Greatest Witches in Little Witch Academia

Great is a very vague term for me. It's mostly considered above average but greatest means way above average. I finally finished the entire series and Trigger Studios did not disappoint me. I recommend you watch the anime on Netflix (before it's taken down).
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1 Sucy Manbavaran Sucy Manbavaran (スーシィ・マンババラン Sūshī Manbabaran?) is one of the main protagonists of the anime series, Little Witch Academia. She is a young witch from Southeast Asia.

Sucy is Akko's deadpan friend. They didn't get along very well at the first episode but warm up as they become friends. Her hobby is poison and potions. Despite her apathetic nature, she's one powerful witch to mess with.

I just love in the Enchanted Parade when she saved Akko from falling.

She's the coolest. The show would be better if she was the lead.

I loved her since day one! She was such a great character! #love her! And protect smile

2 Diana Cavendish

I really admire Akko's enthusiasm, but Andrew further in the series mentions how Diana worked extremely hard to EARN her magic after it was taken away from her, just like Akko experienced. Diana seems like a stuck up girl, but when you get to see how she really is in episode "Cavendish", it's obvious how much she had gone through. Akko is very inspirational towards Diana in this episode, but Diana doesn't seem like the person we thought we knew after this episode and she actually laughs a bit and smiles too.
Akko is really determined and sweet, but she has zero patience, she just expects for magic to be easy and something that doesn't take time and I sort of understand how that bothers Diana since it's an important discipline to her, how is it fair for someone else to misunderstand it's proper meaning and take it as something easy.
In the first season they leave us hints that Diana is very kind, except the fact that she is a bit harsh in some episodes towards Akko and Amanda, ...more

Diana Cavendish is the character with the most believable arch, and the most admirable deeds, both moral and academic, showing compassion and clear headedness in the moments of most hardship, and recognizing the good in everyone around her, overcoming her personal obstacles with relentless silent determination.

Sometimes she is to blame for the sharp lines of realism she delivers to the protagonist Atsuko, the only person in her life probably to shake her to her core, with whom later develops the deepest of the connections.

She is the heiress to the Cavendish family and is proud of it. She is well loved by her classmates and the world around her. Very talented in translating ancient languages but she was very cold towards the main character sometimes. It's never out of spite but rather that Diana had so much training and Akko barely knows how to do any magic at all so she always gets jealous of Diana.

I love diana, because she worked for her magic after it was taken away and I also like her hair and how she's very nice to akko on Season 2 episode 20
Here's a list of my favorite charaters in order.
Diana and Akko is tie on #1 for me


3 Akko Kagari

Akko is someone who loved magic from a very young age due to her idol Shiny Chariot! Sounds like a My Little Pony name I know but Akko is determined to meet Shiny Chariot and become a witch. She goes through many hardships but does manage to pull through in the end.

Lovable, Relatable, Upbeat, is there any plus that this Protag doesn't have?

She Is soo adorable and even adorable with Diana ya know what I mean

4 Amanda O'Neill

The tomboy witch who's great with a broom. She's a delinquent who has stolen things various times but her feisty nature was what made it so much fun to watch.

Best character on the show. I love "Amanda O'Neill and the Holy Grail."

She is a heroine and an amazing fighter.

5 Ursula Callistis

The quiet teacher who helps teach Akko and has some kind of connection with Shiny Chariot. I won't spoil it! Even though she's clumsy and gets scolded by the faculty often, she does care about her students wellbeing.

6 Lotte Yansson

Lotte is the nice one who was made fun of my other witches. However, her friends help her become more confident and she's the cutest fangirl ever. Even when her and her friends are at odds, she still cares for them.

Such a sweet girl. She'd make a great friend.

Am I the only one who ships her and Frank?

Lotte is so sweet!

7 Shiny Chariot

A show magician who inspired Akko from a young age but went missing for ten years. No one has seen her since and her Shiny Rod has been passed down to Akko.

Quite the show off but I admire how she uses magic to entertain bot witches and humans

8 Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger

Hilarious character who packs quite a punch.

9 Annabel Crème

Annabel was someone who loved writing the series Night Fall. By the end of the episode, I could sympathize with her choice on giving up on something she loves. When you put so much dedication into something, and no one seems to acknowledge it, you wonder what's the point? But Lotte helped her out.

Cute tho, so small and innocent but big brained too. And where did she buy that weave? It's GORGEOUS.

10 Croix Meridies
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11 Jasminka Antonenko

Cute girl who loves to munch.

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