Best Animaniacs Voice Actors

This is for who I think are the best people to voice act for Animaniacs. You can feel free to add your own.

The Top Ten

1 Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulson is awesome. Whoever made this list wins a gold trophy for the voice actors!

He voiced main characters like Yakko, Pinky, and Dr. Strachensniff but also so minor one shot characters that were there as extras. - YakkoWakkoDot

2 Tress MacNeille

She voiced Dot Warner, Hello Nurse, Marita Hippo, and some of the more minor characters like Billie or some extras. - YakkoWakkoDot

3 Maurice LaMarche

He gave us the voice of the Brain with that amazing Oreson Welles impression. He also did impressions of Bob Hope and other celeberties and well known people. - YakkoWakkoDot

4 Frank Welker

He gave us Ralph T. Guard, his wife, Thaddeus Plotz, Runt, and Buttons. - YakkoWakkoDot

5 Jess Harnell

He voiced Wakko Warner with that amazing Ringo Starr/ John Lennon impression and voiced Walter Wolf from his second appearance. - YakkoWakkoDot

6 Nathan Rugger

Voice acting may not be what he does now but he was really good at voicing Skippy and making him an unforgettable and likable character. - YakkoWakkoDot

7 Nancy Cartwright

She was Mindy on Animaniacs. :) Now she's voice of Bart and various characters on The Simpsons - Animaniacs1Fan

8 Jim Cummings

He gave us a winnie the pooh voiced narrator and most importantly Daniel Boone who was a great big jerk yes a great big jerk who had another plan that likely wouldn't work. - YakkoWakkoDot

9 Jeff Bennet

He gave us side characters like Weed Memlo and the Barney parody himself... Baloney - YakkoWakkoDot

10 Paul Rugg

The Contenders

11 Bernadette Peters

Not bad for a theater actress. She gave us Rita the cat.

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