Top 10 Cedar Fair Amusement Parks

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1 Cedar Point

This is the best amusement park in the world! This park makes world records EVERY YEAR! They make new kinds of coasters like the Magnum-XL 200,it was the first ever hyper coaster, or the Steel Vengeance, a hyper hybrid coaster, sadly it took the Mean Streak away :(. Cedar Point is amazing and I go there every year and I have been since I was 4 years old. Cedar Fair you are doing amazing with cedar point and the other parks you have. Good luck in the future I know it will only get better.

Cedar Point - with its fantastic rides like Millennium Force and Maverick and other great coasters like Raptor, Rougarou, Top Thrill Dragster, Valravn and GateKeeper - it is for sure the best Cedar Fair park and what I considder to be the best park in the world. And with Steel Vengeance coming in 2018, it is sure to be absolutely phenomonal. I had an awesome time when I was here and hope to come back soon!

Cedar point is in a great location especially for summer with the beach. There are so many different rides. You can't ride them all in one day! I've been to kings island and it's my close second but I love cedar point with my whole heart.

Hands down the best Cedar Fair park. It honestly earned it's name, Coaster Capital! You can't ask for much more, a beautiful park sitting on a Lake Erie Peninsula, packed full of awesome roller coasters and other thrilling rides!

2 Kings Island

Best park overall. New Orion coming plus Waterpark is huge and included in admission. Great value and this park will be number 1 eventually because only half the land owned is being used so yes tons of growth potential in the future! It will become the top park one day over Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland. The attendance ranking now is Knotts 6 million a year, Canada's Wonderland 3.8 mil, Cedar Point 3.6 mil, Kings Island 3.5 mil, Carowinds 3 mil, Kings Dominion 2 mil, California's Great America 1.5 mil, Worlds of fun 1.2 mil, Dorney Park 1 mil, Valley fair and Michigan's Adventure less than 1 mil. Gilroy Gardens half mil. Most of all Cedar Fair parks are landlocked meaning their growth is very limited. Kings Island and Kings Dominion has the biggest areas to grow in the future. Canada's Wonderland, Cedar Point, Carowinds, Knotts Berry Farm and Valley fair uses 100 % of the land they have. No room for growth. The remaining parks don't have much land left for growth either. I ...more

Basically this is exactly what Carowinds is, just without an elite launched coaster, but instead with two legendary woodies. True, Orion was a bit dissapointing, and the Beast doesn't do that much, but Diamondback may be the best B&M hyper, Banshee may be the best B&M invert, and Mystic Timbers is the best GCI.

Best park layout and plenty of land for the future! Might not have the tallest coasters but it definitely packs a punch with variety!

A great park! Here are their coasters ranked in my opinion:

1. Diamondback
2. Banshee
3. Beast
4. Flight of Fear
5. Mystic Timbers
6. Invertigo
7. Vortex
8. Backlot Stunt Coaster
9. Racer
10. The Bat
11. Adventure Express

3 Canada's Wonderland

This park is the most visited seasonal park in North America for a reason... it should be in the top 3 or top 5 at the least... Amazing attractions (best flat ride collection of any park in the world - in my opinion) and great solid coasters! As well as the 2 dark rides we have which are both amazing!

17 coasters. This must mean that it has a lot of good ones. NOPE! It has an SLC, a Volare, two of the worst wooden coasters even, and a Boomerang. Plus until you get to the big three(Leviathan, Yukon Striker, and Behemoth) all of the others are mediocre at best. It's sort of like a trash pile with a few good parts, to distract from the horribleness of it.

The most underrated cedar fair park. Nobody seems to be talking about leviathan and behemoth!

While there is no debate Cedar Point and Kings Island is better This park and Carowinds is a tie almost Fury 325 > Leviathan, Intimidator < Behemoth, After Burn > Flight Deck, Hurler < Minebuster, Carolina cyclone < Dragon fire, Vortex Caro < Vortex CW

4 Carowinds

I've been going to Carowinds 1-2 times a year since I was 10. I am now 18 and still make trips here every year. It is very underrated. I've been to Cedar Point and King's Island as well. This amusement park ranks up there with Cedar Point honestly. The atmosphere is tremendous. Many reasonable food options. Plenty of kid attractions. Also home to the biggest Roller Coaster in the southeast. One of the biggest in the country (Fury). Go look up some of their rides, and watch the point of view of some (can find on YouTube), it'll make you want to buy tickets immediately. Highly recommended to all family's and all thrill seekers.

Is literally just Canada's Wonderland but better. Fury>Leviathan. Intimidator>Behemoth. Carowinds doesn't have an SLC or Volare. Both parks lack a good woodie. Some might bring up Yukon Striker, but dive coasters really aren't that great. Copperhead Strike isn't the greatest, but it doesn't need to be.

Very underrated park it seems. Never been to any of these except KD, and it was pretty good. This has 8 or 9 major coasters that all seem great. Watched most point of view's as well. Not sure why everyone seems to rank this park so low, but it's the closest park to fl and it seems really cool, would love to check it out

Fury 325 was the greatest coaster on the face of the Earth until Steel Vengeance. It's just a flawless ride. Intimidator is good, Afterburn is incredible, and Copperhead Strike is amazing(minus the forceless launches). Just put in a GCI and RMC Hurler, and you have a park that can compete with Cedar Point.

5 Kings Dominion

If they had just kept Volcano, it would have an incredible big three with Intimidator 305, Twisted Timbers, and Volcano. But for some reason they took out one of the best coasters there. What idiot came up with that idea. We're trying to make parks better, not worse.

1. Intimidator 305
2. Dominator
3. Volcano The blast
4. Flight of Fear
5. Backlot Stunt Coaster
6. Rebel Yell
7. Shockwave
8. Rebel Yell
9. Anaconda
10. Grizzly
11. Hurler
12. Richochet
13. Woodstock express
14. The great pumpkin coaster

My home Cedar Fair park. Always a lot of fun to visit!

6 Knotts Berry Farm

I went there 3 times so far and it's amazing. My favorite ride is Supreme Scream.

Also, I think they replaced Boomerang with another ride at some point since I went on a ride called Boomerang during my January 2016 trip when I was only 9 years old.

Ghostrider is incredible, Xcelerator is a blast, Hangtime is unreal, and Silver Bullet is one of the best B&M inverts in the business. Add a great assortment family rides and a couple thrill rides. How could anyone not love this park?

Knotts has something unique about it that differs from all the cedar fair parks and should be appreciated more! I just wish cedar fair invested more money into this park

One of the most underrated small parks in the states. Fantastic park.

7 California's Great America

Everyone talks about Railblazer, but the best coaster is gold striker. Both pack insane airtime, but gold striker is about 3 times as long as Railblazer. Flight Deck(The B&M invert not the SLC) is amazing. Plus with a B&M hyper coming, the future is bright for this park.

This park is the best! The ride maintenance is perfect! And, there are plenty of rides and their new roller coaster, Railblazer, is revolutionary!

Gold Striker... need I say more?

Best coaster Flight deck

8 Dorney Park

Talon is one of the most beautiful coasters in the world and if you get a ride on it when it is hauling it is like a taller and faster version of afterburn.

Talon is amazing, Hydra has an incredible jojo roll, Steel Force is airtime packed, and Possessed is the best intamin impulse out there.

I get platinum passes every year and have been to the top eight listed and I don't know how Canadas wonderland ranks#2 or how carowinds Michigans adventure and knots ranks above dorney it should be number four on this list those four other parks are lame in comparison if you ask me. Cedar point, kings island and dominion and dorney are my top four

Best Coaster steel force

9 Worlds of Fun

Patriot, Mamba, and Prowler are all very important to me. Patriot was my first invert, Mamba was my first hyper, and Prowler was my first woodie. All of these coasters are incredible. Timber wolf, Spinning Dragons, and the Boomerang are just not very good, but I don't hold that against them.

Patriot is the best, along with Mamba and Prowler. Timber wolf is underrated, Spinning Dragons is meh, and Boomerang is okay

10 ValleyFair

Renegade is the best followed by Steel Venom... I wish they could have more coasters

Best coaster Wild thang

Steel Venom is the best!

The Contenders
11 Michigan's Adventure

7. Big Dipper
6. Zach Zoomer
5. Mad Mouse
4. Corkscrew
3. Wolverine Wildcat
2. Thunderhawk
1. Shivering Timbers
My ranking of the rollercoasters here

I have been going to this place since I was 8 years old and I'm 39 years old now. It'll always be a favorite

12 Thank Dick Kinzel

Thank Dick Kinzel is my favorite park, I love their wooden coaster, What Once Was Big Dipper, their flying coaster, What Once Was Firehawk is also cool... there are only 5 coasters, which the three I didn't mention are What Once Was Vortex, What Once Was Disaster Transport and What Once Was Double Loop

13 Geauga Lake
14 Gilroy Gardens
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