Top Ten Things About Tenten from Naruto

This is about Tenten, my favorite aspects about her. This will also be comparing her to other characters.
The Top Ten
1 She never cries

Which is a good thing. Tenten doesn't cry and she is really strong. It saddens me because people are saying that she's the weakest, but in face she's one of the strongest. I just hope people will look into her character more before they judge. Usually they roast her because of her fight against Temari, but I know all you who are reading this know and feel that a weapon's master never, no matter how good, had a chance against a wind user. Tenten is also very skilled in Taijutsu, I bet she can beat Sakura. Sure Sakura has sage mode, but it only gives her strength and whatnot. But Tenten has the Bashosen and another one which could totally beat super strength. Seen Hinata fight? Kishi stated that the taijutsu levels of the two girls are the same, which means that not only can Tenten fight REALLY WELL in far-range, she's also extremely skilled in close-combat. I praise Tenten, she's the best.

2 Tomboy

Is she girly like the other girls? No absolutely not. Their is an small extra episode. Ino wants to show of her ""', but Tenten wants to show of weapons. Being a cool girl or guy which one would you want to see?

I honestly think that Tenten's design did have a lot of potential, and her being able to summon a wide variety of weapons and tools was very unique. Kishi really should've did a lot more with her character.

At least she doesn't fawn aimlessly over sasuke like sakura and ino do

3 Non-shy

Am I seriously the only Naruto fan who gets sick of Hinata's constant stuttering and meekness?! It would've been okay had she grown out of it, but that stupid Hyuuga was too obsessed with Naruto to grow herself! Tenten is a determined, fiery girl who isn't scared to speak her mind. She takes her training seriously, and no, she is NOT the weakest! She could beat Choji, Ino, and probably Kiba and Hinata too. She is confident person all girls should try to be like. GO TENTEN!

This girl has the courage to talk to Neji like he is nothing. If you thought she is scared, look at that. Hinata is like a servant while Tenten is like a solider. See the difference one is stronger and braver than the other.

4 Mysterious Background

No one knows that Tenten came from anyplace at all. We can only base fan made crap on it. Unlike the other girls she actually had problems growing. Sakura and Ino had perfect lives. Hinata got to rome around uncaged.

5 Funny

Tenten is a funny girl hands down. The scenes she is shown in are funny. She is always brbrightened up and not sad

6 Mostly on Missions

Unlike Ino, Hinata, and Sakura Tenten actually goes on some missions. That's where the bbest of Tenten comes.

7 Smart

She learns weapons pretty fast. Okay come on those spike bomb things she learned how to use those fast.

8 Caring

In some of her screen time she can shown being mad. You arw probably thinking being mad and caring doesn't go together Right. She yells at them tpto help them not make the same mistake again. It's like a baby learning how to walk. One mistake and you could fall face flat ob the floor.

Caring? She didn't give a care when Neji died!

9 Cool

With Tenten's cool demeanor it's hard not to like her. She could be a demom and I still could like her.

10 Different

She is the most different from the other girl characters. She is smart and cool, clever and gutsy. Most other girl characters had good past while we have no clue about her. The other girls have almost the same way of caring while she has a different way. These are the top 10 favorite aspects about Tenten.

All the other girls are clingy and annoying. Tenten is just downright awesome.

The Contenders
11 Determined

TenTen is a brave, confident kunoichi. I find her WAY better than Hinata. Not in battle, but in personality. TenTen has the nerve to stand up to people with a serious, brave attitude while Hinata is too shy to do ANYTHING. All she does is just fiddle her fingers in embarrassment. But Tenten knows the true meaning of Determination, and she has shown us that in the aspect of her personality. That is why in my opinion, there are big possibilities that TenTen MAY be the best girl out of the four. But if you were to add Temari, Temari.

12 Strong

Tenten has a naturally strong build with a boost of Gai's extreme taijutsu training. Tenten is skilled in both taijutsu and fuinjutsu, that alone could be complemented by her quick-witted trait, which made her efective during fights. Now some of you might say "She only uses weapons and throw them uselessly", "Weapons alone can't defeat powerful ninjutsu, etc".

But here's the catch, Tenten in Naruto is a mere side character, but she has a great potential, and it would be great to explore her more. And by side characters I mean that authors usually use them to be a back-up or support the main character in any way, and that's the main cause why she was forgotten.

She can be stronger by any way, example; there's so much more to explore on her fuinjutsu, taijutsu, and weapon-handling. She's a weapon master for a reason, she can handle weapon and use them effectively and professionally, she knew weapons by heart! It doesn't matter what kind of weapon it is, because even a single weapon can be deadly if handled by the right way.

And about the chunin exam fight between Temari and Tenten, it was complete disadvantage for Tenten because Temari is simply a wind user, althought Tenten COULD win the fight if she uses another method or strategy, that was the one I want to complain about.

She didn't poses herself as a weak, meek and need-to-be-taken-care-of kind of kunoichi from the start, she is strong-willed and willing to do anything to hone her skill, she endured much more training and never once shed a tear, compared to other girls, she's much more mature even on younger years.

When Neji dies, she chooses to comfort Lee over her feelings to break down and cry. But when she's alone she could express them but she will get up again, just like Naruto, she never gives up.
That's why I liked Tenten

13 Hot

Cmooon, I don't mean to sound like a creep but shes really fine in the Shippuden and The Last.

14 Design
15 Sexy
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