Best Osomatsu-Kun/Osomatsu-San Characters

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1 Karamatsu Matsuno

Come on people we all know he's the best. Plus the fact he gets bullied by his bros makes me feel bad. I love him a lot

Without a doubt my favourite brother. he's just so cool. Even though they all look the same,I think he looks the handsomest out of all of the brothers.

Stuck in his chuunibyou phase but he's hilarious and a good brother.

2 Ichimatsu Matsuno

The best so relatable

He's so relatable

3 Todomatsu Matsuno

My sixth favorite, used to be my third but after season one I grew tired of him. Sure he's cute, outgoing, smart, cunning, independent, and most normal. But he's also THE worst. I still like him, don't get me wrong, but he's more selfish, self-centered, whiny, spoiled, and colder to his brothers than they are. I liked him better in the movie when he was cuter and more innocent before he became a social monster.

Cute younger brother with a soft and innocent yet not innocent personality. He can be a bit much sometimes but I like him.

4 Jyushimatsu Matsuno

Jyushimatsu is my child of heart but you got to admit, some parts of the fandom ruined his character by making him more kinky and/or depressed.

I picked him because I am fifth son too, and he has same as my personality and I like yellow too. Isn't it illegal to have cartoon twin brother?

If somebody hurt this little sunshine I would do what he does.
Baseball bat

The epitome of happiness and sunshine I love him so much.

5 Osomatsu Matsuno

I do like Osomatsu I just wish he had a defining quality like his brothers he doesn't stand out as much but he cares about his brothers which is a plus.

He's number 6?! Oh come on people, why Oso doesn't has much love 😒. Sure he's the most boring Matsu, sure he's the trashies brother, sure he's not a good nii-san compared to Karamatsu, but he wants to be a great nii-san for his brothers just like Kara. He just doesn't want to show his love to his brothers directly, he has his own way. He even get stressed and feeling lonely when his brothers left, it shows that he love and care about them. He wants to playing around with his brothers like his childhood (osomatsu-kun) forever :3.

Always been my fifth favorite, even as bad as he is towards his brothers he's still a good one, rough, blatant with his opinion and quite a fun Matsu. I would rank him higher but there's no more room, I just find the other brothers a little more better than him.

What about rank 4 for him?

6 Choromatsu Matsuno

Mah frog baby

He's such a bae

How can you not love him? He's just the cutest frog boy (fap boy teehee) -Mew_Thing

7 Iyami

I like him, I don't see why so many don't. He's a tragic character, even back in Mr. Osomatsu when he was the original main protagonist. Yeah he has many problems and flaws but he makes quite an interesting character, especially when he's involved with the sextuplets. I don't think I would like Osomatsu-San as much as I do if he wasn't there, he's like paprika; you don't know what he's used for but the spice rack just doesn't look the same without it.

Iyami adds a nice amount of comedy to the show I like him for that!

8 Chibita

Love Chibita his dedication to oden is admirable.

9 Homerun Girl
10 Totoko
The Contenders
11 Nyaa Hashimoto
12 Tougou
13 Hatabou!

How was my baby not on here tf? In Osomatsu-kun he's just a young, mentally challenged boy trying his best, and as an autistic person I highly respect that! Seeing him getting so rich in Osomatsu-san was so satisfying! The fact Tougou was on here and not Hatabou is super awful. Seeing him talk about wanting a girlfriend and friends in season two made me so sad like, let the boy be happy tf?

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