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1 Jibanyan

I love jibanyan he somewhat reminds me of Pikachu what with being the mascot of a popular anime franchise and all and I love Pikachu. all though I do wish fidgephant was on here

Jibanyan is the best yo-kai. He's totes cute and I love cats, and I adore his voice, And I'm always hungry for choco-bars too! :-D

My favorite and when I play the games I make him LV 99 first before anyone.

He can explode like... anything!

2 Komasan

He is awesome and I am from the states so I sound and he is so cute! I could watch komasan in the city for ages

Komasan is the bomb. I mean, who can't love an ice cream lovin' puppy?

His accent is adorable and I too crave ice cream. Just look at his face, I want to smush it.

Who doesn't love a rural sweet cat who loves ice cream?

3 Venoct

Probably more like my second or third favorite yokai, but I still like him a lot! His design is pretty cool looking and I absolutely adore his snake scarf! Even his character attributes are cool in the first game.

Not better than Shadow Venoct, But still awesome!

I love his snake scarf

He is pretty cool!

4 Kyubi

I think kyubi must be good, he is also based on it's mythological form. he mmust be a classic yo kai

5 Shogunyan

Cute! A cat with a sword and little cat armour. And it's really strong. Best yokai ever!

This guy is so cool I mean who doesn't like a bagel sliced cat!?

He is so cool and really cute and is op.

6 Hovernyan

Hovernyan is awesome. he is an important character in Yokai Watch 2 which is awesome.

7 Whisper

He's always there for his "master" no matter how annoying everyone thinks he is. He's just a sweet goofball. I believe he at least deserves more respect and love.

He is so great, you can't even get his medal in the first two games. Also he is funny

This guy is funny. He is literally the weirdest butler.

Whisper has a tragic backstory that he doesn't want anyone to know. He had an uncontrollable power that got a samurai killed. Now he uses his tablet so he can control his power. the poor cream puff should be loved more than he is.

8 Usapyon

I love his duo with Haily Anne. Haily is my favourite human and they are so funny together. Invader mode is awesome!

sadly number 6 on my list but the reason I didn't put Usapyon at number 10 is because it has THREE forms regular, emperor, and vader mode witch is really cool but number 6 for me.

9 Blizzaria

I love her to death! Almost the way I love venoct.She is very adorable and sweet. How come this list doesn't contain the awesome yo Kai. Hovernyan should be in this list.

10 Noko

"He is rare and cute"

Rare and cute

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11 Snartle

Yes he beat my team of 1 level 99 yo kai and others 89 shogunyan almost destroyed snartle

12 Dismarelda

She is the bomb.

13 Gilgaros

He is awesome looking and his stats are unbelievable, he is an oni, and his is gilgaros!

#Awesome also one hit of that mallet and I'm done for.

So op guys I compared him to shogunyan and gilgaros is a bit better

14 Komajiro

Komasan but a bit worse.

15 Lord Enma Awoken

Need I say anything?

He's amazing, all Enma's are, and there's a reason you need all the yo-kai watch 3 games to get him, plus you can switch up his base attack and soultimate by giving him an item

16 Dracunyan

Gives me Himiko Toga vibes. And Halloween stuff. I drew him last year and it turned out amazing, then I started liking him more.

17 Last Shogunyan
18 Darknyan

This character is so awesome, I literally have a roblox account based on him!

He has cool powers

Nya of darkness

19 Tengu

He is a unique character. He is based on a legendary creature in Japan too!

He is the only yo Kai that can fight out of all of these...

Tengu...Number 10 on my list.

20 Frostail

I think Frostail is owning that blue and white and he looks very powerful. But I just wish he had a requst like kyubi (The lengendry kyubi).

A better spirit stat then kyubi, and has a really great design, this character is only just and all around 10/10

21 Dimmy
22 Peckpocket
23 Blazion

He is a cute lion and a flaming lion.

24 Darkyubi
25 Peppillon

Cutest butterfly I know!

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