Top 10 Iconic One Piece Moments

My favorite anime of all time. I will countdown the iconic moments in One Piece. It was not easy doing this since there is a lot of moments.
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1 Ace's Death (Marineford Arc)

Everybody knows this moment. I cried for a day, the first time I saw this moment. And still gets me emotional every time I see it, Ace's huge care for its brother, "Thank you for loving me", Luffy's reaction, everyone's reaction?! What more can I say?

Really shifted the pace and the way the story is told after this point. The whole of Once piece grew and so did the crew with it!

How is it not at the top?!

2 Shanks Gives the Strawhat to Luffy (East Blue)

Epic moment. The scene that began everything. No more words to describe this great moment.

This strawhat has lived an incredible adventure during his born.

3 Luffy Punches Celestial Dragon (Sabaody Archipelago Arc)

One of the most satisfying punches of all anime, from anime to manga. Animation, emotion, BADASSERY all on another level.

The episode were he punches Charles. Then Rayleigh shows up drop everyone with kings haki. And the. Luffy, kid and law team up should be like number 4

My god did he need it. Just wish it was a Gear third fist to get more of the idiots

4 Luffy vs Sanji (Whole Cake Island Arc)

I teared up, that was intense. What makes it worse is that you completely understand where both of them are coming from and sympathize with them, yet you have to watch it unfold and it's heartbreaking, especially when Sanji starts crying at the end as Luffy yells "Without you I won't, I can't be the pirate King! " The feels!

This was truly emotional the whole time it was going on.

5 Roronoa Zoro's Sacrifice (Thriller Bark Arc)

How can I forget this epic moment from badass swordsman himself. The respect of a crewmate for his captain, amazing! "Nothing happened." Just so epic.

The best moment in all one piece history. Zoro forever proving why we love him so much.

Zoro fans always glorify Zoro when talking about that moment but most of them seem to forget Sanji was also there still standing and prepared to make the exact same sacrifice and that doesn't sit well with me.

6 Nico Robin's "I Want to Live" (Enies Lobby Arc)

You know this moment pretty well. Burning the flag, declaring war against the world government, Robin's past, all making the moment much more emotional and epic.

The most emotional and epic escene at he same time. No one could deny the emotional burden with those words and actions combined.

This was truly an iconic moment!

7 Luffy Defeats Lucci with Jet Gatling (Enies Lobby Arc)

One of the reasons this moment is number one for me is what this moment meant for me. Willpower and determination, this truly shows the power of Luffy at this moment. Also, it was cool to see Lucci get wrecked by Luffy.

I really liked the part right before he kicks Lucci's ass, and right after Ussop's speach, where he screams "You're Damn Right! " in Second Gear.

You can't even see his arms.

8 Gear Fourth (Dressrosa Arc)

It's low I know, it's not easy to choose but treat each moment as the best. And I don't hate this moment. How the hell I would hate Luffy's most badass moment in Dressrosa. Animation: Fantastic! Epicness: Amazing! Power: Incredible!

This was so hype

9 Dr. Hiluluk's Speech (Drum Island Arc)

The speech itself makes the moment amazing, "When does a man die? When he is hit by a bullet? No! When he suffers a disease? No! When he ate a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? No! A man dies when he is forgotten! " I'm at a loss for words for this epicness.

This is so inspiring

10 Doflamingo's Throne War Speech (Dressrosa Arc)

That gave me chills. This is a foreshadowing for the final war of One Piece. Enough said.

The Contenders
11 Shanks stops the War (Marineford Arc)
12 Usopp Shoots Down World Govt Flag (Enies Lobby)

The war just started

13 Sanji vs. Enel (Thanks I Needed Light)
14 Luffy Rings the Ox Bell (Post-War Arc)
15 Luffy vs Enel (Ringing the Bell on Skypiea)

Ringing that bell sending the message to the descendants of Noland below. Wiper's tears... Your ancestor didn't lie... The city of gold was up here all along. It gave me so much feels.

OUGON RIFLE! Personally my favorite Luffy attack thanks to the emotion Luffy brings out of this fight (and Enels face after seeing Luffy stop his lightning attack is golden)

16 Shanks Save Luffy (East Blue)

Luffy would have died otherwise?

17 Whitebeard's Death (Marineford Arc)

One of the most legendary fathers sacrifices himself to let Ace escape

18 Sanji and Pudding's Farewell (Whole Cake Island Arc)
19 X of Friendship (Alabasta Arc)
20 Thank You Merry (Enies Lobby Arc)

This is self explanatory

Very sad moment for real especially because it's "Technically" he only straw hat "death"

21 Nami's Past and Luffy Defeats Arlong (Arlong Park Arc)

I can't choose guys! Both are amazing, Nami's backstory with Bellamy, really sad and I cried a lot in this backstory. It's for Nami's character development. And the final blow to end Arlong's madness, Luffy does an epic Gum-Gum Battle Axe that gives me the chills. Both are great moments.

Wish this was listed as just the hat moment, game changing. Fell in love with One Piece after watching that scene.

That's not a moment, that's an entire arc. Not even the most memorable.

22 Luffy vs Crocodile (Alabasta Arc)
23 Zoro vs Mihawk (Baratie Arc)
24 Usopp Becomes God (Dressrosa Arc)
25 Luffy Uses Haki to Defeat 50 Thousand Fishmen (Fish-Man Island Arc)

Watching Luffy do that is just straight up awesome in my opinion. To be honest that's all I have to say about it.

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