Top 10 Best Roller Coasters in the World

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1 Millennium Force - Cedar Point, USA

Best ride in the park and country by far. Nothing can beat the speed and layout of the ride. Every turn and hill on the ride is a great experience and just adds to the excitement of the ride. The speed never slows down until the very end. Speed and excitement makes for a great ride and Millennium has both. I'm so lucky to only have to drive an hour to ride this ride! I make sure I get on this every time I go.

It's pretty much unarguable. Not only is this Gigacoaster 310 feet tall, and 93 mph fast, but its' revolutionary! It may not have inversions, but every single drop and turn is smooth, and the view from the top of the lift hill is simply beautiful.

I don't get it, I compared Superman from six flags new england and this and they were almost exactly the same... superman doesn't get enough attention, while look at millennium, on stage, looking fabulous...

2 El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure, USA

Intense ejector airtime, impressive layout, and a seventy six degree drop - what more could you ask for?! Even if MF is currently #1, Toro is easily the best woodie around at the moment (7/28/18); it deserves its high ranking.

This ride is insane. This is sort of like what you would get if you combined the intensity of Skyrush and the airtime of Pheonix. So insane, and always delivers an incredible ride.

Millennium is amazing, but it is not very intense. I'll give up a little height and speed if it's for an airtime buffet as seen on El Toro!

3 Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion, USA

It's so awesome.
It has so many turns and drops and airtime hills.
I've been on it 4 years ago, and every other coaster I've been on since then feels like some sissy carousel compared to this.
Examples other coasters I went on: Kraken and Mako at SeaWorld Orlando, The Hulk, Rip Ride Rockit, Dragon Challenge(now closed) and Revenge of the Mummy at Universal IOA, Montu, Kumba and SheiKra at Busch Gardens Tampa fl, Riddler's Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Batman at Six Flags Texas and Georgia, Superman at Six Flags Great Adventure.
I think I remember riding Manta at SeaWorld and Tatsu and X2 at SFMM, so I think those compare or rival this.
Haven't ridden Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster yet, but I hope they're better, plus I hope to ride Maverick, given the good reviews I found.
Probably as close as I will get to winning a NASCAR race.

The g-forces are in fact so high that people were blacking out (I actually blacked out the second time I rode it)! But it's still an amazingly revolutionary ride. This 305-foot Gigacoaster marked a new era in the coaster world.

4 Fury 325 - Carowinds, USA

Just went on this absolute beast of a ride, and WOW is it something. It's intense, (obviously) but not so much that it's unenjoyable. There are no inversions, but the sheer G-Forces make up for that tenfold. Overall, the best rollercoaster I've Ever ridden!

This is the best roller coaster in the world I don't know how it isn't in the top 5. Here is my top 10:
10 lightning rod
9 apollos chariot
8 Phoenix
7 the voyage
6 expedition GeForce
5 el Toro
4 Superman THE ride (formerly bizarro)
3 Millenium Force
2 intimidator 305
1 fury 325

Until Steel Vengeance and Lightning Rod, this was the best coaster in the world. The drop last forever, the airtime is amazing, and it provides so many g's. Always gives an incredible experience.

5 Maverick - Cedar Point, USA

Maverick is no doubt the best coaster in the world. Your probably looking at the stats like: 105 feet? That is pathetic!, Cedar Point wanted to prove bigger is not always better, and boy they did. Maverick has no doubt the best element combonation on any rollercoaster. Maverick starts off with a VERY fast lift to the top, dropping you BEYOND vertical at 95 degrees!, next Maverick takes you threw very intense twisty turns, then an EJECTOR airtime hill of awesomeness!, then two twisted horseshoe rolls, that are very rare, next you stop into a 400ft long tunnel and launched at 70mph! Out of the tunnel, you come into a large turn and then followed by an S-Curve, after that two intense 92 degree overbanked turns, an airtime hill and finish! All Millennium Force has is a gigantic drop and speed, it has little to NO airtime whatsoever, long boring overbanked turns. don't get me wrong I LOVE Millennium Force, it just doesn't deserve one, Maverick does.

6 Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point, USA

Best coaster as of 2019. Extremely intense, record-breaking airtime coupled with hyper-status and record breaking speed on a hybrid coaster. Elements are unique and intense, while the ride itself paces extremely well. Overall the ride manages to be extremely smooth as well, offering any extremely enjoyable but intense experience. There is a reason this is number one on Coaster Buzz and most new lists.

I waited 2 hours in line for this thing. It was worth every second of the wait. That's honestly the only bad thing about it: it always has an insane wait time. It's tall (205 feet), fast (74 MPH), amazing first drop (200 feet, 90 degrees), and really long (5,740 feet). Seriously, I would've waited an extra hour for this thing. Oh, and by the way, riding it at night is such an amazing experience. 10/10.

And the greatest roller coaster in the world is number...7?!? How does this only make number 7 in the world and number 3 at Cedar Point. It's so incredible. Forget #1 at Cedar point or #1 in the US. It's the greatest in the world.

7 Skyrush - Hersheypark, USA

Completely insane, but the restraints really do ruin it. If it had B&M clam shell restraints, it would be the greatest hyper in the world.

EASILY the best coaster I have ever ridden. Never a dull moment and so much airtime. Hersheypark in general has such a good coaster collection

I would've loved this coaster if I didn't get stapled into my seat the two or three times I rode it. Thighcrush would be a more fitting name.

8 Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure, USA

I'll bet 90 percent of these guys have either never rode it, or never rode top thrill dragster. Kingda Ka has shoulder restraints. Top Thrill gives you a better experience because it feels like you are flying and Kingda Ka feels like you are stuck to the seat. Top thrill is also the original. Can't beat it

The best part of the ride is just waiting to go. You sit on this launch pad, staring at this long track leading up to a huge tower. The anticipation is even greater in the front car. The launch is just plain sick.

Take the Storm Coaster, add extra height and speed but keep the technical problems, and this is the result.

9 The Voyage - Holiday World, USA

For years upon years, this wooden classic has been voted the best coaster of it's kind. It's one of rides that doesn't need too much of a resin to be great - it's just overall fun and exciting!

It is literally ranked No.1 among all roller coasters. I mean, who can forget the GIGANTIC drop at the beginning

Other than Steel Vengeance, this has more airtime than any coaster in the world.

10 X2 - Six Flags Magic Mountain, USA

You guys... If you have balls then you know this is the best roller coaster of all time! The seats move while you drop as you enter a smoke of terror, and flames pop up and your having the time of your life, It's the best roller coaster you can ask for to be made not Millennium Force that's just an over rated blue Goliath, X2 has been known to be scarier then jumping off a 100ft building or scarier then fear factor, if you haven't ridden this awesome coaster, do it! But only if you have the balls, I've been on this roller coaster and it rocks! X2 IS THE KING OF ROLLER COASTERS!

This isn't just a roller coaster. It's an invention. There are very few 4th dimension coasters in the world, and this is probably the greatest of them. By the way, a 4th dimension coaster is a ride in which the seats run on the side of the track, and they can spin on a horizontal axis.

This coaster is better then any coaster in the world
It's the world's first 4th dimension roller coaster.
It has the world's tallest flying drop.
And has a fire effect.
And has the best soundtrack

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11 Expedition GEForce - Holiday Park, Germany

The perfect coaster. Kickass first drop, endless ejector airtime, great pacing aggressive positive forces, powerful laterals, amazing layout. Flawless.

12 Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland, Canada

Such a big drop at 306 feet! Not just one of the tallest but also fastest rides in the world! This ride is packed with airtime and crazy turns! This is one of those roller coasters that will make you have your hands in the air the whole time! Did I mention that the ride is also the tallest and fastest ride in CANADA!

Nothing beats the amazing drops, twists and turns of this roller coaster.

Should be rating higher. Historic Trip.

13 Bizarro - Six Flags New England, USA

Never been to Six Flags Great Adventure or Cedar Point, so this is probably the most fun ride I've ever been on. It was just so fun.

The idea here is scenery. The ride is tall and fast. But the props and effects are even better!

I felt like I was shot out of a cannon.

14 The Incredible Hulk - Universal Islands of Adventure, USA

Amazing headbanger! One of my top 10 rides. Intense ride but still a lot of fun! The wait time is long but worth the wait. It's mainly just loops. SUGGESTED!

Although the stats aren't super impressive this ride packs a punch. At 67 mph it is the fastest in Orlando, and certainly the best. Its loud roar, mammoth inversions and crazy launch all make this ride on of the best in the world. And the theming rocks too

A very worthy roller coaster.

15 Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg, USA

Best ride ever! I think I'm in love with B&M hyper coasters. The drop is awesome, the airtime is great, and the trains are insanely comfortable. Before this one my favorite was the Diamondback at Kings Island, but now I see the true king is Apollo's Chariot. Seriously a must ride!

I went on this ride with a friend who said not to freak out just scream on the first two hills! It was my first time on a big roller coaster and it was great! Perfect for a first try on bug coasters.

I went on this with my friend after we rode Roman Rapids and it was so coold but we loved it and we put are hands up in the front row.

16 Nemesis - Alton Towers, England

Alton Towers didn't deserve this ride. Why couldn't Astroworld or Nara Dreamland get this ride instead?

The best roller coaster I have ever ridden!

It goes to the ground

17 Lightning Rod - Dollywood, USA

Why is this currently at #82. This is the premier wooden coaster in the world! It has a launch, ejector airtime and a fantastic layout.

This is the best wooden coaster in the world. It's incredible intense, has an amazing launch, and is just extraordinary

Best woodie in the world.

18 Space Mountain - Disneyland, USA Space Mountain is the name of a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at five of the Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks.

I went on this ride when I was 8 with my friend. We sat in the front together, and she got scared. When the ride was just about to start, she screamed and made the staff stop the ride so she can sit with her mom. I stayed up front with my dad, and then we had a blast! My poor friend said she couldn't walk and started crying while I was trying to convince her it was a great time. She never went on a roller coaster again lmao

amazing great for the kids, my five-year-old loved it! I Loved it as a kid and still is my favorite go to ride. Disney doesn't make a lot of thrill rides but when they do its always awesome like this! Don't recommended taking a child with roller coaster trauma, fear of dark, or motion sickness.

This ride is the first major roller coaster I have ever ridden. In fact: the first time I rode this I was in an astronaut costume on halloween. how cool was that? Whoever says this is a horrible ride should go ride every single vekoma SLC and Boomerang out there because those are surely worse.

19 Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point, USA

Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH) - The world's first full-circuit Stratacoaster, which is a roller coaster to active a height of over 400 feet! Not only is this 420-foot monster the 2nd tallest coaster on earth, it's the 3rd fastest - launching you from 0-120 mph in less than 4 seconds!

Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ) - It may not be there original like Top Thrill Dragster, but Kingda Ka deserves to tie with it because it's the tallest coaster on ever (456 feet), and the 2nd fastest (0-128 mph launch in 3 seconds). It's also a longer ride than Top Thrill Dragster.

Might I ask, but Top Thrill Dragster is the same as Kingda Ka, except KK is faster and taller by a little bit, but your not gonna notice. What's the difference and how is TTD better?

At 427 feet tall, with a max speed of 120 mph, riding this coaster could very well be the best 17 seconds of your life.

20 VelociCoaster - Universal Islands of Adventure, USA
21 Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa, USA

This is one hell of a looping Coaster and it seems like it never ends going into 7 intense tight inversions! Location... Busch Gardens Africa (busch gardens tampa)

22 Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa, USA

Out of all the inverted coasters, Montu is a pure classic. All the classic rolls and scenery below your feet add enough adrenaline to, of course, make this a classic.
P. S: It also has my favorite roller coaster logo.

Probably the best inverted coaster in the world. I haven't ridden Banshee or Afterburn yet so that might change.

23 The Swarm - Thorpe Park, UK

Incredible roller coaster with an incredible set!

Epic ride you feel real adrenaline going down the drop upside down EPIC

24 Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg, USA

Great ride, but only the front row can see.

25 Wildfire - Silver Dollar City, USA
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