes
25 Death Rage
26 Black Rose

Friend of ek bm BH
Not engaged in war

27 Antilla

Antilla, the beautiful place of earth in arctic. and Alliance ANTILLA is also best neutral alliance of Indian server. With deep experienced players. - gurithind

Antilla - Fastest growing alliance

Antilla - Fastest growing alliance - gurithind

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28 Malicious Rage

Who forgot this ally its great

29 Ally Sid

This ally is only about the unity.
We fall and stand but can't be broke.
No one have as much unity to break unity if this ally

30 Brothers of War
31 The Àvengers

Home to the bravest and boldest players. Family allinace of The India. They are peace loving people but once provoked they are as deadly as hell. They have got some of the best players in the server. And it seems their future is bright.

32 Kings of Hell

This ally developed in just 2 days and it's gonna be the most dangerous soon

This ally is the strongest developing ally

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33 Ghost of World

Badman is the best for these allis

34 Assassins Creed
35 Indian Fighters

It is a new ally come and join it its really great come can help it to grow

36 The Executioner
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