Top 10 Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Moments

Top 10 most epic, thrilling, or most touching moments in the Ninjago saga.
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1 Zane vs Golden Master Overlord

I never cried in a sad movie/show scene before, but when I saw this on T.V., I was lying down on my couch, lots of tears rolling down my face. Thought this was the best way to end a season, and to me, this is the reason Season 3 is my favorite.

Best Ninjago scene, Zane sacrifices his life to protect the rest of Ninjago from the terror of the overlord. However I found it sad how Zane vanished from the Ninjago franchise and was replaced by an imposter.

Mad respect for Zane. Lloyd May have defeated the Overlord, but Zane totally destroyed him and paid the ultimate price. Best Ninja.

2 Lloyd vs Pre-Dragon Overlord

As a desperate attempt to stop the Overlord from taking over Ninjago, the Green Ninja attacks the Overlord in a 1v1. Although the Overlord came out on top, this was one of the most intense fights in the series.

Best fight ever. Was more than just a bunch of colors like the golden ninja vs Dragon Overlord and a very personal one, because it was basically Lord Garmadon and Lloyd fighting against the overlord.

This moment was cool!

3 Nadakhan vs Zane

In this epic game of chess, we see no punches thrown. But this intense moment is where we finally get to see Zane use his intelligence to take on Nadakhan.

4 Garmadon vs Serpentine

One of the most powerful moments in all of Ninjago, we see what happens if you make Garmadon desperate. The Serpentine threaten to kill his son in a volcano. Garmadon unleashes everything he has to get his son back.

5 Zane True Potential Flashback

Here, we see the origins of our most beloved ninja. This moment explains why Zane is so different from his fellow ninja. Here, Zane is revealed to be a robot.

The best scene in the show. "I know who I am."

6 Golden Ninja vs Overlord

With the Overlord was about to win over Ninjago, Lloyd does everything in his power to stop him, and he becomes the Golden Ninja.

7 Ultra Dragon vs Great Devourer

You knew this fight was going to be on this list. When the four elemental dragons united to become Ultra Dragon and take on the Great Devourer, this fight would rock the streets, and skies, of Ninjago.

8 Kai Saving Lloyd

The sweetest scene

9 Chase to the City of Ouroboros

Ninjago has a lack of car chases, but quality over quantity. The ninja used all of their elemental vehicles to stop Pythor from summoning the Great Devourer.

10 Ninjago's Got Talent Show

The ninja sing their title song.

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11 Garmadon vs Cyborg Wu

When Garmadon is good and Wu is evil. Why is their relationship so complicated?

The relationship is so complicated and fun to watch.

12 Cole Unlocking His True Potential

While the other Ninja's true potential's were cool and epic, Cole's was so sweet and adorable and touching because it's the moment when he and his father open up and heal their relationship. It shows how amazing Cole is too with his super strength.
-Girl who wishes she was related to Cole

This is so cool

13 Zane's Memorial

This scene is very sad, but it is one of the most touching moments in Ninjago history.

I was so depressed when I first watched it, but knowing he lives it's all good

14 Garmadon Sacrifices Himself
15 Kai Unlocking His True Potential

Kai's True Potential was really cool! I loved Lloyd's True Potential best, but Kai's is also good. This is my second favorite True Potential! I really loved it when he He unlocked it by realizing that his destiny wasn't to BECOME the Green Ninja but to PROTECT him.

Like he said himself. He had to protect who was important.

This was awesome

16 When the Ninja Defeat the Oni

Finally! There was peace after a long time!

17 Nya almost dying

This occurs in the end of the latest series. This episode isn't out on Cartoon Network yet

18 Ninja in Realm of Oni and Dragons

Better than final battle blah finale battle really!

The realm was awesome

19 Harumi vs Lloyd

Episode 81 was really good in cinematography, and it really enhanced this fight scene.

20 Cole Becomes a Ghost

This made him 10 times more interesting.

21 Morro vs Lloyd at museum

Morro is so mysterious, and he actually beat Lloyd!

22 Jay Unlocking His True Potential

Jay probably has the sweetest true potential of all. When he realized that he didn't need to be someone he wasn't to impress Nya and that she loved him for who he is. That was so sweet.

23 Jay's Final Wish
24 The Colossi Destroying Ninjago

It was massive

25 The Power of Positive Thinking
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