Top 10 Types of "Deres" In Anime

Dere is a term, used to describe certain types of females in Anime.

If you want to know, which type I am, according to some Internet Quiz I'm a Dandere.
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1 Tsundere

So if you want to win your crush heart, be harsh on them and it can develop your feelings. Do you want to be tsundere? It's simple. Be harsh always. Says "BAKA! " a lot. Never be sad or quiet because your crush might think that you already change. If your crush gives you something, pretend not to get it and says "I have SOOO many like this at home, don't give me this kind of like this again, BAKA! ". Also Tsundere also cute to me but I'm not a Tsundere, I'm more like Dandere...I'm shy and this makes me a little hard to make friends.

This would be me if I were in anime, mixed with a hajidere. I'd be a tsundere who blushes/gets super nervous around my crush. I'd probably be a hajidere at first, then become a nervous and blushing tsundere.
Crush: "Ya know, I was having fun looking at you blushing until you looked away."
Me: "Shut up, ya baka! " *slaps the back of his head*
So ya. Have fun making fun of me!

What's so great about someone who acts like they're not interested and angry and mean?

I have already declared myself one of these a long time ago.

2 Kuudere

It's kinda like me. I'm shy at first but I'll open up 2 you if I get to know you.

Kuuderes are cold to their love interests until they get close to them, where they open up.

Kuudere is the best. It should be first.

This one sounds like me

3 Dandere

Dandere is sweet, kind, and entergetic. This is what I'd personally want the most in a person.

I think this is me.

4 Yandere

Being a person who often listens to Yandere boys ASMRs, I just had to vote for this. I don't like Yandere girls (Yuno is scary), but Yandere boys are life. I want one...

Cute and friendly on the outside but if you mess with the one they love they will turn violent quickly.

Gotta love it when someone acts really sweet but turns possessive and violent within 10 seconds.

Sweet and kawaii on the outside, but actually evil and a killer in the inside. Don't mess with them.

5 DereDere

I took the quiz and apparently this is me. Maybe a little bit of tsundere added in.

Literally me no quiz taking needed I just... Know

Cute and friendly inside and out!

6 Kamidere

They believe they are God and should be worship and treated like god, they are also highly arrogant and proud, and aren't afraid to speak their minds and show everyone how right they are.

7 Himedere

Basically a tsundere or a kuudere, but too princess-like to fit into any category. Either treats her love interest like she needs to be cared for or like he is a prince.

Treat her with respect! She deserves every last bit of it!

8 Coodere

Coodere means: starts uninterested but turns lovestruck later. A coodere starts cold, distant, uninterested and doesn't pay any attention to potential love interests, but eventually turns lovestruck.

You mean kuudere, right? This isn't a thing.

9 Dojikko

Dojikko are extremely clumsy, the girl is pretty and cute or so sweat and innocent, they repeatedly fails in everyday house and school act like housework, sport competition, even simply walking even though she is annoyed at her misfortune, Dojikko always shows her good side and regrets messing things up Example of Dojikko behavior include slipping on stairs, knocking over a drink, breaking a dish while serving customers, and other such slapstick.

10 Yangire

I am a Yangire+yandere

It goes for characters who kills for fun and for hate towards people that do things to them

The Contenders
11 Mayadere

Mayadere's are possibly very sweet. Though they are feared antagonists they turn their back on the 'evil' side for their loved one that is most likely on the 'good' side. So basically they fight for their loved ones. They also can have any kind of personality. So they can be a mayadere while having the personality of a tsundere. BOOM SHAKALAKA!

-A random violent person who is wierdd

12 Undere

Will say yes to everything her love interest says and agrees with all of their opinions.
"Do you like socks" "YES! yes I do! "

13 Dorodere

A Dorodere is sweet, innocent and loving on the outside almost like a Yandere. On the inside, they are mental, insane and usually have very interesting back stories. They are extremely creepy on the inside.

14 Tsukidere

A Tsukidere is a type of person who is a mix of a bunch of different personalities and stereotypes all in one self but usually they bring at least one of them out at a time. These type of their are the most mental because of it. They are mostly viewed as "Dark" which is why they are called a Tsukidere. "Tsuki" is another word for moon.

15 TsunTsun

TsunTsun is harsh, cold blunt and cynical on the outside, but on the inside they are depressed, sad and lonely. They often intimidate and harass people to make them feel better about themselves.

16 Bakadere

So, apparently, I'm one of these.

17 Joendere

A loser on the inside and a loser on the outside.

18 Kanedere

Like a gold digger?

19 Sadodere

IZAYA ORIHARA! he is basically the first person to pop up in my brain every single time I hear the word sadodere. That is why I like sadodere characters, because Izaya is my favorite character like FOREVER (and also I like characters that are kinnda cruel and have fun killing a person socially and emotionally and play with every character in the show behind the scenes. they are hands down the best and most interesting characters).

Basically a type of their where the character uses and manipulates other character for their own fun.

She loves you, but in a kind of violent way?

Could Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club fit this description? She's my favourite character ever!

20 Nyandere

Nyandere is pretty much like neko, a nyandere may be: a girl that starts acting like cat when dere (grows fang, cat-ears, even if not really, but just drawn so) or a girl that acts composed, but when she sees a cat she becomes dere or a tsundere with nekomimi, "cat-ears"or an actual cat (or anthro catgirls) that's dere for her owner, they often times add nyan in their sentence, they might even be nekojin.

21 Noradere
22 Foodere

A foodere is a girl/boy who is obsessed with food. They love food and they would turn Yandere for food. For example Choji is a foodere.

23 Hajidere

I'm apparently one of them. The happy-anxiety when your crush is at your presence is almost unbearable!

Similar to danderes, except they only become shy and easily flustered around their love interest.

24 Byoukidere
25 Teasedere
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