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1 “... but people like you, I really like!”

He REALLY likes people like her, aka her personality. The most important thing in a relationship.

JUST GO AHEAD AND SAY THAT YOU LIKE HER SPECIFICALLY, Naruto! Okay, this is my second top favorite because it's Naruto finally starting to develop feelings for Hinata. I feel like if he hadn't gone on the training journey, it would be likely that Naruto and Hinata would be dating by the beginning of Shippuden. Unfortunately, the timeskip kind of reset his development with most of the main cast. If only Naruto had noticed Hinata MUCH sooner than in canon, ugh!

2 Hinata protecting Naruto against Pain

Absolutely loved that. I really wish that they could've fought Pain together. This was when Hinata FINALLY confessed her feelings for Naruto. I only wish that she had defeated Pein with her Gentle Step: Twin Lion fists and/or she and Naruto had gotten to actually fight Pein together. I also wish that Naruto loved Hinata too by this point, and had gone to her after defeating Nagato, wrapped her in a big hug, kissed her and confessed his love for her. Aw, that would've been so cute! :)

Willingly almost dying for him while also confessing her feelings to him, that was pretty sweet of her & shows how much Naruto means to her.

3 Hinata’s ‘proud failure’ speech

This was a pretty great moment. I loved that speech, because it was Hinata coming VERY close to confessing that she loved Naruto before the timeskip. I love how it motivated Naruto in his fight against Neji and led him to say that he likes people like her (which, in my opinion, was a very indirect way of saying that he likes her, just admit it, Naruto).

It really shows how deep Hinata feels for naruto & it was cool that she was able to give him some confidence to fight neji. This is also the only time Naruto was honest about his insecurities by the way!

4 Hinata seeing Naruto for who he is before all his other classmates

I wish they had been close friends from the start. This is my top favorite because this is what makes Hinata special. She's the only girl in her class who doesn't like Sasuke, and it's instead Naruto who she likes. There is a fan theory going around that she is the Reincarnate of Kanna (the wife of Asura, who Naruto is the Reincarnate of), which totally makes since and is REALLY cute! Naruto and Hinata were meant for each other from the very beginning, believe it! I remember seeing a really sweet thing that points out to Naruto that he needs to remember that it was Hinata who loved him even when nobody else did. And to the haters who say that she wasn't there for him, I know from personal experience that when you have self-doubt issues from being constantly berated from family members, it's really hard to find motivation sometimes.

All Naruto ever wanted was acknowledgment, & Hinata gave it to him for nothing when he was a nobody.

5 “Where’s Hinata? Is she watching?”

Again, really cute and adorable. :) The fact that this is his reaction after defeating Neji is EXTREMELY adorable and shippy. Hmm, sometimes I wonder if Naruto has had a secret crush on Hinata all along. We know that his crush on Sakura was fake, so I wonder if that was a cover for his real crush, being Hinata, to protect her from people who hated him. That would be adorable, and it would make a really interesting fanfiction.

It shows he was doing it for her, & cared most about her seeing the victory instead of his own crush, Sakura or his rival sasuke.

6 Naruto telling Neji how Hinata was suffering as well

He didn't really know about Hinata's stuggles with her family, yet could tell she was suffering too & made it known to even neji himself.

7 Naruto wanting to see Hinata & finding her after timeskip

I wish they had started dating in Shippuden. I wish this had happened the moment he got back, instead of after the Kazekage Rescue Mission. I also wish that by this point, Naruto was in love with Hinata in return and that Shippuden basically began with NaruHina becoming canon. That would have been pretty interesting. I'm not a fan of really slow burns.

He met up with her teammates & wanted to see her, & found her himself.

8 Hinata offering naruto to cheat off of her in the chunnin exams

That was so adorable! I wish that Naruto had accepted, but I liked how he said that he didn't want to get her in trouble. I always wish that they had been on the same team, but this moment might not have happened if they were. Well, it's possible that Hinata would've helped Naruto be more prepared ahead of time. It also goes to show how selfless Hinata is, as most in that room would've been more worried about themselves and their teammates than anybody else.

This was extremely risky for her, as she could've gotten her & her teammates to fail. Yet, she believed that Naruto should go on & took that risk for him.

9 Naruto vowing to take neji down after he almost killed Hinata with her blood

Very powerful in a strong/good medicine way. Though it felt a little cliché, I can very much see Hinata doing the same for Naruto. I loved how willing he was to stick up for Hinata even though he hadn't interacted with her for a few months. Given that their class at the Academy was the same people for several years, Naruto has no excuse to ignore Hinata, not one bit.

This is the first time he was impacted to fight for someone & Hinata wasn't treatened by neji anymore when he did it, & it was all apart of the chunnin exams.

10 Hinata giving Naruto healing ointment during the chunnin exams

That was just really cute. :) A very adorable delayed gift exchange, if you think about it. When they were five, Naruto gave Hinata his scarf, and then when they were twelve, Hinata gave Naruto the medical ointment that she most likely made. I wish that it had come up again afterwards.

Where Naruto took it & was thankful for the gift.

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11 Naruto noticing Hinata was upset & told her not to be so hard on herself & that it’s all in her eyes

Yet another adorable NaruHina moment! Ugh, I just love every single moment! I don't really remember this moment at all, but it sounds sweet and adorable. Every NaruHina moment is priceless and wonderful to me. However, because I can't remember it at all, it's the honorable mention.

12 When Naruto & Hinata kissed for the first time
13 Naruto going into Six Tails after thinking Pain killed Hinata
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