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1 Midoriya vs. Bakugou Round 2

Seriously, this manga develops and show us what the characters need to learn so well. It puts into contrast the characters, while making them have a real talks for the first time...And this fight basically started the mending of the two mains' relationship... It was awesome.

This is the fight where Bakugou's character starts to develop and we start to understand him more, as a manga reader, this fight help these two grow a little closer. Even though Bakugou still is himself, he's growing as a person and as a hero as the manga goes on

This fight was the best simply because it was one of the first times Katsuki was truly vulnerable in front of someone and it allowed Deku and Katsuki to express all the pent up emotions they had towards each other, which may I say was long overdue. Also as Bakudeku shipper it was a really big moment for me.

2 Midoriya vs. Shouto Todoroki

A very common issue I have with fights in all shows is the lack of emotion - characters are never tested, there's never a drive behind them other than "I must fight! ", and most seem relatively unnecessary.

This fight was not one of those.

This fight shows the slow bits of emotional and mental healing after years of abuse, and how something small can trigger a chain of events leading to a life-changing desicion - stay in an icy rut, or let the flames burst forth.

I'm also slightly biased, cause Midoriya and Todoroki's friendship is one of my favorites.

Either way, this fight was well executed, well choreographed, and filled with drive - having a reason to exist other than "two badass characters fight cause why not."

This fight was amazing! Izuku was willing to break his broken bones to help Shoto, who he was fighting against, and to quote him, "It's your power, not your fathers!" There were so many conflicting emotions going on that fight. Shoto is trying to get over his trauma while Izuku is acting as his therapist. The battle was amazing, it kept you captivated and never let up on the feels, it deserves the spot of #1 battle. It develops Shoto and Izuku's friendship and frees Shoto from his self-inflicted limits and chains. This fight was amazing, bringing out the best in both of them.

3 Deku and Bakugou vs Nine

The battle between Deku and Bakugou teaming up against Nine, also known as Denki and Bamboo vs Nine, is the best and hardest fight. Nine was so powerful that they needed two One For All users to beat him. Even at 200% power, it wasn't enough to defeat him. The music and intensity of their fight are the reasons why I think it is the best battle. It also required Deluxe Leg and Bakugou's top explosion just to remove Nine from the island. Deku and Bakugou were knocked out for a considerable amount of time, around an hour or three. What surprises me the most is that Nine managed to survive all of it, and if it weren't for Shigaraki's intervention, Nine would have still been alive. That is why I believe the battle between Deku and Bakugou teaming up against Nine is the best battle!

This was an amazing battle, especially for the bakudeku fans! It showed trust between Bakugou and Deku and not gonna lie, it was a pretty Awesome fight! It was really emotional and the colors made it even more awesome than the manga and usally, I think the Manga is way better than the show! The music also made it very emotional and the explosion at the end made me cry for some reason!

4 All Might vs. All For One

The symbol of peace fights the mastermind behind the league of villans. He almost died during this fight and eventually his true form was exposed. Even though they saw his true form, the citizens still cheered him on and that motivated him to keep going. All For One used all the quirks that he stole in hopes of killing All Might but he was defeated.

Why isn't this first place!? I feel like anime and manga readers were on the edge of their seats because of this fights! Yes I known this world is fictional, but even I freaked out when I saw All for One almost kill All might! So this needs to be number 1!

It's most impactful anime moment in the series, I don't know how this is not first place.

5 Midoriya, Tenya Iida, and Shouto Todoroki vs. Stain

This battle hit so hard on many emotions. Iida is grieving over his brother who is in a hospital and will never be able to act as a hero again, he was very close to his brother and that caused him to despise Stain. I loved how the fight wasn't just about using brute force but it was also focused on Iida realizing more about what it means to be a hero and revenge. It hit hard on those topics. It made me laugh when just before the fight a hero from the hero agency he was working under told Iida he knew he went their for revenge against Stain. Also when Deku immediately knew Iida was fighting Stain and rushed in because he cared for Iida, not worrying about himself, he cared for his friend. It develops the friendship between the three of them and they have a secret to share. Friendship development! I love how well thought out this fight was and gave Iida needed character development, it made fans connect more with him and made him more relatable then just 'The guy who is a buzzkill and makes everyone follow the rules' it shows there is more to his character! (I personally love Iida's character tho!) Deku was smart sending out his location, it was a subtle hint that wasn't too hard to figure out, also could be sent quickly enough, he couldn't just stand there texting. He would have died! I love how all of them were important to the fight and it wasn't too focused on one character more than the other! It involved strategy as well not just brute force! Stain's ideaology is very interesting to hear about and made me think about the world during the fight. I love how it didn't skim over how Iida was feeling, they made me emphasize with Stain and Iida somehow! That takes a lot of skill. The way it ended and the aftermath also brought feels. I would go as far as to say this is the best fight in BNHA! Also, three teenagers defeating a rising popular villain :).

Summary for those who don't want to read all that text: Great development, themes, fight, and aftermath.

6 Midoriya and Kota Izumi vs. Muscular

Deku was willing to break himself so much, to go beyond 100% with One for All, so much that he shouldn't be able to move and he should have been screeching in pain... to save Kota. It was an epic fight and Kota also was very helpful, he put out the fire in the forest. Deku showed his reckless and his heroic traits in this battle, he reminded me why he is the protagonist and not some other UA student. This fight deserves recognition and it is so sweet how it changed Kota. At first, Kota hated heroes, but then Deku saved him! Kota realized that heroes were okay. Also, it was so sad how Muscular was Kota's parent's killer. He had to see Musclar with that knowledge in his mind. This fight was amazing as well as the aftermath, AKA this whole arc. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 😀

For some reason I laughed my head off when Midoriya said "All right! It's...all right!"

Good fight though.

This fight shows us why Deku is the true hero.

7 Izuku "Deku" Midoriya 100% vs. Kai "Overhaul" Chisaki

I've recently watched this fight and I think that it should at least have a spot in the top 5. Midoriya not only uses his power up to 100% but he used Eri's power as well and even though Nighteye saw him dying and Overhaul getting away in the future, Midoriya still managed to beat him and live.

This fight was honesly, the best of the best. Deku finally got to show people that he was going to dedicate everything to save Eri. Kai, ON the other hand, was also fighting really good.( I really hope that Overhaul comes back to the series tbh)

Best fight as of yet. Hoping we get more arcs like the Overhaul one. It was superb.

8 Kirishima and Fat Gum vs Rappa and Tengai

Whoever made this list forgot to add Kirishima vs steroids-blade-man.
Anyway, this fight was pretty good. I feel like it relied more on Kirishima's character development than the action itself, but the animation, attacks, and many other aspects of this fight make it enjoyable. Kirishima and FatGum are a few of my favorite characters, so my opinion on this may be a bit biased, but I thought it was a good, entertaining fight.

This was hands down one of the best fights in the show. The episode in which Kirishima's back story is shown makes it so much more real as well as the ending where he fights with the last bit of strength and combos with fat gum makes this one of the top 3 anime battle scenes for sure. Has more impact and backing behind it.

Kirishima is a good boi. He wanted to help Fat Gum. He did the best he could but Fat Gum defended Kirishima. This was also probably one of the saddest fight in my opinion.

9 Mirio vs Overhaul

Best fight in the series period. This shows Mirio's strength and determination. To anyone still wondering what a true hero is this fight is a must watch

Best fight of the series hands down.

10 All Might vs. Noumu
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11 Ochaco Uraraka vs. Bakugou

Good development and it showed their skill and determination. Also Katsuki gaining respect for Ochaco which is nice and can hopefully lead to friendship, I don't ship Ochaco and Katsuki! I respect the ship tho.

The fact that one of my favorite ships had to battle each other is AMAZING! Before they started Bakugou had to call Uraraka "Round Face" before he destroyed her.

Determination vs power

12 Midoriya and Bakugou vs. All Might

Two enemies working together against their role model.

13 Endeavor & Hawks vs. High-End Noumu

This was probably the most explosive episode in the entire series thus far. From beginning to end it just fires on all cylinders with its animation, emotion, soundtrack, and very well-written development for Endeavor who is beginning to move forward from his tainted past and become a hero people could have hope in. This was a marvelous way to finish off season 4.

Hands down top 3 fights, even though he is not the top hero and he has had many problems he fights past it and is trying to become a better person putting everything into it. Rivals All might vs. All For One

It was intense and lead to an interesting misleading reveal and also redemption. Also seeing them fighting together so smoothly, I don't ship them!

14 Shota Aizawa vs. Villains

I was so sad during this fight, because I thought that eraser head was gonna freakin die.

My favorite fight scene! It was so cool, especially when since he was fighting against tons of villains

Omg mr.Aizawa...heh he's ok now if he can still do that creepy smile thing!

15 Amajiki “suneater” vs Tabe, Setsuno, and Hojo

The faith of Amajiki, his childhood was very lonely. However Mirio changed his life. They are such good friends.

Amajiki is very quiet, but he is very powerful. This fight was INTENSE. It was like watching a movie.

Suneater is underrated. Dude took on three precepts on his own!

16 Shoto Todoroki vs. Katsuki Bakugo

I loved how Todoroki though he was better than everyone then Bakugou countered all of his attacks. by the way Todoroki's a coward at the end

17 Deku vs Gentle Criminal

Gentle Criminal and La Barca's backstory was so sweet and depressing (I know you thought you would never hear those two words together!) and Izuku even admits it was the hardest fight he had. La Brava and Gentle Criminal are one of my OTPs, La Brava literally strengthened Gentle with her love for him!

Kind of a confusing fight, but was pretty fun to watch.

I have already watched this fight and let me tell you I got shivers in this fight

18 Midoriya vs. Bakugou Round 1
19 Class A vs Class B
20 Ejiro Kirishima vs Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

They both have similar quirks. When Kirishima wins, the ending is so funny not gonna lie.

Two sharks fighting

21 All for One vs One for All (Season 3)

Coolest fight till ought to be number 1

22 Hanta Sero vs. Shoto Todoroki

It shows how todoroki feel... and I like sero

23 Tododeku and Tokosu vs. Kirbaku and Momojiru
24 Tododeku vs BakuDeku
25 All Might and Deku vs Wolfram

This fight was amazing I feel it's underrated becuase not everyone sees the movie!

The only time Deku got to fight with his idol before he retired! You guys need to watch the movie smh

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