Best Cedar Point Roller Coasters

The ten best roller coasters at Cedar Point amusement park.
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1 Millenium Force

Millennium Force is the best roller coaster I have ever ridden, and will be no matter what else I ride. While other coasters may give more airtime, Millennium Force's sustained speed throughout the entire ride makes it the most thrilling not only at Cedar Point, but possibly the entire country.

I went to Cedar Point yesterday, and it was my first time on the Millennium Force. I went on it four times in one day because I loved it so much.

I was out so much on the way up. I didn't end up regretting my decision to go on it, though. It was really, really fun.

2 Maverick

Maverick is much better than Millennium Force. It is personally my favorite roller coaster that I have ridden. With its beyond-vertical drop and aggressive rapid-fire banked turns, it is obviously the best coaster at Cedar Point.

Maverick also has very intense airtime, two launches, and fantastic inversions and elements. I do wish that Maverick still had its heartline roll instead of the "airtime" hill with trim brakes.

Better than Dragster, better than Millennium. Both of those rides are only well known because of their groundbreaking speeds and heights. Maverick, on the other hand, is a unique ride, with a 30 mph LSM launch up the lift hill before a 95 degree beyond vertical drop. Not to mention the 70 mph launch in the tunnel just when you think it's over. Not only the best at Cedar Point, but also the best coaster Intamin has ever built.

3 GateKeeper

Amazing! I went on it four times in a row and convinced a friend who said she would never go on there. P.S. go on the right side. It does not hurt, and if you sit in the back, it's more fun and you can't feel the twists and flips.

I love this one. It was really smooth. That is all I have to say.

Wow. GateKeeper is below Mantis. I say this is easily number three or four.

4 Steel Vengeance

I had the opportunity to ride this ride five times and thought it was amazing! Definitely the best coaster in the park and is one of the best (if not the best) in the world. I can also say for myself that I have ridden hundreds of coasters throughout my years as an enthusiast.

Millennium Force was my number one until I rode this, in both the front and back seats. This is probably the greatest coaster ever.

By far the best coaster of all time! Once this has been around longer, it will be the best-rated at Cedar Point.

5 Top Thrill Dragster

Are you kidding me? Magnum XL-200 hurts like hell! Top Thrill Dragster is so smooth and has great lap bars. It is the most intense coaster in the world. Everything about it is terrifying.

It may not be long, but it is still the best experience in my life and I don't mind being in a car for ten hours just for 17 seconds of ride. It is worth it.

I can't find a better coaster rush anywhere. It simply exists in one place only, and it's Top Thrill Dragster. Hands up - I mean, down.

I recommend going on it just so you can say you did, but other than that, it is really not worth waiting two hours in line for.

6 Raptor

This one reminded me of Batman at Six Flags Great Adventure... Sort of... This coaster was a thrill to me because of speed and twisty inversions. It was sweet!

Raptor is the first of its kind, FYI. It came out years before Batman. CP is known to do everything first.

7 Magnum XL-200

I remember my sister stuck her glasses in her shirt so she wouldn't lose them. In the picture, she had her hand on her chest because she just realized they flew out.

My all-time favorite ride... It's not the tallest or the fastest, but to me, it is by far the most fun. Magnum will always have a special place in the cockles of my heart.

A lot of people prefer Millennium Force because it is taller, but come on, people, this is EASILY the best ride at the park!

8 Rougarou
9 Valravn

Valravn was awesome.

10 Gemini

This one reminded me kind of of the American Eagle at Six Flags Great America! I can't say that I love this one, because I lose on whatever coaster train I go on! But I can say that it was fun!

I honestly hope that Cedar Point makes an entrance/exit at the back of the park so more people can visit rides like Gemini, Maverick, and Rougarou. Oh, and Mean Streak too.

The Contenders
11 Blue Streak

I think this one is a classic, though I'm not sure. I loved this wooden ride. Perfect for me after lunch!

May be a classic, but it hurts like heck.

12 Corkscrew

The Corkscrew is the best looping ride at the park! I just love the double corkscrews at the end. It's a very short ride.

It's actually a great ride, but with everything else at the park, it tends to be forgotten.

13 Mantis

In 1996, I came to Cedar Point for a field trip, and my friend and I rode the Mantis. It was our favorite ride that we rode. It was awesome, and if they had kept it up, not making it a floorless, it would be my number 5 roller coaster in the park, and number 1 stand up coaster, only in front of King's Island's King Cobra.

14 Iron Dragon

I rode it 11 times in one day and two hours!

A small ride that packs a punch!

15 Wicked Twister

Wicked Twister tops Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

16 Cedar Creek Mine Ride

This coaster made my stomach drop. Even though it wasn't really big, it really can be extreme!

17 Jr. Gemini

If I were a kid, I would ride this all day!

18 Woodstock Express

After all these years, my computer mouse pad still features the picture of me and my grandma on this ride from when I was three.

Amazing family ride! This is way better than Road Runner Express at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

This is an awesome family ride. It is better than Road Runner Express at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

19 Dip the Dips Scenic Railway
20 Switchback Railway

I know that none of you have ridden it, but still, it is an iconic coaster, one of the very first in the world.

21 Cyclone
22 High Frolics
23 Jumbo Jet
24 Leap the Dips
25 RMC Mean Streak
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