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The problem about anime is that you can't just see your favorite episode of an anime, whenever you want! Still there are some episodes, that just stood out for being simply incredible!
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1 "Shoto Todoroki: Origin" Episode 23 - My Hero Academia

Best episode of this series so far, excellent animation, excellent structure, this is how all battle episodes should be, where someone who was rooting for Todoroki instead of the main protagonist could really be afraid of Izuku, as an enemy. It was a battle where the two opponents where scary for the other one and that keeps the viewer excited for what's going to happen, the flashbacks where really well timed and the scenes that had to had a special animation and soundtrack were excellent, such as Todoroki using the fire + the flashbacks or the final blow between him and Izuku. Best episode ever!

Midoriya Izuku inherited One for All, one of the world's most powerful quirks. Despite this, his compassion has proven to be his most endearing trait so far. Deku is a determined individual who strives to give his all and inspire others to do the same. He, more than anything else, possesses the attributes of a true hero, as shown by his epic fight with Todoroki.
This fight served as a showcase for Deku's willingness to go to any length to save a challenger. Todoroki's backstory is also revealed in this episode, and with Deku's aid, he is able to briefly overcome his past and show a glimpse of his true potential. Shoto Todoroki: Origin, is a tear-jerking episode in which two young men give their all in battle to get closer to their dreams.

2 "Confrontation" Episode 2 - Death Note

Light thought he was the smartest man in town but L was one step ahead!

That first time you realize how much of a threat L actually is... This episode is pure gold

The introduction to L couldn't have been better!

3 "Re;" Episode 50 - Code Geass

Undebatably the best anime ending of all time. The episode itself, godly.

The Greatest Episode in the History of Anime, Nothing Comes Close!

The ending is just a pure masterpiece nothing comes close to it!

4 "Overcast" Episode 7 - Death Note

The best episode you can ever ask an anime to make. Although we all know that Light is somehow going to survive, we did not know whether Naomi Misora would. For all we know, she could have survived and given information to the police and the plot could have been awesome from there on, too. Plus, it showed that Light would indeed kill anyone, if they threaten him, which is another way of character development. And, the ending, the ending. As Naomi's face becomes dark and lifeless as she heads on to her inevitable suicide, to the stairs of heaven. Just a godlike episode.

So glad to see this at number 5. When I watched Death Note for the first time all those years ago this was the hook episode for not just the series but anime as a whole.

You can say he did it because he had no choice or he did it because he just doesn't care. You do feel sad at the end matter what.

5 "Hero" Episode 54 - Attack on Titan

The Greatest Anime Episode Ever. Levi taking on Beast Titan, Armin taking on Colossal Titan, Mikasa and Survey Corps taking on Armoured Titan, Erwin taking the Charge. Everything you liked about the series stuff into a single Episode.

This could be the greatest episode I have ever seen, in anything, everything from erwin to armin is just absouletly amazing.

One of the best TV show episodes ever. Up there with the best Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Sopranos episodes

6 "Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes!" Episode 48 - Naruto

Underdog Vs Monster. It's really cool to see a Side Character beating up one of the Main Villain from the Series

7 "The End of the World" Episode 14 - Sword Art Online
8 "Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen" Episode 226 - Fairy Tail
9 "Beyond the Escape" Episode 7 - Charlotte

After the loss of Ayumi, Yuu separates himself from others out of grief, but soon finds himself going down a dark path from which there may be no return.

Charlotte may not be one of the best anime but this one episode hits very hard!

Woah, this came out of nowhere.
What an episode!

10 "Spring Wind" Episode 22 - Your Lie in April

Music connects people together, this episode justified it so well even if it's from our world to afterlife (Heaven). Kaori and Kosey playing Violin and Piano to their final Masterpiece performance.

The Contenders
11 "Chinmoku: Silence" Episode 25 - Death Note

This episode is stunning and amazing. Every moment of it gives me chills, and it has so much symbolism and foreshadowing. Everything about this episode is beautifully done- the animation, the tone, the music, the writing, the script. The foreshadowing with the bells and the metaphor in the scene where L washes Light's feet add onto how this episode left me in complete shock.

12 "Open The Steins Gate" Episode 23 - Steins;Gate

The moment when everything clicks from the first episode and you realize exactly what happened July 28th, 2010 at the Radio Tower is the best scene in all of anime, and just one example of the excellent storytelling in this masterpiece of an anime.

13 "Zero x And x Rose" Episode 126 - Hunter X Hunter

The smile on netero's face just terrifying. I almost feel bad rooting for humanity. that's how crazy this is

This episode was really perfect animation drawing voice acting directing feeling everything was amazing thanks madhouse

14 "Deku vs. Class A" Episode 136 - My Hero Academia

There's one thing I look for most when watching an anime: feels! And this episode is the definition of that.

15 "I Won't Rely on Anyone Anymore" Episode 10 - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
16 "Violet Evergarden" Episode 9 - Violet Evergarden
17 "Surprised to Be Dead" Episode 1 - Yu Yu Hakusho

Good grief, I was not prepared for the feels train to hit me like this in the first episode.
It's weird because I don't normally feel anything at funerals irl, but just seeing everyone's reaction to Yusuke's death made me cry like a baby even though I don't even know him.
The voice of Keiko was so emotional. her screams didn't sound like acting. It was as if someone had really died. Kuwabara showed all signs of grief. It's just the first episode, and ohh the feels. THE FEELS!

Clannad took 2 seasons for me to cry just a bit. This show got me tearing up in 1 episode and it was my 1st time watching it so I had no connection to any characters yet.
This episode is just a canon of feels.

A total tearjerker of an episode. It's hard to believe how the first episode of an animé hits right in the feels like this. Then again, it's Yu Yu Hakusho.

18 "Truth" Episode 141 - Naruto Shippuden

The Greatest Plot Twist in the history of Anime when you realise that the guy you thought was a Crazy Murderer is in fact a Hero saving people from Shadows.

Best Villain to Hero plot twist in any anime.

I was crying by the end

19 "Death of The Undying" Episode 19 - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Damn I was overjoyed when Lust died! Seriously what a brutal killer she was. And when she killed Maes, I was so sad, I spoiled three boxes of tissue. All hale ROY MUSTANG!

Many many many episodes of this Anime is awesome but this one is the starting point of the change in the characters and developpment.

Mustang just quietly reminds us he is the biggest badass in the most explosive way.

20 "Ballad of The Fallen Angels" Episode 5 - Cowboy Bebop

This is arguably the best episode of the entire series that is without a doubt a masterpiece of a show. After four average episodes Ballad of Fallen angels comes as a tornado and takes everyone by surprise. The story involves Spike's past and his inability to escape it. His story in a way that can be described in no other words but Brilliantly. And introduces his arch nemesis who also captures the role of a ruthless villain beautifully. The episode starts of strong and takes viewers on a roller coaster ride. The soundtrack is masterfully done that captures every moment beautifully. Whole episode is full of thrill, tension and emotions. And the whole church shootout is certainly one of the most iconic scenes of the whole series. Overall this episode really proves what Bebop is all about and it is near perfection.

The first episode in which viewers get an inkling of Spike Spiegel's backstory, which was previously shrouded in mystery besides a small clip in episode 1. Vicious, Spike Spiegel's arch-nemesis, is introduced for the first time in this session, a terrifying counterpart who embodies the worst of Spiegel while still arguably being his exact match.
Both want to eliminate each other and fight to the death, in order to claim peace for themselves and their troubled past. For many fans, this is the episode that cemented Cowboy Bebop's legacy. Not only that, but the song Green Bird is astonishingly beautiful.

21 “Scenery For A Doomsday” Episode 73 - Monster
22 "Encounter" Episode 9 - Death Note

An episode with good shots, tension (especially in THAT scene) and a very interesting color palette, here Light gets serious against L and is totally determined to kill him, and that laugh at the end is really great!

It only took him a matter of days to narrow down Kira's location and correctly suspect Yagami Light. That's how much of a genius L is!

"I want to tell you, I'm L".

23 "Memories in the Mist" Episode 108 - Pokémon: Sun and Moon

Ash and co. get enveloped in a strange mist where the boundaries between the real world and the afterlife blurs. Ash and Torracat reunite with Stoutland, Torracat's mentor. Lillie and Gladion search for their father inside the mist. And Mallow is worried about meeting her mother after the last words her mother heard from her was, "I hate you".

This is one of the saddest but also the sweetest anime episode ever!

Oh, Sun and Moon!
I'm so sorry for all the insult in the beginning. I am glad for everything. The stories, the characters... I will miss everyone.
I can't believe how SM turned itself into one of the best series in Pokemon. But what made the series legendary is this episode. It's a pure tear-jerker where you'll cry tears of both sadness and happiness.

"The loneliest people are the kindest.
The saddest people smile the brightest.
The most damaged people are the wisest."

This masterpiece of an episode unfolds the story of Mallow, the kind and upbeat girl who infuses positive energy and good gives into the Sun and Moon cast, and knows how to take responsibility.

Mallow was a wonderful girl who was cheerful, chill, and a motherly figure to the rest of the group from the time we first met her in the first episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Unlike the other Alola girls, who all have wonderful mothers, Mallow had taken on the role of the woman of her household on her own for reasons unexplained. It's little surprise that she is such a maternal figure in the group; without a mother and her brother away traveling the world, she had no choice but to take responsibility for her family. Her motherly presence also extends to her circle of friends. She serves them delicious food and supports everyone over the course of their adventures. It's not easy being a kid who has to play mother, yet Mallow takes on the responsibility with a smile. But behind that bright and optimistic smile, she conceals her painful backstory. She's the girl scarred with the kind of guilt from which most people never recover in their entire life.

In 'Memories In The Mist', Island Kahuna Hapu tells the tale of Tapu Fini's mysterious mist where people and Pokemon have the opportunity to meet with loved ones who have departed from the world. She also warns the group that some people never make it out of the mist as the intense pain of reuniting with someone you love only to say "Good Bye" all over again can often be too much to endure. When Mallow suddenly wanders off on her own after hearing Hapu's story, we get confirmed that Mallow's mother passed away from an illness when Mallow was just a little girl. And while this is tragic on its own, there is so much more to this story.

After Lana settles down... more

24 "Transformed at Last" Episode 95 - Dragon Ball Z

I was so amazed when he transformed into super Saiyan I ran around my house in amazement

25 "The Thrill of Destruction" Episode 118 - My Hero Academia
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