Top 10 Best Gravity Falls Couples

The top ten best or most wanted Gravity Falls couples, pairings, and ships. What combinations of Gravity Falls characters so you think are best? Canon and fandom couples are allowed.
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1 Pacifica x Dipper

I got all my hopes for this ship. I think it's great to have ships with characters that have different interests and personalities. They fill each other's gaps quite well and they both grow as people from their relationship. This helps Dipper to become bolder and more confident and Pacifica to become nicer/empathetic and less hysterical over what others think. They have a lot of great potential. At this point, with the ciphered message in the amphibia crossover, it's practically canon. At least from Matt and Alex's view. If gravity falls will be extended or get a season 3, it would 100% become official. (by the way, I think this ship should be renamed to Paper. (Pa)-cifica, Dip-(per)) ;)

2 Dipper x Wendy

I'm still deciding between this and Pacifica x dipper, but for now I ship both of them. I don't think the age difference is that big of a deal, at the end of the series dipper is thirteen. The age difference is a few years, shes 15 and he's 13. Besides, I have a feeling Wendy and dipper will date in the future when they are more close in age. I don't think they'd end up together, but I do think they'd at least date. I think dippers crush on her is adorable.

Anybody who voted Pacifica x Dipper, note that even Alex Hirsch doesn't favor Dipcifica: many Dipcifica fans like to point out that in Journal #3, where Dipper writes in Stanford's/Dipper's Journal, "Except for Pacifica. The only thing stranger than meeting this ghost was discovering that Pacifica has some good inside. Sure, she's spoiled, and mean, and makes this weird face when she's annoyed, but she ended up saving me and half the town. I guess despite all her parents' attempts to make her awful, there's hope for her after all. (They ring a bell to call her like a butler and punish her with groundings and credit card cutoffs when she disobeys.) She also looks kind of okay in an evening dress, I guess. (-crossed out-And when she hugs you she smells like champagne and flowers and... Am I crazy or was there some vibe going on? -end of crossed out line). Dipcifica fans think THAT indicates that Alex Hirsch intends Pacifica to be Dipper's now-and-future crush? What about all the things that Dipper writes about Wendy in Journal #3, which far exceed what Dipper writes about Pacifica in Journal #3, and the fact in all of the two seasons of Gravity Falls, Wendy is clearly the person of Dipper's affection? Dipcifica decreases one infinity, Wendip is best.

3 Soos x Melody

This ship is very cute and very canon. I can only see their relationship extending, especially after Soos took charge of the mystery Shak. Soos and Melody deserve each other and their future seems very bright. (Unless Soos does something really stupid which isn't out of character for him, I hope he had enough character growth to prevent this)

This has to be the most underrated Gravity Falls ship. These characters go great together.

My favorite ship! How is this below Dipper x Mabel?

4 Blubs x Durland

They're not just two characters mashed together with no context, but they've always been seen as partners and they're personalities worked together well. just an added bonus that they're canon!

This makes so much sense! Not my favorite but still better than Billdip!

Come on, you gotta love this one.

5 Mabel x Marmando

It might have been one episode, but Mabel found a boyfriend who actually appreciated her for being the goofy kid that she is. Plus, she got her first kiss!

Curse you queen of manatees. The two actually are in love. But it's fine because I ship Mabel with Gideon more.

He was in ONE episode. (Two if you count the five seconds Mabel took to tell Dipper Mermando was married)

6 Bill x Dipper

I think that this ship is great! It is creative, out there, and all else cute! I think if you aged Dipper up a little bit then yeah they would make a good match! Expesily if Bill is willing to change for Dipper. This fandom of BillDip is actually really nice, and (unless you want to get to deep) fluffy! Oh and guys stop hating on this ship! If you just saw some fan art and saw how full of fluff it is then you to would relize that it is a good ship even if it's not your OTP. Even demons need a chance at love and why not it be Dipper? If you can get passed most of the haters and obsicals this has the potential to be the #1 ship! I'm not saying "go to a dark corner and ship BillDip," I'm just saying at least give it a chance! You might even enjoy the ship, though there are dark parts, there are in even the most vanilla! So go wild my little BillDipers and fill the haters to the brink with FLUFF! But who am I to judge your opinion? Go on Gideon X Waddles might be the next new thing! Anything is possible in the girlfriend fandom!

7 Robbie x Tambry

This is a very underrated ship. I love it because of how their relationships completely change. Robbie goes from an obnoxiously ignorant jerk to a less annoying and content friend while Tambry switched from a quiet and unaware teenager who never socially interacted with people because of the time she spent on her phone to an alert and caring person who listened to others' feelings. Another score for Mabel, the Love Queen!

Words can not tell you how much I love this ship. I think it's my favorite ship in gravity falls. Nah, waddles and Gompers is. Yes. "Robbie, people are commenting on our pictures!" I screamed during this scene.

8 Waddles x Gompers

This is awesome. I can say nothing more.

9 Candy x Dipper

Though it lasted for one episode, I actually really liked this ship. Candy is such an interestingly complex character, and it was nice to see her pair up with a relatable character like Dipper.

10 Gideon x Mabel

People hate on this ship for no reason. Notice how every boy who actually wants her she turns down? The gnomes? No. Gideon? No. There's a third one but I can't remember it. Anyways. People hate on this ship for no reason at all! Gideon truly loves her. Yes, both of them could've handled it better, but I still love this ship.

Honestly, he really likes her. And if he grew up a little, he could change, and they could be better together.

Come on. Deep down, you know that they are perfect for each other.

The Contenders
11 Marius x Grenda

Of course! That one episode though! I ship them

Just cute. Nothing to say. Xxx Candy

12 Old Man McGucket x Racoon

It's not really a ship, I think that the raccoon was his...wife? Hold up, then who was that guy in The Legend of the Gobblewonker who was said to be McGucket's son?

Haha, well McGucket x Racoon still makes truckloads more sense than Billdip.

Stop bringing BillDip into places where it doesn't need to be! BillDip didn't do anything to you!

13 Bill x Mabel

I LOVE this ship more than anything( expect the cartoon itself)

14 Dipper x Mabel

I voted for this just because the author told me not to. Don't you be telling me how to vote!

That's so incest it's gross, and if anybody ships this it's okay but you must be pretty weird!

15 Mabel x Pacifica

Their relationship has lots of improvement! I love to see Pacifica starting to be more comfortable around Mabel!

I love this ship. They are so cute and it is like polar opposites turned forever bond. Just so beautiful.

This is definitely better than Dipcifica but that's just my opinion. They would have better chemistry than any other ship

16 Stan x Lazy Susan

Its cute! I imagine Susan making a cafe in the mystery! And then they work together. It makes so much sence.

It's so cute. They are actually so cute together

They would be so good for each other.

17 Stanford x Fiddleford
18 Bill x Ford

I think this ship is kinda canon. In Weirdmageddon Bill tuned everyone into stone, or left them to die, but not ford. He turned Ford into GOLD of all things and kept him by his side. I love this ship.

Don't tell me they didn't have SOMETHING going on when they were friends. I ship it.

I never thought about it before, but it kinda reminds me of Lou x Ox from Uglydolls.

19 Badger x Snake

They were meant to be together. Just do not think about what their offspring will look like. O_O

20 Pacifica x Mabel
21 Bill x Axolotl

Because the axolotl let him live, I ship them. It was his LAST words before he was destroyed.

Sure. I guess. Also I didn't get to violent for it, but I see bill and Gideon as buds.

22 Mable x Robbie

I'm sorry but this is WAYYY better than BillDip, like they would be a REALLY cute couple. And if people bring up the age thing just look at billdip and at least Robbie didn't try to KILL Mabel. Bill is my favourite character but BillDip is just wrong.

I don't ship them as a couple, more as a friendship.

Due to the episode {love God} Mable helped Robbie find love. And I noticed how determined Mable was to help Robbie. And robbie even "thanked" her. They might vary in age a tad, but its still a cute ship

23 Will Cipher x Dipper Gleeful

Okay, I like this ship because they have such a different power dynamic than Billdip.

24 Dipper x Wirt

This is honestly one of the most precious ships out there! It totally makes more sense than BillDip

25 Waddles x Bill
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