Top 10 Strongest Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul

The world of Tokyo Ghoul is a place where flesh-eating ghouls lurk in the corners of society, and the lines between monster and human get blurrier by the episode. One of the most burning questions that fans (maybe like you) can't get enough of is: Who are the strongest ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul?

Some root for the dark horse characters, those underappreciated badasses lurking in the shadows, while others are all in for the main characters whose superhuman (or should I say, superghoul?) abilities make our jaws drop. It's like the ultimate fantasy league, but instead of athletes, you're dealing with beings that have Kagunes - ghoulish predatory organs - as weapons.

It's not just about brute force, either. Tokyo Ghoul does a fabulous job at showcasing a variety of strengths - some are tactical geniuses, others are emotionally strong, and then there are those with raw, destructive power. It's like a dark, beautiful tapestry of what it means to be "strong."
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1 Ken Kaneki (Eyepatch)

Even in being the "main" character, I feel like there is still so much more he can unleash. I feel like we could just go with saying they could totally pull a Goku with this and never see the end of his or several other characters' powers.

Personally, I believe Kaneki can still become stronger than he is now. He has the potential and the will. Not to mention his kakuja is a centipede, which I find really, really cool!

Kaneki Ken is the strongest because during the torture, he surpassed Rize and Jason. In season 2, he nearly defeated Ayato.

2 Eto Yoshimura (One Eyed Owl)

This chick is for sure stronger than Kaneki, no offense to him. He looks cooler. She holds godlike power and even states it in the third season if you go by the anime. She is the only TRUE one-eyed ghoul and owl.

3 Yoshimura (Non-Killing Owl)

If we are talking about Tokyo Ghoul season 2, then Yoshimura is stronger than Kaneki there and by a long shot. Only Eto, the true One-Eyed Ghoul, should be stronger than him there.

4 Touka Kirishima Touka Kirishima is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul created by Sui Ishida.

She has shown on many occasions just how strong and courageous she is. She's a total badass!

Touka is the best. She might be even better than Kaneki. Even though I love Kaneki, it does not mean I don't like Touka. She is the best. I LOVE MY WAIFU.

5 Rize Kamishiro (Binge Eater) Rize Kamishiro is a central character in "Tokyo Ghoul," known for her role in Kaneki Ken's transformation into a ghoul. She is initially portrayed as a beautiful and seductive woman but is later revealed to be a voracious and dangerous ghoul. Rize is the source of the organs transplanted into Kaneki,... read more

She is so powerful. In the manga, it is shown that the dragon form of Kaneki is of Rize. She is that dragon herself. She should surely be in first place, with Kaneki in second. And why the hell is Furuta so low? He defeated Eto without even breaking a sweat.

6 Ayato Kirishima (Black Rabbit)

In season 2, Ayato kicks Touka's ass, but he should be in the 4th-6th position of the strongest ghouls.

He's way stronger than Touka and almost on par with Kaneki. And he's still 14. He should be in the top 3.

Dude, Ayato is way stronger than Touka, so he should be in 2nd place. Ayato can also go toe-to-toe or 1v1 with Ken Kaneki. I love him so much. He is my favorite. Ayato is a badass.

7 Kishou Arima (One-Eyed King) Kishou Arima is a major antagonist turned protagonist of the manga/anime, Tokyo Ghoul, and its successor, Tokyo Ghoul:re.

This is so wrong... Who puts Arima below Ayato? Arima is basically invincible. He's number 1 without question.

He is the strongest ghoul. He killed himself because Ken was so pure-hearted.

How is Arima below Touka and Ayato when he beat them in like 2 seconds without even trying? The top 3 without a doubt would be Kaneki, Arima, and Furata.

8 Hinami Fueguchi (Yotsume) Hinami Fueguchi is a character from the "Tokyo Ghoul" series. She is a young ghoul who is initially seen with her mother, Ryouko Fueguchi. After her parents are killed, Hinami finds solace and protection with Kaneki and Touka, main characters in the series. She possesses two types of Kagune, a ghoul's... read more

You should give her credit because maybe she still hasn't shown her full potential.

This girl defeated Amon at 6 years old... 6 years old... Imagine what she'd be like at 20.

9 Nashiro Yasuhisa (Shiro)
10 Noro

Noro is underrated. He has amazing regenerative powers, such as the ability to regenerate any body part and be unscathed!

Noro is powerful, even with his first-stage kagune. He has insane range with his kagune attacks, which are too strong. And he also has ultimate regeneration ability. Try to think if Noro used his kakuja stage.

The Contenders
11 Renji Yomo (Raven)

Toruko even commented on Kaneki being pretty strong in the first season for only piercing his flesh at all. After Kaneki defeated Amon easily,

12 Kurona Yasuhisa (Kuro)
13 Tatara
14 Uta (No Face)

Yes, in the past his kagune was not really shown, but now it has been, or so it seems. It's quite powerful. Overall, his abilities are quite potent.

Uta is a pretty strong character. Once a leader, now a leader. He's also badass and unique. We haven't seen his kagune, so we shouldn't underestimate him.

I don't think we've even seen the full extent of his power, but he's proven to be pretty badass!

15 Seidou Takizawa (Owl)

He actually became the new owl, so I guess he could be in the 6th or 7th position.

He became the new owl, short and sweet.

16 Shuu Tsukiyama (Gourmet) Shuu Tsukiyama, also known as the "Gourmet," is a ghoul character in Tokyo Ghoul. He hails from a wealthy and influential family, possessing an aristocratic demeanor. Tsukiyama has a fascination with literature and fine arts, but he is also obsessed with consuming high-quality human flesh. Despite his... read more
17 Nishiki Nishio (Serpent)
18 Yakumo Oomori (Jason)

I'm not quite sure how strong he was, but he should be near Ayato's level.

19 Kichimura Washuu (Souta)
20 Matasaka Kamishiro (Shachi)
21 Kichimura Washuu (Souta)
22 Koutarou Amon (A-OWL)

He is stronger than Seidou, and why is this list so inaccurate?

23 Kuki Urie
24 Kaya Irimi (Black Dog)
25 Miza Kusakari (Three Blades)
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