Best Animaniacs Fan Fictions

I have heard about there being tons of Animaniacs fan fictions. I'm going to make a list of what I feel about them. The higher the number is the worst the fan fiction is.

The Top Ten

A Wakko x Yakko Story

This fan fiction is awful. I don't know why people get these ideas in there head. Why did someone think it was a good idea to make a paring between yakko and wakko. This is just awful. This isn't even the worst one folks.


This fan fiction is just a beautiful and tells us how much the Warners love each other and would do any thing to take care of each other. Sure they is some fighting and cliches and pairings which get annoying but this person is such a great writer that it's hard to stay away. I really hope this person continues to finish this amazing story.

The title of this used to be called best to worst animaniacs fan fictions for those who wonder why there is some hate towards three of them

It is so awesome, update ASA now!

I've read it twice! Such a fun, insightful story and there's really no other fanfic out there like it.

All I Want Is Attention!

I love this story even if wakko is kinda out of character a little

This is one of those Animaniacs fan ficitions were Wakko is lonely and jealous because Yakko spends to much time with Dot. Wakko gets to cranky and then accepts something from a stranger. In the end they are all happy and Wakko isn't jealous anymore.

Dear Yakko

This fan fiction is about Wakko and Dot surviving after Yakko died. From a few friends, they get through it together and they find out who did it and if Yakko can come back to life.


Made by the same person who wrote family, while not as good, it still has some funny moments and shows that Wakko, Buster, Montana Max, and Plucky are great friends.

The Reunion

This is about the Warners meeting each 20 years after the shows ending and it is creative. Who knew someone would make a story about the warners splitting up in the first place

This should be made into a T.V. Special please Warner Bros do it for the fans.

Wakko's Need

You are right.That sounds absolutley DISGUSTING! Why do people even THINK those thoughts?!

This fan fiction is just disgusting. The whole thing is about Wakko's having the urge for sex. It starts with him spying on Minerva and Hello Nurse. Then it turn into an incest story with Wakko sniffing Dot's panties and then wanting to have sex with her to. These things are gross. I mean why would people make them. In the end to get him to stop Yakko shoves Wakko in a room and does gross things. I almost decided to put this as the worst one until I realized how descriptive it was.

Reality Check
Not Your Average Hostage Drama

This starts out of some mystery about what happened one night and then about where Yakko is. In the end more pieces come together and in the end the Warners are reunited with themselves and their creator. (No it's not Lon Borax Or Weed Melmo, it's a fan character) It's still enjoyable for what it is though.

The Contenders

Sixty Years in a Water Tower
Finding My Way

This is a good story about Dot being an independent character who an stand up for herself. There are some weird moments and the fan characters may get a little bit annoying but this is still a good story and a lot better then the next three.

Yakko and Dot's Weekend

This is by far the worst Animaniacs fan fiction ever. It starts off as Wakko gone to a hot dog eating contest and the Warners all grown up. Yakko watches porn and Dot masturbates. (Yea I know what is wrong with this writer). Then Dot sedcues Yakko into to doing stuff. At fist Yakko refuses and for the dumbest reasons ever that Dot gives, Yakko just accepts it and then the long detailed sex begins. Then when its over they say it should be their secret, do it AGAIN tomorrow, and take a shower together. THIS IS JUST DISGUSTING! JUST WHY WOULD SOMEONE HAVE THE NEED TO MAKE THIS?!?!?!? 1

Reality Check 2: InkStained
I Thank You
The Warners' Super Special Comeback Musical
Thinking With Your Stomach
Reality Check 3: Technicolor
The Animaniacs Meet Donald Trump
The Same NeverEnding Story

This fanfic is not finished and probably never will be... But what the author has made so far is amazing and really heart breaking, too. I really like it, but the author does get some facts wrong such as the ages of the Warners and their species, but it's still pretty good.


I LOVE THIS STORY! It is sad kind of and happy kind of.It has Bugs Bunny and the Warners and Bugs is so nice,he wants to take care of them.Precious-Little-Toonette,you rock!


This is a one shot from Yakko's point of veiw about being a vampire and desiring Dot's blood.This is some random fic I just read and I loved it.Shout out to the author:YOU ROCK!

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