Top 10 Dream Fights Between Anime Characters

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1 Naruto vs Monkey D. Luffy

I have watched Naruto Shippuden, and I must say, Naurto is QUITE the powerful one. Because of his versatile weaponry and skilled ninjustu/genjustu/taijutsu he would make a very worthy opponent. He defeats many admirable opponents but Luffy wins this one. One Piece has not finished yet, and Luffy already shows astounding endurance, speed (dodge light beams, comments on how they are too slow), and incredible power. Add in his 2,3, and 4 gear, it would be too much to handle. (and with the hakis). And he still is growing, while Naruto is done; honestly, I think zoro would be more of a match than Luffy would be.

Well in my opinion Naruto is way stronger than luffy. I don't think luffy can match 10% of Naruto's power the way he is now even with his gear 4. Naruto's rikudo mode was so insanely powerful that he uses a technique to create 5-6 bijudama rasen shuriken at once and guess what Naruto wasn't even trying. He didn't broke a sweat and wasn't even tired. A single bijju drama is insanely powerful probably more than luffy can hanlde. So 5-6 bijju drama rasen shurikens are too much for him. In the last movie Naruto fights with someone who could cut the moon in half. His strength and speed were on a totally different level and it wasn't even his final form. Actually we never got to see what he is capable of in his final form. Narutos full strength at the end was never shown as he never got serious in the fight with kaguya. He can use all chakra natures because of his new form including water style( luffy's weakness if fighting between seas) and also has those black spheres which no one can touch other than Naruto. On the other hand luffys gear third and fourth even though are destructive its nothing Naruto can't handle. In short luffy doesn't stand a chance the way he is now. And yeah I am not saying this because I am a Naruto fan. I like luffy more than Naruto. But I am being more realistic here. Luffy is sure to get stronger so let's see if he can become stronger than Naruto at the end. Narutos final form allows him to use almost of Naruto worlds technique let's see if luffy can match it at the end.

2 Goku and Vegeta vs Everyone

Guys guys guys, I'd love to see this, but Vegeta and Goku would easily win. Vegeta blew up a planet called Aralia with the tip of his fingers when he had a power level of 18'000. Golden Frieza, from the new movie, has a power level of at least a quintillion. Super saiyan God super saiyan Goku and Vegeta (the blue haired super saiyan level from the new movie) beat him. One quintillion divided by 18'000 I somewhere near fifty five trillion, five hundred and fifty five Billion, five hundred and fifty million, five hundred and fifty five thousand five hundred and fifty five. Since vegeta's power level was similar to that of Frieza's at the time, this number would be around the amount of planets Vegeta could destroy with a blast from the tip of his fingers at max power. Goku is stronger than Vegeta. Need I go on?

Lelouch ( From 'Code Geass' ) vs Goku and Vegeta.

Lelouch wins, how? Many possibilities, many endings, but first of all let me give the circumstances;

- The location of their battle is at, let's say, nowhere. Nothing to be seen on any direction, just the color white, no objects, limitless space ( of course, with a floor ).
-Their going face to face, head on before starting.

All Lelouch will do immediately is use geass on the both of them, not to order death, Lelouch is not THAT cheap. He is wise, he orders them to be the weakest of the weakest of all, and as I recall, Lelouch can only use his Geass once on the person, but can have multiple orders ( A great example is Schneizel, *Follow every order he gives ). So not only to be the weakest, but also to simply have them both fight each other to the death, and whoever wins shall suicide using the loser's carcass. Or even order them what he ordered Schneizel, obey every command given by Lelouch. Many Possibilities indeed, all in the favor of Lelouch.

All hail Lelouch vi Britannia.

3 Naruto vs Ichigo vs Luffy

Ichigo would win because his speed is unparalleled to Luffy and Naruto. It would take some time before Ichigo finds an opening to strike them. All Ichigo has to do is dodge their attacks since he is the fastest and use getsuga tensho in certain conditions like blocking or just spam it. Hell they can't even survive Mugetsu since they are going to get torn apart.

Naruto would win!
-Naruto is the fastest character out of all the three, during his Nine Tails form.
-Chakra based energy is a powerful energy. Powerful even to katch and win over Luffy's and Ichigo's power.
-He can fight the strongest Akatsuki in the Naruto world (Tobi) without any chakra.

Ichigo wins this.. All he needs is dangai form... He'll just lower his riatsu to the level they can feel and the pressure takes luffy out. Naruto will probably use Biju mode to reduce the effect which means he can't move at Max speed.. Then ichigo flash steps to him and takes his head off...END

4 Naruto vs Goku

Naruto. he's equivalent to a ninjutsu god. Contains the power of a demon fox, a unique sage ability, blessed by the sage of 6 paths, and has the brains and strategic superiority (can't argue that last part. goku is a dumb brute. Naruto is trained to see weaknesses and exploit them). If Goku doesn't go full power on Naruto at second 1 he loses.

DBZ is a both powerful AND great verse. And Goku - san is strong yet handsome and an interesting character, at the same time! Who put this meaningless fight on here?!

Naruto can win if Goku is of same level. Naruto and Dragon ball are most popular animes. I think there should any battles between Goku and Naruto.

5 Soul Eater Evans vs Natsu Dragneel

Natsu would definitely win. Natsu is not evil, so if Maka tries to do that whole genie, or witch slayer thing, it won't work. But Natsu would burn them to a crisp.( Maka was not included in the names, so she can't do the whole "unconscious weapon" thing if she gets knocked out. ;D )

Would like to see Soul pierce Natsu with those blades.

Natsu would win only if Soul was by himself.

6 Vegeta vs Roy Mustang

Vegeta: ah...ah...CHOO. Roy's head came off. Vegeta: Opps... need to fix it. Vegeta accidentally destroy his brain.

Is this even a question? Vegeta would beat Mustang's ass over 9000 times!

I have nothing against mustang but the guy from dragon ball z are at a hole other level.

7 Goku vs Ranma Saotome

That would make for a interesting match up I would like to see how Ranma would fair in a match with a Saiyan Like Goku.

8 Edward Elric vs Lina Inverse

Lena is much more powerful, and don't worry about biasing because I don't care about both two characters.

Edward is to smart for any tricks.

That would be a great FIGHT though lena will be to op because she use magic and it is just to op

9 Goku vs Seiya

Goku is nigh omnipotent. He'll win.

10 Ichigo Kurosaki vs Son Goku

Ichigo combined with the power of a soul reaper, a Quincy and a hollow can surely take down Goku. I mean have you seen his character development at the present manga, he is at the pinnacle of his form.

Goku would win, no doubt. But I despise the DBZ universe and I absolutely love bleach so Goku would win in a fight, but Ichigo is a better character. Also Saitama vs Goku would be cool to see (I vote for Saitama)

Oh man, this would be an epic fight! Ichigo would go bankai, then Goku goes hah and goes super saiyan. Next thing, ichigo dons his mask and Goku goes ss4. Sad to say bye bye ichigo. But I wonder, his getsuga tenshou vs Goku's kamehameha, how would that come out?

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11 Eren Jaeger vs Kirito

Actually, eventually kirito would find arena weak spot,also don't forget kirito can transform into gleam eyes...

12 Arceus vs Giratina

I'm sorry but how can giratina beat arceus.

13 Gene Starwind vs Spike Spiegel
14 Itachi vs Byakuya

A fight between these two would be so suspenseful; it would certainly put me on the edge of my seat. They both have the skills and the strength to make a battle that will entertain the audience, while increasing their popularity at the same time. Personally, I think that Uchiha Itachi will win. It's hard to tell, though. They're both incredibly strong, almost to the point that they live in a whole different world based on their skills.

This one honestly makes the most sense out of all the ones on here. They are both older brothers to some main characters, both are the strong, silent type, both started out being portrayed as bad guys and were shown to actually be go, and both are in the top of their own anime's in terms of popularity. Though, to be honest, Byakuya would definitely win this one.

As much as I'd like to see something like this go down, it's a stomp match for Byakuya. All he has to do is Use Senka (the Flash Step he used to Incapicitate Ichigo in their first meeting) and Itachi is finished.

And Before anyone says that Amaterasu could kill Byakuya that may indeed be possible, however itachi rarely uses it. Senka is often Byakuya's First Move.

15 Madara vs Aizen

Madara would win because has soon has aizen looks in his eyes it over.

Madara will win because Aizen can not slice Madara while Madara is useing his rinnegan so game! Madara will win

Aizen:is this the power of GOD?

16 Natsu vs Ichigo

They both are my favourite characters, but in this fight, I personally favour Natsu and power-wise Ichigo since Bleach is in its final arc and FT is nowhere near its final arc.
Ichigo has done more feats than Natsu for now

Oh god! You guys seriously never considered a fight between these two? I would love to witness a match between them... Dunno who would win though... ! I mean none of these two ever gives up.

Ichigo wins clearly. Out of the five greatest anime protagonists nowadays ( Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, Natsu and Luffy ( in order of greatness to idiot)), Ichigo is the second most powerful below Goku, while Natsu is only able to beat Luffy.

17 Sasuke vs Vegeta

Vegeta will win, but not stomp.

18 Piccolo vs Alex Louis Armstrong
19 Kenshiro vs Yusuke
20 Natsu vs Killua

Maybe Killua win because he has tons of assassination tricks! But Natsu is really strong too. After all he is a dragon slayer but I guess Killua can beat Natsu in future Killua is small now! *-*I vote for Killua

Killua just has to use his godspeed and his super sharp nails,more like claws, to beat Natsu! Natsu would barely know what him him. Killua for the win!

Natsu would win because he has a lot of friends to back him up. not to mention his own beast mode power

21 Naruto vs Ichigo

Naruto stomps now but this would be pretty interesting if both were equalized. Different styles of fighting, both being major anime protagionist that inspired a generation and both sharing similar goals(helping their friends). Honestly, this is a dream match and it's sad that it's not in the top ten.

How is this not in the top ten. I think this is the most evenly matched fight.
At the end of the manga character developments it would to nice to see a good ol'fashioned one-on-one fight.

Ha Ichigo wins. Mainly due to his incredible speed he could just slash his sword in thin air to wreck Naruto even with his regeneration. It might be a close fight though

22 L vs Lelouch

This kind of battle needs a lot more information, since it's a fight betwen smart people.

For example, if it was a chess match, or any kind of match where both of them where present, then Lelouch would win just because his Geass. If it were a fight of "Detective vs Terrorist" it would be neccesary to know if any of them have help, Lelouch is a strategist, so he needs soldiers to back him up, L is a detective, just getting someone to do the dirty work would suffice

Take off Lelouch's magic eye thingy and he'd be no match for L. He fought Light, who had the death note, the deadliest weapon in history. And he used his brains alone to do so. Heck, he could've got his ass handed to him if it weren't for the note's power. Lelouch relies on his eye and brain. L relies only on his brain.

Both are unbelievably smart but I reckon L is a little but more smarter than Lelouch. I know that I LOVE Lelouch but he's no match for L in a brain twisting challenge

23 Luffy vs Ichigo

Ichigo too fast for Luffy.

Nah Luffy is fast as light in gear 2
And he is even faster and stronger in gear 4
Luffy wins

24 Rin Okumura vs Ichigo Kurosaki

This would be awesome to see!

Ichigo takes it.

25 Kirito vs Eren Yeager

The outcome of this fight would depend on multiple factors. The most obvious one being if Kirito gets to use his in game skills (it's kind of like a "who would win in a fight: a tiger or a shark? " situation (at least that's what it sounds like to me)). Then there is the question of how much they are informed about their appointment, specifically if Kirito even knows how to kill a titan. If Kirito doesn't know that you have to cut the nape of the titans that would be a huge disadvantage. Even if Kirito knows how kill titans Eren would still have an advantage, because it would be hard for Kirito to get to the nape of his neck, though obviously not impossible. Furthermore, going back to the topic of how informed Kirito is, does he even know that Eren can turn into a titan? If he wasn't told anything about Eren, Kirito would probably be very surprised. Eren could use the time Kirito is shocked and confused to get a head start on an attack.

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