Top 10 Best Hetalia: Axis Powers Characters

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1 England

England has, and always will be, my favourite Hetalia character. He represents my own country (United Kingdom/England) and has the best eyebrows in the history of eyebrows. He is several thousand years old yet is immortal and looks 22/23. He has been an angel, pirate, king, knight, and has been in several wars (civil included). He raised America, Sealand, and Canada, has been a Police Commander, Master of dark and light magic, Secret agent/spy, Punk/rock star, etc. Now, he is a gentleman and I have great respect for him. He grew up with his brothers who teased him and were mean to him (Bad Scotland, Wales, and Ireland! I hope Ireland didn't teach Northern Ireland to be like that!)

Arthur Kirkland, you are the best Hetalia character. Ever.

I actually kind of have an extremely large crush on him.

2 Russia

The #1 best country, almost always seen with his long tan jacket. If you watch the show, you will notice each time you see him he is wearing that wonderful scarf his "Big Sister" gave to him. Oh, poor poor Russia. His little sister wants to marry him and has a death wish for them to be together for all eternity. Although he is strong and believes he will take over the world, he loves to hear people talk because in Russia, everyone hated in silence. His only good friend was his ox. When seen in pictures, videos, drawings, etc., he is holding a lead pipe and a vodka bottle. His vodka is considered his "Fuel". He dreams that in the future, he will rule the world! All in all, he does have a soft side. He wants to be in a sunny place with lots of sunflowers.

3 America

Honestly, as an American, I believe this character might be one of the best representations of the U.S. that I've ever seen. His personality is well-balanced. We get a lot of exposure to his brash and arrogant side, but we also see enough of his sensitivity and childlike optimism to understand he's more complex than what meets the eye. I find him hilarious. He reflects American stereotypes so accurately it hurts, yet, even putting that aside, he has some amazing one-liners and interactions with other characters. In the end, he gives me hope for my country, instilling a desire to see more people out there with his level of optimism and enthusiasm.

4 Canada

I know it may sound biased, as I am Canadian, but I love him, second only to Prussia. His soft personality, caring attitude, and being outright adorable are wonderful traits. Most characters in Hetalia are loud, overbearing, and have abrasive personalities or too much screen time. Canada is a character you can appreciate on your own terms without being pressured by shippers (USUK) or crazy fangirls who pay no attention to the plot. He is accused of being a Mary-Sue, but honestly, Germany is more of a Mary-Sue than Canada, which is not at all really. Just because he is not loud or scary does not make him weak or useless. He brings balance to a show full of chaotic and aggressive characters, much like what Japan as a character provides.

5 South Italy

Romano is seriously one of the best characters in the whole show, and considering the size of the cast, that's saying something. Even though he has a tough exterior and calls everyone "bastard," he's still a coward, and I think that gives him a lot of depth, unlike Veneziano, who (although I love him too) has an exterior that you can see right through. Along the same lines, his feelings of inferiority next to Veneziano give him so much dimension. I've always thought it was interesting how Romano has more character depth than Veneziano, whose weak side isn't as easy to notice because that's his only side.

He has such awesome interaction with the other characters, like with Germany and his brother. I think my favourite thing about him is his relationship with Spain and how, even though it started out rocky, they ended up being brothers to each other.

Plus, Romano is just such a cutie!

6 France

Many people may perceive France as a rapist, and I'll admit, he really is a stupid perverted old man. He almost never wins any wars, is a flirt, boasts about his fashion and cooking, doesn't shower regularly, and resembles a woman from the back. Oh, and he also whines a lot.

However, he has a mature and sweet side. He's the nation of freedom and love. I admire his desire for revolution. Despite his many flaws, these are the things that make him an interesting character. He's an old country with a mature "big brother" personality, which is silly but endearing. I also enjoy his rivalry with England. It's rather foolish but hints at a much deeper relationship.

And well, other than that, he's really pretty and manly at the same time.

7 Poland

Most of these comments simply state Poland is fabulous, but I'll explain why. It's not that he is simply a cross-dresser with a typical "valley girl" way of speaking. It goes a bit deeper. He is shown to be shy with strangers yet loud and obnoxious around his friends. Because of this one simple aspect, his character is very relatable, and thus likable. He shows what many people are like and gives others who may not be like that an insight into how others act once you get to know them.

His friendship with Lithuania is also quite adorable. It shows that different types of people can still get along just fine, if not even better. Plus, how Poland acts. Sometimes he is shy and wants to bolt away from strangers, but other times he acts outgoing, even sticking up against Russia for Lithuania at one point. No one can deny that Poland really cares for his friends and has a good, strong character.

8 Prussia

Prussia is the most awesome and great of the characters! He's hilarious! He has friends everywhere - America, Italy, Denmark, France... He's also part of many "groups," such as the Bad Touch Trio or the Awesome Trio. However, he's also a sad little man whose nation status was taken away from him, yet he is able to survive. If you ever read his diary or listen to his songs (such as "Mein Gott"), you'd find that he's actually really lonely. His history is full of sad things - first being the Teutonic Knights, then Prussia. He's seen some pretty bad things. His brother, Holy Roman Empire, was killed, the death of Old Fritz, and Soviet Rule. His relations with other countries are very interesting as well. Have you seen the way he is with Austria, Hungary, America, or, most importantly, Germany? Germany and Prussia are the best brothers there are in the world, undeniably!

9 Germany

Germany is definitely my favorite character, no doubt about it, and this is talking about him both as a character and a country. Let me explain.

Germany is very old, dating back to as old as the Roman Empire and possibly even before that. It has connections to a lot of European countries and languages, including England and English. Of course, we know that Germany itself, as in the Republic of Germany, is quite new, and the Germany that we know in the series probably isn't even as old as America.

And then, of course, we have the culture and beautiful sceneries of Germany. Most people would instantly think of Berlin or beer when it comes to Germany, but there are places that are natural and quite beautiful. Take, for example, the Rhine River, which has amazing castles and huge vineyards stretching down its banks for miles.

Anyway, onto the character APH Germany. At first, people don't tend to like him, thinking that he's loud, strict, and cruel to the fan-favorite Italy. However, I believe there is a lot more to him than just that.

He seems to be extremely awkward when it comes to anything that isn't military or training. If anyone else shows him affection, or if he has to show affection himself, then he gets confused and flustered. It's also been stated that he can't talk to women unless it's for work or they are young (which is the complete opposite of Romano, by the way). This means that this social awkwardness or anxiety could make him relatable to viewers.

10 Spain

Spain is always happy and tries to make everyone else happy. He is always very polite. He gets pushed around but he doesn't let that kill his kind personality. He is always so happy with a contagious happiness that even Romano can't resist. He is mainly optimistic and chatty although he does have an emo mood, but that never lasts very long. When he finds something cute, he is going to say it is cute and not care if people judge him for that. He also fanboyed over an old sword. If nothing else, he is part of the BTT. That alone makes him amazing. You have got to love the former sexy pirate, Spain.

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11 North Italy

Northern Italy may be a coward on the battlefield, but that doesn't mean he isn't an amazing character. I've always been drawn to characters who put on a smile even through their pain. When I think of that, I picture North Italy for sure.

How can he be so cheerful and bubbly, and so harmonious despite the ever-gloomy past of falling in love with HRE and making friends with the person who looks like the grown-up version of him? (Germany) I won't ever understand, but there is definitely some bravery in that 'little coward'.

He's so caring and just wants to make friends with everyone. What really is the harm in that? There really isn't.

12 Japan

The third and final major member of the Axis Powers, recruited by Germany. He is mysterious and quiet, as well as hard-working. Though he looks to be the youngest of the main three, he is in fact the oldest and acts accordingly with the behavior of an old man.

It is said that all of Japan's answers are "No," and he is rarely shown to be volatile in the series. However, it is mentioned that if enough pressure builds up, he can become very "scary" in his rage. His hobby is to read the atmosphere, assess situations, and act carefully. He has a weakness for 2D erotica and geek culture, as well as small animals.

13 Finland

Finland should be higher up on the list. He's funny, kind, adorable... he's amazing. How could you dislike him? I know that he really cares about the other Nordics and Sealand. I love Finland to pieces, and I will never understand why some people dislike him. What's not to like about him? I mean, he's Santa! Finland is amazing.

Finland. One of my favorite Nordics, no, countries. He is adorable. Why is this only 14? Raise it up! He's kind, hardworking, and honest, more than most of the Nordics will ever be (even though rest assured I love all of Scandinavia). He's adorable. Did I say that already? Whatever, no one can say that he's not cute, at least to my face. His name-giving skills make Finland even cuter. This guy needs more votes.

14 Lithuania

Lithuania gives us what is vacant in most animes - a normal, average guy. He works hard and is happy and content with what he has. Many people need to learn from this example. His life can be relatable to people because of this, and relatability is important when it comes to popular characters. He is kind, patient, and, as already mentioned, hardworking. He is nice to all characters, no matter how obnoxious, and can put up amazingly well with their oddities. He's also friends with Poland, who is a unique individual. A mini strip about them reveals a bit about Lithuania's past, which gives him some more depth as a character. Overall, he's just a regular guy! He thinks about things that matter and manages to be friends with almost anyone.

15 China

China is utterly adorable! He is mistaken for a girl all the time in the show and in real life, but it's not hard to identify his gender, much like the vocaloid Vflower. He is actually a really neat country with a great personality! Even if the actual country is communist, he seems like the exact opposite!

How can anyone not love China to bits? He has been through a lot and is one of the wisest characters. It's quite easy to work with him when using fanfictions. There are plenty of topics you can choose for him: raising baby nations, his young childhood (which is really mysterious yet interesting to delve into), and his communist years. Overall, I'm really surprised that this character isn't more popular. I mean, I really can't believe that Liechtenstein is more popular than one of the members of the big eight.

16 Seychelles

Why people hate her is petty. She doesn't get in the way of the FrUk. In fact, she makes it better. I honestly view her as the endearing little sister to both of them. Seychelles is an amazing country once you get to know her.

I love Seychelles honestly, as the canon character Nelly from South Park as a Russian neko to represent myself. She looks like Seychelles. Seychelles is boss for looking like a South Park character and being adorable.

Seychelles deserves more love, if you ask me. She's a cheerful girl, and I will never understand why anyone hated her.

17 Hungary

She's my first favorite girl in Hetalia, with Seychelles being the second and Taiwan being the third. I so love her tomboyish and feminine personality when she's with Prussia and Austria, and I ship her with both of them (since I can't decide which pairing is cuter). I don't understand why many people hate Hungary, just like how they hate Seychelles. I mean, guys, she's BADASS, and just like the author of Hetalia said, she's the most manly character in Hetalia, which makes me love her even more! So, GIRL POWER!

18 Denmark

He's such a sweetheart and so cute! He is loud and obnoxious, but that just makes him more lovable. He never gives up on anything, maintains his cheery demeanor, and is a VIKING, the king of Northern Europe. Need I say more? Also, the fact that people say he's an idiot really upsets me. He's the happiest country in the world, even though he's been through more than lots of other countries. And he maintains his cheery personality to make others around him happy, even though he's been through a lot. Hell, he's almost as old as Rome if you really think about it. One more thing I must add, he's hot and cute if that's even possible.

19 Norway

Norway is a type of character that makes you wonder. Like the hot, sexy, or adorable strangers on the streets. But at the same time, you can feel and see how much family means to him. He doesn't care what people say about him believing in magic, and that gives me strength to not care what people say about me. He is relatable. We all have probably built up a wall and shown either no emotions or just one emotion. (Personally, I have gone Norway style 80% of the time.) We are scared to show what we really feel.

His past as a Viking wasn't exactly... well, you know (for those of you that know Viking history). But he has a calm side, and that proves that you can change, even though I'd bet that his smiles are beautiful. If we ever see him smile or laugh, we feel special. I guess that's one of the reasons that I love him so much!

20 Latvia

He's such a cutie! And in my opinion, he's so sweet! I really wish he'd get more love. I like him because he's like a big brother to seal and...

He is the youngest of the Baltics but still tries to stand up to Russia. He's like the cutest of the cute!

21 Korea

Korea is awesome! As a major Koreaboo, I think that he is a really cool character with a fun personality and lots of rich culture. It's really a shame that the Koreans forced the creators to simply take him out of the anime and then banned the whole anime in general. I am hoping that one day, they will put him back in the show! Uri nara mansae!!

I love Korea! I just wish that the Japanese creators behind the character were more accurate about Korean culture. Like, he should say "hyung" instead of "aniki" and have a personality more realistic towards Korean stereotypes, such as being an awkward romantic, or something out of a K-drama type personality. Please make a more accurate character and put him in the anime! I'm begging you!

22 Belgium

Belgium, although an easily forgotten character, is one of the first characters to show up on the show. She has so many pairings, I can't even count them. Go Belgie Chan!

Belgium is so often forgotten and deserves more love! She is so nice and cute, and I wish I knew her in real life...

Belgium needs more love! Too many people forget about her.

23 Greece

I love his personality and everything about him. Sure, I may not be a fan of cats, but that doesn't stop me from loving him. APH Greece honestly deserves more love just like other Hetalia characters, and not just the main ones like England. Take a look at these adorable and likable characters for once.

He's the cutest, hottest, strongest, laziest character ever. He's actually stronger than Germany, loves cats, is lazy like most of the world population, can be absolutely adorable, gets luckier than France, and is always so polite! What's not to love about him?

24 Liechtenstein

In my opinion, Liechtenstein deserves more love. She was so grateful for the fact that Switzerland saved her from dying of famine that she changed the way she looked just to prove to him that she respects him beyond words. Her loyalty to Switzerland is something that shouldn't be taken lightly, and besides all of that, she's just so sweet, innocent, and adorable. In all honesty, Liechtenstein is an awesome country.

Come on now, Liechtenstein and Switzerland shouldn't be separate votes! They're just adorable. Their interactions were the best part of Hetalia, and it's just so nice. My 2nd vote would definitely be Switzerland.

25 Sweden

Aw, Sweden needs more love. I can't be the only one who thinks that he's adorable, can I? I mean, really. I hate to bring pairings into this, but look at all the things he does for his "wife". He was willing to sew clothes, sit in a corner, etc. He's even a father. Sweden looks like such a serious person, but he's actually well-intentioned and just a little socially awkward.

Not only that, but he can also be a serious BAMF. A pretty sexy one, if I do say so myself.

Sweden is most definitely the best character! He may look cold-hearted and hostile, but in reality, he's nothing but a big fluffy teddy bear! He's adorably socially awkward and he's extremely generous and caring. He really deserves to be higher on the list. Su-San for the win!

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