Top 10 Kaeloo Characters

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1 Mr. Cat

I am usually not a fan of characters who are, well, jerks, but to me, Mr. Cat is a special case. He is funny, entertaining, cool (just watch Let's Play Scaredy Cat) and he is probably the most sympathetic and complex character on the show, thanks to his troubled past, interesting relationship with Kaeloo, and because he actually seems to be getting nicer in later episodes.

Why do people think Stumpy is the funniest character? Mr. Cat is funnier. His observations on society are really good.

He's funny and intelligent. Unlike most "mean" characters, his meanness is actually funny.

2 Stumpy

When I vote for Stumpy, I mean Stumpy in Season 1 and some parts of Season 2. Stumpy in Season 3 is a total prick who is almost as bad as, if not worse than, Mr. Cat and Pretty.

The dumbest character, but still the funniest!

Come on, Stumpy deserves to be above Kaeloo! (To be fair, lots of the characters on this list should.) He's really funny!

3 Kaeloo

She's sweet, kind, and caring, and she forgives Mr. Cat for all the horrible things he does.

4 Quack Quack

He's one of the few characters on this show to actually be nice. He's ready to forgive anyone for anything, and he's also willing to sacrifice himself for good causes.

Sure, he doesn't do much, but he's talented and smart, and he's the only one of the main four to NOT be a prick.

5 Eugly

The only character who wasn't responsible for anything on the "Meanest Things Kaeloo Characters Have Done" list.

6 Salmon

She was kind enough to save a drowning kitten and raise him like her own kid. That makes her one of the best.

7 Jean Guillaume
8 Stumpy's Mom
9 Olaf

Seriously, who made this? Kaeloo is the best? Mr. Cat is less popular than Kaeloo and Stumpy? Olaf is less popular than Ursula, who has appeared on the show a total of two times and for only one scene in each episode she was in, and Stumpy's mom, a drug addict?!

Why is Olaf so low? Ursula only even physically appears in two episodes with minor roles! Olaf is funny and he needs to be higher.

He's the hammiest villain there is on this show. His overreacting and incompetency are so hilarious!

10 Ursula

She's kind (which is a rare quality for characters on this show), apparently really pretty, willing to date Stumpy of all people, and has a nice voice. She motivates a lot of plots despite not being present in most episodes.

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11 Bad Kaeloo
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