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1 Cedar Point

Six Flags great adventure is my home park but I want to go here someday

Cedar point has many great roller coasters, such as top thrill dragster and the maverick that I can't stop riding

It has the best rides.

Steel vengeance is inexplicably awesome

2 Six Flags Great Adventure

What are the Six Flags anyway?

El Toro is pretty epic.



3 Kings Island

I like Kings Island 1

Kings iland because it has a cool name

4 Six Flags Magic Mountain

My only problem with this place is the location. It's kinda in the middle of no where. But other than that, it's lineup is significantly better than Cedar Point's

Magic Mountain's better than Cedar Point. After Millennium Force, Maverick & Top Thrill Dragster, their lineup's just OK. Raptor's pretty good, Magnum & Rougarou are a bit rough, but they're still pretty good. Valravn & Wicked Twister are alright, but then everything else isn't too good. Gatekeeper's forceless as crap. Magic Mountain's lineup is significantly better. Twisted Colossus is better than all of Cedar Point's best 3, Tatsu is America's best flying coaster, X2 is the CRAZIEST COASTER EVER! It's so awesome. Full Throttle is pretty awesome, even though the drop isn't great. Goliath has such high
G-Forces & gets a bit crazy sometimes. Superman is almost better than Top Thrill Dragster(yeah, I said it) just give it a lapbar & it's ahead. Scream has amazing inversions & is so fun to ride! Riddler's Revenge is the world's best stand-up, and Apocalypse is kinda cool, too. Yes, it's my home park, but I still like it more than Cedar Point

Open your eyes people. If you take time to compare this with sfgad, sfmm is clearly the better park. Every B&M here that sfgad has the same model of is better. Tatsu>superman, riddlers revenge>green lantern, sfmm batman the ride>sfgad batman the ride, nitro has too much rattle and barely any airtime, scream and bizzaro are both great but it could go either way. And sfmm has twisted colossus and X2 for crying out loud! Sure sfgad has my #1 and as well as a lot of people's #1 woodie, but sfmm has a better lineup, is prettier, and doesn't only have 1 fantastic coaster.

5 Hersheypark

Hersheypark is amazing! The mascots are cute, the rides are fun, AND THEY SELL LOTS OF YUMMY CHOCOLATE! At least Hershey's chocolate doesn't make me thirsty afterwards unlike Cadbury's chocolate. TAKE THAT SNOBS!

Snobs? Sorry Yank but did you know Amusement parks didn't even start in America the first one came from Denmark in 1583.

Hershey park is amazing

Way better than Disney world

6 Canada's Wonderland

This park is awesome! At my old school, you could see leviathan!

Yukon Stryker. Enough said

There’s always something new every year! Yukon striker and winter fest this year, I wonder what else will be added in 2020?

Leviathan, behemoth, vortex, flight deck, mighty canadian minebuster, Dragon fyre, time warp, Backlot stunt coaster, Thunder run,wild beast,the bat and more truly the best amusment park and the best in canada

7 Six Flags New England

Awesome park lots of coasters ride bizzrio 2nd best roller coaster in the world

8 Holiday World

Best wooden coaster ever and best value ever, plus the new insane thunderbird! Love this park!

9 Disneyland

This place is the best place ever. My favorite ride is Tower of Terror. This place should be number 1. It is so Awesome. I am sad when I leave Disneyland.

Why the heck isn't this number one?

Best place EVER you need to go!

This park is boring. Too many baby rides and not enough thrill rides and coasters.

10 Lake Compunce

My local and I love it I live only about 25 minutes from it

So underrated


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11 Waldameer Park
12 Europa-Park
13 Linnanmäki

This might not be the most beautiful amusement park in the world but it has a lot of attractions, a good park as a nordic one

One of the oldest amusement parks in europe

What why is this so high?

Boring park dull looking rides

14 Dolly Wood

I love Dolly Wood. Friendly workers and fun rides. My sister has been on Mystery mine there when she was barely tall enough. That drop ride you pull yourself up with a rope is fun.

I love how it's shaded, they give out free water when it's hot, and the people are nice. Not as many rides as other amusement parks, but it seems nice and laid back and just classic.

15 Busch Gardens Williamsburg
16 Alton Towers UK

Guys I one went there and did go on each single roller coaster and in my opinion smiler and oblivion are the best roller coasters on earth


17 Kings Dominion
18 Islands of Adventure

Why the heck isn't this on here yet? It has great themeing, rides, it includes well known coasters such as Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons) and Incredible Hulk. Great water rides, great food, (especially at Three Broomsticks), it has a great atmosphere, it is is simply the best.

I love this movie place!

19 Six Flags Great America

This park is awesome! Best park in Illinois! They have over like 15 different rollercoasters like Raging Bull. Well, why do people only care about the Disney Parks? Are they too scared for big rollercoasters or something? Plus, Six Flags is getting the Maxx Force next year and it’s going to be awesome! It could be the best rollercoaster in all of the United States!

20 Lagoon

Big Lagoon in Farmington, Utah? Nice. Sure glad this made this list. Dracula's Castle is the best ride on Earth. Should be #1!

Lagoon is so much fun like

21 Seaworld Orlando

voted to trigger nudist pacificist vegans and because the cleanleness.

Voted for this to trigger everyone at PETA.

Voted for this just to anger the vegans.

This place sucks! Though the rides are fun but some of their animals are healthy but they don’t release them back in to the ocean. It’s sad

Oh look! A PETA supporter! I didn't even know anyone supported that trash organization.

22 Tivoli Gardens

I love this place

Should be higher

Best park ever

23 Sesame Place

Now that they have a GG woodie, this place will be worth the trip.

So is every Gulliver's theme parks. Gulliver's Kingdom, Gulliver's World, Gulliver's Land.
Kingdom is for kids aged 3-13, World is for kids aged 2-13, Land is for kids aged 2-13.

This park is for little kids!

24 Carowinds

Best place in the carolinas

25 Dorney Park

Why is this so low?

26 Six Flags Over Texas
27 Knott's Berry Farm

"It's like Disneyland"

No it has more thrill rides.

It's like Disneyland

28 Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Great park, staff is very friendly and plenty of rides… they could expand the watermark more though

29 Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is so much fun! Time Traveler is the BEST!

30 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
31 Schlitterbahn

Tons of amazing watersides

32 La Ronde
33 Lego Land

Lego Land Billund Denmark opened 1968
Lego Land Windsor Berkshire United Kingdom opened 1996

Should be up at 1


34 Seabreeze Amusement Park
35 Six Flags Over Georgia
36 Busch Gardens Tampa
37 Walt Disney World

Alright! Who put this here?! Walt Disney World focuses more on princesses and characters than thrills.
Even the biggest roller coasters out there are nothing compared to those at Busch Gardens or Six Flags parks.
If you want thrills, Universal and Busch Gardens are better, and Six Flags parks are especially the best.!

Not even gonna mention Cedar Point when talking about thrill parks?

Also, a lot of people like Walt Disney World, so that's why it's on here.

38 Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Water Park

Very clean pier with great rides and a huge arcade/restaurant!

39 Valleyfair

Why is this on the list twice?

40 Knoebels (Elysburg PA)
41 Kennywood

Patatoe patch fries for the win

42 Universal Studios Singapore
43 Holiday World & Splashin Safari

This is my family's FAVORITE park because:
Free Parking
Free unlimited Soft Drinks
Two Parks for the Price of One Low Price
Family owned and operated
The Two Longest Water Coasters in THE WORLD!

44 Michigan's Adventure

They have awesome rides along with an equally awesome water park!

45 Busch Gardens
46 Disney MGM studios
47 Kentucky Kingdom
48 Epcot
49 Walt Disney World Resort
50 Six Flags America

This place is great. Fun rides. Hella fights. Nice thugs.

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