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1 Cedar Point

Cedar point has many great roller coasters, such as top thrill dragster and the maverick that I can't stop riding - Ajkloth

It has the best rides. - HeavyDonkeyKong

With two of the greatest roller coasters on the planet - Maverick and Millennium Force - as well as other great coasters like Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, Rougarou, Valravn and GateKeeper, it's hard to beat Cedar Point. Haven't been to Europa-Park yet but when I do, I think I will still like Cedar Point better. By far the best park in North America.

Nothing beats the rides, environment, sights, or park itself. Cedar Point is number 1.

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2 Six Flags Great Adventure


3 Kings Island

I like Kings Island 1 - funnyuser

Kings iland because it has a cool name

4 Canada's Wonderland

This park is awesome! At my old school, you could see leviathan!

Leviathan, behemoth, vortex, flight deck, mighty canadian minebuster, Dragon fyre, time warp, Backlot stunt coaster, Thunder run,wild beast,the bat and more truly the best amusment park and the best in canada

5 Six Flags Magic Mountain

My only problem with this place is the location. It's kinda in the middle of no where. But other than that, it's lineup is significantly better than Cedar Point's

Magic Mountain's better than Cedar Point. After Millennium Force, Maverick & Top Thrill Dragster, their lineup's just OK. Raptor's pretty good, Magnum & Rougarou are a bit rough, but they're still pretty good. Valravn & Wicked Twister are alright, but then everything else isn't too good. Gatekeeper's forceless as crap. Magic Mountain's lineup is significantly better. Twisted Colossus is better than all of Cedar Point's best 3, Tatsu is America's best flying coaster, X2 is the CRAZIEST COASTER EVER! It's so awesome. Full Throttle is pretty awesome, even though the drop isn't great. Goliath has such high
G-Forces & gets a bit crazy sometimes. Superman is almost better than Top Thrill Dragster(yeah, I said it) just give it a lapbar & it's ahead. Scream has amazing inversions & is so fun to ride! Riddler's Revenge is the world's best stand-up, and Apocalypse is kinda cool, too. Yes, it's my home park, but I still like it more than Cedar Point

Open your eyes people. If you take time to compare this with sfgad, sfmm is clearly the better park. Every B&M here that sfgad has the same model of is better. Tatsu>superman, riddlers revenge>green lantern, sfmm batman the ride>sfgad batman the ride, nitro has too much rattle and barely any airtime, scream and bizzaro are both great but it could go either way. And sfmm has twisted colossus and X2 for crying out loud! Sure sfgad has my #1 and as well as a lot of people's #1 woodie, but sfmm has a better lineup, is prettier, and doesn't only have 1 fantastic coaster.

6 Holiday World

Best wooden coaster ever and best value ever, plus the new insane thunderbird! Love this park! - u_maddox_bro

7 Six Flags New England

Awesome park lots of coasters ride bizzrio 2nd best roller coaster in the world

8 Hersheypark

Hershey is the boss feel the chocolate burn

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9 Lake Compunce

So underrated - garlicboy


10 Disneyland

This place is the best place ever. My favorite ride is Tower of Terror. This place should be number 1. It is so Awesome. I am sad when I leave Disneyland.

Why the heck isn't this number one? - JandS3000

This park is boring. Too many baby rides and not enough thrill rides and coasters.

Should be number 1!

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11 Waldameer Park
12 Knobles

Old-fashioned, beautiful, in the woods, great food, classic rides, FREE ENTRY, just amazing. And it's spelled Knoebels...

13 Dolly Wood

I love how it's shaded, they give out free water when it's hot, and the people are nice. Not as many rides as other amusement parks, but it seems nice and laid back and just classic.

14 Europa-Park
15 Lagoon

Big Lagoon in Farmington, Utah? Nice. Sure glad this made this list. Dracula's Castle is the best ride on Earth. Should be #1!

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16 Busch Gardens Williamsburg
17 Alton Towers UK

Guys I one went there and did go on each single roller coaster and in my opinion smiler and oblivion are the best roller coasters on earth

18 Carowinds
19 Kings Dominion
20 Islands of Adventure

Why the heck isn't this on here yet? It has great themeing, rides, it includes well known coasters such as Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons) and Incredible Hulk. Great water rides, great food, (especially at Three Broomsticks), it has a great atmosphere, it is is simply the best.

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