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1 B&M

B&M is Hands-down the smoothest and best engineered coasters in the industry. Every B&M coaster I've ridden has been smooth and comfortable and you can't beat their floorless designs like Dominator, Scream, Medusa, The Kraken, Sheikra and The Griffon (these are just the ones I've been able to ride so far) they are the best looping coasters I've ever ridden. Hyper Coasters are in a class al their own.

They may not produce the very best coasters, but they have had insane consistency. They also have mastered many things that park-goers will not notice or care about, watch GP to Enthusiast's video for more on why B&M is amazing.

B&Ms are very, very smooth. I also really love their loopers like Wildfire at Silver Dollar City and Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Their hyper and giga coasters are also amazing.

They are the people who made a substantial number of coasters on my lists. Always smooth, awesome variety of coaster types, and several firsts in the industry. One of the best coaster makers ecer

2 Intamin

As good as B&M is, there is just one problem with them that I can't overlook... Their coaster designs are somewhat predictable. Intamin, on the other hand has so much uniqueness to their designs. None of their coaster designs are the same and always have something fresh. Apart from this, they are smooth, reliable, and they never fail to impress me.

Intamin's coasters re-ride factor blows B&M away. B&M restraints are the worst. My ears hurt so bad after riding their coasters that I either don't go on them or just ride them once yet Intamin's are so much less restrictive and much more comfortable that I will ride their coasters none stop throughout the day.

As much as I could go on about b&m, these guys truly take the cake. First of all, they are one of the few coaster makers to do rides for Disney (that alone is worth a spot here). They have made 2 of the most acclaimed coasters, bizarro (new England) and millenium force. They are just one of the best coaster makers flat out

Don't get me wrong- I love b+m and RMC but for me those two focus on making a few types of ride and not much else and so even though I believe they are actually better at making roller coasters, I see intamin as the best overall roller coaster manufacturers due to their variety of rides.

3 Rocky Mountain Construction

Insanely smooth rides with some of the best airtime and breathtaking coaster elements. All of their upgrades have been huge improvements and their new unique rides like the Raptor coasters are absolutely insane! I love how they didn't just stop at I-box and steel toppers, I think their new innovations will continue to get more and more thrilling. Also you gotta love the new and unique coaster elements they surprise you with on each of their rides.

They should be number one by far. They're not the OG, but they definitely have the best rides and Alan Schilke! Of course they're good! RMC is BY FAR my FAVORITE manufacturer! My favorite is the airtime and intensity of all the rides that they make.

Such unique and insane designs that no other manufacturer could replicate. also note that all their roller coasters are still in operation and none are relocated

100% Rmc has to be number 1, the have made in 4 years so much awesome coasters! Wildfire and Lightning the best wooden coasters in the world!

4 Arrow Dynamics

While defunct, arrow has pioneered the coaster industry. It is credited with the first steel tubular track, the first 3 inversion coaster, and the first complete circuit coaster over 200 feet, creating a new class of ride, the hypercoaster. Their final hurrah, the 4D coaster is still produced by S&S today and it is seen as one of the best coaster models ever. Arrow has brought the coaster industry to where it is today.

Although some of their coasters are on the rough side, they paved the way for other manufacturers. Without them and their innovative ways, we wouldn't have some of the roller coaster designs we have today, such as looping, hyper and 4D coasters

The spark that started the fire, without them there would be no Coaster wars. They created the competition of build bigger and faster, indirectly creating some of our favorite rides. But still a little rough (literally) around the edges

Although some of these manufacturer's coasters did not age well. Their influence, the innovation, the designs - paved way for the modern coasters we have today. They might be dissolved but they will be remembered.

5 Vekoma

While the Boomerang and SLC are really bad (and overused), Vekoma has had some good coasters lately and could soon enough take over the roller coaster industry.

Oh and the ost hated coaster model ever made by Vekoma

The Vekoma SLC or Sucks Like Crap... Coaster Studios Parody.

How is this on here? They made their first good ride last year.

Great company, smooth and thrilling rides. Disney and Efteling definetally realized this company was great

6 Mack Rides

Mack rides, while expensive, are some of the most high quality rides around. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are some of the best watercoasters out their and their launch coasters are world-renowned. Furthermore, their hypercoasters look absolutely amazing.

They have the greatest variety of coasters/ attractions and have such great theming on their trains. I was debating between Mack and B&M, but I think B&M is more of a thrill seekers paradise, but Mack has a ride for everyone.

Smoothest rides I've ever been on in my life. Give an amazing ride, and always perfect for what they do. Journey to Atlantis and Manta are both the perfect family coasters, Helix is the perfect thrill ride, Mack always come out on top for me

Blue Fire, Copperhead Strike, Helix, Arthur, Time Travel, and all of their bobsleds are great.

7 Gerstlauer

Gerstlauer create some amazing coasters such as 'The Smiler' at Alton Towers, Staffordshire. Their roller coasters have excellent theming on them and they are quite smooth.. Id love to see more Gerstlauer rollercoasters in the future.

They make solid rides with good layouts. they have popularized the beyond vertical drop and the vertical lift hill and provide affordable steel coasters as well as compact ones.

They are good roller coaster maker's as they created the monster called smiler and its pretty epic

Compact thrilling rides with low budgets, I love what they are doing

8 The Gravity Group

GG has managed to make fun family coasters. Able to always pull strong airtime seemingly from nowhere, GG is one of the best manufacturers. When given the oppurtunity to go big, it only gets better. The Voyage is considered by many the best wooden coaster in the world.

World class woodies! Voyage is my #1

9 Great Coasters International

They make consistently great wooden coasters that are twisty and pack a punch.

Their rides pull so many forces and manage to fit into small spaces. The rides punch above their weight(and price) class.

Probably the best current builder of wooden coasters around!

Amazing train design

10 Schwarzkopf
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11 Morgan
12 S&S

S&S not only pioneered the air launch, but is constantly innovating. I see great concepts coming to reality soon, and it could really push S&S over the edge.

Creates great attractions like The El Loco coaster. Also the inventor of the compressed air launch

I like there stuff

13 Maurer Söhne
14 Premier Rides
15 Cancer Studios

The mere amount of both copycat and hate accounts proves how influential Cancer Studios is.

16 Philadelphia Toboggan Company

As with Arrow Dynamics, this is a classic company that makes classic coasters. The main reason I think this company is so great is because of their trains, which only have a very loose lap bar. Coasters like the Voyage, the Raven, Twister, Phoenix, Ravine Flyer II, and The Beast all have PTC trains.

If only PTC did not use those horrible individual lap bars, it would be better. Bring back the buzz bars!

17 GCI

You already put GCI at #11. That's what great coasters international stands for

Smooth and twisty. The Pure Wooden version of RMC. (Without inversions)

18 Custom Coasters International

CCI made some of the most intense and classic wooden coasters ever. While not the most reliable, they are responsible for a lot of Gravity groups success today.

19 Zierer

Manufactured Wicked at Lagoon, Impulse at Knoebels, Verbolten at Busch Gardens Europe, and many coasters over seas. They are a relatively new company

So another copy, not really but still, I thought Wicked was made by Mack...

The best family friend

20 Pinfari

They made the best compact roller coasters. Any recent accidents have been to lack of maintenance due to small time operators.

Gotta hate this company...

Well, the others suck...

21 Giovanola

Looks like someone did not do research.
Giovanola is one of the founding fathers of RCs (If there are). Bolliger and Mabillard were two of the engineers working on this company (Explaining the similar track designs). after bankruptcy, the two became industry partners forming what we known today as B&M.

Correction: They did not copy anyone's track.

Tried to copy B&M track design, and kinda failed...

Tried to copy B&M tracks, and kinda failed.

Manufacturers of Goliath and Titan.

22 Golden Horse
23 Roller Coaster Corporation of America (RCCA)

Managed to make the KING of woodies... and completely botch it. Used wood on Son of Beast, leading to it being untenable and thus force Cedar Fair to have to take it out after only 9 years. Other coasters include the original Rattler, the Great American Scream Machine, and something called Judge Roy Scream. Makes Dinn, outside of the original Beast, look like GCI or RMC. More so belongs on a "worst" list, but I'll settle for it forever being last, behind even Togo.

24 Jim Reid-Anderson
25 John Allen

Started the golden age of coaster design. If not for the Racer at King's Island, you would not enjoy all of these fabulous coasters that came after.

John allen knew more than everyone else, his coasters are timeless

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