Top 10 Anime Series and Movies that Made You Cry

List of the 10 top animes that made you cry (or extremely sad) whilst watching it!
The Top Ten
1 Angel Beats! Angel Beats! is a 13-episode Japanese anime television series produced by P.A.Works and Aniplex and directed by Seiji Kishi.

It's sad in so many ways and one is the fact it's set in the after lot so all characters are DEAD and next how they died well that's another story! This anime made me cry and I don't cry offer I friends anime sad but I never cry but this one sent me down and I remember crying a lot when watching! Man it was so sad!

This anime should be a lot higher than it is. The first few episodes will have you laughing then you'll start crying. Like Anohana it gets you connected to the characters SPOILER FOLLOWS and rips them away from you or builds relationships then destroys them like when Angel graduated ;-; But on Anohana it's really just the last episode where EVERYTHING hits you all at once and with Angel Beats there's tears all through out. With 5 centimeters per second I read the manga and it was really sad all around but no tears from me. With Naruto and Code Geass you just have to be emotionally involved to cry. I cried at EVERY important character death in Naruto. I was DEAD when Asuma, Neji, Gai, Pain, Itachi, Gaara, Deidara and Konan died. I cried during Naruto only because I'm REALLY emotionally connected but it isn't a SAD anime. Hell, I cried in KnB and Free!

I cried in episode 2, when people began sacrificing themselves for the other team members, when Yuri revealed her background, when they tried taking on Kanade, when I saw Yuzuru's story.
I have finished the series, and I can truthfully say, every episode made me cry, growing more and more towards the end, where I was fully blown sobbing for ages.
I can honestly say, I have never grown so attached towards characters, and never has an anime made me cry, before Angel Beats. I thought of these characters as strong, driven human beings, there to get revenge, trying to fulfil their reason to be in the afterlife, to avenge God for giving them such painful lives.

This is the only anime that made me cry like a cry-baby lol. Seriously guys, this is a very good and interesting story, you should watch it.
The best part is the Graduation Day. And I really like Kanade, her efforts in writing the tofu song, making certificates. I love it. I love how Yuzuru changed the Vice President of the Student Council (I forgot his name, not good with Japanese names).
And the most crying part is when they deliver their speech and disappear one by one. Plus the part that strikes me the most, is when Yuzuru keep repeating the words "I love you Kanade". Then Kanade disappears. Sorry, I spoiled you guys. But you should really watch it. You know, I can't delete the 13th episode on my phone cause I just want to watch it every time.

2 Clannad

I'm not a big crier, but I cried like a baby while watching this. This is the only anime, and I have watched a lot, that has ever made me cry. I really think that the reason that I cried was because of how well I got to know the characters and their stories throughout the anime. Because of that you really get to share their pain of losing a loved one. You get to experience the joy and happiness of their carefree high school life, and suffer with them through the trials of being an adult. I wasn't surprised that this anime is #1. It definitely deserves to be. However, it isn't just the sad tears that made this anime #1, but the happy tears as well.

This is a very sad story, and this is the saddest anime to me. This story starts with a girl named Nagisa who have no friends at school. She is usually sick and her mother almost died when she born her. After that Nagisa got married to Tomoya, and when Nagisa give birth to her baby, she died because she is to weak. After that Tomoya gave the baby to Nagisa's mother to take care. After that Tomoya admit that he had did the wrong thing and started being the baby's dad that stay by her side. But, one day the baby was really sick and she died. (I know I skipped one of the parts)

This Anime is the saddest of all Anime. It really made me cry a lot. And it is inspirational and it is like a true story. It is very realistic because you can relate this Anime to the lives of some people. Please watch this. But if you watch this you should have many tissues because it can really make you really cry a lot.

I love this anime. At this point, I think I had already watched at least 40 different anime. NONE made me cry. This was the first one to make me bawl out my eyes. My mom had came to see how I was doing, and when she walked into my room, she saw me cryin' and said "This is why I don't watch anime." And she walked out of my room.

3 Your Lie In April Your Lie in April, known in Japan as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or just simply Kimiuso, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa.

This anime left me emotionally devastated for like a solid three days after I finished it I can't even begin to tell you how hard I sobbed. I know the overall message is supposed to be happy and hopeful but oh my goodness. And even though you know exactly what's coming, it hits you SO HARD. It's a beautiful story, and one of my favorites despite how much I cry every time haha.

This should be number one. When I watched the last two episodes, I finished a whole tissue box from crying. The scriptwriters and the animation are amazing. Taking a look at it at first, I thought it would be a romantic comedy anime. Heh. I was wrong. This has changed me life forever. It's beautiful. Who knew a lie could cause a wonderful story.

This is the most life changing anime I have ever seen. When you finish it it leaves a different feel then all of those other animes. You feel like crying? You'll cry at least 5 times. And it won't be for a short amount of time. It will be from that point till the end of the episode, sometimes a little over.

This anime hit me REALLY hard in the feels, in fact I don't think I've cried so much watching an anime or any T.V. show/movie ever! Once I finished the last episode I cried for about 5 straight minutes, an then I went back for more the next day. I really recommend that you watch this beautiful anime, and I guarantee that you will go full waterfall mode at least once while watching this. It really impacts the way you think and feel.

4 Clannad After Story Clannad is based off a visual novel. It follows the story of a high school senior named Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent who floats through life caring about very little. He hates the town he lives in and his alcoholic father. He and his friend Yohei Sunohara spend most of their time skipping school and pranking other students. Things change however when he meets a girl, Nagisa Furukawa. He ends up taking an interest in her and decides to help her revive the school's dying drama club. Along the way he meets a number of other girls that he befriends and helps in their various goals around the school. As he helps the girls, Tomoya grows in turn and begins to care about the town. Clannad has two seasons, the second season is dubbed 'After Story' Cause it features what happens after Tomoya and Nagisa graduate and starts their new life together.

I'd rather pick Clannad After Story to be #1 than Clannad.
I don't particullary find Clannad as the saddest anime ever, since I don't cry a lot :/. Well, I did waste my tears in Clannad After Story, I think it's has a beautiful storyline even though I got a little bit dissapointed with the ending. For me, Clannad After Story reminds my father, where I and him often have arguments and sometimes we fight. Tomoya and his father are a reflection of the relationship fo me and my father. My father passed away before I watched this, so it brings regrets to me that I hated him. That's my #1 reason to love this anime. I think Clannad After Story will "crush" your heart more when you remember how much you hate your parent, especially your father, and how deep you regret that.

It's the most amazing and touching anime I've ever seen. It made me fill buckets with tears! (no exaggeration). The best part is that it really is super relatable to the real life, and you will surely shed tears with the protagonist in the end. It's a all time classic for me and I highly recommend this to all those who really want to enjoy a great anime.

Too sad. The earlier evemts with everybody ending up happy after Tomoya was able to help them really drew you to believe that everything would end up better for Nagisa and Tomoya. WRONG! They attach you to Nagisa and Ushio and right after everything seems to be going well, they take them away, even if you saw it coming. Then ending, though supposedly erasing these bad events from the world they then lived in, was not satisfying enough to erase the thought of the sadness Tomoya endured. Theybsimply spent too long attaching you to char acters that you have to see die, especially Nagisa's depressing 8 minute long death scene. The attachment that Tomoya later forms with Ushio and how much they begin to cherish and rely on Nagisa every day was when I finally felt connected to their new family. Of course, then they take Ushio away the same way Nagisa died, from her illness. These moments were theones that stayed true in my heart, not the ending that supposedly made everything better. The ...more

The plot drags you in and makes you really feel for each character, then they give you several different endings that are all amazing and an odd mix of happy and sad all at once. It was the first anime that made me cry tears of sadness and joy at different times.

5 Ano Hana

If you have ever lost a friend this show will hit you hard. Watching how Menma's friends deal with her death in all different ways were heart breaking. Through out the show I laughed and cried a little. The end though, it's like a truck full of tears just hits you on the free way and smacks you into cry baby ville. Believe me it's that horrible. The Lost episode is so heartbreaking. I had to pause it just so I could wipe the tears out of my eyes to see. If you haven't watched it. WATCH IT

This seriously made me cry the most. I cried for 45 minutes after that 11th episode and I still have a tough time telling my friends what it is about. It was very heart-warming and pretty funny too. I recommend this show to everyone. Be sure to keep a box of tissues near you when you watch this anime.

Really good and nice anime! Really sweet and lovely! This anime reminds me of my Neighbours I used to play with every week when I was still young and before I shifted house. They gave me so much wonderful memories of us playing together and I could somehow relate to this anime a lot! :D I miss my Neighbours so much! >< And I cried so much when watching anohana! Do give this anime a try! It's really good!

I didn't even cry while watching titanic but anohana was so sad... at the end when they cried because the reasons they wanted menma to go to heaven was personal I almost cried but then in the end when they were reading letters I just started crying for a whole hour...

6 Code Geass Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, often referred to as simply Code Geass, is a Japanese anime series created by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi, and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi, with original character designs by manga authors Clamp.

When you watch an anime like Code Geass, one would expect death, right? I mean, the anime's basis is war and in war people die... But I never thought it would be as heart wrenching as it ended up being. Especially in R2... I'll be honest, I didn't sob, because very few things make me sob, but there were many parts that seriously gripped my heart and wouldn't let go.

This is so sad I have several theories about the end theory 1. I have it in my mind that it was all of laluches plan to die so all world problems would be blamed on him and the world would be better theory 2. The stranger in the mask is actually lelouch and the other lelouch is an imposter that's was very loyal to lelouch theory . saddest theory the ending is real

I rarely show any emotion when watching anime, I might find something genuinely funny or sad and would still not show it. But the last episode for Code Geass... the feels unexpectedly hit me like a freight train, before I knew it, my throat felt uncomfortable and hot tears were pouring out of my eyes without my control. It's like that now as I type seeing as I JUST FINISHED WATCHING IT! I feel strangely pleasant for some reason.

I cried, I never cry when I watch anime... But this I did. I got so attached to the characters... Everything lolouch did for his sister and the world is amazing... Even now I feel a tear and I watched this a whole week ago... Code Geass is the best anime I've ever seen.

7 Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same name by Hiromu Arakawa. It is about two brothers, Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, trying to restore their bodies after failing at bringing their mother back to life. It aired in 2003 and was remade as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood in 2009.

I have spent hours watching and re-watching episodes from this utter masterpiece. This anime has made me cry literal tears every time I reach the end. Never have I watched something so enjoyable and so interesting. The soundtrack will paralyze you with emotion and the characters mood affects your own. The storyline and deep plot might just ruin you for all other anime. After watching this pure, well written and perfectly executed anime I knew I would never enjoy something as much as I did watching this show.

This was one of the first animes that I've watched. When I just think about that scene, it hits me hard in the heart bad. When you meet her, you'll love her. Cute. Cuddly. When it comes, trust me, it's going down. My friends watched the scene where it happens and didn't cry. I told them the reason why they didn't was, 1.They haven't even watched the 1st ep, 2.They already knew about it. You have to try your best to avoid spoilers. 3.You have to get up to that part for the scene to make sense. If you watch that first episode by itself and that's the first ep you watched in the series, you haven't experienced it. I swear if I hear those 3 words in Japanese or English, my heart will die if inside.

Most episodes were funny but each episode get a layer of suspense and shows many life long lessons it truly touched me in end I really thought my favorite character died but seeing the movie made me happy. I just wish this anime had more episodes and SONGS. This is a very original anime and is my favorite.

Literally nothing could beat this in my opinion. You get feels for EVERYONE in the anime, not just the protagonist or "good guys".

8 Kanon

This old Army Ranger retiree bawled like a 3 year old, one of the most heartrending stories ever.

You'll never know what hit you until it's too late.

You watch it and you tell me if you cried or not.

Kanon will make you cry and you won't stop crying. Please vote kanon

9 Elfen Lied Elfen Lied is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It was originally serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump from June 2002 to August 2005, with the 107 chapters collected into twelve tankōbon volumes.

Very disappointed that this is fifteenth. I have watched Naruto, Your Lie in April, Fairy Tail, and One Piece and I gotta say, Elfen Lied beats them by a long distance.

Naruto, Fairy Tail, and One Piece were sad at some parts, but not really tear jerking. The reason they're above Elfen Lied is probably since they have huge fan bases.

Your Lie in April... that was sadder than Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Ine Piece but not as sad as Elfen Lied. It was tear jerking for sure, but actual tears never came out for me. I just really wanted to cry.

Elfen Lied, in the other hand, ACTUALLY made me cry. Tears were actually falling down my cheeks. I never thought two hours of manga could leave me like this.

I didn't cry. Its not that it wasn't sad. I was left I shocked. As soon as you thought everyone would be happy, there life came crashing down. Lucy had such a horrible past and so did Mayu. Nana just wanted to be happy with her papa, but she couldn't. It is a short anime but it is definitely worth watching

The way that it ended was sad but I am happy that they live a sort of happy life together. I was left with questions like who was behind the gate at the end, what was up with the clock and why did it only start ticking when the person showed up at the fence. And why did Kouta forget his past?

I looked online and other people were confused as well and said it might have been Nyu seeing as Lucy was no longer alive. This anime should definitely be higher on the list. Is so good.


This anime was so sad, yet so beautiful. Lucy had a horrible life and didn't deserve that. Everything she could come up with was killing people and even killed families with children. Her best friend was killed and she was locked up for years. Nanas only wish was to be with her "papa", but that was a wish that could never be granted.
Mayu got adopted, but was raped but the dad and her mother didn't care and she ran away. Kouta didn't remember much of his childhood and his family was killed by his friend. This anime should be higher in the list.

Wasn't quite sure which to choose-Elfen lied or mirai nikki, but not that I think elfen lied is more sad, I also think it's better... despite the fact that there were only 13 and mirai nikki had double... It was so touching and sad...

10 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood‎ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an anime series adapted from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga by Hiromu Arakawa.

Most "emotional" anime are normally romance, which is not really wrong, but come on!

This anime was by far, is really heart-breaking; not because of a couple, but you get to see the effects of war, social discrimination, deaths. Yet... despite all these adversities, humankind still refuses to give up and fight through them. We also get to see friendships, family ties and most of all, which I think not a lot of anime go in-depth- the pure love of siblinghood. It was so heart-warming to witness two brothers, having one another's backs through all their sufferings and willing to sacrifice for each other.

An amazing story about sacrificing all you have for what you love the most. The story of the brothers' is amazing and unique and I'm really not fooling you when I say that always when I think about the ending, I feel a little pain in my chest, and I'm 100% honest now. Amazing.

A boy just willing to give his most important achievement, his life for his little brother. Do I need to say more?

Never have I loved a series like this. Tears start to come to the surface even when thinking of this anime.

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? Vinland Saga
? Monster Monster (Japanese: モンスター Hepburn: Monsutā, sometimes referred to as "Naoki Urasawa's Monster") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Urasawa. Monster has been critically acclaimed, with the manga having won several awards and its anime adaptation being called one of the best of the decade. more.
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11 Naruto Shippuuden

This anime comes across as just an anime where people fight ect. However the people who have watched this know as soon as your in this area that prepare your self because it's so sad and people a lot of people die! And I don't cry a lot but this has to be one of 3 anime that set me off the other is Angel beats and the other spirited away.

Naruto is so sad! I cried at every character's death, and Naruto's will is the strongest thing in the world. The art is fantastic and beautiful, while the story and plot are sad and emotional. But even when something is sad, there is a happy, funny, or heartwarming event as well. When you watch the first episode of the first series, be ready to cry. When that first episode is over, you will have to go watch to the very last episode of the second series. You will want to watch every movie too. This show will take you along on an emotional roller coaster. Plus, if you pay attention to the actual plot and specific words, you will be in a wonderland of thought that will change your world. You will see friendship, bonds breaking, characters dying, characters crying, protection, dark, light, love, fights, and you will even see how you can save someone with words.I recommend Naruto to anyone, and if you do watch it, the tissues are on the counter.

I have cried in a lot of anime. Clannad made me bawl. Angel beats made me sob. But never has any show, anime or otherwise, made me tear up as often, either sad or happy tears, as Naruto Shippuuden. From characters' deaths causing true grief where I can't even talk I'm crying so hard... To watching a sensei catch a tired student on his shoulder, and feeling my throat get choked up with happiness and the LOVE you develop for these characters! I have cried an ocean of salt water over this show.

The best ever there's no words to describe how touching this show is I love you Naruto. This show was the only show that really made me cry it had meaning. The sorrow the sadness heartbreaking friendship and even guts. No matter what who it was he wont let them get to him nor did he give up. The story of his mother and father, the people he lost that meant the world to him. He didn't let it drag him to wards the darkness, he stood by his word AS ALWAYS AY

12 Grave of the Fireflies

This is such an underrated movie! It stands only about one millimeter below Elfen Lied, Angel Beats, Anohana, and Clannad! It's very realistic, and the first sentence is:

September 28, 1997. That was the date I died.

Have you heard any sadder intro?

This is seriously such a beautiful and heart warming story. Even thinking about the story makes me depressed. The characters were so human and lovable and they will really make you feel like crap :"( this anime will always be my favorite movie, its truly a masterpiece that will make you cry your eyes out 100%.

This is such a heart wrenching and beautiful anime by studio ghibli that really puts the Japan war into perspective. not to be salty, but I'm sure this animated film deserves to be nearer the top than animus such as death note. I love death note but it's not very angsty or sad?!?

When the director show the movement of the Setsuko (After dead).. how she stayed when her brother tried to find for the food... and that can make me cry.

13 One Piece

This is THE anime for me because it has overtime made me feel all the types of emotions there are. This anime has both light sided story and even the intense story. Over the many years as an anime viewer I have never found another anime like this well except Fairy Tail maybe but OP is the best in make anyone cry without having regretted those tears. Hats Off to the Greatest Anime ever!

It should be placed higher. Unlike most short anime, One Piece has a HUGE plot development and the sheer time you spend watching the anime makes the feels more intense, as you can relate to the character more and spend more time with them. Whenever a past is revealed, or a character dies, I cry waterfalls. I have seen most of the anime on these lists, and OP made me cry the most. The other ones only made me teary eyed (I'm a pretty cold person lol).

I never thought I would love this anime as much as I did and presently do. As time went on and the more episodes I watched, I felt more and more connected to the characters and their stories. I'm reading through the manga now and all I can say is that I fell in love with the series even more. Not to mention, cried even more.

This is that one anime that can make you cry over a wheel. I consider myself very emotionless but, man I cried like a baby to this. It has very melodious background music along with very emotional scenes in the development of the anime, this opens
Viewer up emotionally and allows them to be swayed. This should hands down be way higher if not first in my opinion

14 Air TV

Feels. So many of them, the anime of this can be hard to understand since the plot is sort of squished compared to the visual novel. But it is still very sad, the end especially.

I just can't explain how I feel about this anime... I cried so hard since chap 7! And every time I watch this... I just cry over, and over again!
But I love it!

Air made me cry so much that I was angry with myself.

It's so sad. But the ending made me cry.

15 Future Diary Future Diary is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. The plot surrounds a battle royale in which each combatant has a diary with entries from the future. The manga was serialized in the Kadokawa Shoten's Shōnen Ace between January 2006 and December 2010.

This was the first anime that actually emotionally destroyed me. I have never cried so much in my life.

I cried when any character died, even if I hated them. This destroyed me, but it was one of the best animes I've seen in a long time

This is the only anime except One Piece that me cry and I didn't even cry when I watched Angel Beats!


I hated Yuno for killing Aru... then in the end I actually felt sorry for her and started hating Yuki

16 Fairy Tail Fairy Tail is a manga franchise created by Hiro Mashima. The manga has been adapted into an anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, which began broadcasting in Japan on October 12, 2009. Additionally, A-1 Pictures and Satelight have developed seven original video animations and an animated feature film, Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess. The series ended its initial run on March 30, 2013. A new series premiered on TV Tokyo on April 5, 2014.

FAIRY TAIL! So Fairy Tail is my favorite show in the whole world. Is it as sad as Anohana or Clannad, no, no where near it, but this show does have it's parts of tears and times where their words move you to tears. This show makes you respect friendship and the people you have. If you like to laugh, watch people fight with supernatural powers, and cry a little then watch this show. There's a reason it's one of the most popular animes out there.

Fairy Tail teaches you important life lesson while hitting you with emotions. The characters will is the strongest thing you'll ever see. This was the only show that made me cry. It's a show about wizards. Fairy Tail will definitely make you cry.

I have watched countless works of animation, and I can safely say that Fairy tail touched my heart. It made me cry much more than when I watched the Titanic. It can make you cry through sad and happy moments, truly one of a kind.

There are moments that will make you so happy that tears will start on their own.
Each episode of Fairy Tail has them and as you continue it just keeps growing.
When I watch, I really wish for Fairy Tail world to exist more than any other.
It's must see anime!

17 Attack On Titan Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama, is one of the most popular Japanese anime series to be released. It was first watched in Japan during 2013 and was dubbed in English to be watched in America in 2014. It is best known for its emotional moments, apocalyptic setting, and its dramatic story line, and action packed scenes.

I believe there is no anime that can compare to the intensity of this story. Look! The people there were almost wiped out by the Giants but still striving to survive. This anime is sure to be one of the best story and plot but like every anime, it still has its flaws.. But it sure does very unique to me..

Amazing. Most emotional anime I've ever watched. I don't understand why Fairy Tail is placed above it, because Fairy Tail has a horrible plot compared to Attack on Titan. I cried like a baby when Eren's mother died, and I only knew her for one episode!

Emotional. There's a lot of deaths in Attack on Titan, and I'm currently reading the final season manga which makes me wanna cry even more. There's a lot of things that changed in Attack on Titan and I'm just sad about it. When "Red Swan" comes on, it just gives me feels that I can't even explain, it was just so nostalgic and sad.

Your eyes are watery when you just watched the first 20 minutes.

18 Death Note

L and Light are both my favorite characters in Death Note. Seeing the two battle it out to find who could catch the other first was so amazing. I didn't want either to die.

When L died, I couldn't believe it. I thought it was some elaborate trick. And when the feeling sunk in, I started to cry. L was such an interesting character, and the part when his eyes turned from their large, removed state to normal eyes made me cry even harder.

Once L was dead, I was fully Team Kira. When Light died, I felt like I lost a part of me. I really can't tell you how devastated I felt when Light died.

I didn't really cry at the end, that mourning cry that I did for code geass, rather, I cried because I felt angry, with myself, and light yagami (that stupid brat! ) and mostly the author. I had such expectations of Light, he acted so clever through the series, acted like he could always take control of himself, and then what?! He was that crybaby, that pathetic vilian in the end! That was why I cried!

What an amazingly well written masterpiece this anime is. It is an awesome thriller and you will get the edge of the seat action and thrill no matter your age. It will surely move you on multiple levels and impact you deeply. It will make you cry towards the end. The hard-work in making this insanely good thriller is appreciable. I could say a lot more but don't wanna give away any spoilers.

Why on earth is this so low on the list? If L's death wasn't sad enough, Light ( the main character) ended up dead as well. Light was a bit insane especially towards the end but he just wanted a proper world. I won't even start on L's death cause you would be here for hours reading this comment.

19 Wolf's Rain Wolf's Rain is an anime series created by writer and story editor Keiko Nobumoto and produced by Bones Studio.

If you haven't seen it, watch it. From beginning to end, and I dare you not to choke towards the end. I rank this in my top 5, probably 2-3 by he side of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Naruto Shippudon. I think One piece had a good story with Luffy & Ace as well

I don't know why this is not on the top. I think most people haven't watched it but if you you just can't stop crying in the last two episodes

20 Fruits Basket After the accident in which she lost her mother, 16-year-old Tooru moves in with her grandfather, but due to his home being renovated, is unable to continue living with him. Claiming she will find someone to stay with but also fearing the criticism of her family and not wanting to burden any of her friends, Tooru resorts to secretly living on her own in a tent in the woods.

One night on her way back from work, she finds her tent buried underneath a landslide. Yuki Souma, the "prince" of her school, and his cousin Shigure Souma, a famous author, stumble across Tooru's situation and invite her to stay with them until her grandfather’s home renovations are complete. more.

Fruits Basket was the perfect mix of depressing drama hilarious comedy. It had me crying so much. The Sohmas had a tragic past and Tohru's ability to make others around her feel good is really inspiring. Although both of her parents are gone, she's still the happiest character in the show. It really made me cry at the ordeals that everyone had to go through.

This is an amazing anime and manga it is so well set out how is it in 33rd place? it should be in the top five AT LEAST! this was the first anime that ever made me cry and the second was assassination classroom (for obvious reasons). I am a person who doesn't cry unless something is super sad so for me to cry in this anime tells me it is an awesome one.

I cried at almost all the character's back stories! Plus, the last episode made me cry for hours. Most of the anime is very sad, but if you like comedy, I suggest you watch Fruit Basket. Plus, I cried like a baby while watching this!

Question: Why do people think NARUTO and BLEACH are 'cry-able' and not Fruits Basket?
Answer: Because they haven't read the manga. The Sohmas' pasts are worth shedding tears for and Tohru's attitude make me cry. Even the last page was so sentimental, with the juuni-shi toys and the altar pictures and stuff!

21 Kodocha
22 Cowboy Bebop Cowboy Bebop is a 1998 anime television series animated by Sunrise featuring a production team led by director Shinichirō Watanabe, screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto, character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, mechanical designer Kimitoshi Yamane, and composer Yoko Kanno.

I've seen some allegedly tear-jerking anime's, but none have seemed to live up to the expectation. I've never cried at an anime before but this has brought me very close. I say this not in reference to the ending because to me the ending is not all that sad. However, there are a number of scenes throughout this episodic anime that bring emotion to the lonely and empty existence that each character lives

23 Please Teacher!
24 Plastic Memories Plastic Memories, abbreviated as Pla-Memo, is a Japanese anime television series produced by Doga Kobo and directed by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara.

This anime is one of 2 out of all the ones on the list that actually got me to cry. I could tell from the beginning that it was going to end how it did. I tried to not get involved in it, but somewhere along the line it just got so god. Then the end came, with tears, lots of tears. If your wondering the only other anime I have seen that made me cry was angel beats in the end credits as they all fade away in the order they disappeared in... Not even that matched the emotional train wreck of this one though.

This anime just came out... After watching lots and lots of sad anime, I just knew how it was going to end when I started watching it. Still, almost every episode just got to me somehow. There were some scene I was laughing while crying hard. It is one of those shows you simply sit back, watch and try not to cry. But you end up crying anyways because the story and the dialogues... The emotions get to you!

This anime got me hard in my feelings. Even though the ending was kind of predictable, I still cried super hard. No matter how many times I tried to stop myself, I couldn't stop crying. Almost every episode made me cry for hours and hours, honestly. This anime hits hard.

You get to feel the connection between the characters and how it develops over the course of the anime. When the feels come, it comes hard.
I'm not easy to make cry but this definitely did the job.

25 Ai Yori Aoshi Ai Yori Aoshi is a Japanese seinen manga written and illustrated by Kou Fumizuki and serialized from 1998 to 2005 in Hakusensha's Young Animal.
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