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Does anyone have suggestions. This is going to be any couple. That means Crack too.
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1 Ichigo and Rukia

Honestly, these two got the best chemistry, they would die for each other. They argue like a married couple, they were perfect for each other. In the anime/manga, from the very beginning, they had something going on between them and as the anime/manga, continued, it shows how their feelings developed for one another. I don't understand how they did not end up together.

This ship makes a lot of sense, they have a strong bond and people love this ship a lot more than Orihime x Ichigo though I do ship Orihime x Rukia as well!

2 Gin and Rangiku

Ok so I actually wasn't sure about this ship at first because Gin obviously went to the dark side and Rangiku is obviously hurt and is betrayed by him, but I still see potential in this ship due to the fact that Gin still seems to have feelings for Rangiku and it seems it's true the other way around as well. They would be a great couple if the circumstances were different.

Honestly I believe Gin's death was REALLY sad. But he said before "I'm going to become a soul reaper so you don't have to cry anymore". That was ADORABLE. This is so sad. Yet I believe this could have made them happier or no. No matter what I ship these 2.

3 Ichigo and Orihime

THESE 2 keep being FREAKIN ADORABLE. They become a thing and have a son that looks like Ichigo but I mean Ichigo DID want to risk his life to save her when he found out Aizen took her so yeah. ANd Orihime already has a crush on him and really cares about his safety so I also give this ship a A+!

Makes sense Between Ichigo and Orihime as couple. Orihime is completely in love with Ichigo.

They are perfect together. Ichigo is gentle, caring, a true ''gentleman'' with her, and Orihime's love towards him is beautiful, strong and she is always trying to protect him. The best couple. <3

4 Urahara and Yoruichi

They seem more like close or best friends, but they do seem to mess around. And I guess it's kinda cute. But I don't know. I'm not 100% sure.

They have been hinting at something but it never goes anywhere.

They're good friends and I believe it can be more than that!

5 Renji and Rukia

In the manga and google it says Renji and Rukia become a thing and have a daughter. I am okay with this. I mean I did ship them from day 1. WHEN I first saw both of them. And they also gone through a lot. And Renji forgot who she was in 1 of the movies but was willing to remember who she was. So I say this is a A+ okay ship!

I like Ichigo and Rukia, but I think Renji and Rukia is a more solid couple. The complicity, chemistry and attraction are there.

Shipped these two since Ichigo threw Rukia into Renji's arms at her execution!

6 Ulquiorra and Orihime

Out of all the "possible" ships from Bleach, UlquiHime is certainly the most beautiful. A little bit of tragedy married with poetry and philosophy.
It was kinda easy to see the alchemy those two had eventhough a romance between them was impossible. And that's how this couple is certainly the most beautiful (with Gin x Matsumoto). Her love for Ichigo was just a long crush while her relationship with Ulquiorra was more natural. You could feel how much they cared for each others even knowing they shouldn't. In a way, I believe this unwanted and surprising emotion both of them felt for each other makes it a beautiful love.

Whatever if people say it was never implied in the anime, what's important is how people perceived it in the end. And what we all know is that UlquiHime is clearly a thing any viewers of Bleach has felt from watching it.

7 Hitsugaya and Rukia

I get it they both have ice type zanpakutos but that doesn't mean anything.

8 Hitsugaya and Karin

Toshiro maybe older spirit, but he looks like the same age as Karin. Either way Toshiro and Karin are the best couple in Bleach Series. Between Momo and Toshiro there like brother and sister and Momo is older than Toshiro

They say multiple times "She's not my girlfriend/boyfriend!". And Toshiro Hitsugaya doesn't look it but he's WAY older than Karin, so no.

They are so cute together! To be honest this is the only ship I care of!

9 Izuru and Hinamori

Whoever spelled Kira's name as "Kiba" they spelled it wrong. Kira Izuru did seem to have feelings for Momo Hinamori in season 15 on the episode of the New Year's special but he doesn't actually seem to think of her as more than a friend in the end. They did try to kill each other before but that's off topic. Momo Hinamori x Toshiro Hitsugaya is still my favorite Bleach ship. But I guess Kira Izuru and Momo Hinamori are a bit cute together. But I still don't approve or agree with this.

Honestly I dislike Hinamori because she is so love sick on former captain Aizen. I just think it isn't fair for Hitsugaya to be so heart broken because she can't get over the fact that her captain betrayed them. I just think that Izuru would be a better fit because he is there to take care of her and keep her in check

10 Hitsugaya and Rangiku

First off, I don't approve this even though it's my opinion. Second of all, they only see each other as Captain and leutinant (can't spell). Three, Rangiku Matsumoto is already in love with Gin who sadly passes away, meanwhile Toshiro Hitsugaya seems to like Momo Hinamori (in which I ship Toshiro x Momo).

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11 Uryu Ishida & Orihime Inoue

I actually really like this ship especially since the episode where they first went to Soul Society. I know that later on, Ishida ended up falling for a Bounto, but I really like this ship because Ishida is a gentlemen and would take care of Inoue much better than Ichigo can because Ichigo is kind of a hairhead sometimes. Ichigo is better paired with Rukia because he needs someone to support him as he goes through tough times.

YES Orihime is so sweet and so is Uryu, they deserve each other. Uryu could also teach her how to cook, she needs that, but something stands in the way, that's Ryuken, he couldn't stand to see his gemisht son happy, and Orihime has no family so she would have to move in with Ishida. BUT THERE'S STILL HOPE

12 Nel and Ichigo
13 Byakuya and Hisana

Byakuya and Hisana (Rukia's older sister) get married is what they say in season 3. So understanable how this is a ship. I feel bad that Byakuya is sad about her death but I think it's sad. But may she rest in peace.

This is a no-brainer ship because anyone can see how much they love each other in Byakuya's flashbacks. Heck he even kept his promise and protected Hisana's sister as if she's his own sister.

Good couple between Byakuya and Hisana. To bad that is dying due the illness which it's pretty sad.

14 Renji and Tatsuki

I feel as though, these two are suited for each other, expecially since they have quite a few htings in come on, and no one can tell me otherwise.

15 Toshiro and Momo

In the show and manga Toshiro shows that he has a lot of affection towards momo. They make a lot of sense because they know each other from childhood. Personally, I think this is way better than shipping him with Karin because of age difference. Toshiro may look young but he's actually a lot older than he's appearance and so that ship makes me uncomfortable.

This is 1 of my favorite ships of mine. I like that Toshiro understands he would never hurt Momo Hinamori but they known each other for a long time. And I think mostly it's sad Toshiro had to suffer all of this pain of him almost killing Momo and having to deal with 2 fakes of Momo. But I feel like all of this is worth it.

16 Grimmjow and Nel

Nel bassicly (sorry I can't spell) can't stay in her like actual form. She can only be in the kid form we always see her in, because of her broken skull on her head. But this is a good question I'd like you weird shippers to ask yourselves. Do you really think Grimmjow would care about Nel? But I am just saying my sister is correct that it's weird people ship people that shouldn't be a thing.

17 Ichigo and Grimmjow

Their battle was cool sure but that doesn't prove anything of this being a good ship.

This is another nope. But their battle was cool.

18 Isshin Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihoin
19 Yammy and Orihime
20 Yumichika and Ikkaku

Love their dynamics and loyalty. They do case for each other but show it in the 11 division way haha. There is some japanese history behind the couple actually so I think this may be canon

21 Rangiku and Sajin
22 Uryƫ Ishida and Nemu Kurotsuchi

I've shipped back in the Soul Society arc almost 15 years ago! <3 Forever my favorite crack ship.

23 Ulquiorra and Grimmjow

This is a nope. They have a rivalry a bit. I mean Grimmjow doesn't care about anyone (except for Orihime a bit) but he does like a good battle and likes to kill. Meanwhile Ulquiorra keeps his temper and speaks as if he's a blank slate. But he's not. But they don't seem to get a long. So I don't really see the point in this ship. I don't understand.

24 Ichigo and Riruka
25 Yammy Llargo and Tier Harribel
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