Best Amazing World of Gumball Season 4 Episodes


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1 The Love

I really like this episode, mostly because of the subtle messages of tolerance and respect of LGBT people. When the narrator was explaining what love is, the female character hugged another female and the male hugged another male to which the narrator said, "Oh, well I guess there are no rules to love, SO LET'S JUST DANCE! " And when Bobert was singing his songs, he had said, "Everyone can love. No love is wrong." It was really subtle so that kids don't have to be too caught up in it, but you can't deny the tolerance messages were there.

It was okay but The Fury, The Signal, The Nest, The Bus, The Scam, and The Upgrade are so much better. - 445956

It is leaked episode,but I love this episode! the song was wonderful!

I love this episodeļ¼

2 The Uploads

This was hilarious. - 445956

3 The Origins (Both Parts)

How is "The Romantic," 11 minutes of somebody torturing his girlfriend and almost killing her (in a kids show) above this masterpiece? - 445956

During field trip, camillot was sad and poor ( mixels)

4 The Wicked

Mrs. Robinson is from hell - 445956

5 The Romantic

When will Penny realize that Gumball is doing terrible stuff to her, they need to break up. They use this more than in "The Dream" and it is the 3rd worst of the season after The Girlfriend and The Slap. Awful episode. - 445956

6 The Comic

This one is honestly my favourite of the season - Gangem

7 The Night

One of my favorites.

8 The Pest

It was OKAY. - 445956

9 The Upgrade
10 The Advice

This episode was okay. - 445956

The Contenders

11 The Bus
12 The Return

Funny but boring. - 445956

13 The Nest

The Romantic is 11 minutes of somebody torturing and almost killing his girlfriend IN A KIDS SHOW and it is NUMBER 2. Wow. This is a great episode and I love how they parodied Gremlins. - 445956

This episode is great. Much better than some terrible episodes such as the girlfriend and the pest

14 The Blame

Good episode, but I hate that orange woman - 445956

This episode was the funniest episode.One of best episodes in the show.

15 The Nemesis

This was just really boring. - 445956

16 The Others

Gumball and Darwin back to their endearing season 1 selves!

17 The Crew

Funny but boring - 445956

18 The Parking

Hilarious but boring. - 445956

19 The Sale
20 The Scam

DARWINxCARRIE... That's enough to say. - laci9

Carwin 4 life - 445956

21 The Detective

Detective Anais... It's a great episode - laci9

22 The Fury

14? More like 1. - 445956


23 The Points

There are some video games references, like the Portal Gun from Portal series and Plasm Granade from Halo series. - laci9

24 The Disaster
25 The Signal
26 The Check
27 The Awkwardness
28 The Girlfriend

Somebody was dumb enough to get the worst episode in the series above great ones like The Points, The Signature, The Upgrade, The Routine, The Night, and The Bus. WOW. - 445956

29 The Parasite
30 The Hug
31 The Gift
32 The Signature
33 The Routine
34 The Misunderstanding
35 The Slap

I hate this episode. - 445956

... This episode... Tobias butt slapped everyone. - laci9

36 The Traitor
37 The Apprentice
38 The Roots
39 The Compilation
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