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1 Naruto x Hinata

This is just the sweetest couple! How Hinata is always to uplift Naruto when he needs it, like with his match with Neji, and how Naruto understood how she was feeling as he told off Neji how Hinata was suffering too and she's strong and it's all in her eyes! There may be few interactions, but with the few interactions he had with Hinata made Naruto "really like people like her"!

I just wish Hinata was able to work the courage herself from her nervousness with Naruto before they got together. But they are just too sweet with each other & go beyond for each other.

We all knew from the very beginning of the show this was a perfect couple and they were a perfect couple. They got married, had a son that they wish they didn't have, they just fit.

I liked this pairing more in Naruto than Naruto Shippuden.

In Naruto, he motivates Hinata to move forward and start fighting for herself more; and she cares greatly for him, helping him out and being by his side. During the OG series, I was rooting for Hinata.

But in Shippuden, I really felt like the relationship became stale. Naruto had so many other things going on in his life (primarily chasing after Sasuke) and had goals, aspirations and dreams.
But what about Hinata? All I saw was her pining over Naruto. Yes, she had become much more strong and confident; but at the same time I felt like her character was reduced simply to 'LOVES NARUTO'.

This in my opinion, is a great shame. I would've preferred if she was an equal standing by Naruto's side, but instead she is chasing desperately after him; even using perilous situations as a means to get closer to him.

Hinata... You don't need to suffer this much for the guy you love. You can find someone who'll ...more

Throughout his life, all Naruto wanted was acknowledgment: to be seen for who he is. No one did. Not even iruka. All viewed him as a monster or an obnoxious brat. There was one however, who didn't see him that way, & without doing a thing besides be himself. She saw how innerly strong with how he never got pushed down no matter how he gets pushed back or fails. He saw him get mistreated, & found strength for herself thanks to him. While when she was younger she didn't have the strength or courage to help him, later on she showed him
kindness without anything he needed to do on his have by attempting to help him in the test, giving him medicine, giving him confidence to fight her cousin, & then jumping in to protect him the best she could! And Naruto seemed happy in on her presence & quickly was impressed by her will she gained from him. He was also thankful to have her on his side always & was very concerned about her happiness & safety! & that is why naruhina is #1!

2 Sasuke x Naruto

Naruto and Sasuke had more ship moments. Naruto and Hinata's love was cute but lacked communication in the beginning. Sakura just seemed like some persistent fan girl. She chased and chased him. She did not bring Sasuke back. Naruto fought to go get that boy. If he did the thing that his brother did to him, wouldn't that put her in a sister relationship? If it had been Naruto, people would say it was. The girls really have an unrealistic love. The only real thing I see is the guys marrying them just for their abilities to make children and the fact homosexuality isn't accept. They both don't seem to be truly in love with their wives.

We all knew Sasuke and Naruto were the best couple In Naruto. In the beginning they were rivals but as the series progressed they became best friends and I would just love them as a couple

So imagine a story about a girl who is in love with this guy and chases him around the world to find him and bring him home to her. If it was a girl and a guy everyone would automatically go for it. But because Naruto is a man going after Sasuke, another man, the whole thing is platonic and just friends, no homo. That doesn't make sense. Naruto is literally willing to give up his dream of becoming hokage because Sasuke isn't there. He says that if he can't even bring him back that he could never be hokage. Then there's the fact that the last Naruto movie was the equivalent of a bad fanfiction in that all of a sudden Naruto was like "Oh yeah I love you" and everyone just went with it. NO! The entire show built on Sasuke and Naruto's relationship. It is sad that just because it's homosexual that it didn't happen.

At the beginning of the show, and I will be honest, I thought that never in my life will I ship these two especially since they are both males. But, ever since the incident with the kiss and Sasuke left the hidden leaf, I saw as Naruto was really eager to bring Sasuke back. I found it really cute. Then, I remember I was just searching on google a picture of Sasuke since he is my favorite, I found a fanart of him kissing Naruto. My friend teased me telling me that I totally ship them. I wasn't quite sure if she was right, or I was right. But, she was right. And come on, when their arms got cut off. The blood. It formed a heart. A. Barely. Heart. But, still. And, haven't any of you guys noticed that they always make this two look gay in some way.

3 Minato x Kushina

This should be Top1 really. I love them, they're the most kawaii and makes the most sense!

Kushina loves Minato and so does he. According to Kushina, Minato was the only one(aside from Naruto later on) commending her red hair(if I was there I'd have told her that I want red hair like hers too! ) And he was her knight in shining armor. Since then she cared about her hair and became the most beautiful female of Naruto series. And about Minato, he's cool. He's so cool, handsome and funny he should've been alive! Both of them balance each other out. I loved how Kushina thanked Minato(both times when he got selected for 4th hokage when she was also the one wanting to be a hokage, and other when they both were dying)

It was so cute.

How is this no higher? These are Naruto parents. when I realized they never got to live with there son and see him grow up I almost cried. but if my mom realized I was crying because of naruto I'd be banned from watching anime!

Even though we didn't see this ship too much, all the scenes were so ADORABLE. Not just that, but Minato was always nice to Kushina and in general it is an amazing ship.

They (Kushina) gave birth to Naruto. They gave him good advice in they're last moments, and still had a huge impact in the series in the short screen-time they had.

4 Neji x Tenten

I mean, seriously. They're together in every scene, and Tenten clearly respects Neji. When Team Gai fought against Kisame, Neji immediately rushed over to help Tenten.

If Neji hadn't died, NejiTen probably would've been canon.

I don't know if it is just because I've never read the manga, but I've never seen these two together. Sure they spent time together but they were teammates. I feel like Neji and Tenten were more like friends and teammates.. The only solid evidence for this shipping is in the tsukuyomi dream she had, and that was AFTER Neji died. I don't know for sure though cause Tenten didn't get enough screen time, and what little she had honestly told us she could secretly love ANY character in the Naruto. But I do think tenten had so much potential as a character and I am sad that her only strong moments were in filler episodes.

In my opinion I think Neji and Tenten are the CUTEST couple in Naruto. There always together. Wherever you turn you always find them next to each other. Tenten respects Neji a lot. When Neji was a jerk and always brought people down he didn't bring Tenten dreams down when she said she wanted to become like the Legendary Sannin, Tsundae. When Neji would always say women aren't as strong as men shonobi Tenten would always tell him he was wrong and he wouldn't fight back after she told him. I also don't think Hinata and Neji are a couple. Why? CAUSE THERE COUSINS that's WHY! ITS DISGUSTING. I also think Lee and Tenten aren't a couple because there like brother and sister. But Naruto and Tenten are not a couple. Just no. I also think Tenten deserves more screen time. She barely gets attention!

Cute couple, too bad Neji died. Tenten always looked up to him, but never did any fangirlish stuff. A person like Tenten who talked to Neji like any other comrade as a close friend and with much respect, plus her determined, compassionate, and relaxed demeanor would've done someone like Neji, who has a more monotone personality some good. * sigh * A cool couple with so much potential gone, now only being held up by it's fandom.

5 Temari x Shikamaru

This ship is pretty much undeniable. The chemistry was there from the very beginning. Temari, in my opinion one of the few truly bad-ass female characters (Why didn't she get more screen time! ) didn't fawn over or chase Shikamaru relentlessly when he so obviously rejected her (No offense SakuSasu), or dated him as a second-option (Looking at you, Ino, and yes, I do mean to offend you), and there relationship wasn't overly cliche, and quite frankly, it just fit. Of all the ships in this show, this one was done the best, since it was implied from the beginning. The sarcastic remarks, the mutual respect, everything is done so well in this ship. I only wish they got more screen time.

Shikatema is way better than the other ships. First of all, Naruhina and Sasusaku ( although I ship them) are just about the girls wanting to get the guy ever since they were little, and the guy not really accepting their feelings until way after. They're also a bit forced. Saino had too little moments, and to the person who said that there was no love triangle, who said there needed to be one in the first place for them to be with each other? Even though there was no love triangle or whatever, there's still a lot of chemistry between them and Temari obviously loves Shikamaru in Boruto, even though she ''abuses him''. Heck, she even blushed when he said he wanted to eat dinner with his family once in a while. Ok I'm done with my rant, but Shikatema is life and Shikaino sucks, Ino belongs with Sai anyways.

These two are the only couple that made proper sense. They are like made for each other. Their relationship is so mutual and they also have really good chemistry. Another good thing is that the two of them are very good strategists and they can understand each other's ideas very well. Shikamaru hidden clearly brings out how well the couple are matched. They are AWESOME!

They're the only couple that actually make sense. Naruto never noticed hinata until later on, sakura was in a abusive relationship with sasuke ( he almost killer her twice or more times), karui never once talked to choji in the manga or anime, sai and ino only talked a couple times( I guess theirs make alittle sense). Shikamaru and temari are the only pairing that you can tell would end up together.

6 Asuma x Kurenai

I liked the mature nature of their relationship. It's subtle but there are scenes in which their care for each other is apparent.

It's a shame what happened, I would've loved to learn more about these two!

It's hilarious watching Asuma try to denied he loves Kurenai to his students.

Well this was first canon relationship we saw in naruto. Even they don't get much screentime they are so czte and worth watching. Specially trough asumas death we seen so much feeling between them it just made me cry.

They seem made for each other! Plus they're cute together!

7 Boruto x Sumire

Boruto deserves someone good, who likes him, who treats him well. Sumire is like that. She always treated him well and trusted him, even if he was a mess. They have everything to be a good couple. The Sumire arch created a great feeling and a great connection between them. I hope you stay together!

Sumire x boruto I really like this ship I know everyone wants boruto x Sarada but for me borusumi is better They're so beautiful so cute l love them I want Boruto Sumire to get married.

I would like them to be together... They are cool!

They seem cute together

8 Obito x Rin

This pairing had a certain quality to it that makes you fall in love with them given that there's no indication as anything sexual. Their love was pure. It's ethereal and makes you think of all the good things but their story also makes it tragic all the same. ObiRin is what makes the Naruto series tolerable. Some pairings just doesn't make sense and these two made it seem effortless and natural. They're the best thing that happened to the series and will always be.

He truly loved Rin to the point Obito awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan and evolved along with the wielder when he witnessed her death. He's ready to sacrifice his happiness just to keep her happy even if it means letting her go. But it isn't the case, I mean given the chance she survived maybe Bakashi would fall for her but it didn't happen. So that pairing wasn't meant to be because she died. And I suppose she understood what it means to be friendzoned too so that experience humbled her in the process and learnt to appreciate the one who is selfless enough to care about her well-being. I think it's true love, not someone who needs to be coaxed on something just to learn to value that person til it's too late.

I've always thought that Rin somehow realized her feelings after Kakashi admonished her when he outright told her he wasn't interested in her confession and was about to abandon her if not for Obito. She may have acknowledged Obito's love for her the moment she knows she was never Kakashi's priority that's why she never chased him after the kannabi incident. It was just so sad she died being friend zoned by Kakashi because I really read it in the manga reagrdless of her feelings for him it was also one sided just like she wasn't into Obito but I take it they were still kids and really immature. Maybe given the chance, she would date Obito instead of that ass Bakashi if she learned the truth the latter would willingly left her behind over some mission.

I was really invested in this pairing but Kishimoto made it a point to kill Rin. I thoroughly wished Obito confessed to her but he was denied the chance and died regrettably not realizing his feelings for her. Their development as friends to lovers would've been credible if not for his stupid parallels and all these dumb ship wars. Overall the best ship for me next to Yahiko and Konan.

9 Sai x Ino

Sasuke belongs to Naruto, Sakura is an exception for Sasuke, so the ones left are Sai and Ino. That's why I ship them, but honestly, they are just the perfect match!

They are really cute together!

They get married!

10 Konohamaru x Hanabi

I've always thought this one was really cool, mostly because Hanabi is the younger sister of Hinata and Konohamaru is (some what) the younger brother of Naruto. So it makes a lot of sense that they'd end up together.

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11 Kakashi x Iruka

This is my favorite ship in Naruto! Their chemistry is really cute, and I feel like they would be really good friends if they interacted more in the manga/show. I love the ship art and fanfic, and the prospect of them being a couple is super cute! I love this ship!

OMG! I'm like, the BIGGEST FAN of this pairing! No.1 yaoi pairing from Naruto is SasuNaru, but no.2 is this one! Kakashi x Iruka's chemistry was another reason why I ever decided to watch Naruto anime. I honestly love this pairing!

The arc in which Kakashi and Iruka argued over whether Team 7 should participate in the Chunin Exam or not gave me chills.
These two bond so well over the team, they're like Team 7's parents!

It'd be such a cool pairing...

This is an amazing pairing. They should be higher on the list.

12 Sasuke x Sakura

The best and the most interesting pairing, it's the type where you need to look at little details to understand the whole picture. Relationships don't always start full of sunshine and rainbows, they had hard pasts before becoming couple unlike other ones where they make it so simple and nothing wrong types which is not realistic. I like when there's a character with deeply troubled past and then there's someone who wants to help him, those types always have hard time at the beginning but the guy changed for the better now, no matter how much people hate them, they have both moved on and are happy, only the haters can't move on or understand them sadly. Its not a pairing which is easy to understand, those who have had difficulties in the past and more rational thinking people tend to understand more

...WHY!? This couple makes no sense. In the first part 1 they made more sense (even then there wasn't much besides Sakura's pre-teen obsession like he was an Emo Justin Bieber) but come part 2 there was nothing. Literally, anytime they were on screen together he was either ignoring her, insulting her or attacking her. They are not a healthy couple from either perspective. From Sasuke's he has this girl that he hasn't shown much romantic interest because he had only one thing important to him. She's been obsessed with him since they were pre-teens for only shallow reasons and excepts something more from him when he literally showed nothing towards her and there is no reason for her to lovehim. Sakura's part she hasbeen chasing this boy who has been emotionally and physically distant from her for years and when she's with him, he shows that he couldn't care less if she lives or not. How is this healthy? How is this romantic? Why because he gives one apology after all the stuff he put ...more

This should be at the bottom. There is no positive interaction between Sakura & sasuke beyond sasuke respecting her a little as a teammate. This is all built up from Sakura, who character revolved around sasuke all throughout Naruto & Naruto Shippuden. It's a lot worse than Hinata with Naruto. In hinata's past, we see Hinata struggle gaining strength to get the respect from her family & was tossed aside because she was too weak. With Sakura, we see in her past that she gets bullied, but then ditches the girl that helped her with her bullying problem, because she figured out she also likes sasuke. How shallow. She becomes a ninja to try & win sasuke (it was her goal) yuck how pathetic. Hinata became a ninja because she was forced to. Sasuke never cared about this dumb annoying. He called her annoying, never listened to a word she said, & told her to stay out of his way. At least Naruto showed some interest in Hinata during the chunnin exams, but sasuke never showed any interest in ...more

Sakura's love for Sasuke was geniune and selfless. All she wished was for him to be happy and she wanted to be a part of his life to make him happy. After she saw him suffer in part I, the way she saw Sasuke changed. He was no longer the handsome, cool Uchiha who was perfect at everything. She saw his flaws, she saw him suffer, she saw him going deep into the darkness so she wanted to be with him and get him out of it. This was proved right for Sakura when the Cursed Mark receded when she hugged him. But she still couldn't bring him back when he was about to leave for the village. Sasuke actually liked Sakura from the beginning if you pay attention. Sakura is the only girl Sasuke lets hug and remains calm. He tries to kill Sakura only because he was on the path of darkness. He did the same for Naruto. Sasuke poked Sakura's forehead like Itachi used to do to him. For him, it's an ultimate method of showing feelings. Sasusaku is canon already because it makes complete sense and Sarada ...more

13 Gaara x Rock Lee

OH MY LORD YES- I'm OBSESSED with this ship! The two fellas have had some great times together, the chuunin exams, when Naruto and Hinata got married- there are way more that I don't have time to explain, but these two have a very well balanced relationship. I love how they're polar opposites, but that makes them such a great pair.

Hypothetically they are good for each other. There may be a lot of opposites in their characters, but these two can make for a really cute ship.

This ship is a favourite of mine because Gaara and Rock Lee were made for each other.

I think it's great because I feel like they really are set for each other..

14 Yahiko x Konan

They are so cute together! In one scene, they were staring at each other, and they even almost kissed each other.

Love his so much

15 Kakashi x Hanare

Kakashi should marry her I think they're the best couple if that happens!Besides she's beautiful and Kakashi is nice to her! These two have chemistry than other couple!

No no no, this couple should have been re-introduced back to the show because they're relationship and connection was so strong. And they are both good looking so they can make nice babies together. And they should be higher too.

If you don't remember this episode, you should watch it again. I was literally crying when she jumped of the cliff, I mean poor Kakashi! He lost a girl who he really loved. (naruto shippuden episode 191)

Hanare... She's so beautiful... And they're a perfect couple...

16 Kakashi x Obito

YES QUEEN- Okay okay so this is my 2nd favorite ship in all of Naruto. And you're probably thinking, "Oh no you can't ship this. Obito loved Rin." And I understand where you're coming from, but hear me out. He should learn to love someone as great as Kakashi. Even though they haven't really ever gotten along very well from the start, they still were friends. It's like a Sasuke to Naruto relationship. Their rivalry and urge to protect and sacrifice is one in the same thing. Obito died for Kakashi in the end, so I don't understand why you wouldn't love this ship.

Love this couple. First of, they're two of the hottest characters in Naruto. Secound- the ANGST! The drama- everything. Kakashi changed his life because of Obito and Obito didn't hesitste to give up his life for him. Sure, he was in love with Rin, but it's time to move on He cares more about Kakashi than he lets on. They are just so perfect... And that line Obito said to Kakashi; "I want to fill that void in your heart. Ask anything you desire, and in the world I'm creating I'll give it to you." So... CUTE!

There's so much more to the back story than it looks like, it's obvious that Obito cares more about Kakashi than he lets on. Obito literally gave up his life and left eye for Kakashi. And Kakashi changed his entire life because of a few simple sentences that Obito said. Cutest couple ever.

There like the SasuNaru of their generation but with a different story. I've always seen Kakashi and Obito as two halves of one character because of the way they changed personalities, like Obito was Yin and Kakashi Yang. Because of that it just feels natural that they would be attracted to eachother.

17 Boruto x Sarada

Being Naruto and Sasuke's children, they are the perfect match for each other. I haven't seen any strong hints between Boruto and Sarada till now, but they will definitely end up together in the future. The main reason why they belong together is because of the fact that the chemistry between Naruto and Sasuke is very awesome and realistic, so, being their own children, they have their parent's characteristics and habits. If the bond between Naruto and Sasuke is such a stronger one than any other couples, then BoruSara will definitely work!

How are they not the perfect couple? They are a mixture between the top 3 pairs of the Naruto show! 1.The SasuNaru pairing- they have a relationship much like their fathers. Their different personalities cause them to clash and argue. Though just like with Naruto and Sasuke, the two protect each other and watch over each other. Their bond cannot be described with words. They bring out different sides to each other. The 2.NaruHina pairing- um, hello? Sarada actually did the whole watching over Boruto thing just like Hinata. She watches over him and when he accomplishes his goal, she gets really happy! That's what Hinata used to do. And in chapter 700, we see Sarada following Boruto once again.3. The SasuSaku pairing- when Sasuke was in the village, one thing you always saw, where there was Sasuke, there would be Sakura and vice versa. They were always at each other's side, fighting together and protecting each other. They stood together all the time. We see this with Boruto and Sarada ...more

I absolutely love this couple. They're my favorite so far. It's obvious they both like each other and their development so far is perfect. Also their characters are written well and their personalities actually go pretty well together. My favorite moment with them is when Boruto chases her on the ship. It's so cute. Like honestly so far it wouldn't make sense for them to not be together with all their moments and the little hints.

I'm not portraying Sasuke and Naruto on them. Their personalities match. They have the potential and the chemistry. Boom!

18 Wasabi x Namida
19 Kakashi x Mei

HELL NO! They've literally never talked to each other throughout the entire Naruto Shippuden series. This ship is just stupid...

Both of them would be a better couple. Hope both have feeling to each other.

The Mizukage dreams of marrying a powerful shinobi if I remember well.

They have the same age.

I'm sure they'd look cute together.

And we saw international couples wasn't a problem (Shika/Tema ; Chouji/Karui) so why the hell not?

They would be hot couple

20 Naruto x Shikamaru

Upvote because any other ship with naruto is better than him with sakura. I hate the nice guy syndrome. People should be with who the like and truly understand as a person

Cute, because Naruto is so "troublesome! "

They are such a good ship he was the first Person to really accept naruto and welcome his friend

21 Tobi x Deidara
22 Pein x Konan

I love Konan. Being the only female akatsuki member she was bound to have lots of pairings, but I think Peins the best because he's so mysterious, yet they seem to get along fine, and it seems that she's the only one that understands him.

Konan is the best Naruto girl, and Pain is so handsome and amazing! They're perfect couple!

You mean yahiko and konan right cause they should be in the top 3.

Uuumh.. Pain? He's none of them.. I like Yahiko and Konan together. Yahiko admitted that he loves Konan. Not Nagato.. they are more like siblings

23 Tsunade x Dan

I don't like this pairing. It feels like Dan was just there to die and make Tsunade's life harder. It sucks.

I think these two are just so perfect together. Tsunade was so sad after he died, and you can really tell they loved eachother.

24 Shino x Kiba

My OTP in the series. They are just perfect for each other. Always beside one another. They should be higher on the list...

25 Naruto x Ramen

Ramen has always, always been with Naruto every step of his way. If it hadn't been for Ramen, Naruto never would've achieved his dream. Naruto loved Ramen, and even if we never got to hear about Ramen's feelings for Naruto, it's almost sure that Ramen would feel the same from Naruto. They're wonderful for each other. Forget about Sakura. Sasuke. Hinata Naruto x Ramen is essentially canon.

Ramen was always there for Naruto, just like Naruto was there for Ramen. When no one liked Naruto, Ramen always helped him get through It. Naruto and Iruka became friends and bonded over Ramen and Iruka led Naruto to happiness. Ramen and Naruto Is the best ship in the entire show.

Throughout Naruto, no ship has been better developed.
Often times in long running shonun anime, the anime can loose direction because there isn't one, truly solid goal/love throughout the entire series. One of the things that makes Naruto so great is that it does have this type of consistent, show long theme. There are actually two of them. The first is that right from the beginning, Naruto wants to become Hokage. The second is that Naruto loves ramen.
This ship is an integral part of the show. Naruto's love for ramen is a subtle yet continuous driving force, and honestly, we all know that this show wouldn't be the same without Naruto x Ramen.

Have you ever read that book "The Giving Tree"? I think of Naruto and his relationship with Ramen quite like this. Ramen has such a significant role in Naruto's characteristics and without ramen, I doubt the Naruto we know would be the same.

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