Top 10 Best Attack On Titan Pairings

List of your favorite pairings in the popular series Shingeki No Kyojin, AKA Attack on Titan
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1 Mikasa x Eren

I think Levi x Eren is really stupid. The two show not one sign of being gay throughout the whole entire series. The two childhood friends/family (Mikasa and Eren) I think have the highest chance of ending up together later on in the series. From the scene when they were younger when Eren wraps his red scarf around young Mikasa they appear to be blushing as Mikasa comments how warm it is. Later when Eren recovers from the beating while he was tied to a pole at court in season two, Mikasa is shown waiting by Erens side holding the red scarf that was given to her way back when. Not to mention Mikasa repeatedly says "Eren" throughout the series almost how Sakura Haruno does to Sasuke Uchiha. In the last episode of season two, Scream, it shows how Mikasa slowly confesses her feeling toward Eren while moving closer to his face. But we still don't know where the ship is going to go due to the fact we don't know exactly how Eren feels about is adopted sister.

I really hope these two end up together. Expecting Levi and Eren to end up together is like expecting Naruto and Sasuke to end together. I highly doubt it's gonna happen. Mikasa and Eren are more likely and clearly care about each other more than anything. Their bond is deep and meaningful and while I don't think Eren thinks of Mikasa like that yet, I do think their relationship can blossom and once they work out their differences like any couple should, they'd be wonderful together. Besides why does every day Mikasa treats him like a baby brother and is to overprotective that's why they won't work. When manga guys are like then it's fine and cute but a girl can't be like that? I think they're absolutely adorable and I can't wait for the ending of the manga to see them together.

I love Eren's way to love and consider Mikasa. Indeed, he does not have romantic feelings for Mikasa, as the fans had been so desperate, but he had a deep feeling for her. Perhaps, he didn't look at Mikasa like a lover or a wife, but more like a mother. Indeed, this makes the fans a bit annoyed, but I prefer them like this. Eren sometimes gets rude and scolds Mikasa for being so overprotective and always follows him wherever, whatever happens, and treats him like a baby, but I'm sure, Eren is very loves and cares with her and never hates her for all that. He may want to someday want to repay all the love and sacrifice that Mikasa gave him, but in a way like a son thanks to the love his mother gave him. Meanwhile, Mikasa has saved by Eren when she was kidnapped, and welcome her for join Jaeger's family, and since then, she has seen it as a 'home' and the important person she has to protect. Carla, Eren's mom, entrusts her to take care of Eren. And ever since Carla died, she acted as a ...more

Eren x Mikasa is the initial instinct once you get through the first arcs, but if you think about it, psychologically, it makes no sense.
Sure, there's the whole scarf-thing, and the fact that Mikasa has a suddle obsessive crush on him. But get this: Eren doesn't love her back, and won't. For one, Eren is dominant, and Mikasa is known to be physically stronger than him, and she's very protective of him, often saving him instead of the other way around, which leaves him ego-deprived and with inferiority feelings, and then there's Eren's framework of her being an adopted sibling. She already serves the role of the older sister in his life. It would be very hard and would take a lot to change that framework in Eren's head. Eren needs someone he can protect and cherish, someone rather submissive, not Mikasa. Sorry Mikasa, but you should stay friends, and also, POOR JEAN!

2 Levi x Hanji

I think this ship is the most realistic ship in Snk. Levi acts really different when it comes to Hange and Isayama said that Levi is clumsy/awkward in love and when I think about it I see this all jokes he makes to Hanji and hair grab scene. Also look in chapter 90 when he is looking at Her not at the ocean. And his face when Hanji was injured, or face when he learned that she is alive. I know this maybe look as friendship but this show is not about love and in world of soldiers from snk they don't think about love, love comes for them after friendship because they meet others not to find love but make friends and Then they fall in love. Also I want to say that Levi can't express himself and do you think that when he would has someone he would act different? No. He is not that type. If we talk about Hanji she said that she doesn't know a person who can deal with her. So she doesn't act romantic because she doesn't believe that someone would want her. So please if you hate this ship ...more

Levi and Hanji are probably going to have a relationship. Hajime even said that he liked this ship a lot and has been dropping hints about their romance in the manga and anime. He also said that Levi's type was someone taller than him, and Hanji is, and that Levi is not gay; so that rules out all of his gay ships. Hanji was his first friend at the Survey corps and they are so close. They only call each other pretty mean nicknames like "Four Eyes" and "Shorty" and they call no one else by nicknames. Levi is a clean freak and hates how gross Hanji can be but is still willing to grab her hair and also forcefully bathe her. Levi never touches anyone because he thinks they're all filthy, and Hanji can be super disgusting but he stills touches her. When Hanji revealed she used to have a crush on someone in the Survey Corps, Levi looked so jealous;) Also, Levi is a Capricorn and Hanji is a Virgo, a pair that are supposedly meant for each other. I don't think this is a coincidence considering ...more

I don't think the zodiac sign was just a coincidence. Isayama is giving hints here. Also Levi has became overprotective in the latest chapters. I know its because Hanji became commander and all and she/he is the last one of Levi's close companions for years but this friend relationship can grow into something more. And there's this kind of connection that Levi know when Hanji is coming or if she is behind the door. Hanji is one of the people that accepts Levi, Isabel and Farlan when they first joined the group. And Isabel even grew close with Hanji. They got each others
backs. And they'll protect the others like they are their own children. They're the brain and the brawn.

I know how people say about this ship. most of the disagree with this pair but all in all I think this may be the most solid pairing in the entire series. Most people don't agree that they're a good pair romantically but if you guys go through the whole series over and over you will understand why I like this ship romantic or not

3 Eren x Levi

I love them. They and their ship too.

I think they are perfect. All these two people are compatible. Even age for that matter. Since I do not find it a factor at all relevant, not to send them. They have a beautiful dynamics and harmony. As it say: "silence says more than a thousand words", and I find it a perfect demonstration for this couple. In fact, they don't talk to each other much, and the times they do are for missions or business certainly not private, but the looks that they give fill all the unspoken words. They definitely have a feeling between them that is incredible, but I find it romantic and fascinating. I go back to reiterate that I send them and certainly the age does not interest me. Surely there are many other homosexual couples made up of people with a noticeable age difference; so I don't find the problema.

Then we must certainly also note that nickname given by the captain "brat", given exclusively to Eren, obviously to be interpreted as a sign of ...more

So, I mainly ship this because it was the first ship I ever saw, and its adorable, I know Mikasa has sexual feelings for Eren, but he thinks of her as a mother, the creator said he 'might' draw a romantic scene, but he also said because Eren x Levi is so popular he might draw that too. Anyway, I think its adorable, and I know a lot of people think age matters but usually, in a gay relationship one male is always far older then the other. So its perfect, and, I always end up shipping my favorite character with the main character and Levi is my favorite. And its not pedophile sense Eren is 18-19 at the moment, yes, he only joined at 15 years and had three years of training witch put him at 18-19. I SHIP IT!

I ship these two... like really bad. My girlfriend and I see ourselves as Ereri. No we don't have a age difference but we still see ourselves in this way. I ship them because of their zodiac signs, Eren being Aries and Levi being Capricorn. It is known that because of the age difference the relationship works better. There are a lot of ships with these type of age gaps by the way. We all get the hate because of this ship and we are all sick of it. They both have a terrible past and also communicates through body language... also Eren has allot of respect for Levi and Levi saves Eren's ass a lot... Levi said that he would kill Eren if he lost control of his Titan form but when he did Levi didn't do anything. Levi helps Eren... Eren looks up to Levi. ( down if we mean literally) These are only some of the reasons why I ship them.

I don't ship these two. I just don't see their personalities working together very well. They may have similar backstories, but Levi's mother was a prostitute whilst Eren legitimately experienced the Titans firsthand. Levi has definitely experienced more considering his squad's death plus Isabel and Farlan, and Eren has only experienced a fraction of what Levi has. Love may be love, but this is a 10 year+ age gap, even possibly in the twenties. Sexual tension, all that, would it really be necessarily in a world in which death is at every corner? Plus, they haven't known each other for very long in comparison to Erwin, Hanji/Hange, Petra, etc. I think Levi's forced to trust Eren because of the current situations. I just don't see this pairing working together very well not matter how 'cute' it may be and all. Romantically, I only see about 30 - 45% success, and even if were to work, it would be extremely conflicted in my opinion.

4 Jean x Marco

leaving out the fact that Marco's homosexuality has been confirmed. I think he is one of the most shippable AOT couples, both in terms of personal tastes and for theoretical reasons, based on the events of the anime / manga.
They immediately established a beautiful relationship, there is no denying!
Jean after Marco's death, in addition to feeling shocked for having abandoned him when he was most needed, was particularly shaken, so much so that he let himself go to the pinnate, and promised the latter to give it all, in front of the bonfire of his bones .
They are adorable, and I find it very doable as a couple! I love them so much.

This ship isn't just for girls who drool over yaoi (I'm talking to you Erei shippers! ) it's meaningful and sweet. A lot of attack on Titan pairings don't really have the sort of feel that this one does. Jean and Marco had a speacil bond, even after Marco died. Marco completely changed the plot of the show. Think about it, without him Jean wouldn't have joined the Survey Corps. If they weren't together, Jean would be another Military Police dog. So, in a way, Marco saved Jean's life.

Honestly when I heard theories about Jean kissing his sword because of him holding Marco's ashes(or bones) it made me think Jean actually loved him, of course they didn't even know each other for a full season, but he was so shocked when he found Marco's body, and it kind of shocked me of his reaction.

And the small little moments they have make me think they are truly couple worthy.

It's not a ship, it's a lifestyle, a religion, a state of mind, a state of being, it's beautiful in all forms both figurative and literal... They deserve nothing but love and happiness..BEST JEAN SHIP...Marco is Jean's main motivation and inspiration despite how long he's been gone and their chemistry no matter how short-lived was incredibly powerful,I mean it practically sparked a whole movement so ANYWAYS LOVE THEM <3

5 Armin x Annie

Platonic or romantic, you can't deny these two share a bond with each other before Annie crystalized herself. Sure, Eren might have made her smile but I'm pretty sure being told she's a good person meant a lot more to her. As well as Armin being told that even though he's weak, he has guts, meant something to him as well since he has low self-esteem. "ArMin NevEr CaRed ABout AnNie" Really? Then why did he really want to be wrong for once and wait an entire month to reveal her identity? Annie on the other hand, had the chance to kill him on different occsasions but never did it, she spared him. Also, she cares about what he thinks of her, she knew that Armin was lying to her about helping Eren escape and went anyways cause she still wanted to be that good person for him.

I've shipped this since 2015, and knowing that all the times I tried to tell people there was something going on when Annie saved Armin twice or their talk in the tunnel, that those people should have listened to me. This ship is immaculate.
I don't know about you, but crystal pining, good person talks, "I missed you" confessions, Annie's desire to save/rescue Armin, just wow- all of it is top tier.

YES YES YES. Armin was the only one Annie was really nice to. Plus, in the OVA, they were partners in training (with Jean). "Hate this ship. annie is abusive and would abuse him." Annie wouldn't be abusive to Armin! Have you seen any of the scenes with Armin and Annie? "I love how Annie has a soft spot for him! " YES. Annie DOES have a soft spot for him!

Yes. This is one of the REAL ships in aot. When Annie became a titan she didn't kill Armin and when Armin realized that Annie might have killed Marco he hid it. He often went to see her and he tried to touch her though he says that he was looking for memories. Also, it is 100% proven that they are a ship and I think that they go pretty well together.

6 Erwin x Levi

One of, if not the most, beautiful, meaningful, and powerful connections in the entire series. Levi's feelings for Erwin are paralleled to Mikasa's feelings for Eren; not necessarily because of the Ackerbond, but because they truly felt that way about them. Their relationship is built on an immense amount of trust in each other, and respect. Levi was Erwin's last stronghold of his humanity, and became a significant part of Erwin's flesh and blood. Erwin was the only person Levi put his full trust in and devoted himself to. Even after Erwin's death, Levi continued to devote himself (to the point of obsession) to completing every last mission Erwin gave to him. Levi cast the fate of humanity aside to let Erwin rest in peace, to not live in hell anymore. Erwin showed his vulnerability to Levi and Levi only.
Their love was unique and wonderfully painful to experience.

Isayama himself said that he isn't even sure that Levi was interested in women, however, his preferred type was someone tall. Erwin is one of the tallest in the scouts, so it makes sense. They also have an extremely interesting bond, seeing as in ACWNR, we see Levi give up on his past and choose to follow Erwin, even though his original plans included Erwin to be killed, I think it really shows how much trust he puts into his commander, looking up to him as he does so. Without Erwin, many opportunities have been opened up to him, and I think that's definitely the reason why continuing after Erwin's death, he wanted to fulfill his promise to kill Zeke and his Titans.

By far the most canon and logical ship for both characters. You know what's up, when even the makers themselves support it. There are a lot of examples for this, one would be Araki himself stating in an interview (published in the Animedia 2019 April Issue, which was basically an EruRi Issue) that there is emotion between Levi and Erwin which goes further than just friendship. It's great how much support this ship has from the fandom (overall the second most popular ship, as ''Pixiv'' shows) and the creators themselves.

"So I choose the guy whom I want to put my faith in. Erwin is like that, too. No one knows what he is really thinking deep down. But I trust his judgement… That's why I chose to follow him. And I chose to fight...I have chosen for myself. Even if I am led into hell, I have no regrets. Not one bit."

In an interview with Isayama, the author revealed that Erwin's bones were recovered some time after his death and Levi was the one who buried him.

Also stream Midnight Sun for better life <3

7 Ymir x Krista

They're the only canon couple in the AOT and they were soulmates, tragic soulmates unfortunately. Ymir and Historia would die for each other and it shows throughout s2 up to Ymir leaving, sacrificing herself for the sake of protecting her. People think historia only saw Ymir as a friend but don't realize she doesn't know how to express her love for Ymir through words, only in actions because of her upbringing but she loved her a lot. If you read the manga you'd realize that their love was not at all one sided, ymir wanted to marry her for christ sake & historia didn't care if she betrayed the scouts, she wanted to be with ymir and leave with her until the very end. They both are my comfort characters and their relationship brings me comfort as a lesbian too.

I love these two so much, their love is so pure. I'm so grateful to Isayama for including a lesbian couple and making it canon because lesbians don't get a lot of representation in the media and when they do, they're usually being fetishized. All I can say is they deserved better and I wish they could have grown old together.

My favourite lesbians, I cried when Historia read the letter in s3. They made eachother better people, stronger, they grew. Historia the most. They care for eachother so, so, much. They brought me to tears more times then I can count. I love them. Also it's some of the best representation I've seen in a shounen, it's canon, it's not us just making assumptions, it's damn canon!

They're cannon, so do I need to say anything? And even if you deny it just because you're an old model person with a homophobic mentality, doesn't change the fact that it's a lesbian ship but still it's cannon.

8 Armin x Eren

If there's any ship that even stands a chance of becoming Canon, I'd bet my money on Eremin. Not only is it Hajime Isayama's favourite ship out of the entire cast despite being an underrated ship, but it has been pointed out at several occasions in the manga how Armin is the closest to Eren. Armin is the person that has known Eren the longest for and understands him more than anything. Not to mention, their DREAM, the central idea around which Eren's world revolves, first originated with Armin. It is their shared desire which propels them to pull through the hell of everyday. Even though currently, they are basically on opposite sides, I'm positive that they will reconcile. Because I don't think Eren, despite being cold and heartless as he is right now, can bring himself to kill his best friend of over ten years. Their unbreakable bond and the lack of hesitance to sacrifice their lives for each other already proves how special their relationship is. For me, if anyone is capable of ...more

Their dynamic and loyalty to each other is fantastic. It's rare that you see two very different people get along like this, but they care so much about each other that they can easily put aside their differences. And that'she a very important quality to have in a relationship. Plus, being in the military would probably turn them away from any kind of romance anyway. Seeing that they're growing teens, they'really eventually going to become curious. Seeing that they've known each other from a time where they weren't in the military, I see their relationship more likely to form AND last than others.

My favorite ship! It deserves to be more popular than a pedophile ship like Ereri. Also it has much more canon material than other ships in the fandom. I mean even Isayama ships them. He once drew them romantically in one of the fake previews. In conclusion, if Armin was a girl no one would say their bond is platonic. Eremin would be the most popular het ship and Eremika wouldn't stand a chance.

Armin and Eren have a connection that I don't see between anyone else in the show. Not only have they known each other for years, but they are bonded closely because of the dream they share to go outside the wall and explore the ocean. That has always been THEIR dream, right from the start. They have amazing chemistry and they would do anything to protect each other. This ship should be canon and they are my OTP for life

9 Levi x Petra

This is simply a relationship of respect and trust. The scene with Petra's father and Levi showed that her father wanted Levi to know that she respected him very much and that he was worried if she was willing to put her life on the line. Obviously he meant that she is missing out a lot like marriage and also that she is very young still. That scene where he stole a badge, who knows for sure if it was HER hand over there because her entire squad had that same bitten mark! And also why Levi looked at Petra's corpse the longest was because hers had the most brutal positioning other than the others and also because hers was the last of Levi 's squad members dead bodies in order. I don't mean to offend but I love them as soldiers with respect for each other. Nothing else

People say oluo x Petra is canon, but it's not. That text you may have seen from Isayama that said Petra and oluo were going to get married is fake. It makes a lot more sense than Eren x Levi (sorry) Eren is 15 and Levi is in his early 30's. I feel that Petra did like Levi and as for Levi I feel that if she did not die so soon feelings probably would have developed even more. There are a couple scenes that's show hints of this. Such as the scene when he looks at Petra's corpse and when Petra is thrown from the wagon. Also Petra has a total of 58 kills but Levi is always assigning Petra tasks away from the titans and Levi takes Petra's badge. In spoof on Titan Petra draws a love umbrella with her and Levi's name. We also see that Petra knows quite a lot about Levi's past and that is private info that we know nobody knows, but Petra does maybe Levi told Petra because he trusts her. Both Levi's and Petra's voice actors ship rivetra. This is just my opinion ship whoever.

To me, this ship makes the most sense (of the Levi ships). Think about it. Eren x Levi is disgusting. They're over fifteen years apart. Gross. Second, there is no chemistry at all. Levi does not have feelings for Eren for sure. I don't even think Levi thinks of Eren as a friend. And Levi did not want to go back for Eren because he liked him. It was because it's practically Levi's job to protect Eren. He is very important to humanity's salvation. I also think it is partially because he had just lost nearly all of his squad. Eren was the only remaining member aside from Levi himself. He probably didn't want to lose another soldier. Plus, he was obviously taking out his anger of his squads death on the female titan. He was not rushing to save Eren. And the Mikasa x Levi is again, disgusting. They're RELATED. Plus, they greatly dislike each other. The Levi x Hanji ship just doesn't make sense. It's a known fact that he just tolerates her. I can sort of see Erwin x Levi but they more like ...more

This isn't just fangirl stuff, there was actual proof they probably loved each other... He stared at her body constantly after she died, he took her survey courps badge, and her father stated how much she looked up to him and didn't want them to get married. I think he even cried while he watched her body as it dropped. When confronted by her father, he doesn't answer at all. She's in a good age range for him and talks about him a lot. She's even annoyed when that guy imitates him. Levi always sent her on the safest missions, until he couldn't avoid it anymore. Now that she is dead my ship has moved on to him and Hanji. They are sooo opposite, but have a good relationship and work well together. Yet Levi and Petra were for real, its not my ship, cause she's dead.

10 Sasha x Connie

ok, joke saying, "Sasha is with the food"
, "Sasha x Potato" ... It's not fun.
I think the one with Connie is the really wonderful one, and the most truthful.
From Connie's statement about Sasha's tompa: "Sasha and I were like twins. I feel like I've lost half of myself."
One can clearly understand the bond that bound them and the pain that connie feels for her loss.
They complemented each other, they always stood together and I never saw them apart.
They laughed and joked about things that only they understood. They understood each other!
I finish here, that if not I cry! They were and will remain beautiful in my eyes!

These two are so funny together especially in the training scene in season 1! I think this ship is one of the best is because they are always there to lighten the mood!

To sum this up it's best friends who would be like, "Hey if we're both single 5 years from now let's marry" "Sure, why not?" They are both adorable so why not! Platonically or romantically I want them to spend the rest of their lives together :)

They're just meant for each other. I think they would always have competitions with each other but would still cuddle, kiss and do all that couple stuff

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11 Historia x Ymir

I hate how she dies right when historia realizes her fillings for ymir

When Ymir left Historia that love letter my heart was filled with joy

Because they hang out a lot and they always stay together and I just ship it my opinion

12 Mikasa x Sasha

I love this ship because it has a lot of scenes. Like in season 1 I think, where they were in the supply base and going to kill the remaining titans and sasha failed, but mikasa helped her. Also in the manga where they got drunk and mikasa and sasha were sleeping on each other.

Just watch the anime and read the manga and pay attention to Mikasa and Sasha whenever they are together.

I don't really see romance between them, but to be fair, they are so funny when together! I see them as huge besties though.

Mikasa stuffed a piece of bread in her mouth and Sasha looked so happy...

13 Reiner x Bertholdt

Reiner admitted he's gay, and his feelings for Bertholdt are definitely not just close friends. He obviously is pretending to like Christa/Historia to gain trust from everyone in the 104th Cadets. Bertholdt and Reiner have been together longer than with anyone else. Plus, Bertholdt also has feelings for him. He loves to be protected by Reiner, and is very dependent on him.

Bertholdt's last words were: "Annie! REINER! "

No cap, before Bertholdt said he liked Annie, I actually thought he liked Reiner. I still think these 2 are adorable and I ship them!

I know Reiner likes Historia (but she and Ymir are canon don't @ me) and Bertholdt likes Annie, but they did have a close friendship and I remember Ymir saying she got the impression Reiner isn't interested in women. Is it canon? No, is it possible? I feel like it is

There's no way they were just friends. I don't know about y'all, but I don't lovingly talk to my best friend about returning home together. And, in the manga, the last thing shown in the montage before we see Reiner with the gun in his mouth is his last conversation with Bertholdt.

14 Levi x Erwin

Levi and Erwin share canonically the most beautiful relationship in canon. whatever you may agree is romantic or not, the fact they save each other lives is canon and absolutely beautiful!

Levi wanted to break Erwin's legs in the RTS arc... that says everything! But in the end... he let him go because he wanted to set Erwin free - from all the pain and guilt. He truly understood what was actually going on inside Erwin, that he wasn't a 'demon'. If you truly love someone, then you let them go 🥲 A beautiful yet super tragic ship...

"Mutual and equal relationship"...there is no pair, if not maybe Yumihisu, holding such a deepness!

15 Mikasa x Jean

I think, she's better with Jean. Because, Jean will be something new and different, giving new colors and hope, which is certainly different from what she has been getting from Eren. She and Eren are impossible to be a couple, because of Isayama's confirmation, and... all the while I've seen Mikasa treating Eren like she is his mother, and Eren also considers her as a mother. Caring, loving, and protective (though Eren sometimes gets annoyed that Mikasa is a bit protective of him). In other hand, Jean is jealous because Eren's closeness with Mikasa. I think, he deserves Mikasa. And I'm sure he'll be a good lover to Mikasa, and, he'll love her the way Eren loves her, but with different ways and levels.

I think Jean and Mikasa should become a couple. Jean loves Mikasa and he will always be there to protect her. On the other hand eren should end up with krista. Eren loves mikasa and he sees her more as an annoying elder sister and a protective mother. I am not opposed to eren ending up with mikasa but I am sure Eren will not agree to it. Eren should end up with Krista. This is an excellent pairing. (Eren as the body and krista as the blood). (Sorry for my english).

I feel like Jean would give Mikasa the world. It's too bad she is stuck on Eren, because although he loves her it doesn't seem like he's every really returned those kinds of feelings. The only scene where I saw some chemistry between them was at the end of season two where they were about to get eaten by the smiling Titan. I think Mikasa deserves better and Jean would give it to her.

"This is a very good pairing and I think they should become a couple at the end of manga. Eren mikasa doesn't work because mikasa treats eren like a little brother. Caring, protecting and loving her brother. On the other hand Jean's feeling of jealous (towards eren), admiration, protecting, supporting her makes him a good partner"

16 Sasha x Potato

My crack otp, the female version of Draco x Apple. They should be together forever. When Sasha retires, cause god she better retire, I'd love her to be a farmer so she can bask in all the vegetables and meat she desires.

I shipped them from the very beginning... I just knew that they would be together forever, despite their many differences... For all those out there who don't know what true love is, all you need to do is simply look at Sasha...and her potatoe...

This is a ship that makes so much sense like who wouldn't ship these two.

Sasha is very overprotective about potato, so yes!

17 Armin x Krista

Armin x Krista is the best ship ever. I mean like Armin has shown quite interests in Krista. In episode 18 of season 1, Armin states her as a goddess and in episode 3 of season 2, He says that Krista is cute!
No. 3 is that in episode 8 of season 2 when all the soldiers are preparing to go to save Eren, Armin advices Krista not to go and stay within the walls THIS IS SO...UHHH!

No. 4 is that... after the four months time skip where Eren Armin and jean were in some orphanage or something, Historia is yelling at some children and Armin smiles at her and says that people in the town have started calling her 'The cattle farming goddess' Hehehe...and in my opinion I think that Armin seems a little jealous when Historia stays with Eren. Watch ep 11 of season 3 and you will know...

Don't forget the OTEHR blonde, you know the one in the crystal crying out for Armin's name.

They look like twins

18 Jean x Armin

Honestly this ship deserves way more attention, at least their friendship, it's so good? Jean really cares for and supports Armin and Armin keeps saving Jean's life like he's made it his life goal. Their moral conflicts and how they interlace is so interesting. Height differences. Oh and I feel like both of them caring for Eren in their own (very different) ways could be something that brings them closer too.

They are both really kind to each other and became very close in such a short amount of time. Armin protected Jean from the titan despite the fact that he was terrified. Jean comforted Armin after some man got weird with him and made him feel uncomfortable. They weren't very close in the beginning but they've bonded and become friends. They protect and believe in each other.

Marco and Jean is VERY popular in the SNK fandom, but I mean... Marco's dead...

If you look closely at the manga and anime, you'll find out that Armin and Jean became close friends. I feel like Armin actually helped Jean get over Marco's death.

Umm... Why is this so low in the charts? This is like my OTP! I mean, yeah I get it, JeanxMarco but... he's kinda dead... Sorry to break it to you! Anyway in season two of the anime Armin saved Jean from the titan despite his fears, he saved someone special to him, knowing that he could die doing it. Also, later in the manga, Jean saved Armin from a creepy pervert so I mean... This is da best ship

19 Levi x Windex

People, just enjoy how lucky we are that we are able to bask in the presence of this glorious ship. Things like this aren't found often. This is my OTP, and it always will be. This ship is the best AOT ship and always will be. Just be thankful that this is around because you don't find stuff like this everyday.

We all know that Levi loves to clean so I mean this is perfection. Like seriously who couldn't get a more perfect ship than this.

Honestly, I really believe this ship can come true. It's the best ship in the whole fandom... it's practically already cannon.

Guys, this ship is cannon. Windex is the only one who can make Levi truly happy.

20 Petra x Oluo

I prefer this one WAY more than Petra x Levi. You can see much more going on between them, and it's much more possible to me. Petra would of course notice the amount of effort Oluo is putting in for her.

Orupeto Forever! They are married in heaven and what's more? They died together! Oluo witnessed his girl died! Who can replace him! They are so cute together! Cutest bickering couple! It's canon!

I ship them kind of. Why did they have to die?! Isayama stated that Petra and Oluo would've get married if he didn't kill the two off.

I think it was oluo in that letter not levi plus levi has no feelings for petra.

21 Eren Jaeger x Annie Leonhardt

Annie, to me is one of the few girls who have much interaction with Eren, even their closeness is almost identical to Eren's closeness to Mikasa. Indeed, it has been confirmed that Eren has only a deep sense of respect for her, as well as her proximity to Mikasa who is like a mother and son. Remember, Eren was one of those people who had an interest in martial arts Annie, and asked her to teach her, also one of the few who made her smile. In fact, the person whom Eren thinks of mother (Mikasa), seems to believe them, even once asked Annie where he was (at the time of Battle of Trost arc). When Eren knows that Annie is a female Titan suspect, he can not even afford to transform, he even feels shaken, and, he can not even hate her, unlike when he knows that Reiner and Bertholdt are also traitors like Annie, even those who are close and he thinks mother (Mikasa) asks if he has any special feelings for her, and Eren has never answered her question until now. However, when he fights with ...more

Tragic backstory plus tragic backstory = perfection. More solid evidence includes the way Eren pays attention to her, like when he picked up that sweet hook move from Annie and used it on Jean. Also, it adds more drama. Furthermore, this is what I got from the anime, and I'm reading the manga now (thank you kissmanga). I heard the manga has even more support.

Come on Manga readers, I don't ship it, but soon, the next chapter will come out. Let's just pray we will get more news from Annie after chapter 86.

Of all the ships in the series, this is definitely one of the most logical, especially if you've read the manga.

22 Mikasa x Annie

I really like it and I feel like they are the kind of couple who understands each other.

One of the best duo in the world!

Enemies to lovers

23 Sasha x Niccolo

Canon and perfect. That's all I need to say.

24 Eren x Historia

I still think they had great potential. I would have like it unrequited too, with eren pining for historia and she maybe ambiguously liking him back or maybe just taking advantage of him. It would have been a different kind of romance in anime for once, not sugar-coated and more passional.
I also think that their cynical and kinda selfish personalities would make an interesting match.

I hope that their beautifully growing relationship will not turn into a flat crap in the season 3. We all know that the director of the anime (anime, not manga) is a hard-ass eremika shipper, so I'm sure he will do everything he can to destroy Eren/Hisu ship. In the Uprising arc Eren and Hisu had a lot of sweet interactions. Eren was the first person (after Ymir) who was able to fully understand Historia and cheer her up. I don't remember Eren having this kind of relationship with Mikasa. I'm not trying to offend eremika but sometimes I get a feeling that people ship them because Mikasa is the leading female and Eren is a leading male.

Through the Manga we can definitely see the development of their relationship. Sure, we can say that Historia has a special feeling toward Ymir, but that doesn't prevent her to create new bounds with other character, and more exactly Eren. They both have a tragic background story and try to make their best to allow humanity to develop & improve positively.
Moreover, we can see a mutual understanding and respect between them. I'm sure this ship has a big potential.

32 is actually VERY disappointing. They should DEFINITELY be in the Top 10. They're as likely as Eren x Mikasa, if not even more likely.
Throughout the series, Historia wore the facade alter ego of Krista Lenz in which she portrayed herself to be shy and timid. Many members of the 104th trainee's squad had a crush on Krista. Eren, however, disliked her, because he could see right through her facade. He said he liked and respects her much more as Historia, when she's true to herself. Because of that, she deeply likes and respects Eren, and she remembered not to eat one of the few people who she knows like her for who she really is, and that's as Eren was emotionally bankrupt begging for Historia to eat him and take the coordinate, which she didn't. Eren is the #1 reason she stood up against her father, Rod Reiß.
It's a shame they're not much higher, but I predict they will be once the next arcs are adapted to Anime.

25 Pieck x Jean

I want a happy ending for Jean too and since Mikasa doesn't appreciate him enough I'm going to ship him with Pieck.

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