Best Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain

These are the top ten rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.
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1 X2

I am an adrenaline junkie. I love the feeling of my stomach dropping, my heart racing, and my head pounding. I love Magic Mountain because it makes me feel so alive. I've gone more times than I can count since I live only 30 minutes away from the park. Yet every time I've gone, I've never managed to get on this ride. Last time I went, about a week ago, it was my first time going on X2. May I say that it was my best experience ever on a roller coaster. There's just something about not knowing where you're going that makes it so much more exciting. It was even better because I was at the front of the coaster. X2 is definitely my favorite ride now.

This is quite possibly the most intense coaster I've ever been on! The first drop is insane! This is the ONLY coaster at Magic Mountain that I was a little scared on. Once I did it, I felt like I could conquer the other coasters in a breeze. Easily the best ride at Magic Mountain!

I rarely if ever get scared on roller coasters, but this one I do. Going up that hill backwards, knowing your seat is about to flip head first down the hill is adrenaline pumping. The only ride in the world I actually feel fear.

This roller coaster is pure hell the speed and the height make it insane. This was the first coaster of it's kind and it is incredible your seats rotate so you drop vertically and go into an immediate raven turn. Super intense and super awesome

2 Tatsu

Tatsu was one of my very first roller coasters along with batman and I really loved it! I almost bailed out at the last second, but I got on the ride, and I didn't regret it. It was awesome! The lines are very long, but it is worth it! You should really try it if you haven't gone on it yet, you really will not regret it!

Tatsu is awesome. It's like your flying. The best part is when you go up the huge loop. The loop has so much force it's incredible. The next day I just kept saying to my mom and dad "I want to go on this ride again".

TATSU is so fun there is lots of rides that are fun but this one is the best because unlike some coasters you are liens down on this and it made you feel like a bird. The pretzel loop was also very scary go on it!

I feel like I'm flying! Tastu is HANDS DOWN the best ride in the park. If your a thrill seeker looking for a fast and exhilarating ride--Tatsu is your ride.

3 Twisted Colossus

I love this ride, I remember when I first heard they were "closing Colossus" I was quite upset, but upon riding Twisted, I can't say I'm glad, but I'm very pleased at what it's become, I will miss the old Colossus, but dare I say I prefer this more.

And hey, both tracks are being used now.

Went on this ride for the first time today for my birthday and it is up there with rides like Tatsu and X2 as one of Magic Mountain's finest coasters. Alan Schike has designed another masterpiece of roller coaster design and RMC is one of the best roller coaster manufacturers in the business.

The first drop is so intense and right after you think it's over you switch tracks and then you go up again and you go through a cork screw on each track. I would say this is the second best ride in the park because x2 is 1 for best ride in the park.

If you're scared of rollercoasters, then ride this one because they made it to a point where you'll actually enjoy the experience rather than being frightened. This coaster also utilizes a lot of kickass airtime segments.

4 Goliath

It is the best ride in the world I can ride that over100 times in a row that is how great it is I love it so much I can marry it.

This one is one of my least favorite big roller coasters it is rough and has no inversions.

I just love that G-FORCE at the end. It makes that ride one of the best rides at the park.

The 255 foot drop is amazing. This ride is very smooth, and front row is awesome.

5 The Riddler's Revenge

This ride is WAY better than X2 if you ask me. It may be uncomfortable, but you can fix that. It is a long lasting ride, and probably the scariest one in the park

This is one of the best stand-up ride in the world. Great order of inversions.

The riddler's revenge was allot of fun. It was very fast and you were standing up! Very cool ride

Your STANDING on this ride unlike the other sitting ones! It definitely was scary yet fun

6 Full Throttle

I love this ride! 3rd favorite ride in the park behind Viper and Scream. I've been on this in pouring rain and it was by far the best way to ride it. You feel like you are gonna fall out, but that's the best part!

This is my second favorite ride behind Tatsu. The acceleration on the launches is amazing. I just enjoy thrill rides that don't bang your head and this is one of them!

Best ride in the park. Biggest loop in the world. Check. Backwards in a part then crazily shoots you forward. Check. Insane drop. Check. This ride has got it all. Definitely worth the wait

This amazing ride is known for the biggest loop in the world (160ft). It has awesome airtime and 3 amazing shoot offs or launch.

7 Batman: The Ride

I used to hate roller coasters before this ride. My friends forced me on it and I loved it! I went on it 4 times in a row haha. Definitely a must ride!

This ride is mostly a pattern of inversions. I love this ride it is like an inverted model of the riddlers revenge!

I didn't go on this ride yet! Screw that!

Best ride ever! So fun and smooth

8 Green Lantern: First Flight

This is my fourth favorite ride because their is so much pain in the ride

There's lots of green lantern coasters in the world but this one is the best

9 Viper

Even after all these years Viper still offers one of the most thrilling rides in the park especially for slightly younger thrill seekers looking to step it up. It holds up very well next to SFMM's newer monsters and the lines are almost non existent in the off season. Definitely recommend going on it at night, it's got a unique silhouette and the drop, triple loops and double cork screw are amazing and it doesn't rattle you half as much as some of the older steel coasters would. Still my top favorite ride in the park

The third tallest vertical loop in the world. It is one of my most favorite rides at the park! After that middle stop those 4 inversions are the best.

So much fun! I could ride that over and over again. I love it! The loops are so much fun!

So much fun! I love the corkscrews and barrel rolls at the end!

10 Superman: Escape From Krypton

The feeling of going 100mph is just AMAZING! I was so scared the first time I went on it because after going on excelerator at Knott's (which felt insanely fast)... I didn't know what to expect. This ride went so fast, you couldn't even tell. It feels like you're not even moving! It felt like we were going backwards for at least a minute. Once we went up that lift, my stomach dropped and it was the best feeling ever. Definitely a ride you should go on

Awesome ride, and it stops at such a high place that you can't really see so much of people which makes you less scared, but when the coaster blasted off at full speed, I wasn't ready and also, the ride is very loud when you are standing around it, but not when you are on it.

This ride has a great theme there's not a lot of places where you can launch 100mph backwards? The best ride at the park.

So fast and once it starts going up, you don't realize how high it actually is. Short ride but amazing.

The Contenders
11 Scream

This is the extreme version of batman. It is smooth and gives you a feeling like non other!

Scream was a very cool heart pounding ride! Awesome sauce!

12 West Coast Racers

Solid ride but could use a loop great starter ride for kids.

13 Apocalypse

Not too big, but certainly not too small and kicks up an unusual sense of speed. It also has the best theming out of any other coaster in the park.

This ride has intense speed shoots through three tunnels one that flies through the station and you feel a little blast of fire. My most favorite ride at the park

Best ride ever! It's fast bumpy, it just makes you have butterflies in your stomach. It's AWESOME.!

Super fast and amazing roller coaster. Definitely earns a top ten place at magic mountain.

14 Colossus

There's nowhere else where you can ride a wooden coaster backwards!

This one is my first ever rollercoaster and it was the best coaster in the park

15 Ninja

If your a thrill seeker in training---I would definitely recommend this ride... But true dare Devils may find this ride boring. Have fun

A great speed for a suspended coaster. It is a cool suspended ride that dodges trees.

16 Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom

The view at the top is just amazing, and going down it feels like I'm skydiving.

My favorite ride ever. I could go for hours and never get bored of the view and adrenaline rush

This is only ride in the entire park that actually scares me.

Love the Freefall ride attached with Superman, like Great Adventure attached to Kingda ka

17 Revolution

One of the best at the park. The first time I rode this I got surprised with the loop and tunnel. A good ride for the park

So rough and fun

18 CraZanity
19 Dejavu

Anywhere else where you can go 3 inversions backwards?

20 Gold Rusher

A good regular coaster with a gold rush at the end. That's probably where they got the name.

21 The New Revolution

Well I haven't been in that ride but I'm going...I been watching videos about that ride...I think that ride is amazing.

22 Jet Stream
23 Justice League: Battle For Metropolis
24 Road Runner Express
25 Dive Devil
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