Best Roller Coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure

Best roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.
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1 El Toro

Anyone who's been on this knows this packs the biggest punch by far in the park. The first drop and airtime on this ride is insane and it's incredibly smooth for a wooden coaster which makes it a very enjoyable ride, not like your average wooden coaster. The speed on this feels much faster than the stats say, and it's been proven before that this coaster sometimes reaches speeds of 75 mph instead of 70. Best ride at Six Flags and best wooden roller coaster in the world.

This is honestly favorite roller coaster. I've been to SFGA, Kings dominion, Hershey park, cedar point, all the central Florida theme parks and carowinds (before fury opened) and this is still my #1. You can call me crazy, but this is the best roller coaster on the planet hands down. Airtime, fast, intense, surprisingly smooth, and fun!

2 Kingda Ka

Top Speed: 128 MPH
Height: 456 ft.
First Drop Height: 418 ft.
°of First Drop: 90°
Inversions: None
Kingda Ka is probably the most well known coaster in the world. It's the tallest on Earth, the second fastest, and remains the ultimate thrill test for coaster loves all over the planet. It's not the best roller coaster, if that's what one assumes from its statistics, but it would be if it was longer. However, for the 56 seconds of riding time, Kingda Ka is fantastic. The launch is so fast that your eyes water and your hair stands on end. The ascend to the top is thrilling, and there is a brief pause at the top of the ride in which you can take in just how high you are, before you plunge down back to Earth. It's very short, but it's worth every hour you wait. Kingda Ka is the ultimate test of thrill seekers, and after riding it you definitely won't want to get off.

3 Nitro

Nitro is the greatest ride in the world! Jam-packed full of floater airtime and breathtaking views. It's like a visit to the chiropractor. Also, this ride is all mental, so any who are scared to ride should just take a deep breath in and scream on that first drop. Once you've mentally conquered Nitro, you're free to ride anything else except for El Toro and Kingda Ka.

My favorite in the park, it's pretty intense in the back row. What puts it above El Toro for me is : it's taller, faster, the restraints are small, and it's in an open area. The first hill on nitro is way scarier/more intense than El Toro

4 Bizarro

Top Speed: 61 MPH
Height: 142 ft.
First Drop Height: 132 ft.
Inversions: 7
Bizarro, in my opinion, is the best inverting ride at SFGA. Formerly Medusa up until it's 2008 makeover, this looper offers a combination of thrilling loops and special effects to create a ride that overtakes it's nemesis, Superman, as the better ride. Flamethrowers, lasers, and famous lines from movies are just the beginning on this baby. Bizarro truly is #1 amongst inverted coasters at SFGA, at it lets you know in a big way.

5 Superman: Ultimate Flight

Top Speed: 60 MPH
Height: 106 ft.
First Drop Height: 100 ft.
Inversions: 2
Superman: Ultimate Flight is unique in that it's a flying coaster, or that your turned on your stomach throughout the coaster. This fits the Superman theme perfectly. The ride is not the tallest or the fastest, but it is fun throughout the whole ride and has its major moment: the pretzel loop. The feeling of being pressed into your seat and feeling like your falling through the air on the loop is extraordinary. This roller coaster will make you feel like the Man of Steel, Superman.

6 Batman: The Ride

With all the loops and twists it has to be the best ride there.

7 Green Lantern

Top Speed: 63 MPH
Height: 154 ft.
First Drop Height: 144 ft.
°of First Drop: 45°
Inversions: 5
The stand-up coaster is tall, fast, and thrilling, but it's best to do this ride early. If you ride it after a few hours of walking, your legs might be in a little bit of pain. Positioning is important as well, or else your... Area... might be in some pain as well. However, if all goes well, Green Lantern is a solid coaster and a unique experience.

8 Skull Mountain

Note: Rolling Thunder would be in this spot, but sadly it has been demolished.R.I.P. Rolling Thunder.

It's a dark indoor coaster and the feeling like your going to fall off the ride is fun.

Ride this in the back. Ejector air is awesome

9 Jersey Devil Coaster
10 Joker
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11 The Dark Knight Coaster

It's fun, but it's also a major disappointment. Six Flags could have done so much more with the Dark Knight theme, yet the result was a wild mouse type coaster that failed to bring any thrill factor. It's worth a ride, but nothing special (even though it should have been)

I went on this twice during my class trip.

12 Medusa
13 Rolling Thunder
14 Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train
15 Batman And Robin: The Chiller

I've never heard of this one is it a defunct ride?

16 Great American Scream Machine
17 Sarajevo Bobsled
18 Shockwave

I've never heard of this one is it a defunct ride?

19 Viper
20 Total Mayhem
21 El Diablo

How could you not like this one? It has a bunch of inversions!

22 Runaway Mine Train

It's a classic, though it's not very thrilling. More of a family coaster then anything. Worth a ride.

Even though it's just a family coaster, it is special because it is the oldest ride there.

I did a clone of this called Canyon Bomber at Six Flags Great Escape. Nothing special.

23 Road Runner Railway
24 Lightnin' Loops
25 Big Fury
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