Top 10 Strongest Captains in the 'Bleach' Anime

Out of the Court Guard Division Captains, only the toughest and best ten will make the grade! Who are they? Vote and see! Be sure to give a logical answer!
The Top Ten
1 Kenpachi Zaraki - 11th Division Taicho Kenpachi Zaraki is a fictional character and an antihero in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

Kenpachi is my favorited Captain. He reminded me of myself when I was the roughest kid. I like to fight because I thought it made me superhuman if I won. Kenpachi is pure skill and even with that he is able to defeat many including Captains. Even the "judges" were scared to teach him knowing he could become a huge threat. Not only that he is never actually trying that much with opponents. To top it off he doesn't even have Bankai or know the name of his sword. All this can help him increase his power by ten. Yet, sadly he can't. Kenpachi is truly the strongest Captain bring the only won to beat opponents without the skills every Captain has.

Kenpachi and Yamamoto both met the same enemy, and both were ranked as potential people to bring an end to quincy revolution... Both faced the same enemy, and yet one of them survived to come back even stronger while the other got killed with a single strike, that actually says something bout him... Zaraki for the win!

He destroys meteorites big enough to destroy seireitei and can cut trough space with his Shikai. Not to mention his humongous durability. Even if you menage to almost kill him he'll get a huge strength boost because his special ability is to get stronger the more he's wounded. He also has possibly the most reatsu of all the captains. When he went to Juha Bach he had such horrific reatsu that it suffocated. Also he never went full out since he could do the impossible by getting rid of all his limitations. I'm talking about; Bankai + Eyepatch off + maximum reatsu unleashed. His potential is limitless. A true warrior and in my opinion the strongest captain if not the strongest Shinigami after Aizen.

Kenpachi is only strongest on this list. Thousand year blood war Ichigo, Rukia, and Aizen are pure gods and. I only vote this guy because it was impressive seeing him fight. He has potential but Gin, Toshiro, Yamamoto, Aizen, and Byakuya would crush him. Kenpachi just has that crazy potential.

2 Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai - 1st Division So-Taicho (Captain Commander)

No question. You don't become King Honcho of Honchos by being a pushover. As strong as all the Kenpachi's are touted to be (yes even Unohana) he was still the Big Cheese. You could argue that Shunsui could be stronger if he went dicks out, but he would he would be killing himself. Old Man Yama doesn't need a double-suicide-win ability. He'll just ash you and call you an "Insolent Pup." Then he'll drink some tea. Ywach didn't even try to attack until Yamamoto was down an arm and even then he went balls out. No question.

Dude... Clearly he's the strongest oO the only way people can say other wise clearly is because they are just delusional... Or don't want to face the truth. One of his attacks can destroy both the soul society and the world of the living. Plus he's the only one to even come close to harming aizen. Face the truth People.. He's the Top Dog. Wooh! Old Man Captain for the win!

Most people say that because he lost against aizen he is weak, however, he never activated his bankai in that battle plus, he is extremely wise, not a single captain has his intelligence or hist tactics. His flames can burn anything. Its unrealistic that gin, aizen and tousen survived that when they were surrounded, even for anime. Besides, if he wanted to he could just beat them at that moment. But he chose not to

Yamamoto has been Captain-Commander for 1000 years... He states to Aizen the reason for this is that in that time there has been no Shinigami more powerful than him. Aizen had to create Wonderweiss specifically to disable Yamamoto's Zanpakuto, which is the strongest fire type in Soul Society. The question really is who's strongest, after him.

3 Byakuya Kuchiki - 6th Division Taicho

Byakuya is the best bad ass character for me in this anime. His character is closer to a samuria then a shinigami. He depicts an typical aristocrat behaviors and feels that he is superior to every one else. He is some times proud and arrogant but that how nobles behave.

On the whole, he is my reason for watching bleach.

I think byakuya really is the strongest captain of all, aside from he shows his power with smoothness, pride, power, honor and calmness with his every battle he also shows maturity and respect with his opponents.
And his so damn gorgeous too. !

Kuchiki Byakuya all they way... It was hard. I thought about Kenpachi but seeing Byakuya skill VS Kougo... Like when the first attacks with out Kido or anything like that. I feel I have to go with Kuchiki. Not only his major sword skills are deadly... But he can sustain endure many punishment. But he just can't go down...

Kuchiki byakuya is the strongest of all captains because of his power not Kenpachi Zaraki... When he fight he use his skills because he don't have a Bankai, he always fight by his skills.. Kuchiki Byakuya is a very good Captain and a Fighter

4 Sosuke Aizen - 5th Division Taicho Sosuke Aizen is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

I'm not voting because he's my fave character but if you think about it he basically beat all the other captains. No captain could match up to him and the only one who could beat him was ichigo in his final getsuga tencho form who in the end was on a while other level of power than aizen. It just goes to show the difference in power between aizen and the other captains.

This extremely evil man. For the longest time, it seemed like there was no hope of anyone beating him. He wasn't just strong physically, no he had to be a genius too! He had the entire divisions turn against each other and killing their own. He gets my vote.

Aizen is the strongest because he's the smartest of all the captains and his power is exceeded by no one besides ichigo in their final fight. His pure skill alone was enough to shame the other captains while trying to retrieve rukia

He is second in power. 1st in both looks and intelligence. He has the 2nd strongest zanpakuto. He can posses any higher level prohibited kido spell with ease. And most of all...all of this without being a hollow. So? Now do you guys really really think he should be below zaraki and byakuya..? They both are like insects to aizen. Only 3 persons can compete with him they are ichigo juha bach and urahara. And for your kind information his misterious bankai is not even shown yet.! Think with logic not with favour. Then you are a true bleach fan.

5 Shunsui Kyouraku - 8th Division Taicho

This guy couldn't even release his Bankai in front of the others because of its devastating effects. As of now, this dude is the strongest captain in the Gotei 13. This is further proven by *Spoiler* him later becoming the new head captain after the death of Yamamoto. This guy is beast and I don't think he will be trumped by any other captain anytime soon. If Zaraki unlocks his swords abilities + bankai, he could give Shunsui a run for his money. As for Toshiro, Shunsui himself admitted that Toshiro has the potential to become stronger than himself. Therefore, as of now, this dude is the best.

I think that the series intended to make a big deal about this character. We only get to see a glimpse of his abilities, witch overwhelmed espada number one. I believe that if the series ever gets a second go they will make good use of him.

How is Shunsui not 2nd? He fought Espada #1 Starrk in his Release Mode without his Bankai. Has most experience besides Yamamoto. Known to have the highest spiritual pressure after Yamamaoto. For god's sake he become the new Captain-Commander after Yamamoto's death.

He beat the Primera Espada with just his Shikai, he got promoted to head captain, his bankai hasn't even been revealed yet, so that gives him potential to possibly the strongest. Plus he was trained by Yamamoto himself! WHY the hell is Byakuya ahead of him? Even Kenpachi!

6 Toshiro Hitsugaya - 10th Division Taicho Toshiro Hitsugaya is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Personally, I voted hitsugaya taicho (that's how he likes to be refereed as) not only because he's cute, intelligent, strong, cool etc. Its because he has somethings that other taichos don't have like he strives to be accurate, he has perseverance (don't know how to spell that word... ) and he does his duty exactly as it should be done. He also slashes back when things get tough and what's more, he's mature! He's not some sort of perverted person, he doesn't think himself too high and mighty for other soul reapers and he takes his job seriously. Hitsugaya taicho also became a captain because not just of natural talent though he definitely had that, but because he also was a hardworking person who sets their goal and goes straight for it without hesitation.

Toshiro, once he mastered his bankai was able to freeze all mater, send a blast of fire he can freeze the fire. Basically any attack you send, even energy based attacks like getsuga tensho can be frozen. If you attack from a distance he will freeze your attacks and stall, get close and as soon as you touch him, you get frozen because his body is absolute 0. All Toshiro needs to do is stall for 4 seconds, once that's done he can unleash the flash freeze. The flash freeze can instantly freeze anything around him no questions asked. and it can't miss since its instant, basically if Toshiro can stall you until his flash freeze is ready, the fight is already over unless you are someone who can survive at absolute 0. even then by the time you break out of the ice (which is only if you can survive at absolute 0 which is -274 degrees Celsius) he will have another flash freeze ready.

Hitsugaya is simply the best (not in power, but hey... ). And as my favorite character from Bleach, it's inevitable that I would vote for him. In addition, it is more cute then gives his Extra Points...

I know it has no connection with the vote on the best captain but I view a video that showed the top 10 good guys from Bleach! And it was my first Hitsu'-kun! "... Second and third Ichigo Ulquiorra.

Here... Is for her that I would vote for him!

I will be the hundredth person to say this, but he is the youngest and also one of the most mature captains. In the anime he has been one of the most seen characters and has fought in most of the battles. He has had the greatest impact on the show than any other captain. Oh and its Captain Hitsugaya

7 Retsu Unohana - 4th Division Taicho

Dude, her name even means "violent"... And the scariest part is, she looks like a sweet motherly lady, never raises her voice, and then allofasudden she lets her hair down and BAM - the bloodthirsty and notorious, most-wanted criminal Unohana Yachiru. She even scares the other captains, and the only other ones that induce that kind of fear into their fellow captains are Yamamoto and Kenpachi. She should at least be up there with them, not FIFTH!

I give her third under kenpachi she heals so fast you could never accumulate enough damage to finish her... Plus who even knows how strong she is in combat.

In the manga she had a fight with kenpachi, who is guessed to be strongest and kenpachi wasn't even able to scratch her. enough said

Literally only died because of plot... She should have defeated Zaraki.

8 Sajin Kommamura - 7th Division Taicho
9 Juushiro Ukitake - 13th Division Taicho

If he wasn't sick...

10 Kisuke Urahara - 12th Division Taicho Kisuke Urahara is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

He seems to be depicted as a wild card, which gives me the impression his full potential won't be revealed until it has to. Other soul reapers seem to regard him as some sort of legend among captains.

Because he seems to know everything that makes his action more rational. It is his biggest edge. Though, former captain of squad two can be better.

He is clearly amomng top 5 captains and has so much to show. We don't know his full power yet. He hasnt eben shown his full power of shikai let alone Bankai. And if he can give hollow powers to other, I wonder what he can do with himself. And he practically knows everything going around and has eben gone to soul kings palace and copid many things and he is the most intelligent person of bleach with aizen and some others behind him. Mayuri pales in front of him.

Urahara is the strongest and smartest captain I think.

The Contenders
11 Ichimaru Gin - 3rd Division Taicho

I don't watch any fillers, but there is absolutely NOTHING in the main storyline that suggests Gin is weaker than shunsui, unohana, and ukitake. They all go into the same bin, with shunsui probably the strongest

Gin always hid his power. Even Aizen feared him till Gin killed him but, through some magical nonsense Aizen was resurrected. He only had one goal and that kept him from greatness.

Gin is stronger than a lot of these captains purely because of his zanpakto and experience. I would hate to have to face him. Mostly because I would be fangirling too much for me to attack... Same goes for Byakuya and Toshiro...

Gin Ichimaru is just a pure beast, utterly destroys Ichigo when they fight during Aizan's play time with Ishin, Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi. umm, what else is there to say? Has a pretty decent Shikai and awesome Bankai.

12 Soifon - 2nd Division Taicho (Omnitsukido Corps Commander)

That 2 hit kill doesn't work with everyone. Zaraki has more than enough reiatsu to forcibly remove the seal from her attack just like aizen did.

13 Mayuri Kurotsuchi - 12th Division Taicho (Taicho of Research and Development)

His poison from his bankai would leave anyone but a "certain Quincy paralyzed. After that happens he could pretty much defeat anyone no problem. Let's not forget his science antidote things, one sip and he can't be hert becaause he just regenerates.

Creepy but yet awesome guy! I don't think anyone can escape his poison and his bankai can eat people up and come out poisonous blade. The best!

Mayuri is simply the strongest. You simply can't kill him as he will turn to liquid and will reform after some days. Impossible to escap e his poison

He can beat all of the captains above him in a fight except for Aeizein and maybe Captain kuchi.

14 Shinji Hirako - 5th Division Taichou

I agree that Hirako should be in the top. He already was a captain a hundred years ago, but know he also has hollow abilities. Also he has not even shown his banks I yet.

I think Shinji should definitely be in at least the top 7, he is clearly up there with the best soul reapers.

15 Isshin Kurosaki - 10th Division

It seems to me he should be higher on the list considering he was on par with the number five spot. We should also consider that he hadn't fought in over 10 years and he didn't even use his shikai to be the only one capable of doing any real damage to Aizen in his chrysalis stage, which was already more powerful than he was normally. His getsuga tensho with his unreleased zanpakto is far more impressive than anything ichigo performed before he reformed his blade. Probably one of the highest reiatsu characters we have seen.

What the hell... Did you forget about Isshin kurosaki, the ex-captain of squad 10. He is one of the most strongest captains. He fought aizen without even releasing his shikai and defeated an arrancar with one strike.

He is funny and strong

16 Yoruichi Shihoin - Former Captain of Squad 2 and Commander of the Stealth Force Yoruichi Shihoin is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

An old lady who can whoop asses without even using a sword. Yoruichi is also the ex-general of squad 1. She is a very strong and powerful woman who can easily beat byakuya and other captains. She hasn't even gotten a scratch fighting 3 Squad Captains and 4 Vice Captains.

She 's stronger than Soifon for sure. Why is she lower than her anyway?

Cracked Aizen's armor with only her fists. She don't even need a sword.

Come on, Yoruichi was a badass captain.

17 Rukia Kuchiki - 13th Division
18 Kensei Muguruma - 9th Division

What the hell, why has no one shown him yet! He is undoubtedly in top 5. You must remember how Aizen said Hoguoku could activate if given into someone with twice a captains reaitsu, that's Wonderweiss. And kensei held his back against Wonderweiss without even using his sword.:-* talk about essence.

Oh come on, this guy was badass! My vote goes to this guy as well, weakest, but still a captain, if he were to hollowfy against mask he could've really done some damage.

19 Roujuurou Ootoribashi - 3rd Division Taicho
20 Ginrei Kuchiki - 6th Division

This captain even though being mentioned in filler, was a part of the canon, and non canonically, he sealed Koga, who had aizens zanpakuto just smaller. Come on, that takes grade a badassery there.

21 Shuusuke Amagai - 3rd Division Taicho
22 Tosen - 9th Company
23 Kaname Tousen - 9th Division Taicho
24 Kenpachi Kiganjo - 11th Division

Little is known about him, and he was killed in a single blow by Zaraki in front of 200 shinigami. However, since he was a captain of the 11th division, we can assume he was a skilled swordsman, and judging by his massive size, he was likely extremely strong. He was also skilled enough to kill the 9th Kenpachi. Despite this, too little is known about him to rank him higher.

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