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1 Naruto x Hinata - Naruto

Aren't they the cutest? Not just in terms of looks but they are like the perfect couple. Seeing hinata who could help naruto and always stay beside him is so heart throbbing. Naruto too, a reckless and confident person who cured hinata's confidence. They also look good together. An anime couple who benefits each other and trust the other completely is the best!

They were truly meant for each other. I love their deep connection from the very start. Naruto and Hinata both recognised each other's strengths when nobody else did and their shared trouble childhoods brought them closer. Naruto is always so sweet and gentle with Hinata. I'm so happy they finally confessed and married each other they deserve this happiness!

"No matter what day it is, no matter what time it is,
I'll never give up on what I'm aiming for.
If you laugh, then with just that,
It will always give me strength.
Like the flowers coloring the treetops in two colors,
Let's start answering our feelings.
Even the days I look back on,
Not a single one is the same.
They build upon one another.
I now understand the meaning of warmth"

Naruto's song to Hinata. Enough said

They have opposite personalities, but they are still so similar because they have the same nindo and never give up attitude, which is why they fell in love with each other. I love the way Hinata would always fight for Naruto and Naruto would become so protective when Hinata is in danger

2 Vegeta x Bulma - Dragon Ball Z

By far one of the most relatable and realistic couple in anime. People need to make an effort in their relationship in order for it to work and that's what these two do. They're also equal; one is not better than the other. They correct each other when one is making mistakes, support and protect each other. Bulma would fight a God for badmouthing Vegeta and Vegeta has fought a God for laying a hand on his wife. It wasn't always an easy rode for these two but in the end, it was all worth it and their love for each other is undeniable.

I saw "My Bulma" trend on Twitter (Japan) and that was an epic and beautiful moment but it's definitely not the first time Vegeta has defended his wife. Remember when he had a fit because Goku, who's supposed to be Bulma's friend, tried to bride old Kai with a promise of a kiss from Bulma/naked photos(?) I can't remember which, and Veg got mad? Vegeta's reaction was everything. This man, who probably feels like walls are closing in on him whenever he has feels, defended his wife.

They make such a gorgeous badass couple. Not only are they awesome together, they're also awesome as individual, thus making them the best.

Love them. Unlike some couple, Vegeta and Bulma actually got to know each other before they got married.

3 Mikan Sakura x Natsume Hyuuga - Gakuen Alice

My favorite couple. I didn't know there was more to the list and didn't see them until after I voted for Kagome and Inuyasha. Out of every couple there is this one's story is the best and most romantic in my opinion. Their hatred for each other at first turns into a burning passion and they have a consuming love where they would do anything for one another. Plus, if you haven't read the manga you wouldn't understand because there is little love in the anime (unless they do a second season fingers crossed) but their love is the focus of the story most of the time. They are definitely the best Anime/Manga couple I have ever seen and if you don't know what I am talking about then you are missing out from the best thing ever.

The storyline is great! At first I thought it was just some average fantasy story but I was proved wrong! Greatest couple ever. So you should go and read it!

People who hasn't read this yet are missing out on a manga of a lifetime there's no durt or discust, the art is gorgeous for me better the Naoko's and best for last EPIC plot. So go read NOW!

The most outstanding couple ever. This couple made me cry, blush, frustrated, and many more feelings I can't describe.

4 Rukia Kuchiki x Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach

I love to see them together. Maybe Rukia is like an older sister to Ichigo. Their hearts must be really connected.
Ichigo knows about Renji's feelings towards Rukia. Rukia also knows since the first arc about Orihime's feelings towards Ichigo.
Even though inside their hearts they might feel love or attraction towards each other, even if it's only a little spark of love. Ichigo will remember about Renji immediately and Rukia also will think of Inoue immediately. So if they might have a little even if it's very little sparks of feelings towards each other, the feelings may not grow. Because each of them must be really taking care of the feelings of their best friend.
That's why their relationship is not friend but it's also not romance.
Ichigo tossed Rukia to Renji during SS arc and told him not to let her go. This show us that Ichigo knew and cared for Renji's feelings.
Rukia encouraged Orihime and trained with Orihime during Arrancar arc. This show us how much Rukia ...more

They are the reason why bleach exists in the first place they own the show, and our hearts too.

IchiRuki. Always. I never cared much for Bleach's plot but IchiRuki alone made me stick around for 10 years until the very (disputable) end.

The manga literally begins and ends with The death and The strawberry. Need I say more...

5 Usagi x Mamoru / Sailor Moon x Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon

The Princess of the Moon and the Prince of the Earth! They were the first anime love story of many anime fans and their love will always hold a special nostalgic place for me.

This is for my sister and she loves sailor moon. These guys are so romantic. Happy 20th aniversary!

Best anime couple ever. They'll do anything for each other.

6 Sakura Kinomoto x Syaoran Li - Cardcaptor Sakura

These are cute together, their relationship started off rather rocky, then throughout the series progresses they gradually become friends and they finally fell on love with each other.

7 Karin Hanazono x Kazune Kujyou - Kamichama Karin

These two have a very healthy relationship and they love each other a lot. Unlike most manga or anime, they are together very early and the series focuses in their obstacles as a couple. Because they overcome so much they truly deserve to be #1...

8 Edward x Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Winry realizing that she's in love with Edward and the proposal we're two of my favorite scenes in the show.

Why isn't this further up! Should be right next to Dragon Ball!

9 Inuyasha x Kagome - Inuyasha

I think they are a good together because they just go. Yes I know that Kagome can be a but and is rued to Inuyasha. But you can also see the connection for each other and how they would do anything.

They may fight a lot, but there is a special connection with them that cannot be replicated or replaced. Their bond really shows in Affections Touching Across Time when they are at the tree. Their emotions also come out strong in the Castle Beyond the Looking Glass when Kagome shows her love and affection for Inuyasha by kissing him to try to bring him back to normal. All in all this couple is one of my favorite <3.

Even though I get annoyed by Kagome and her screeching, she and Inuyasha are good together.

10 Ichigo Amano x Makoto Kashino - Yumeiro Patissiere

They are perfect for each other. Need I say anything else?

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11 Sanji x Pudding - One Piece

It took me a while to warm up to Pudding because I didn't think she was worthy of Sanji after what she did. But turns out she really loves him. And I'm not blind, of all the pairings involving the SH, this is BY FAR the closest to canon. It is not even comparable.

Forget about LuNa, SaNa, ZoRo or whatever. This pairing is already more canon than all the stupid One Piece ships people's been obsessing over for years. And ll it took was one arc.

This pairing is amazing and very funny. I really want them to end up together.

Very cute couple

12 Kyo Usui x Misao Harada - Black Bird

This needs more votes. Really.. Choosing death, taking risks just to properly embrace each, that was hard.. And that ending where kyo didn't give up on misao..this couple are awesome

13 Kirito x Asuna - Sword Art Online

Kirito and Asuna is so much better in SAO.

14 Kyo Sohma x Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket

I don't read a lot of manga but this couple really stood out to me. Why is something action packed like Dragonball Z number one? This should be number one! Kyo is a monster and is cursed as a cat, yet Tohru still loves him, and Kyo has loved her since he was a child. Need I say more? Perfect couple in every way HANDS DOWN. If the anime went on longer this would be number 1 for sure.

Oh My Gosh! If someone didn't agree with this couple then I don't know what to say. If you had read the manga then you will see how their love for each other develops. Kyo may be a monster but Tohru still loved him, some scenes were so heart touching in the manga that I almost cried.

I have read the whole series and wish the anime could have gone for longer, but I truly think this was one of the cutest couples! I just love the story of acceptance and love! I am just happy that they made it onto this list!

They are the best couple; just perfect for each other. You can definitely see the chemistry and how Tohru loves kyo so sincerely, How could you not think "Aww! "

15 Yusuke Urameshi x Keiko Yukimura - YuYu Hakusho

I love them even more than they love each other.

16 Renji Abarai x Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

My favorite couple

17 Usui Takumi x Ayuzawa Misaki - Maid Sama!

They are such a pretty couple and so perfect together! I've watched the anime at least 5 times and read the manga 2 times! Don't worry, the time spent is worth it!

They are the best couples ever and Usui is very handsome. If you haven't read the manga then you haven't lived.

Yep, If you haven't read the manga you're doing it wrong, This is one of my favorite couples of all, very similar to Special A in my opinion, but still Usui is the Best

Full romance
In which VIP falls in love with maid.

18 Zoro x Sanji - One Piece

Epitome of sexual tension. Always fighting but actually care a lot about each other.

19 Shinichi Kudo x Ran Mouri - Case Closed

Yep love these two. Although Shinichi is not really there right now for Ran (In her perspective) she still waits for him, yeah there are times when she feels as if he neglects her but her love for him never fades. Don't forget every time someone brings up Shinichi as her boyfriend or someone close to her she would always blush

Because ran always patiently waiting for shinichi, while shinichi forced to shut up for ran's safety and he strunggle alone to fight the black organisation. how sweet:')

20 Sasuke x Sakura - Naruto

Although the manga had ended a year ago, Sasuke and Sakura remains the most popular hetero couple in Japan (see: pixiv). The relationship between the two wasn't sheer vanilla, they've been through so many bumps. But at the end of the day, the two united and had a baby girl named Sarada. Sakura's endurance in loving Sasuke was one of the manga's main theme.

Sasusaku is famous in korea, japan and china maybe the one who made this is an western naruto fan. I don't know, just maybe. I love sasusaki so much! I love their chemistry together and haters can't see that. bitxh please your not fan of sasusaku that's why u didn't understand. Mostly, haters of sakura is from america not in asia. She's being loved in japan, china and korea. Western naruto fans are so toxic. Hating on a character even though she have a character development. lol what a shame for y'all calling yourselves a fan duh

I hate this couple. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Most romantic and dark couple. Life

21 Otani Atsushi x Koizumi Risa - Lovely Complex

I totally agree with person below! They are waay awesome! A short man and tall woman who fall in love! How awesome is that?

It's a "partners in crime" to friends (who have A LOT in common) to lovers! WHAT's there not to like?
Add to the mix the fact that their relationship fights a very stupid stereotype, which, ironically, brings us to the beloved trope: Te Height Difference! :D Who cares if it's girl>boy ;D

Oh come on guys, this seriously needs more votes!

22 Katsushiro Okamoto x Kirara - Samurai 7

These guys... Uh.Katsushiro is the first samurai kirara ever met. When they go to war, Katsushiro kills a person working for the Nobuseri for Kirara. Kastushiro's sensei, Kambei, gets upset. Kastushiro had gotten hurt and Kirara sucks up the blood from his hand. Later, Katsushiro over hears Kirara talking to Kambei and she says that she wil heal every wound that katsushiro gets

23 Light x Misa - Death Note

I have a problem for liking this couple. Help me, I have sinned.

He doesn't even like misa what is this here?

Always L x light

24 Luffy x Nami - One Piece

This pairing sucks and is so overrated. There is clearly nothing romantic between them, just brother-sister bond. But LuNa fans tend to see LuNa moments everywhere even in the stupidest things ignoring all the bonds with other characters. They always bash other pairings and especially the characters that are paired with either Luffy and Nami. Worst shippers ever. No wonder so many people hate and mock them online. They are so convinced they are right though the most rational part of the fandom don't see anything between them and knows LuNa is never going to happen. This is One Piece people, not a soap opera!

But what about Boa Hancock? She is so cool and loves Luffy! I think they'd be a cuter couple, don't you agree?

Yep. They were so obvious yet they aren't. Its hard to explain but they're just perfect.

No just no. There was never anything romantic between them. They are nakama nothing more.

25 Saito x Louise - Zero no Tsukaima
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