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1 Naruto Uzumaki x Hinata Hyuga

This is just the sweetest couple! Hinata is always there to uplift Naruto when he needs it, like with his match against Neji. Naruto understood how she was feeling, as he told off Neji, explaining how Hinata was suffering too and that she's strong - it's all in her eyes! There may be few interactions, but the few interactions he had with Hinata made Naruto "really like people like her."

I just wish Hinata had been able to muster the courage herself to overcome her nervousness with Naruto before they got together. But they are just too sweet with each other and go above and beyond for one another.

2 Sasuke Uchiha x Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto and Sasuke had more ship moments than Naruto and Hinata. Naruto and Hinata's love was cute but lacked communication in the beginning. Sakura just seemed like a persistent fangirl. She chased Sasuke but didn't bring him back. It was Naruto who fought to retrieve him. If Sasuke had done to Sakura what his brother did to him, wouldn't that place her in a sisterly role? If it had been Naruto, people would say it was so. The girls seem to have an unrealistic love. The only real thing I see is the guys marrying them for their ability to have children, given that homosexuality isn't accepted. Neither seems to be truly in love with their wives.

3 Minato Namikaze x Kushina Uzumaki

This should be at the top, really. I love them. They're the most kawaii and make the most sense! Kushina loves Minato, and he loves her back. According to Kushina, Minato was the only one (aside from Naruto later on) who commended her red hair. If I were there, I'd have told her that I want red hair like hers too! He was her knight in shining armor. Since then, she has cared about her hair and has become the most beautiful female character in the Naruto series.

As for Minato, he's cool. He's so cool, handsome, and funny that he should've stayed alive! Both of them balance each other out. I loved how Kushina thanked Minato, both when he got selected as the 4th Hokage (even though she also wanted to be a Hokage), and when they were both dying. It was so cute.

4 Neji Hyuga x Tenten

I don't know if it's just because I've never read the manga, but I've never seen these two together. Sure, they spent time together, but they were teammates. I feel like Neji and Tenten were more like friends and teammates. The only solid evidence for this shipping is in the Tsukuyomi dream she had, and that was AFTER Neji died. I don't know for sure, though, because Tenten didn't get enough screen time. What little she had honestly suggested she could secretly love ANY character in Naruto. But I do think Tenten had so much potential as a character, and I am sad that her only strong moments were in filler episodes.

5 Temari x Shikamaru Nara

This ship is pretty much undeniable. The chemistry was there from the very beginning. In my opinion, Temari is one of the few truly badass female characters. (Why didn't she get more screen time?) She didn't fawn over or chase Shikamaru relentlessly when he so obviously rejected her (no offense, SakuSasu), or date him as a second option (looking at you, Ino, and yes, I do mean to offend you). Their relationship wasn't overly cliche, and quite frankly, it just fit. Of all the ships in this show, this one was done the best, since it was implied from the beginning. The sarcastic remarks, the mutual respect - everything is done so well in this ship. I only wish they got more screen time.

6 Obito Uchiha x Rin Nohara

He truly loved Rin to the point that Obito awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan and evolved along with the wielder when he witnessed her death. He's ready to sacrifice his happiness just to keep her happy, even if it means letting her go. But that isn't the case. I mean, given the chance she survived, maybe Kakashi would fall for her, but it didn't happen. So that pairing wasn't meant to be because she died. And I suppose she understood what it means to be friendzoned, so that experience humbled her in the process and taught her to appreciate the one who is selfless enough to care about her well-being. I think it's true love, not someone who needs to be coaxed into valuing that person until it's too late.

7 Boruto Uzumaki x Sumire Kakei

Boruto deserves someone good, someone who likes him and treats him well. Sumire is like that. She has always treated him well and trusted him, even when he was a mess. They have everything it takes to be a good couple. The Sumire arc created a great feeling and a strong connection between them. I hope they stay together!

Sumire x Boruto: I really like this ship. I know everyone wants Boruto x Sarada, but for me, BoruSumi is better. They're so beautiful and cute. I love them and want Boruto and Sumire to get married.

I would like them to be together. They are cool!

8 Sai Yamanaka x Ino Yamanaka

Sasuke belongs to Naruto, and Sakura is an exception for Sasuke, so the ones left are Sai and Ino. That's why I ship them, but honestly, they are just the perfect match!

Fake version of Uchiha, but have character!

They are really cute together!

9 Asuma Sarutobi x Kurenai Yuhi

I liked the mature nature of their relationship. It's subtle, but there are scenes in which their care for each other is apparent. It's a shame what happened. I would've loved to learn more about these two!

It's hilarious watching Asuma try to deny that he loves Kurenai to his students.

Well, this was the first canon relationship we saw in Naruto. Even though they don't get much screentime, they are so cute and worth watching. Especially through Asuma's death, we see so much emotion between them. It just made me cry.

10 Kakashi Hatake x Hanare

No, no, no, this couple should have been re-introduced back to the show. Their relationship and connection were so strong. They are both good-looking, so they could make nice babies together. They should also be ranked higher.

If you don't remember this episode, you should watch it again. I was literally crying when she jumped off the cliff. I mean, poor Kakashi! He lost a girl who he really loved. (Naruto Shippuden episode 191)

Kakashi should marry her. I think they're the best couple if that happens! Besides, she's beautiful, and Kakashi is nice to her. These two have more chemistry than any other couple.

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11 Konohamaru Sarutobi x Hanabi Hyuga

I've always thought this one was really cool, mostly because Hanabi is Hinata's younger sister and Konohamaru is somewhat the younger brother of Naruto. So it makes a lot of sense that they'd end up together.

12 Kakashi Hatake x Obito Uchiha

Yes, queen! Okay, so this is my second favorite ship in all of Naruto. You're probably thinking, "Oh no, you can't ship this. Obito loved Rin." I understand where you're coming from, but hear me out. He should learn to love someone as great as Kakashi. Even though they haven't really ever gotten along well from the start, they were still friends. It's similar to a Sasuke and Naruto relationship. Their rivalry and urge to protect and sacrifice are one and the same. Obito died for Kakashi in the end, so I don't understand why you wouldn't love this ship.

13 Kakashi Hatake x Iruka Umino

This is my favorite ship in Naruto! Their chemistry is really cute, and I feel like they would be really good friends if they interacted more in the manga or show. I love the ship art and fanfic, and the prospect of them being a couple is super cute. I love this ship!

OMG! I'm like, the BIGGEST FAN of this pairing! The No. 1 yaoi pairing from Naruto is SasuNaru, but No. 2 is this one! Kakashi x Iruka's chemistry was another reason why I ever decided to watch the Naruto anime. I honestly love this pairing!

The arc in which Kakashi and Iruka argued over whether Team 7 should participate in the Chunin Exam gave me chills. These two bond so well over the team. They're like Team 7's parents! It would be such a cool pairing.

14 Yahiko x Konan

They are so cute together! In one scene, they were staring at each other and even almost kissed.

They are a perfect match. I love this a lot.

15 Sasuke Uchiha x Sakura Haruno

The best and most interesting pairing is the type where you need to look at little details to understand the whole picture. Relationships don't always start full of sunshine and rainbows. They often have difficult pasts before becoming a couple, unlike other relationships that seem too simple and unrealistic. I like when there's a character with a deeply troubled past, and then there's someone who wants to help him. These types of relationships always have a hard time at the beginning, but the guy changes for the better. No matter how much people hate them, both characters have moved on and are happy. Sadly, only the haters can't move on or understand them. It's not a pairing that is easy to understand. Those who have had difficulties in the past and more rational-thinking people tend to understand it better.

16 Gaara x Rock Lee

Oh my lord, yes - I'm obsessed with this ship! The two guys have had some great times together: the Chuunin exams, Naruto and Hinata's wedding, and many more that I don't have time to explain. They have a very well-balanced relationship. I love how they're polar opposites, which makes them such a great pair.

Hypothetically, they are good for each other. There may be a lot of opposites in their characters, but these two could make for a really cute ship.

This ship is a favorite of mine because Gaara and Rock Lee were made for each other.

17 Tobi x Deidara

They would be adorable together!

18 Jiraiya x Tsunade Senju

Unrequited love of Jiraiya for Tsunade and the hidden feelings of Tsunade for Jiraiya. The tears of Tsunade when Jiraiya went to fight Pain are breathtaking. It's ironic how Jiraiya, the womanizer, has one and only love, and that is Tsunade.

Tsunade and Jiraiya would've been cute together. It's too bad Tsunade lost too many loved ones after putting her whole being into trusting and loving them, only to lose them right away. This includes Jiraiya when he convinced her to let him battle Pain.

19 Wasabi Izuno x Namida Suzumeno
20 Kakashi Hatake x Mei Terumi

Both of them would be a better couple. I hope both have feelings for each other.

The Mizukage dreams of marrying a powerful shinobi, if I remember well.

They have the same age.

I'm sure they'd look cute together.

And we saw international couples weren't a problem (Shika/Tema. Chouji/Karui), so why the hell not?

21 Obito Uchiha x Sakura Haruno
22 Karin x Suigetsu Hozuki

These two might fight a lot, but I still think they would be perfect if Karin gave up on Sasuke and realized how much of life she missed.

They're perfect. The cutest thing in this romance is that they HATE each other with passion! It's my OTP, seriously.

23 Kakashi Hatake x Anko Mitarashi
24 Naruto Uzumaki x Shikamaru Nara

Upvote because any other ship with Naruto is better than him with Sakura. I hate the nice guy syndrome. People should be with those they genuinely like and truly understand as individuals.

Cute, because Naruto is so "troublesome!"

He was the first person to really accept Naruto and welcome him as a friend. They are such a good ship.

25 Gaara x Ino Yamanaka

They would have made a great, balanced couple. I would have loved to see this blossom. It sounds a bit odd, but I think this could have happened.

Honestly, I think this couple is one of those illogical ones where you're just like, "Whaaa?"

Yes, they look great together.

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